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HURRICANE UPDATE: ALEX CHILTON PROBABLY ALIVE   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Friday, September 02, 2005 - 10:04 PM
Posted by: kbade


ALEX CHILTON, of the Box Tops and Big Star, stayed in New Orleans and survived the storm, but has not been heard from since the levees broke. I'll be watching Chilton's Yahoo group and the missing persons board at the Times-Picayune for further updates.

In the meantime, here's a new Nashville Scene article reviewing Rob Jovanovic’s Big Star: The Life, Painful Death, and Unexpected Resurrection of the Kings of Power Pop and previewing the upcoming Big Star album, In Space.

SUNDAY 4:30 PM CDT UPDATE: A report placed Chilton at his bar on Wednesday, talking about leaving town has now been corroborated. The people at his Yahoo group note that he has difficulty remembering phone numbers -- even those of his family -- which may explain (along with spotty phone service around the city) why no one has heard from him since.

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Fats Domino, R.L. Burnside, Acme Products and the Silence of the Goats   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Friday, September 02, 2005 - 08:30 AM
Posted by: kbade



...WITH FATS DOMINO, who was among the thousands of New Orleans residents plucked from rising floodwaters. He had been missing after telling his manager he would "ride out the storm" in New Orleans. New Orleans’s "Queen of Soul" Irma Thomas escaped to the home of her aunt in Baton Rouge. Allen Toussaint, who -- among many achievements -- wrote "Lady Marmalade" and the all-too-appropos "Right Place, Wrong Time," was o­ne of the 25,000 people holed up at the New Orleans Superdome hoping to get o­n a bus for Houston’s Astrodome. The Neville family is safe, but most of their homes are destroyed. Soul Asylum frontman Dave Pirner is anxiously watching television, hoping to see if his house in New Orleans escaped the destruction. Dave should get o­n the Internet and check the satellite photo.

IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT N.O. and musicians, of course. The L.A. Times has a photo gallery from Mississippi that has some mind-boggling stuff.

GIVE! Multiple telethons are scheduled for tonight and (probably) Tuesday, with Jerry Lewis pledging $1 million from this weekend's MDA telethon to disaster relief. Corporations are contributing millions of dollars. FEMA has links to major relief groups; Instapundit has a slew of links to bloggers and their adopted charity groups. Some, such as the McCormick Tribune Foundation Hurricane Katrina Relief Campaign, are matching or partially matching donations. My fave may be the hard rock radio station in Houston that was playing any request -- including Don Ho -- for every hundred dollar donation.


R.L. BURNSIDE, the late bloomer of the Delta Blues, has passed away at 78. Though Mississippi Fred McDowell taught him to play in Chicago in the 1940s, and he performed in local bars for decades, he didn't really turn pro until he was 65. Burnside was popular with a number of younger acts, including the Beastie Boys and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. He had been in declining health since heart surgery in 1999, and died in a Memphis hospital.

TED LEO's cover of "I'm Looking Through You" from the forthcoming Rubber Soul tribute album has leaked o­nto the 'net. YANP is killing music.

TALKING HEADS: A fan site is killing music with a remix of "Take Me To The River." But how could it top Pate's cover version?

TREY ANASTASIO seemingly drinks like a Phish.

PETE DOHERTY UPDATE: The troubled singer's website is named after bala chadha -- a slang term for crack cocaine.

THE KAISER CHIEFS are good boys.

CBGB has been asked to leave the building, but will not go without a fight. Well over 1,000 photos from the benefit concerts -- including pics of Blondie, Flipper, Steve Van Zandt, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, the Chesterfield Kings and more --- are tagged at Flickr.

TEENAGE FANCLUB: The band's appearance o­n KEXP last month is now available for streaming.

GREG DULLI, formerly of Afghan Whigs, has a podcast promoting his newest effort with the Twilight Singers.

BRITNEY SPEARS: When not busy dreaming up names for her baby sure to provoke abuse from his peers, she's praying for the hurricane victims in her home state. That's nice, but a prayer and a check would be better, wouldn't it?

TERRORIST SITCOM supposedly hilarious, but no o­ne wants to produce it. Who'da thunkit?

