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Dawes, Conor Oberst, Band of Horses, Pokey LaFarge, Bambi   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Thursday, July 31, 2014 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


FOXYGEN drops a video for “How Can You Really” ahead of Foxygen … And Star Power.

DAWES played the Newport Folk Festival.

CONOR OBERST played the Newport Folk Festival.

BAND OF HORSES played the Newport Folk Festival.

POKEY LaFARGE played the Newport Folk Festival.

THE TEMPTATIONS: "Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)."

BIG STAR: #1 Record and Radio City are getting remastered by Stax.

JENNY LEWIS talks to Vulture about Lisa Frank stickers, Beyoncé, and getting in touch with her inner 8-Year-Old.

HARVEY DANGER frontman Sean Nelson talks to Fuse about the band's earliest days, their first record, "Flagpole Sitta," and the endless battle against the "one-hit wonder" title.

STEVE ALBINI's 10 BEST RECORDS, according to Pitchfork.

ORLANDO BLOOM took a swing at JUSTIN BIEBER. Miranda Kerr is mentioned.

BEYONCE & JAY Z are carefully orchestrating the business of splitting up as On the Run tour grinds to an end.

ROBERT PATTINSON has beers and BBQ with Esquire.

KATY PERRY talks her awkward phase, motherhood and more for the cover of the Rolling Stone.

ALLISON WILLIAMS (Girls) will star in NBC's live Peter Pan.

THE BIG BANG THEORY contract standoff continues and has forced production on the new season to be postponed.

DREW BARRYMORE's  half sister, Jessica Barrymore, was found dead in a car early Tuesday in National City, California.

UKRAINE: The economic sanctions that the U.S. and European Union imposed Tuesday against Russian banks were designed to severely punish a key part of Russia's economy. But their immediate impact is likely to be relatively muted.

LIBERIA: The largest recorded Ebola outbreak in history has led the U.S. Peace Corps to evacuate hundreds of volunteers from three affected West African countries, and a U.S. State Department official on Wednesday said two volunteers were under isolation after having contact with a person who later died of the virus.

ISRAEL:  At home, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is riding a massive wave of popularity. Egypt has led a new coalition of Arab states — including Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates — that has effectively lined up with Israel in its fight against Hamas.  United Nations official Christopher Gunness broke down sobbing during a live television interview with Al-Jazeera, as he described how shells had struck the Jabalia Elementary Girls School in the Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza.  Italian reporter Gabriele Barbati confirmed it was an errant Hamas rocket rather than an Israeli strike that killed ten Gazans, mostly children, on Monday.

SYRIA: US Secretary of State Kerry denounced the Assad regime and said the US will give an additional 8 million in humanitarian aid to the Syrian people, bringing the US total so far in the conflict to 2.4 billion dollars.

LIBYA: Ansar al Sharia reportedly claimed to be in complete control of Benghazi, after taking over the headquarters of the Saiqa Special Forces yesterday.

IRAQ: An Islamic State suicide bomber destroyed a key bridge in Thar Thar that was used by the Iraqi military to keep Samarra resupplied.

BAMBI reunites with his mother.

MAYBE THE DOG swallowed your £500 retirement watch.

500 GOATS grazing in east Boise got out of their enclosure and had to be herded back in Monday.

170 PIGS, roasted by lightning.

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Beck, Jeff Tweedy, Deer Tick, Shovels & Rope, Watercooler Cat   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Wednesday, July 30, 2014 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


WOODS get animated for their "New Light" video.

BECK is streaming the Song Reader LP via Spotify.

JEFF TWEEDY played a set at the Newport Folk Festival.

DEER TICK played a set at the Newport Folk Festival.

SHOVELS & ROPE played a set at the Newport Folk Festival.

CAT POWER joins J MASCIS on "Wide Awake" ahead of Tied To A Star.

CYMBALS EAT GUITARS issues a "Warning" ahead of LOSE.

PRIMUS is reuniting for a Willy Wonka tribute LP; their take on "Pure Imagination" sounds like something from the Inventing Room.

THE ROSEBUDS drop "Esse Quam Videri" ahead of Sand + Silence.

THE DEL FUEGOS from Boston Mass., with "Don't Run Wild."

BLUR may not release a new album because it was too hot outside while they were making it.

LED ZEPPELIN will include "the fabled, alternate version" of "Stairway to Heaven" in the next round of remasters.

JACK WHITE: Will he ever play hometown Detroit again? If he does, it won't be the Fox Theatre.


JAMES GARNER died from a massive heart attack.

BRYAN SINGER reportedly sought to settle a sex abuse suit for 100K; his accuser turned it down. The accuser's lawyer quit the case.

