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That was too short. Irene Cara, Wilko Johnson, and Gene Cipriano RIP.   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Monday, November 28, 2022 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


THE WHO: "I'm A Boy."

BILL'S INDIE BASEMENT has That Petrol Emotion, The Flaming Lips, and more.


QUASI shares "Doomscrollers."

IRENE CARA, who belted out the title tracks of two beloved song-and-dance movies of the 1980s, “Flashdance” and “Fame,” has died. She was 63

WILKO JOHNSON, guitarist and founding member of British rock greats Dr. Feelgood, and executioner Ser Ilyn Payne on Game of Thrones, died Monday at his home home in Westcliff On Sea. He was 75.

GENE CIPRIANO, an occasional member of The Wrecking Crew, and perhaps the most recorded woodwind player in show business history, has died. He was 94.

THE NUMBER ONES looks at Twista, Jamie Foxx, & Kanye West's "Slow Jamz," the song that truly kicked off the Kanye era.


WEEKEND BOX OFFICE:  Black Panther: Wakanda Forever remains atop the chart with a 64MM holiday weekend.  But Strange World places with a 18.6MM bomb.  Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery shows with 13.3MM, the best theatrical launch for a Netflix movie ever.

STRANGE WORLD, however, isn’t spilt milk to cry over for the House of Mouse.

WHY "SHE SAID" Bombed at the Box Office.

AVATAR 2 will be seen in China. It will need to be the third or fourth highest-grossing film in history to break even.

STANLEY TUCCI, not a fan of the Method.

LOVE, ACTUALLY is the subject of a Diane Sawyer special on Tuesday night.


MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE director Christopher McQuarrie explains the title of Dead Reckoning.


CATS & DOGS, living together...

TWO REACTIONS to dinnertime.

TURKEYS Terrorize a Massachusetts Town, Especially Kevin.

HOW "BIN CHICKENS" learnt to wash poisonous cane toads.

WINSTON, a French Bulldog, was named Best in Show at the American Kennel Club Dog Show.

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Faves 2022.   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Wednesday, November 23, 2022 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl



...with FAVES 2022!  I occasionally hear from folks who want to know what music -- from among all of the posts I do here -- I recommend.  To some degree, I recommend all of it, unless I expressly write otherwise (e.g., it's not my thing, but it might be yours).  With the holiday shopping season upon us, I have tried to make a list of reasonable size.  It's an unordered list. I likely will have overlooked something that I really dig. Let's get to it.

THE BEATLES: You thought they broke up, and they did. But Giles Martin remixed what many consider their best allbum, Revolver, with assistance from the AI tech that Peter Jackson developed for the Get Back miniseries, and dang if it doesn't sound great, more like a reinvention of the mono mix that the Fabs cared more about at the time than the stereo mix that was more of an afterthought to them but the main way people have heard it in recent decades.  Giles Martin also had a hand in CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL At The Royal Albert Hall, which is a nifty little set. And as long as I'm htting all the big olden oldies, there's THE ROLLING STONES' Live At The El Mocambo, which features the lads getting sharp on a smaller stage than usual in the mid-70s and is a decent make-up effort for their generally uninspiring Love You Live, which only used four of these tracks.

SPOON: Maybe I missed it before, but the band seems to be getting some overdue recognition as one of the most consistently fine bands of this century.  I put their last one on a Faves list, but Lucifer on the Sofa favors their more rawk tendencies and thus ranks even higher with me.

DEHD: They say you can't be a prophet in your hometown, but from here in Chicago comes a trio which on Blue Skies displays a firm grasp of classic pop melodies,with a wobbly sound grounded in post-punk, but filtered through dream pop and a bit of shoegaze to produce something sounding not quite like any of them, but quite arresting.

ANGEL OLSEN goes Americana and outright Country as successfully on Big Time as Dusty did getting Soul in Memphis. Not sure I can praise it more than that.

WET LEG's self-titled debut lives up to the hype; sharp, snotty, ever-so-cool, and full of hooks. They don't make 'em like this anymore... oh, wait.

THE SADIES: Colder Streams is a worthy legacy for the late guitarist Dallas Good, a reverb-laden collection of psych-garage leavened with the occasional dash of Americana.

THE AFGHAN WHIGS continue to enjoy a latter-day renaissance with How Do You Burn?, with haunting backup vocals from the late Mark Lanegan.  The various guests also open the band's sound a bit, much like Greg Dulli's side-project, The Twilight Singers.