LONDON BOMBING: The suspected ringleader of the July 7th attack warned of more strikes in a pre-death video that included praise for the bombings from al Qaeda's second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahri. London's Times reports that the bomber blamed Britain’s role in the invasion of Iraq for homegrown terror, but Zawahiri is quoted by Reuters as saying, "We have repeated again and again, and here we are warning o­ne more time -- all those who took part in the aggression o­n Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine, we will respond in kind."

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY: Constant styling for a quick succession of roles was causing her hair to fall out.

THE MOHAWK: Now that Natalie Portman and four-year-old Maddox Jolie are sporting it, the punk haircut has gone mainstream.

STACY'S MOM thinks she's too tall to be a leading lady, given the height of most leading men.

MICHAEL YON, the Ernie Pyle of the Iraq war, is interviewed by the Boston Herald.

LOST: I suppose it's tough to suspend disbelief o­n ABC's island drama when naked female fans swim into the scene.

SoCAL TERROR PLOT: A federal grand jury Wednesday indicted four men — including the alleged leader of a radical Islamist prison gang — accusing them of plotting a string of terrorist attacks o­n U.S. military facilities and synagogues in Southern California.

MADONNA was back to work after her horse accident, shooting a commercial in London for the Motorola iPod phone; Iggy Pop and other musicians will be doing ads also. Raconteur Camille Pagilia saw Madge's horse accident coming, just by looking at the cover of Vogue.

TOM-KAT UPDATE: Some think that the woman who made Cruise appear sane for many years, Pat Kingsley, has taken Brooke Shields as a client as a dig at Cruise, who criticized Shields' advocacy of anti-depressants to treat post-partum depression. Kingsley's people deny this, which is what any good PR person would do.

BRADGELINA UPDATE: Jolie plans to sue the Sun over reports her adopted daughter Zahara is not an orphan. No mention of the suit o­n Zahara's blog yet.

SIENNA MILLER is again rumored to be pregnant by Jude Law.

THE ACME PRODUCTS CATALOG is online. From Bat-Man Outfits to Rocket Powered Roller Skates, Acme really has it all.

HURRICANE POLITICS: There are a few people, such as Will Bunch of the Philadelphia Daily News, who couldn't wait until those killed by Katrina are buried to claim that Bush budget cuts caused the catastrophe. However, The New York Times -- hardly a tool of the Bush Administration -- reports (try bugmenot or tuan12, 123456): (1) the current levees were designed to hold back a hurricane at Category 3 o­n the five-step intensity scale, but Katrina was at the high end of Category 4; (2) the primary breech happened at a spot "that, if anything, had received more attention and shoring up than many other spots in the region;" and (3) a new system that would withstand a Category 5 hurricane was just entering the planning stages. The actual completion of such a system would take at least a decade. Not to mention that the cost of Iraq is off-budget. This is probably why I heard Sen. Democratic Whip Dick Durbin say on the radio Thursday night that he hoped we would not get into this sort of argument. UPDATE: As some people cannot resist playing the blame game in the middle of a disaster, I'm going to vent a little more on this at the "Read More" link at the bottom of this entry.

TARA REID really wants to play a role like Pretty Woman or the Patricia Arquette role in True Romance. Which is to say she wants to play someone who has sex for money. Has she forgotten that she played Bunny Lebowski?

BIANCA JAGGER is not a big fan of America, according to Jack Baxter, a New York filmmaker who was partially paralyzed in a suicide bombing in an Israeli café. I don't think that's news, though someone actually challenging her o­n it may be.

SCARLETT JOHANNSON finds Woody Allen sexier than boyfriend Josh Hartnett. She's doing her second movie with Allen and given the history of women who do more than o­ne movie with him, Soon-Yi ought to be thinking.

IRANIAN PRESIDENT has terrorist ties, but will be given a visa to come to the U.N. The linked ABC News story, after noting that an investigation uncovered no evidence to prove he had any role in the 1979 hostage crisis, writes: "Evidence or no evidence, the legal finding says the Iranian president has terrorist ties." The folks at ABC apparently don't know or don't care that he has been implicated in the 1989 execution-style slayings of an Iranian Kurdish leader and two associates in Vienna, among other things.

CULT OF THE iPod: Folks with iPods tend to be creators and influencers of consumer-generated media.

DROWNING GIRL saved by a computer.

NANOTECH: Nanospheres could help dentists fill the tiny holes in our teeth that make them incredibly sensitive, and that cause severe pain for millions of adults and children worldwide.

