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Last Shadow Puppets, Teddy Thompson, Nicole Atkins, Pigeons   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Wednesday, June 18, 2008 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS crank out a simple, but fab clip for "Standing Next to Me."

TEDDY THOMPSON's new album, A Piece of What You Need, is streaming in full this week via AOL.

DUFFY, THE SEX PISTOLS, LED ZEPPELIN & NEIL DIAMOND were among this year's Mojo Award winners.  Duffy was reportedly left in tears after falling afoul of Johnny Rotten.  Motorhead's Lemmy and Jimmy Page got along so well they wanted to swap phone numbers -- but neither could figure out how to work their cellphones.

AIMEE MANN stopped by The Current for a chat and mini-set you can stream on demand via MPR.

FAMOUS SONGS and their muses, including Patti Boyd, Sharona Alperin, Prudence Farrow, Caroline Kennedy and many more...

NICOLE ATKINS plays a new song, "Caught In The Way," on a bale of hay at Bonnaroo for SPIN.

R.E.M. bassist Mike Mills comes out as a heterosexual to New York magazine.

KATHLEEN EDWARDS is interviewed for All Things Considered, along with the stream for her NON-COMMvention gig.

BILLY BRAGG tells the Montreal Gazette that his new album is his stab at making it into the Soul section of the record store.

WHEN ROCK STARS ATTACK: The best on-stage outbursts, according to the Limewire blog.  With embedded video.

ANNE HATHAWAY dumped her shady longtime Italian boyfriend Raffaello Follieri,as his scandals were hurting her reputation. Despite their split, it remains to be seen if the separation is permanent.

AMY WINEHOUSE remained in hospital on Tuesday for more tests after fainting at home on Monday and being rushed to a clinic by her father, a spokesman said.

BRITNEY SPEARS's father intends to sell her Studio City home in the latest liquidation of her assets, it was revealed in Los Angeles probate court Tuesday.

LANCE ARMSTRONG dodged the Kate Hudson question on The View. Video at the link.

JENNIFER ANISTON's rep claims that a report in Life & Style magazine that Aniston wanted to exclude her He's Just Not That Into You co-star Jennifer Connelly from a group cover shot for Marie Claire is "absolutely absurd."

DENISE RICHARDS claims to be "setting the record straight" on her new E! reality show, "It's Complicated," but several sources who know the actress say it's a record that she's making up.

BRADGELINA are actual human beings, according to Jolie's Wanted co-stars.

SOPHIA BUSH of One Tree Hill is back on the market.

CYD CHARISSE, the long-legged Texas beauty who danced with the Ballet Russe, Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, died Tuesday. She was 86.

THE DARK KNIGHT's running time has been confirmed at 152 minutes: "In the 1950s and early '60s we had long, self-important movies about Jesus. In the 21st Century we have long, self-important movies about Batman."

GISELLE BUNDCHEN tells GQ that current beau Tom Brady "really, genuinely doesn't have a bad bone in his body," though Brady's baby mama, Bridget Moynahan, might have a different opinion.  Bundchen also discusses her split from Leonardo DiCaprio, whom she dated before Brady.

IRAN said on Tuesday uranium enrichment was its "red line" and would continue, despite an enhanced offer of incentives from big powers to stop activity the West fears could yield nuclear bombs.  Meanwhile, Aacorrespondent for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty's Persian-language Radio Farda, was barred from covering a UN food summit in Rome, because he wanted to ask Pres. Ahmadinejad, "If Iran is the second-largest oil producer in the world after Saudi Arabia, and the second-largest gas producer after Russia, and has more than $40 billion in reserves, why does such a rich country have 7 million people living under the poverty line of less than $1 a day?"  Apparently, Ahmadinejad has responded in the past in Iran with answers suggesting that "the economy is managed by the 12th imam," a religious leader whose return devout Shi'a await to usher in a golden age, or by challenging conventional wisdom by asking, "Who says inflation is a bad thing?"

IRAQ: The Iraqi government and military continue to shape the battlefield for the confrontation with the Mahdi Army in Maysan province. Iraqi troops replace border guards. Local police forces are raised. Maliki gives deadline for Mahdi Army to disarm. Sadrists fear being targeted.  European and Asian companies are beating their US rivals into Iraq now that security has improved the investment climate, Iraq and US officials say.  A military judge has dismissed charges against a Marine officer accused of failing to investigate the killings of 24 Iraqis in Haditha, amid concerns that a four-star general overseeing the prosecution was improperly influenced by an investigator.