BLAKE LIVELY wants to be a lifestyle guru; Martha Stewart says "Wut"?

GWYNETH PALTROW & CHRIS MARTIN both showed up Monday night at a screening of Hector And The Search For Happiness.

MAKSIM CHMERKOVSKIY will no longer perform on Dancing With the Stars.

SARAH DREW (Grey's Anatomy, Mad Men)  is expecting her second child with husband Peter Lanfer.

UKRAINE: Fighting has been continuing in the Donetsk region of Ukraine,with reports government forces are firing artillery on separatist positions. The U.S. and European Union sought to put more pressure on Russia’s stumbling economy by targeting banking, energy and defense industries for sanctions in another attempt to get President Vladimir Putin to back down in Ukraine.

TURKISH deputy prime minister Bulent Arınc says women should not laugh out loud in public or speak of trivial matters on the phone.

ISRAEL: Hamas uses Shifa Hospital as a command post? I may not have believed a WND story, but the NYT and the Washington Post have both reported it (just not loudly). Turns out the Israelis built it.  UNRWA said it found a rocket cache in one of its central Gaza schools on Tuesday, the third such incident.

IRAQ: Already splitting into three states?

A CAT uses a water cooler.

A BEAVER is blamed for felling a tree that collapsed onto a car driven by Quebec tourists. Nice.

MATING SPACE GECKOS are back under Russian control.

BIRDS: Why do they sunbathe?


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Spoon, Number Ones, Twin Peaks, Christopher Denny, Dog Reunion   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Tuesday, July 29, 2014 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


THE ALLAH-LAs spin a video for "No Werewolf," the B-side of their current single.

SPOON is streaming They Want My Soul via iTunes radio.

THE NUMBER ONES advance stream their self-titled debut.

TWIN PEAKS advance stream Wild Onion.

CHRISTOPHER DENNY advance streams If the Roses Don't Kill Us.

MEATBODIES drops “Tremmors” ahead of a self-titled LP.

CLOUD NOTHINGS play "I'm Not Part of Me" and "Pattern Walks" for a Pitchfork Music Fest twofer.

MISSION OF BURMA: Roger Miller details a week in Ukraine at Aquarium Drunkard.

JENNY LEWIS  WAS PROFILED BY The New York Times magazine.

WAX & WANE: The Tough Realities Behind Vinyl's Comeback.

40 GREAT BASSISTS, named by NME readers, which means some obvious choices rate criminally low.

SANDRA BULLOCK celebrated her 50th birthday in Wyoming.

JENNIFER LAWRENCE & NIC HOULT on the outs again?

FREDDIE PRINZE JR bashes KIEFER SUTHERLAND...five years after the fact.

PIPER PERABO wore a silver wedding dress on Saturday as she married long-term partner Stephen Kay.

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD debuted a trailer at Comic-Con.

THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY, PT 1 also debuted a teaser trailer at Comic-Con. Director George Miller also talked about it.

ISRAEL:  A grim-faced Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned on Monday of a protracted war in Gaza, dashing any hopes of a swift end to the three-week conflict as Palestinian fighters launched an audacious cross-border raid.

LIBYA: Islamist fighters fired rockets into a second fuel tank near Tripoli airport, setting it on fire, ignoring calls for a ceasefire from the government as well as international envoys. The government called for international help to extinguish the massive blaze, which is out of control in the capital. Many embassies have closed in Tripoli due to insecurity.

SYRIA: A U.S.-backed effort to arm the moderate Syrian opposition is finally ramping up along the Turkey-Syria border, but it may come too late to save the rebels from defeats on two fronts, by President Bashar al-Assad’s government and by the extremists seeking to carve out an Islamic state.

IRAQ: Analysts say the Islamic State is about to launch a major offensive-but one built around commando raids and suicide bombings rather than a frontal attack. The French government says it is ready to offer asylum to Iraqi Christians forced to flee by Islamist militants in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

A SCHNAUZER faints with excitement upon being reuinted with her owner.

WEAPONIZED RABBIT POOP powers a doomsday flamethrower.

COLLECTING BULL SEMEN is a tricky and dangerous job, if you hadn't gessed this already.

A DOG OWNER plans to sue a British council for thousands of pounds after her pet slipped a disc in grass while chasing a cat.

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Ryan Adams, Jenny Lewis, Anais Mitchell, The Devil Makes 3, Corgi   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Monday, July 28, 2014 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM drops a video for the tile track to Get Hurt.

RAYN ADAMS plays a full set at the Newport Folk Festival, including a Danzig cover.