A QUICK ONE: Amber Taylor is thinking of calling her new kitten Ivor, the Dirty Old Sooty Engine Driver, but now seems to be leaning toward "Snape."

OTHER CATS are surviving a 15-story fall and burning down a house.

DOGS are getting rescued from Hurricane Katrina.

SILENCE OF THE GOATS: Plucky girl saves a goat from being eaten. When she grows up, she will become an FBI agent, in hopes of stopping that awful screaming of the goats...

THE GOAT SUCKER: Is a Texas television station desperate for ratings or is there something behind the legend of the Chupacabra?

PYTHON ATTACKS SLEEPING CHILD: A 12-year-old boy awoke to an unpleasant surprise this week when a python bit him in his bed. The Rodriguez family recently moved into their northwest Fresno, CA home and doesn't own a snake.

WOLVES are being kept as pets by an Italian minister who told authorities to feel free to come and investigate as he always needed "fresh meat." The minister used to keep a tiger, but had to get rid of it because it ate a dog.

Read full article: 'Fats Domino, R.L. Burnside, Acme Products and the Silence of the Goats'
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Dungen, Lucinda Williams, Echo & the Bunnymen, Freaky Fish   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Thursday, September 01, 2005 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


HURRICANE KATRINA: Terry Teachout and Our Girl in Chicago continued to update their extensive round-up of Katrina-related links. For o­ngoing blog coverage, try N.Z. Bear's aggregator. Wonkette notices something strange about the captions for Associate Press stories about looting in New Orleans. The Mudville Gazette, a gung-ho Milblog, posts an extensive piece o­n NORTHCOM and coordinated military aid efforts. The world reacted with an outpouring of compassion Wednesday for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, but Islamic extremists rejoiced in America's misfortune, giving the storm a military rank and declaring in Internet chatter that "Private" Katrina had joined the global jihad.

DUNGEN frontman Gustav Ejstes talks to PopMatters about the good reaction to the band's ta det lugnt: "I'm pretty amazed over all this of course, because I'm doing it in a language which I suppose no o­ne understands. Of course it's great getting appreciated as a musician, though." He also translates the title, which wouldn't go down well at Wal-Mart.

WHO'S LEFT is recording a new version of "My Generation" with McFly to promote HMV’s digital download site when it launches o­n Monday.

NEIL YOUNG: You can now stream "The Painter," from his upcoming Prairie Wind album.

COURTNEY LOVE is allegedly claiming to be pregnant again. I think this will be sorted out in a few months.

CBGB: Its lease should have expired by the time you read this, but the venerable nightclub has gained NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg as an ally.

PETE DOHERTY UPDATE: The troubled singer has hired a prisonmate to join Babyshambles. o­n-again, off-again galpal Kate Moss was caught canoodling with Bodyrockers frontman Kaz James in Ibiza.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS may have a new album out in early 2006 and a second volume of live stuff to boot.

THE BETA BAND were o­nly a month away from the dole when the group finished.

ANDRE 3000 of OutKast, named "sexiest male vegetarian" last year by PETA, plans to make endangered gray wolf tails the must-have accessory from his upcoming clothing line.

ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN: The band's upcoming Siberia can now be streamed from Scenestars. Have they picked up where your precious Echo left off?

WHITHER THE ALBUM? Warner Music's decision to launch an e-label featuring packages of three songs sparks positive and negative feedback debating the merit of the album concept.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN will be discussed by academics at a conference devoted to the star. More than 150 papers are being presented at the symposium at Monmouth University in New Jersey, starting September 9th. Discussions will include "A Marxist Perspective o­n Darkness o­n the Edge of Town" and "The Boss and the Bible."

MINUTEMEN: The Mpls. City Pages reviews the We Jam Econo documentary.

BLUEGRASS: Alison Krauss and Union Station led the nominations from the International Bluegrass Music Association, with 14. The Nashville City Paper has complete list of noms, natch. My personal fave, the Del McCoury Band, got at least five noms and has dominated the awards over the past decade or so. The band also just got a a nice write-up for The Company We Keep in Paste Magazine.

BRIAN WILSON talks to The Onion's A.V. Club about SMiLE and is more honest about the problem drug abuse became o­n the original effort than many of his friends and colleagues from the era. Probably doesn't know how to spin things in his current state.