PIGEONS are as smart as three-year-old children. And some art students.

FEMALE CHIMPS are total sluts. NTTAWWT.

ALBINO SNAKES fail to attack the police on their owner's command.  Oops. Video at the link.

MONITOR LIZARDS, JACKALS & BIRDS delayed over 100 flights in New Dehli, India, by straying onto the runway a day after a monsoon hit.

A PUFFER FISH sent a Cambodian teenager to the hospital by attacking the boy's scrotum.

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The BPA, New Releases, Spoon, Vampire Weekend, Qahr   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


THE BRIGHTON PORT AUTHORITY (f/k/a Fatboy Slim, Norman Cook) teams up with Dizee rascal and David Byrne for "Toe Jam," which is probably NSFW above and beyond the F-bomb Byrne drops. You have never seen so many black bars in one video.

NEW RELEASES: Wolf Parade, Tilly & the Wall, Verve remixes and Dennis Wilson's Pacific Ocean Blue are among the albums streaming in full via Spinner.  The Silver Jews release Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea. My Brightest Diamond unleashes A Thousand Shark's Teeth.

THE TING TINGS' Katie White talks to Daytrotter about how she and Jules De Martino celebrated topping the UK charts, the difference between playing London and Helsinki and more...

SPOON does the four free songs thing for Daytrotter, including a cover of Paul Simon's "Peace Like A River."

THE OLD 97s frontman Rhett Miller answers the usual 20 questions from PopMatters.

VAMPIRE WEEKEND  drops an F-bomb on the way to covering Tom Petty's "Dont Come Around Here No More" with Andrew W.K. at NYC's Centerstage.  Pair it up with TP & the Heartbreakers on "Here Comes My Girl" for Twofer Tuesday.

THE HOLD STEADY gets a positive review for Stay Positive in the New York Times.

JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN:  Joan Wasser, violinist for artists like Lou Reed, Antony and the Johnsons, and Jeff Buckley, chats and plays a couple of her own songs for WNYC's Soundcheck.

R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe talks to Metromix about the millennial angst that drives the new Accelerate LP.

ARTS & CRAFTS: The Canadian label fueled by Feist, Broken Social Scene, The Constantines and more is profiled by the National Post.

JEN & JOHN: Aniston and Mayer headed for a little R&R at Casa Aramara, the sprawling beachfront home of Girls Gone Wild mogul Joe Francis, in Punta Mita, Mexico.  Meanwhile, Aniston is said to have demanded that her He's Just not That Into You co-star Jennifer Connelly not appear with her in a cast photo for the cover of Marie Claire.

AMY WINEHOUSE has been hospitalized after fainting at home, her rep tells US magazine.

GEORGE CLOONEY has clearly got over his recent love split, as he is reported to be enjoying a visit at his Lake Como villa, from two beautiful house guests.

JESSICA SIMPSON likes to eat meat, much to the chagrin of Tony Romo's ex-girlfriend, country superstar Carrie Underwood -- and PETA.

BRITNEY SPEARS swam with the dolphins at the Mirage in Vegas over the weekend. Plus, the pop wreck will not be charged over an incident last year in which she allegedly ran over the foot of a paparazzo.

DENISE RICHARDS is considering shedding her clothes for Playboy magazine once again: "I think that my niche is as a sex symbol. I'm never going to be the girl next door, so why not play up my niche?"

ROBERT DOWNEY, JR, is in negotiations to star in DreamWorks/Universal's "Cowboys & Aliens," a pulpy mix of the sci-fi and Western genres that could serve as a potential 2010 tentpole.

HAYDEN PANETTIERE & MILO VENTIMIGLIA of Heroes were... wait for it... caught canoodling at the Kira Plastinina US Launch Ace Gallery in Los Angeles.

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY's mother has attacked 'playground bullies' for a whispering campaign suggesting the 23-year-old actress is anorexic.

THE DARK KNIGHT; A tantalizing new video has popped up at Why So Serious?