JENNY LEWIS plays a full set at the Newport Folk Festival.

ANAIS MITCHELL & JEFFERSON HAMER play a full set at the Newport Folk Festival.

THE DEVIL MAKES THREE plays a full set at the Newport Folk Festival.

DUSTY SPRINGFIELD: "The Look of Love."

GLEN MATLOCK: The Ex-Pistol talks to The Guardian about the plans for his one-man show at the Edinburgh fringe.

ARETHA FRANKLIN has a beef with Johnny Rockets.

RICHARD MARX talks to the L.A. Times about "Right Here Waiting", country songwriting and more.

PRINCE: 20 Things you may not know about the 30-year-old classic.

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: Lucy tops the chart with 44 million, which is a fine domestic take against a 40 million budget. It's also the biggest non-sequel summer opening since The Fault in our Stars, and the biggest US opening for director Luc Besson (although Besson was producer on the bigger Taken 2). The C+ Cinemascore, however, suggests it won't have legs (esp. with Guardians of the Galaxy opening Friday).  Hercules places with 29 million, a bit troubling against a 100 million budget...but its B+ Cinemascore might boost its chances to compete against Lucy for second next weekend.  Dawn of the Planet of the Apes shows with 16.4 million. That's off 55 percent from last weekend; it has recouped its production budget here, and 110 so far abroad, but will need about 500 million to break even. (Hint: If you don't see Marvel this weekend, see Apes.)  The Purge: Anarchy drops 67 percent to fourth place with 9.9 million but has 51 million domestic against a 9 million budget. Planes: Fire and Rescue round out the Top 5 with 9.3 million (again, Disney likely cares more about the merch sales for this). Below the fold, Sex Tape is bombing badly is sixth place.  And So It Goes doesn't look much better in eighth.

A MOST WANTED MAN might refer to any of the targets in this adaptation of the LeCarre post-9/11 spy flick, but really it's the late Philip Seymour Hoffman who turns in one of his last typical stellar performance as Gunther Bachmann, the head of an anti-terror unit who spends almost as much time fighting bureaucratic turf wars as he does trying to stop Islamists. Hoffmann excelled at playing characters with an inner core of sadness and loneliness, and Bachmann has almost nothing else beneath the figurative armor he wears on the job. Rachel McAdams steps outside her comfort zone well enough as a leftist lawyer representing a damaged, half-Russian/half-ChechenMuslim with a thousand-yard stare. Willem Dafoe is intense but not overdone as the German banker key to two of Bachmann's investigations. And Robin Wright goes brunette as a tough US official Bachmann doesn't trust.  Rock photog-turned-director Anton Corbijn brings his stark and grim perspective to bear here with good effect; the Hamburg tourist agency must hate him. The story is sufficiently taut for the genre, but it's really Hoffman that elevates this to a film worth seeing.

JAIME KING talks about the struggles she faced during her painful pregnancy and childbirth.

KATE UPTON tells Elle she's been begging for her body her whole life. Obvious punchline here.

KENDRA WILKINSON is reportedly done with husband Hank Baskett weeks after his affair with a transgender model.

JOAQUIN PHOENIX is in early talks to star in Marvel's Doctor Strange.

MARK HAMILL calls his return to the Star Wars franchise an unexpected gift.

WONDER WOMAN: Comic-Con unveiled the first look at Gal Gadot as the Amazon Warrior.

ADAM WEST weighs in on Baffleck.

STEVEN BAUER (Ray Donovan) is dating an 18-year-old.

NORWAY: Norwegian officials said the recent threat of an imminent terrorist attack has been somewhat reduced, backing off from an earlier warning that terrorists from Syria were already on their way to Norway. A former Danish security official criticized Norway's security agency for being so outspoken about the threat.

UKRAINE: Dutch military policemen have been forced to postpone their arrival on the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 disaster after fierce fighting between Ukrainian and rebel forces broke out near the crash site on Sunday.

ISRAEL acknowledged Sunday that troops fired a mortar shell that hit the courtyard of a U.N. school in Gaza last week, but said aerial footage shows the yard was empty at the time and that the shell could not have killed anyone.

EGYPT: The Army claimed to have killed 14 militants in shootouts in the Sinai, and to have destroyed 13 more tunnels into Gaza, bringing the total to 1,639 reportedly destroyed by Egypt's military. A rocket fired by suspected Islamist militants in al-Gorah landed in Rafah, killing four children and wounding five other people yesterday.

IRAQ: The military claimed it killed 35 Islamic State fighters in Dhuluiyah, 17 fighters in Tikrit, and seven more in Karma. The military also said it killed a sniper from Kazakhstan in the Hamrin Mountains. The Islamic State destroyed a mosque at the tomb of Jonah and the mosque of the prophet Seth in Mosul.