JOHNNY ROTTEN takes aim at Bono and Bob Geldof. Maybe Lydon could form a band with Russell Crowe...

GOTHS AND CHAVS go to war in Peterborough, as distinctive and implacably opposed to each other as the rival gangs of mods and rockers in the 1960s.

AFGHANISTAN is getting its own Oprah-type show. The station said in a statement that the new chat show would examine topics affecting women, such as education, changing social norms, marriage, leadership, motherhood and physical and mental health.

JESSICA ALBA wants to be President because she fantasizes about dominating a room full of men. Ahem. Maybe she can start by replacing Geena Davis in Commander In Chief and wearing those chaps from Sin City.

JENNIFER GARNER: If you ask her for a nibble from o­ne of her biscuits, know what you're getting yourself into.

DENNIS HOPPER comes out of the closet (try bugmenot, toves67@yahoo.com, toves67). It's not what you think; it's even more shocking.

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE SHOES: Tara Reid books an extra hotel room for hers. But Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell feels guilty that she owns a mere 60 pairs. The Manolo, his world must be in turmoil this day!

IRAQ: Panicked by rumors of a suicide bomber, thousands of Shiite pilgrims broke into a stampede o­n a bridge during a religious procession Wednesday, crushing o­ne another or plunging 30 feet into the muddy Tigris river. About 800 died, mostly women and children. World leaders offered their condolences, though my favorite was Iranian President Ahmadinejad proposing the establishment of a regional trio to fight terrorism -- comprised of Iraq, Iran and Syria.

WEST DES MOINES public school students were given a promo flier for a dance studio run by a man who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault after being accused of briefly caressing the buttocks of a 17-year-old female dance student.

JESSICA SIMPSON and hubby Nick Lachey seemed to exude all the warmth of liquid nitrogen -- and Jessica's wedding ring was conspicuously missing -- as they walked the red carpet at an MTV VMA party last weekend. Bet that won't stop them from wrecking "America the Beautiful" as part of the NFL's tribute to 9/11 o­n the opening day of football season. I'd rather have Jamie Foxx channel Ray Charles for that. For that matter, I think Ray could still do a better job.

LOHAN LOWDOWN: La Lohan claims feud with Hillary Duff continues after sister Haylie Duff hung up o­n Lohan's olive-branch phone call.

KATHLEEN TURNER is separating from her husband. The blurb notes that Turner is "known for her hard-partying ways," which would explain why she now sounds like Marge's sisters from The Simpsons.

JON STEWART and The Daily Show's executive producer, Ben Karlin, talk to Wired about a new model of television and new media, but manage to be funny anyway.

KING KONG VS. THE PIRATES OF THE MULTIPLEX: Pegged to Peter Jackson's remake of the classic Beauty and the Beast tale, C|Net reprints an examination of professional movie piracy, which appears to be a bigger threat to the industry than filesharing.

GRETCHEN MOL is starring in The Notorious Bettie Page. Don't know how I missed that!

IRAQ II: Maj. Joe Leahy, who studied engineering at Iowa State University, is a civil engineer with the 20th Engineer Brigade of the Army National Guard, and has been stationed at Camp Victory, outside of Baghdad, since November 2004. Maj. Leahy tells a local paper in Missouri about combining combat and reconstruction: "One thing we've got to understand is that it's not going to happen tomorrow, but we are doing something that's getting better everyday."

GOOGLE: Some fear the company is becoming the next Microsoft (though mostly it seems to be competing with the current Microsoft). Nevertheless, French president Jacques Chirac yesterday pledged to help fund a new European internet search engine to rival Google and Yahoo as he railed against what he sees as the threat of Anglo-Saxon cultural imperialism: "We're engaged in a global competition for technological supremacy. In France, in Europe, it's our power that's at stake."


NANOTECH may give you the wall-crawling abilities of Spider-Man. Research scientists at Georgia Tech have built nano-scale detectors so sensitive that they will be capable of spotting individual cancer cells. But how do scientists see the nano-scale objects they are trying to study? In the future, they may use a golden bowtie nanoantenna.

THE FIRST "MR. ROGERS SCHOLARSHIP" is awarded, making some young person feel very special.

CHE GUEVARA: His family is trying to contol the rampant commercialization of his image. What would Alanis Morissette say?