STAN WINSTON the Oscar-winning visual effects artist whose resume stretched from the Terminator and Jurassic Park movies, to Iron Man and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but with a ton of credits in between, has died at age 62 after a seven-year struggle with multiple myeloma.

"IOWANS are at their best when their backs are against the wall," said Gov. Chet Culver said Saturday, as the Hawkeye state was hit by floods and tornadoes. A tornado that smashed through a Boy Scout camp in western Iowa with little warning killed four of the campers and injured 48, but the state's governor and scout leaders said they marveled at how the surviving boys rallied to dig out their friends, set up triage sites and administer first aid.

OUR FRIENDS, THE SAUDIS will raise oil production to record levels within weeks in an attempt to avert an escalation of social and political unrest around the world.

IRAN: British Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced plans Monday for new European sanctions against Iranian banking, oil and natural gas interests, signaling a growing willingness by Western allies to join President Bush in punishing Tehran for its nuclear enrichment program.

IRAQ: Although the Shiite bloc serving as the backbone of the current government joined the other political forces in rejecting the terms of the preliminary draft of the US-Iraqi security pact, it has taken steps to prevent the negotiations from breaking down under the pressure of opposition from much of the Iraqi political spectrum. A representative of top Shiite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani on Friday called Iraqi officials to show patience during the US-Iraq negotiations, terming pledges of withdrawing foreign troops from Iraq as transitory and elections-oriented. The signatures of more than two million Iraqi Shi'ites, demanding that Iran cease its interference in Iraq, were presented on Saturday during a convention in Ashraf, northeast of Baghdad, the London-based daily A-Sharq Al-Awsat reported. The government will take over responsibility of Anbar and Qadisiya (Diwaniya) provinces in the coming weeks. Iraq's security forces tightened their grip on the southern city of Amara on Monday and appealed to Shi'ite militias to hand over heavy weapons before a government deadline for launching a crackdown.

IRAQ and the MEDIA: The Associated Press that violence is down, armed extremists are in disarray, government confidence is rising and sectarian communities are gearing up for a battle at the polls rather than slaughter in the streets -- but that these positive signs are attracting little attention in the US.  Indeed.  If only there were an international news service that could get the word out...

QAHR: Hey! Did you happen to see the Most Beautiful Goat in Riyadh?

ORPHANED BIRDS are learning how to sing by listening to recordings of the dawn chorus. Tim Thomas, of the RSPCA, said: "The ability to sing is extremely important to the males of most bird species because it is vital for them to form and then defend their own territory and find a mate."

THE BIRDS: Train services were disrupted in parts of eastern India for three hours after flocks of agitated crows snapped overhead powerlines when railway workers tried to clear their nests, officials said on Monday.

A BEAVER took a nibble out of a fiber optic cable northeast of Hope and knocked out telephones and other services to part of southwest Arkansas. No evidence of squirrel involvement... yet.

SCREW THE POOCH: Leona Helmsley's pet pooch, Trouble, is going from rich ***** to good dog by throwing a 10 million bone to charity. A Manhattan judge quietly reduced the notoriously ill-tempered canine's 12 million trust fund and signed off on a deal to pay the late billionaire's two disinherited grandchildren $6 million amid allegations that Helmsley wasn't mentally competent when she signed her will.

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MMJ, Shearwater, James Hunter, The Hulk, Muschi & Meauschen   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Monday, June 16, 2008 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


MY MORNING JACKET drummer Patrick Hallahan lists common misconceptions about the band for the Toronto Star. Frontman Jim James "spins" clips featuring James Brown, Jim Henson, Muhammad Ali and John Prine as TubeVJ for a day at Velocity Weekly. (Thx, LHB.)

SHEARWATER hit DC's Black Cat last night, so you should be able to stream the gig on demand via NPR.

LEONARD COHEN is profiled in the Independent as he sets out on his first British tour for 15 years.

JAMES HUNTER brought his classic-tinged soul to the World Cafe on Friday; you can stream his set on demand via NPR.

JIM DICKINSON and the North Mississippi All-Stars: sort of a Father's Day story.

LOVE IS ALL does an art-punk take on the  Flock of Seagulls' classic "I Ran (So Far Away," sans the asymmetric haircuts.

WILL JOHNSON explains the duality of his bands -- the noisy Centro-matic and the contemplative South San Gabriel -- to the Boston Globe.