CONFUSED CORGI meets a wolf cub.

WHAT IS IT? Is it a bat? A huge bug?

A WILD BULL ELK was stressed by people trying to take selfies with the beast.

WOOD FROGS freeze in Alaska...then thaw out and hop away.

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Hoodoo Gurus, Antlers, King Khan, Candi Staton, Cutout Bin, Wind-Up Dog   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Friday, July 25, 2014 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl



...with the HOODOO GURUS! Live circa 2012, mostly perfoming their fab debut LP, Stoneage Romeos. Your setlist includes: "(Let's All) Turn On", "I Want You Back", "Arthur", "Death Ship", "Dig It Up", "My Girl", "Zanzibar", "Leilani", "Tojo", "In the Echo Chamber", "I Was a Kamikaze Pilot", plus "Be My Guru" "Bittersweet," "Crackin' Up', "1000 Miles Away," Television Addict," and "Like Wow, Wipeout!"

THE ANTLERS stpped by KEXP to perform tracks from their latest release, Familiars.

FIRST AID KIT stopped by World Cafe for a chat and mini-set.

KING KHAN & THE SHRINES stopped by World Cafe for a chat and mini-set.

CANDI STATON stopped by WFUV's Studio A for a chat and mini-set.

JEFF TWEEDY drops "Fake Fur Coat" ahead of Sukierae.

ADAM & THE ANTS: "Dog Eat Dog." Gonna look real good (yeah, right).

DOLLY PARTON talks to The Guardian about people - amateur and professional - singing her classics, being the toast of Glastonbury and who should play her in the biopic she's planning.

MOGWAI talk to The Quietus about the highs and lows of their near two decades of operation.

JACK WHITE has the look of a Cubs fan.

UNDERRATED POP LPs of the last 20 years.

CUTOUT BIN: From Matthew Sweet to Rhythm Heritage, from Sam and Dave to the Psychedelic Furs, from Gary Numan to gerry rafferty, plus the Jam, Beck, the Black Crowes, the Bangles and more -- this Friday's fortuitous finds are streaming from the Pate page at the ol' HM.

NOW SHOWING: This weekend's wide releases are Hercules, currently scoring 72 percent on the ol' Tomatometer; Lucy, currently scoring 61 percent; and And So It Goes, scoring 15 percent. Wish I Was Here expands to 625 screens, scoring 39 percent.

ZOE SALDANA isn't just pregnant—she's pregnant with twins.

ROBIN THICKE is telling people in his camp his marriage to Paula Patton has collapsed.

CHARLIZE THERON is wearing a ring on her left hand.

KELSEY GRAMMER's  wife, Kayte Grammer, has given birth to their second child, a baby boy named Gabriel.

SHIA LeBEOUF is working out a plea deal in his Broadway meltdown last month.

SHARKNADO 2: The cast shares survival tips. Because Tara Reid thinks a sharknado could really happen.

50 SHADES OF GREY drops a trailer.

UKRAINE: The United States said Thursday it has proof that Russia is firing artillery into Ukraine.

NORWAY: The security police warned of a "credible" threat of a terrorist attack within the next few days against targets in Norway by people connected with Islamic extremists in Syria. The attack was reportedly planned in Europe. Security measures have been stepped up, and both the City Hall and the Royal Palace in Oslo were closed to tourists as a precaution.

ISRAEL: US Secretary of State John Kerry has proposed a two-stage plan to halt the fighting in the Gaza Strip that would first impose a weeklong truce starting Sunday, an official involved in the negotiations said on Friday. <font id="Zoom"> UN Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon on Wednesday voiced "outrage" at the placement of rockets in a school administered by the world organization in the Gaza Strip, calling it "unacceptable." <font id="Zoom">According to reports, those rockets were handed over to Gaza authorities, i.e., Hamas. <font id="Zoom">On Tuesday, UNRWA issued a similar statement after employees found a hidden cache of rockets, for the second time within a week, in one of its Gaza schools.

IRAQ: Lawmakers questioned State and Defense department officials over the US' policy in Iraq; they were told there is no military solution to Iraq's conflict but asked why Iraqi requests for US strikes against Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham camps since August 2013 were dismissed. A top State official said the US is now flying 50 sorties daily over Iraq, up from one per month in the past.

DOG? Or wind-up toy?

PYTHON vs ANTELOPE: Who you got?

A PITBULL and a CHIHUAHUA, living together...

ASIAN SUPER ANTS discovered in London.

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