GIANT VENOMOUS CENTIPEDE from South America somehow turned up in a London apartment.

TREE KANGAROO: "Jumpy" has evaded capture for four days after escaping from his owners in Bavaria, Germany.

ROBOT DOGS monitor your diet.

LAB RODENTS my be replaced by freaky fluorescent fish that can show the impact of experimental drugs o­n cancerous tumors.

THE GREAT APES are endangered, prompting a summit in the Congo.

A MONKEY dressed in blue pants ran away from the circus, but is returned before the troupe left town. No word o­n whether the naughty monkey was spanked.

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GbV, Perfect Albums, Calexico, Ronco and a Jackalope   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Wednesday, August 31, 2005 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


WHEN THE LEVEE BREAKS, mama, you got to move. Matthew Harris has a birds-eye view of the 17th St. levee in New Orleans. Jefferson Parish declared martial law. TV stations and newspapers from the Big Easy kept o­n going over the 'net after Katrina knocked out the power. A Small Victory rounded up good news from NO; Instapundit rounded up hurricane relief links.

GUIDED BY VOICES: The Electrifying Conclusion is coming to DVD, just in time for the holidays.

ONE FOR RICHARD NESS: This afternoon, a Central or South American band was playing outside the Thompson Center, as it does from time to time. I think most big cities have o­ne of these, sounding like a cross between Native American folk and Zamfir, master of the pan flute. However, this afternoon they were playing Harry Nilsson's "Without You" in that style.

NEIL YOUNG: NOW has a piece o­n the performance of his upcoming Prairie Wind album at the ole Grand Ole Opry for Jonathan Demme. "And Chad, I think you're hitting the tambourine in exactly the wrong spot every single time."

SLOAN seems to be bubbling around the 'net recently. Here's a post at *Sixeyes lauding their power pop and killing music a little bit.

THE PERFECT ALBUM: Users of the message board and group blog at Plastic.com nominated and (sorta) voted o­n candidates. Not a bad list.

THE BLACK CROWES are releasing four live albums. That's three more than just o­ne live album.

CALEXICO can (and should) be seen covering Love's classic "Alone Again Or" in streaming Quicktime from last year's ACL Festival.

THE MINDERS: Having mentioned Apples In Stereo o­n Monday, I shouldn't have needed You Ain't No Picasso to remind me of The Minders (both feature Robert Schneider). You can kill music at YANP or stream a few from a Flash-based MP3 player at the band's website.

PETE DOHERTY UPDATE: At last weekend's Carling Weekend: Leeds Festival, the troubled singer started and lost a fight with Razorlight's Johnny Borrell.

GANGSTAS: The Smoking Gun looks at the NYPD's 500-page Hip-Hop dossier.

PAUL McCARTNEY does a Q & A with Reuters supporting Jon Pratt's theory about the singer secretly wanting to be the drummer.

NOT o­n THE PITCHFORK: Lucy Van Pelt is not a fan of the influential website?

BRADGELINA UPDATE: I don't think I can top Defamer's comment o­n this picture of Pitt with Zahara.

STEVEN SPIELBERG is a pest in Budapest, towing the locals' cars without much notice, snarling traffic and sending his "goons" after those who try to take pictures o­n their own street. But he's replacing Stephen Sommers as director of the When Worlds Collide remake, so we can look forward to being destroyed by Zira and Bellus.

KILL KILL REALITY. With backstage antics fitting for a triple-X booth, It sounds like the E! channel should go straight to the unrated DVD.

THE BLUES BROTHERS turns 25 with a special edition DVD.

Elwood: "What kind of music do you usually have here?"
Claire from Bob's Country Bunker: "Oh, we got both kinds. We got country AND western."

IRAQ: U.S. warplanes bombed alleged safe houses of Zarqawi's fighters near the Syrian border Tuesday in o­ne of the strongest uses of air power in months, backing a Sunni-led push to drive out Zarqawi's forces. Arthur Chrenkoff has his penultimate round-up of under-reported news. I linked to the story about the Iraqi version of American Idol, but missed that there's an Iraqi version of Cops. I've noted tribal clashes in Najaf, but missed that the local economy is booming o­n religious tourism and that the crime rate has dropped 90 percent. And you can stream a new Michael Yon phone interview from Mosul that covers a variety of topics. If you haven't checked Yon's dispatches, you really should.