FLEET FOXES are "the Beach Boys gone feral," according to the Observer -- and it seems that Robin Pecknold has a little of Brian Wilson's reclusive streak as well: "The Foxes are still green enough to be humbled by the applause. 'I spend most of my time in my parents' basement,' confesses Pecknold sweetly, 'so this is very strange.'"

WEEZER frontman Rivers Cuomo is interviewed for NPR's Weekend Edition about changes to the band's music and the brave new world of the Internet. There's also a sidebar from a first-time Weezer listener.

BETTYE LaVETTE talks to Chicagoland's Northwest Herald about preserving her voice and returning to Alabama to record "The Scene Of The Crime."

THE INCREDIBLE HULK: Mr. Green Genes returns to the big screen in a film that is much more what people expect than Ang Lee's 2003 take, with plenty of "Hulk smash" action, though not as good as this summer's adaptation of Iron Man. Ed Norton makes for a more convincing Bruce Banner than Eric Bana, and reportedly polished the screenplay from Zak Penn (who has plenty of experience adapting Marvel comics, including X2 and X-Men 3, Elektra, and the Fantastic Four).  Variety's Anne Thompson has the backstory on Norton's struggle with the studios.  Liv Tyler's Betsy Ross suffers by comparison to Jennifer Connelly, but the script gives her enough time that the viewer cares about her fate as well as that of Banner.  (We can hope the DVD will include the outtakes where Tyler splits her pants repeatedly.)  William Hurt brings his own twist to Gen. "Thunderbolt" Ross; one suspects that we have not seen the last of him.  Tim Roth is suitably nasty as Emil Blonsky, the core villain of the piece.  Stan Lee and original TV Hulk Lou Ferrigno are only two of the cool cameos.

The weaknesses of the film are generally what I always found to be the weaknesses of the comic.  The Hulk - at least the classic Hulk - is inherently simplistic, a manifestation of suppressed rage.  He is so powerful that he is most often opposed by either the military or a comparable behemoth, and there is nothing new on that front in this movie. One of the great bonuses of the film is that Marvel Studios continues to bring the audience into the wider Marvel Universe.  Those who have seen Iron Man will spot some familiar names; comics geeks will recognize the allusions to the Captain America saga. Non-comics geeks reading this will be able to deduce what those allusions are.

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE:  The Incredible Hulk won the weekend with 54.5 million -- not as good as the 2003 opening, but exceeding projections with an impressive per screen average and likely more legs than the 2003 version.  Overall it ranks about average for a Marvel movie opening. It opened bigger than the last major comics-franchise reboot, 2005's Batman Begins, and is the best debut ever for Edward Norton and Ed Norton's hair. Kung Fu Panda placed second, falling a respectable 43% to 34.3 million -- it seems likely to end up somewhere between Shark Tale and Madagascar in the Dreamworks catalog, and a big seller on DVD at the holidays.  M. Night Shyamalan' The Happening came in third with 30 million -- beating expectations, though nowhere near the opening of Signs or even The Village.  Bad buzz will likely cause a big tumble next weekend.  You Don't Mess with the Zohan fell a stiff 57% to 16.4 million -- not as good as Adam Sandler's other recent movies over this time span, but okay.  Rounding out the top five is Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which remains a little ahead of Iron Man over the same time frame for top earner this summer.

MADONNA & GUY RITCHIE have reportedly turned to the Kabbalah to help them through their latest marital problems, taking private his-and-hers ‘teachings' at their local center in Oxford Street, London, every Friday night.

R. KELLY was acquitted of child pr0n charges that he appeared on a videotape having sex with a girl as young as 13. Several jurors said one weakness in the prosecution's case was that neither the alleged victim nor her parents testified, even though 14 people personally identified the girl and 12 of them identified Kelly.  Classic celebrity justice.

GEORGE CLOONEY has been dating a woman in her mid-30s" for months now, even before he split with Sarah Larson, according to Page Six.

SIENNA MILLER, who is rumored to be separated from her Welsh actor boyfriend Rhys Ifans, thinks she is too selfish to have children right now.

TONY ROMO denies rumors that creepy dad-manager Joe Simpson has been meddling in his nearly seven-month-old courtship of the pneumatic Jessica.