YARD ACT reinvigorates the classic British post-punk elements on The Overload, where pop and politics are delivered with adenoidal vocals and angular guitar lines.

ALDOUS HARDING remains pretty folky, I suppose, but Warm Chris features more experimental arrangements to compliment her quirky voice and lyrics, by turns funny and inscrutable.

BONNY LIGHT HORSEMAN's second album, Rolling Golden Holy, turns from traditional folk covers to originals with a more contemporary flavor, sometimes sounding less like the stepchild of Fairport Convention and more like a distant cousin of Fleetwood Mac.  Whether that represents a sophomore slump depends on the listener, but both modes work for me.

PANDA BEAR & SONIC BOOM built Reset on a foundation of early-to-mid 60s samples, but short enough that only the Drifters and Troggs bytes recall the originals while listenting.  And even then, it's a collection that carries an atmosphere more than a raw nostalgia play, as the 60s never sounded quite like this.

WILCO: Cruel Country, recorded live in-studio with minimal overdubs, is really the band's "Get Back" play isn't it?  And one heightened by contrast with this year's deluxe re-release of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

HORSEGIRL: Speaking again of Chicago bands, VIsions of Modern Perfomance is a debut taking early-to-mid-period Sonic Youth as its most obvious jumping-off point, but through a lens of everything that came after, notably shoegaze.

LEE FIELDS: It wouldn't by one of my Faves lists without some retro-Soul. Sentimental Fool finds Fields back at Dap-Tone with a collection of mostly mid-tempo numbers, but my pick to click would be "Two Jobs."  When you're in the mood for psychedelic soul, check into MONOPHONICS' Sage Motel.

THE BETHS: So, I -- and pop culture, let's face it -- have reached the age where even the 90s can pass for a classic sound.  The power-pop-adjacent Expert in a Dying Field can seat neatly alongside any Juliana Hatfield or Liz Phair album of the era.

DRUGDEALER, otoh, reaches back to the 70s for their ingredients on Hiding in Plain Sight, with Steely Dan, Van Morrison, and Bill Withers comprising just a few of the many references floating in its gumbo.

ROBYN HITCHCOCK: Normally, I try to avoid the "return to form" trope, but the title of Shufflemania! begs for comparison to Fegmania! -- and if it's not quite that, there's a real vitality to this collection.

ELVIS COSTELLO, meanwhile, has been been on a run since 2018 that continues with The Boy Named If.  It's not This Year's Model or Blood & Chocolate,but second-tier EC still rewards a regular rotation.

BLACK COUNTRY, NEW ROAD: I hesitated before putting this on the list, because I have to be in a certain mood for Ants From Up There. What is it? Early Arcade Fire mixed with early Okkervil River?  Maybe the ghost of Ian Curtis lurking?  Maybe.

Anyway, that's a fairly representative sample.  On another day, maybe it would be Big Thief and Belle & Sebastian.  Or Beach House and Destroyer.  Or Father John Misty and Mavis Staples with Levon Helm.  I might be too old for Soul Glo now, but maybe you're not.  You get the idea.

A CHARLIE BROWN THANKSGIVING has been relegated to AppleTV+, as the IP gods decreed.

WKRP: "Turkeys Away," in its entirety. And here's the turkey giveaway by itself. There's a WKRP purist backstory for this episode as well.

THANKSGIVING:  George Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation (1789).  It was controversial at the time.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING: Doug Sahm & Friends, Austin TX, 1972.

LET'S DANCE like a doggo is watching.

DOG v BUG: Who You Got?

CHILL LEVEL: 100 Percent.

I MEANT to do that.

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Like Hump Day, but earlier.   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Tuesday, November 22, 2022 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


THE SMITHEREENS: Pat DiNizio sings "In a Lonely Place" with Suzanne Vega and "Blue Period" with Belinda Carlisle. A duo of duets for Twofer Tuesday.

CALEXICO vists World Cafe.

SANTIGOLD plays a Tiny Desk Concert.

ELTON JOHN & KIKI DEE, Live at Dodger Stadium.

THE LEMONHEADS: Evan Dando reminisces about some of his most memorable collaborations, celebrity encounters and prank calls.

THE TOP 10 WEYES BLOOD SONGS, according to Paste.

JOURNEY are suing each other again.

RAB NOAKES, a co-founder of Stealer's Wheel, died suddenly at 75.