CHARLIZE THERON joins Arrested Development for five episodes. The show premieres September 19th, with Theron first appearing the following week.

ORLANDO BLOOM caught canoodling with Elizabethtown co-star Kirsten Dunst in Miami for the MTV VMAs.

MORE MTV VMA BUZZ: The French Hotel doesn't know whether she's really marrying the guy named Paris. Jamie Foxx, who had been starting to annoy me, went back up a notch: After spotting O.J. Simpson at a party, Foxx grabbed a mic and yelled, "It's a killer party — O.J.'s here!" He then commanded the crowd to "Do the O.J." while making a stabbing motion.

RON POPEIL IS SELLING RONCO, not for 100 million, not 80 million, not even 75 million, but for the low, low, price of 56.5 million dollars! But wait, there's more...

THE IRAQI ARMY: o­n the edge of the Sunni triangle, the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Brigade of the Iraqi Army is taking the lead o­n security and roadside-bomb attacks have nearly stopped. Major K is blogging about the formation of the 6th Infantry Division which will soon be the first operational division in the new Iraqi Army, but addresses progress generally. Dadmany blogs his visit with an Iraqi Army unit, mainly reporting comments from the Deputy Commanding General about what the old army had become under Saddam, what he hopes the new IA will become and what it needs to get there.

THE IRAQI CONSTITUTION: PowerLine has a translation of a story o­n poll of Iraqi opinion o­n the draft constitution from Tuesday's edition of the Iraqi newspaper Alhayat. Eighty-eight percent support holding the constitutional vote under current conditions. Support for federalism was largely limited to the Kurds; 58 percent prefer a central government with provincial administration. 84 percent support giving women full rights and benefits as men. And the provisions referring to Islam are probably more liberal than public opinion. (These results are consistent with last month's IRI poll.) NYU Prof Noah Feldment thinks the extension of federalism to Shiite provinces is the main cause of Sunni discontent. There may be minor edits to the draft, so I suppose we can hope that the definition of "minor" is a bit elastic, as at least o­ne Sunni party has left wiggle room to support the draft with changes.

CULT OF THE iPod: Apple may announce its long-awaited iTunes phone being developed with Motorola as early as next Wednesday, but skepticism remains over whether the device will have as much success as the iconic iPod digital music player. It may even be arbitrarily limited to storing o­nly 25 songs.

DON'T KNOW MUCH about science according to a new poll. Examples: Fewer than a third can identify DNA as a key to heredity. o­nly about 10 percent know what radiation is. o­ne adult American in five thinks the Sun revolves around the Earth, an idea science had abandoned by the 17th century.

GLOBAL WARMING: Author Ross Gelbspan claims Hurricane Katrina's real name is global warming, but very few of us know this because the coal and oil industries have spent millions of dollars to keep the public in doubt about the issue. Gelbspan does not name a single scientist supporting his claim about hurricanes. The scientists quoted in articles syndicated by The New York Times and the L.A. Times generally don't think so either, though MIT meteorologist Kerry Emanuel thinks it might be proved to be o­ne factor if current trends continue for the next few years.

NANOTECH: German physicists have created a material harder than diamond from aggregated diamond nanorods. ALSO: Droplets of liquid have been moved uphill by molecular motors. The so-called “nano-shuttles” could also create a range of different types of smart surfaces, such as adhesive surfaces that can be switched o­n and off, or surfaces that can be switched from o­ne color to another.

CINDY SHEEHAN is not building opposition to the war in Iraq, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. About half of those surveyed think President Bush should meet with her again, though Sheehan claims to be glad he did not. About the same number "support what Cindy Sheehan is doing," but only 13 percent said U.S. forces should be withdrawn immediately, which is what Sheehan advocates. This is why political scientists consider polling to be as much art as science.

BERLIN'S MAYOR is being criticized for officially welcoming to a sado-masochism festival to the German capital this weekend. But he was probably hoping to be whipped.

CONCEALED CARRY: At an Albequerque Wal-Mart, 72-year-old Due Moore fatally shot Felix Vigil, who was attacking his ex-wife with a knife near the store's deli counter where she worked.

THE RABBIT DONE DIED of a disease that made it look like a jackalope.

OSTRICH halts traffic o­n the Golden Gate.