ADRIANNA LIMA received an engagement ring Thursday night - her birthday - from basketball star Marko Jaric. Let's celebrate by checking out her last photoshoot and video for GQ.  And her new photoshoot for Elle.

NAOMI CAMPBELL almost tumbled to the ground after a night out with friends in Italy. Pics at the link.

KID ROCK was rushed to the hospital minutes before he was to head on stage Friday, suffering from stomach cramps and dehydration.  It seems unlikely that Kid Rock would ever be short of hydration.

TERROR in the UK: More secret government documents detailing the UK's policies towards fighting global terrorist funding, drugs trafficking and money laundering have been found on a London-bound train and handed to 'The Independent on Sunday'.

THE STANS: Afghan President Hamid Karzai threatened Sunday to send Afghan troops after notorious Taliban leaders inside Pakistan in an angry warning to his eastern neighbor that he will no longer tolerate cross-border attacks.

THE A.Q. KHAN weapons smuggling ring that sold bomb-related parts to Libya, Iran and North Korea also managed to acquire blueprints for an advanced nuclear weapon, according to a draft report by a former top UN arms inspector that suggests the plans could have been shared secretly with any number of countries or rogue groups.

IRAQ: Prime Minister al-Maliki said negotiations over the security pact with the US had reached "a dead end"... but would continue, while rebuffing Iranian overtures. "Dr. iRack" looks at the positioning of different factions over the proposed pact. Moqtada al Sadr ordered the Sadrist political movement to boycott the upcoming provincial elections, one day after his order to disband the Mahdi Army as a fighting force and the creation of a small, armed wing to attack Coalition forces exclusively. The Iraqi Army has begun an offensive against the Mahdi Army in Maysan province. The US Army detained a senior Mahdi Army commander in Baghdad. Iraqi Special Operations Forces captured two Mahdi Army operatives in Baghdad.

MUSCHI & MAEUSCHEN:  This odd couple are so close that zookeepers in Berlin have had to reunite the pair after they were separated.  More pics at the link.

A SPIDER MONKEY new to the the Washington Park Zoo in Michigan City, IN, used a garden hose to scale the walls of a moat and make a break for freedom.

A LEATHERBACK TURTLE has nested on a Texas beach, at the Padre Island National Seashore near Corpus Christi, for the first time since the 1930s.

NEARLY 800 RATS have been trapped from one house in Sutherlin, OR.

MAN & SHEEPDOG survive a 220 ft. plunge off a cliff.  The dog fared better than the driver.

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Thin Lizzy, Bonnaroo, Jamie Lidell, Cutout Bin, Uppity Dog   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Friday, June 13, 2008 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl



...with THIN LIZZY!  Won't be long 'till Summer comes, now that Thin Lizzy is back in rotation.  Here's Phil Lynott & Co. live at the Sydney Opera House in 1978, playing "Jailbreak," "Bad Reputation," "Cowboy Song," "The Boys Are Back In Town," "Waiting For An Alibi," and "Are You Ready?"

BONNAROO: You can listen live to selected sets from this weekend's big fest at AT&T's Blueroom starting with the Drive-By Truckers at 12:30 EDT today.

MISSION OF BURMA: Roger Miller talks to the Boston Herald about playing their Vs. album live for the Pitchfork/ATP fest this year.

IRON & WINE: Sam Beam stopped by The Current for a chat and mini-set you can stream on demand via MPR.

SILVER JEWS mastermind David Berman talks to Prefix about the upcoming album and its musical simplicity.  He is also the subject of an essay at the Village Voice.

JAMIE LIDELL brought his own brand of four-eyed soul to the Peacock network with this take on "Another Day."

FLEET FOXES lead singer Robin Pecknold talks to Drowned In Sound about how the band came together, songwriting and more...

THE TOP 25 GUITAR SONGS, according to Rolling Stone readers, as opposed to writers. Oof.

WOLF PARADE talks to the Montreal Gazette about the recording of their new album.

CUTOUT BIN: From the Undertones to King Curtis, from the Sweet to the Polyphonic Spree, from Los Hombres to Exile  to the Beatles, Talking Heads, Stevie Wonder, Patterson Hood covering Big Star and more, this Friday's fortuitous finds can be jukeboxed or streamed separately via the Pate page at the ol' HM.