THE NUMBER ONES ooks at Outkast's final chart-topper, Big Boi's breezy Sleepy Brown collab "The Way You Move."


BLADE is being unsheathed once more, this time with a whole new creative team.

INDIANA JONES 5 involves a sequence with some de-aging. More spoilers here.

GARY OLDMAN hints at retirement.


CHRISTINA RICCI revealed she traded in her handbag collection in order to pay for her contentious divorce from James Heerdegen, whom she split from in 2020.

BLYTHE DANNER reveals she is in remission after a battle with oral cancer.

QUENTIN TARANTINO, on his detractors.

HONORARY LIFETIME OSCARS were handed out at the Academy’s Governors awards.



A DOGGO munching is manipulated.

A CAT flips out.

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Staring down the holidays.   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Monday, November 21, 2022 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS play "Birdhouse In Your Soul" with the Doc Severenson Orchestra.

NEW RELEASES: Paste will point you to Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Weyes Blood, and more.

BILL'S INDIE BASEMENT has Richard Dawson, Röyksopp, and more.

ROSIE THOMAS & SUFJAN STEVENS teamed up on a new Christmas song, "We Should Be Together."

CHRIS FRANZ & TINA WEYMOUTH, on feminism, working with David Byrne and Phil Spector, and the chances of a Talking Heads reunion.

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE's Dave Portner is profiled by American Songwriter.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN defends his high ticket prices. Harvey Dent similes.

LIVE NATION is under investigation by the Justice Dept.

THE NUMBER ONES looks at Outkast's cross-genre, cross-generational monster smash "Hey Ya!"


WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: Wakanda Forever repeats atop the chart with 67.3MM on a 67 percent drop that some are attributing to the film's length (maybe).  The Menu places with a 9 MM debut, while The Chosen Season 3 (a faith-based title) shows with 8.2MM.  Below the fold, She Said, the Me-Yoo journalism moviedebuted in the sixth slot with 2.3MM.

BOB IGER has retaken control of Disney.

JASON DAVID FRANK, who played the Green Power Ranger Tommy Oliver on the 1990s children's series “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” has died.  He was 49.

HARRISON FORD explains why he agreed to Indiana Jones 5.

RYAN REYNOLDS, on a Deadpool Christmas movie.

MORGAN FREEMAN caught flak on social media for opening the Qatar World Cup ceremony.

WALL-E director Andrew Stanton on the film's legacy and his feelings about a sequel.

MOVIES need to show in theaters.

QVC made a Christmas movie.


A BABY CHIMP had to be put on oxygen before it was introduced to its mother.

A FLOCK OF SHEEP in Inner Mongolia have been walking in a circle for over 10 days straight and no one knows why.  (Or do they?)

A WESTIE, trying out for sheep dog.

COWS fed hemp act stoned and produce milk containing THC.

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I'm about half-way thru January tbh.   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Friday, November 18, 2022 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


...with THE REPLACEMENTS! The original quartet, opening for X in Mpls in October '83.  Your setlist includes: "I'm In Trouble," "Kids Don't Follow," a lounge version of "F*** School," "Color Me Impressed," and "Sixteen Blue."  BONUS: The A.V. Club's primer to Paul Westerberg and the Replacements.


DIIV, Live at the Murmrr Theater.

JOHNNY MARR joins ANDY ROURKE on "Strong Forever."  Been a mere 35 years.

CAITLYN ROSE, on leaving her dark days behind.

THE CURE, on becoming Funko Pop figures.

TICKETMASTER blames TAYLOR SWIFT for its crash.

THE 50 SEXIEST SONGS, according to Paste.

MUSIC FANS are listening to more music today than ever before, according to the findings of a new report.


QUENTIN TARANTINO announced that he will be making an eight-part TV series, with shooting set to commence in 2023.

MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY made a hype vdeo for the Texas Longhorns, if you dare.

MEGXIT: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's project will be released on Netflix in December.

CHRIS HEMSWORTH on movies, the future of Thor, his businesses, fatherhood, and how a genetic predisposition for Alzheimer's alters everything.

BRADLEY COOPER will play Bullitt for Steven Spielberg.

ANNA TAYLOR-JOY, on how Mike Love inspired her career.

JERRY SEINFELD, on the state of stand-up, and Chappelle.


THE ONLY WAY to get the nails done.

RATS can dance.

A DOGGO, graceful with the ball.

A CAT gets the door.

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