A CAT crawled into the ground-floor of a German apartment, broke window blinds, tore down drapes and trashed furniture. Police also found fish and fish remains from a broken aquarium scattered around the apartment. Hey, the fish should have kept its mouth shut.

DOGS are dinner in Ho Chi Minh City for the annual food issue of The New Yorker. Apparently, in 'Nam, "Black Dog" is a delicacy, not today's second Led Zeppelin IV reference.

IS THAT A PAIR OF RARE CUBAN SONGBIRDS in your pants, or... oh, it is.

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Richard Thompson, Luxury Liners, Zahara blogs and Hogzilla II   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Tuesday, August 30, 2005 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


STANLEY MOUSE and ALTON KELLEY: Some Russian is collecting their posters. Anyone who shopped at the Music Works may remember some of these. My ex-roomie Dru Martin had the Bo Diddley.

HURRICANE KATRINA: Having hooked you up to blog coverage yesterday, today I'll point you to the Yahoo Full Coverage page to follow the aftermath of the storm.

RICHARD THOMPSON GOES MUSIC SHOPPING with The New Yorker. Find out whether he bought Wille Dixon or Cyndi Lauper.

THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS' Carl Newman lists music you should hear for Amazon and gives some advice to Axl Rose.

ERIC CLAPTON talks about his difficulty writing about a relationship that is productive and successful and loving without being boring or self-indulgent. And how a happy homelife led him to reunite Cream.

BLOC PARTY is interviewed on the Pitchfork: "We were formed in reaction to bands like Oasis."

RILO KILEY bassist Pierre "Duke" de Reeder tals about opening for Coldplay.

POWER POP: My Old Kentucky Blog tempts you to download the Luxury Liners by name-dropping Badfinger, Big Star, The Byrds and The Raspberries. I wouldn't go that far, but you also can get the MP3s straight from the band's official website or stream some from the band's MySpace page. If I had to pick an original, it would be "Sunshine," but the cover of Cher's "Believe" is really good.

POLYPHONIC SPREE: Gorilla vs. Bear notes that the PS is most of the soundtrack for the upcoming movie Thumbsucker. You can stream a few from the band's MySpace page.

PETE DOHERTY UPDATE: His Babyshambles bandmates say the troubled singer was never going to quit the band; he just wanted to take time out of the public spotlight. Keep in mind that Doherty looks to be starting a video blog for paying fans at his website.

MICK JAGGER agrees that his stage presence is similar to that of Hitler, but it's all in good fun.

THE NINETIES "offered the worst music of any decade in the rock 'n' roll era," argues Brent DiCrescenzo, in large part by creating his own box set of music from the decade.

IRAQ: The troops are getting a new generation of bomb-resistant armored vehicles named the Cougar and the Buffalo. Tim Russert's Meet the Press segment with four retired generals suggests in passing that the U.S. is making progress training Iraqi forces. Dave Doyle, a freelance sports reporter stationed in Iraq, posts dispatches and gets feedback from both sides of the Iraq issue.

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE OIL: If the estimates are correct, the oil sands project in Alberta, Canada has the ability to supply all of North America for the next 50 years without touching a drop of imported oil. The Canucks can be so glad the U.S. is busy with Iraq at the moment.

BRADGELINA UPDATE: Vanity Fair breaks its sales record with the Aniston cover. Zahara Jolie has a blog. It seems that Angie has already taught the tot not to believe everything you read in the papers.  Pitt's ex-galpal Gwyneth Paltrow thinks Pitt and Aniston are reaping what they sowed by being so public with their marriage. If I was Paltrow, I wouldn't want to talk about Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, either.

DOROTHY'S RUBY SLIPPERS STOLEN: We all know whodunit, don't we? After all, Dorothy kinda stole them herself, right off the feet of that poor woman's dead sister...

PAGE SIX GETS IT WRONG? Hard to believe, but I think so. But you never know...

STACY'S MOM thinks Desperate Housewife Teri Hatcher needs to eat something.

EDDIE MURPHY and MARIAH CAREY caught canoodling in Miami for the MTV VMAs.

LIZ HURLEY getting hitched?

THE SPANISH INQUISITION: Amongst their weaponry are: fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency and an almost fanatical devotion to Natalie Portman.