TOM-KAT UPDATE: In next month's Playboy, Dr. Drew Pinsky, host of VH1's "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew," says: "A lot of people in the public eye who behave strangely have mental illness we can learn from, and much of it is based on childhood trauma, without a doubt. Take a guy like Tom Cruise. Why would somebody be drawn into a cultish kind of environment like Scientology? To me, that's a function of a very deep emptiness and suggests serious neglect in childhood - maybe some abuse, but mostly neglect." Cruise's lawyer compared the TV doctor's analysis to Nazi methods.  Pinsky issued a tempered apology.  I would note that Scientology generally despises psychology and psychiatry and claims they led to the rise of the Nazis.  Cruise's lawyer knows his client.

NOW SHOWING: This weekend's wide releases are The Incredible Hulk, which is currently scoring 73 percent on the ol' Tomatometer, and M. Night Shamalayan's The Happening, which is currently scoring 14 percent.

EDWARD NORTON -- and Edward Norton's hair -- have slipped off to a desert island rather than do publicity for "The Incredible Hulk." Norton re-wrote parts of the script but fell out with Marvel and Universal -- supposedly over the final cut, but there may be money issues involved.

PAM ANDERSON & TOMMY LEE -- together again.  Check your survival gear.

JEN & JOHN: Aniston's relationship with her much younger beau Mayer is giving her a glowing new sense of self.

CHARLIZE THERON blasts celebrities who constantly court media attention, branding their attitude "sad" and "ugly", in the July issue of British GQ magazine.

MADONNA and BRITNEY SPEARS are about to get socked with scandalous, tell-all books about their wild and crazy lives.

MATT DAMON has transformed into Fat Damon for his new role in The Informant.  Now he sorta looks like a Wahlberg.

THE 50 WORST SEX SCENES IN CINEMA, according to IFC.com and Nerve.com.  Embedded videos galore.

ZOOEY DESCHANEL talks about her first acting gig with Letterman.  Let's go to the video.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA's Tricia Helfer and Katie Sackhoff are biker chicks. They took up motorcycling last year because they were each "tired of being on the back of a guy's bike," said Sackhoff.  Video at the link.

ISLAMISM in the USA: Textbooks at a private Islamic school in northern Virginia teach students that it is permissible for Muslims to kill adulterers and converts from Islam, according to a federal investigation released Wednesday. Other passages in the school's textbooks state that "the Jews conspired against Islam and its people" and that Muslims are permitted to take the lives and property of those deemed "polytheists."

TERROR in the UK: Top secret documents about al-Qaeda left on a train could have been useful to terrorists, a security expert said today.

OUR FRIENDS, THE SAUDIS: The Cassation Court on Tuesday declined to endorse a general court ruling to sentence a girly man to 10 years' imprisonment and 1,500 lashes.  Girly man?

IRAQ: Basra residents are both hopeful and fearful more than two months after the Iraqi military sent thousands of US-backed reinforcements to pry Iraq's second-largest city from the grip of Shiite militias and criminal gangs.  But if the housing market is an economic indicator, then Iraq's southern city of Basra is in the midst of an economic boom. Iraqi reinforcement troops deployed to the oil-producing southern city of Amarah on Thursday as the military geared up for another crackdown against Shiite militiamen.

THE COW was not happy with the service from the local auto repair spot.

A SMALL, UPPITY DOG is being sought by the Poughkeepsie Police.

A RARE UNICORN DEER is drawing hundreds of curious visitors to the nature preserve in Tuscany, NY. Pic and video at the link.

GEORGE, who is 14, was awarded the "The Oldest Living Rabbit" honors by Guinness after several vets confirmed his age.

SCENT of a DINGO: Keeps kangaroos and other marsupials out of places they're not wanted... but drives the ladies wild!  Okay, maybe not that last bit.

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REM, She & Him, Sloan, The Old 97s, Great White Shark   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Thursday, June 12, 2008 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


R.E.M. was joined by Modest Mouse axemeister Johnny Marr for a rendition of "Fall On Me" at Chicago's United Center.  The first time I saw the band play this, it was not quite finished.

SHE & HIM kick off a new series produced by the legendary Steve Lillywhite at NPR. The duo is also featured in the roll-out of Blurt, which comes with a bonus feature on Zooey Deschanel.