EVA LONGORIA has vexed her ABC bosses by taping a segment for Dateline NBC. The picture of Longoria bikini-clad to present an MTV award fails to show just how tight the bottom piece was. But no o­ne ever accused her of leaving anything to the imagination.  Except maybe Dude.Man.Phat, who definitely has an imagination.

RUSSELL CROWE slams celebrity acitivists like Bono and Bob Geldof. According to Crowe, "There's a lot that can be achieved by putting a cheque in the right place and shutting up about it." I'm sure the hotel employee who got hit by the phone Crowe threw at him agrees 11 million times over.

GWYNETH PALTROW and CHRIS MARTIN are relocating to Los Angeles, if o­nly to prove that neither is physically capable of getting a tan.

BRITNEY SPEARS screams at and threatens a 13-year-old girl. Just prepping for motherhood, y'know.

HOLLYWOOD REMAKES: The theory seems to be that they are a good bet because you have a proven quantity with name recognition. But that theory has mixed results in the real world.

JESSICA ALBA will not be remaking I Dream of Jeannie, thereby removing any reason to see o­ne. Thanks, Jess!

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY was offered liposuction by an L.A. dermotologist. This is the culture that produces Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie.

DEMOCRACY IN IRAQ: At Iraq the Model, Mohammed blogs that Grand Ayatollah Al Sistani opposes the federation of the draft constitution and wants unity with the Sunnis. He could have said this earlier, so I wonder whether he might have a larger agenda. Joseph Nye argues that democratization can surely help remove some of the sources of rage that fuel terrorism, but is o­nly part of the solution. Tall Dave looks at the odds that democracy can take root in Iraq and thinks it's the economy, stupid.

THE HOME FRONT: Listening to Cindy Sheehan bail o­n an NPR interview convinced me that the groups backing her would probably do better with Barbara Porchia. Also, imho, antiwar protesters ought to figure out that protesting outside Walter Reed Hospital and at funerals doesn't win hearts and minds. And it would probably help if veterans returning from Iraq were not shunned when they go back to college. That's free advice and worth every penny.

AFGHANISTAN: U.S. forces have killed a senior Taliban commander responsible for a spate of attacks in southern Afghanistan, the U.S. military said o­n Monday. France has significantly boosted its military presence in the region as part of a budding rapprochement withthe U.S.

GLOBAL WARMING killed most life o­n Earth 250 million years ago, according to U.S. researchers. Clearly, those Trilobites should not have been driving their SUVs all over the planet.

COFFEE is the biggest source of antioxidants in the average American's diet. Not to mention what cappuccinos do for Pam Anderson.

NANOTECH: As Pate mastermind Jon Pratt is all about the thin film coatings, I note with great interest the idea of a thin film treatment that can permanently prevent glass from fogging and virtually eliminate glare.

F***ING TOWN IN AUSTRIA keeps getting its F***ing sign stolen. Police Chief Kommandant Schmidtberger asks, "What is this big F***ing joke?"

SPEAKING OF THE F WORD, students are being allowed to swear at o­ne British secondary school -- as long as they limit their use of bad language to five times a lesson.

TURN DOWN THAT RACKET! Or suffer the fate of the Princess of Swaziland.

SEX THERAPIST LAURA BERMAN complains about being stared at by construction workers. Granted, such behavior is classless -- but if the o­nly person to complain has her own line of "intimate accessories," this particular encounter begins to sound very much like "This sort of thing ain't my bag, baby!"

RE-WILDING UPDATE: A plan by a Cornell University-led team of scientists to populate U.S. grasslands with wild lions, cheetahs, elephants and other African safari favorites -- previously noted here -- has been slammed by conservation groups.

ELEPHANT who lost a foot after stepping o­n a landmine six years ago has had a temporary limb fitted. Video at the link.

JELLYFISH shut down a nuclear reactor in Sweden which supplies about 10 percent of the nation's electricity.

SQUIRREL halts a £1million development at a Scots castle the old-school way -- by being endangered.

WHY CAN'T THE GEESE CROSS THE ROAD? A new ordinance in Amherst, N.H., as it turns out.

HUMAN ZOO EXHIBIT UPDATE: o­ne of the humans has a blog. Don't miss the "About Me" section.

HOGZILLA II -- THE RETURN: The 594 lb. boar captured in the suburbs of Queensland is something to see, but is still no match for south Georgia's 800 lb. beast.

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