MY MORNING JACKET frontman Jim James rejects comparing the band's new LP to Prince at the outset of a piece at Blurt.

SLOAN is streaming their new Parallel Play album via YepRoc. (Thx, Chromewaves.)

VAMPIRE WEEKEND bassist Chris Baio takes a look back at the band's crazy year with the Village Voice.

THE OLD 97s have Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer in the video for "Dance With Me," which is pretty much a command.

BLACK MOUNTAIN: Stephen McBean talks to ChartAttack about the group's sophomore effort, from the depths of a haze of cold medication.

T-BONE BURNETT talks to NPR's Day to Day, which also has a couple of streaming tracks from his music for a new version of Sam Shepherd's play, Tooth of Crime,

EMMYLOU HARRIS talks to Pitchfork about her many collaborations, interpreting other people's songs, Johnny Cash, and the downside of staying so busy.

THE BBC & EMI have struck a deal to release thousands of hours of previously-unreleased music from the likes of Paul McCartney, Coldplay, The Beach Boys and David Bowie.

KATHERINE HEIGL withdrew her name from contention for an Emmy, blaming the Gray's Anatomy writers for not giving her worthy material: "In addition, I did not want to potentially take away an opportunity from an actress who was given such materials."

GEORGE CLOONEY & SARAH LAWSEN split over her boob job?

ANGELINA JOLIE does a Q&A with Entertainment Weekly, explaining what attracted her to the film adaptation of Wanted.

DAVID SPADE and Playboy Playmate Jillian Grace, who dated briefly, are expecting a baby girl.

REESE WITHERSPOON's gig as Avon's Global Ambassador has her donning a kimono in Japan to spread awareness about breast cancer.

BRITNEY SPEARS & MEL GIBSON had another of their ongoing guidance sessions -- at an exclusive Beverly Hills cigar club.

CAMERON DIAZ is continuing to heat things up with Jen Aniston's ex boy-toy, Paul Sculfor.

THE SMURFS are celebrating their 50th anniversary with a Hollywood movie deal announced on Tuesday by Columbia Pictures.  Aren't their heads already big?

IT IS THE YEAR OF THE TWEEN for the Forbes Celebrity 100 List, though none crack the Top Ten.

THE WEBBY AWARDS went to these folks, who are supposed to limit their acceptance speeches to five words.

THE X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE trailer is online. I want to believe this will be good...

PAKISTAN condemned a US and Afghan Army cross-border attack against Taliban forces in Mohmand agency. The US military said it warned Pakistan the fighting was underway.

AFGHANISTAN: US Marines who served in Anbar Province are bringing the lessons of Iraq to the fight against the Taliban.

IRAQ: The Guardian reports on the downward slide of AQI, while noting AQ may move more into places like Somalia and Yemen. The US is seeing a sharp drop in the number of foreigners entering Iraq to become AQI suicide bombers, according to intelligence and Bush administration sources.  CNN reviews internal AQI documents. The US military said on Wednesday that more than 500 insurgents who fought US and Iraqi forces had surrendered their arms in the past three weeks and joined the reconciliation process in central Iraq. High-level negotiations over the future role of the US military in Iraq have turned into an increasingly acrimonious public debate, with Iraqi politicians denouncing what they say are US demands to maintain nearly 60 bases in their country indefinitely.

WHITE TIGERS are thriving so much at one of India's top reserves that authorities have agreed to expand its boundary to give them a bigger area for the free swim.

A TRAPPED PUPPY was rescued from a storm drain under Interstate 95 in Miami after a couple walking near Northwest Sixth Avenue and 75th Street saw a female dog pacing on top of a metal storm-drain grate and heard a helpless puppy whimpering below.  Like the Jessica McClure story, but with a puppy.

A MAMA BEAR and her two cubs seated themselves at a Romanian raestaurant. "It was like Goldilocks and the three bears in reverse," said frightened customer Flaviu Lazar.

A REKNOWNED SCOTTISH FARMER was crushed to death by his tractor; the family believes the "accident" may have been caused by his dog.

A GREAT WHITE SHARK was spotted off the coast of Martha's Vineyard in two separate incidents over the weekend. What say you, Police Chief Brody?

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