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Friday, January 21, 2005 - 06:00 AM
Posted by: kbade



Stan don't have to put on the red light...

VIRTUAL STAN: Web designer extraordinaire Jason Santa Maria is nicknamed "Stan."  As a gift, o­ne of his friends, Rob Weychert, created Virtual Stan.  Hear him sing "Roxanne."

DO YOU REMEMBER HUSKER DU?  They do at Metafilter.  Stop by for Mpls. memories, reunion rumors and to feel yourself age as someone asks, "Is there a toy so called by Hasbro?"  You bet your pop-o-matic!

If it's o­n the Fat Possum label...POPMATTERS gives a good review to the tribute disc, Sunday Nights: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough.  It gets a seven o­n the Pitchfork.

ARCADE FIRE: The critical darlings perform and are interviewed on Turnpike, from Lawrence, Kansas.

GOLDEN FIDDLE has pictures of a rehabbing Courtney Love... or are they of Sally Struthers?  You be the judge. Also noted on the Fiddle: "Modest Mouse and Guided By Voices are o­n Austin City Limits this Saturday. Check yer local listings."

AMERICAN IDOL is the most-watched show of the 2004-05 TV season, drawing 33 million viewers eager to hear the atrocious caterwauling of the early rejects.  The same dynamic explains the popularity of Ashlee Simpson.

Wasn't the name a clue?SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS is targeted by the Rev. James Dobson's Focus on the Family and the American Family Association for appearing in a video they claim will promote homosexuality (though he apparently does not in the video).  A hard-hitting investigative report from the New York Times (as reprinted in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer) notes that the celebrity sponge "has become a camp figure among adult gay men, perhaps because he holds hands with his animated sidekick Patrick." InstaPundit Glenn Reynolds nails it: "Not many people, forced to choose between SpongeBob Squarepants and James Dobson, are going to pick Dobson."

TOUCH MY ARMADILLO! Touch it, go ahead, touch it...

BURGLAR takes daughters to work in Van Buren, Arkansas.

PROFESSOR KEN KING checked in by e-mail.  I'm not sure, but I think he may be at Space Camp.

Get your mind together...ONLINE ATHENS reviews A Question of Temperature, by the Chris Stamey Experience. (Registration or BugMeNot required)  The reviewer seems to be a strict grader, but the review seems quite positive.

LILEKS has the perfect candidate to attract the younger demo to the CBS Evening News after Dan Rather steps down as anchor: Kent Brockman.

THIS IS YOUR BRAIN; this is your brain o­n politicians.

WALKING DOWNHILL has different health benefits from walking uphill.

FBI ALERTS BOSTON POLICE about four possible terror suspects perhaps heading their way.  Maybe sorta kinda.  But better safe than sorry.

ALLEGED SPAMMER SUES SPAMEE for libel and interfering with the alleged spammer's business by reporting unsolicited e-mails to the ISP.

JULIANNA HATFIELD  is offering song downloads at her site, with payment o­n the honor system.

...but so is Brenda Lee...HE'S SORRY...SO SORRY...SO VERY SORRY: Harvard Prez (and Clinton Treasury Secretary) Larry Summers issues his third apology for remarks he made last week that scholars in the U.S. said was a message women lack the ability to excel at math and science.  RELATED: Pate fans will note that no such remarks will be associated with Iowa State University, which defines "derogatory or demeaning comments about women or men in general" as sexual harassment.

THE HASSELHOFFIAN RECURSION: View at your own risk. This site disclaims any and all liability for eye or brain damage suffered from clicking on the above link.

PC MAGAZINE: Columnist John Dvorak may have been the last person on Earth to discover that o­nline stories that mention porn boosts traffic to your site from search engines.  He's at it again.

...but Marge got left out of the TV ad...MARGE SIMPSON, Wilma Flintstone, Jane Jetson and Velma Dinkley land an endorsement deal for Dove styling products.

CLARE DANES neatly sums up the public interest in Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

AMATEURS beat NASA and the European Space Agency in processing Titan probe pictures with inexpensive computer software.

ONLINE ADVERTISING: Video ads are in, pop-ups out for 2005.

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Thursday, January 20, 2005 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


BLUES LEGEND ROBERT JOHNSON may have been recorded at the wrong speed.

CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN has its gear stolen...again.

FUEL singer Brett Scallion dropped the f-bomb at Tuesday’s Inaugural Youth Party (albeit in a Team America: World Police sort of way).  Jeff Goldstein reflects o­n the deeper meaning of this event.

THE NEW YORK TIMES denies that it's getting into bed with a Swedish porn distributor; others are skeptical.

ON THE PITCHFORK: Details of Sleater-Kinney's debut o­n Sub Pop.

LOW CULTURE has unintentionally funny photos from the Golden Globes -- o­ne of Hugh Hefner in particular.

E! NETWORKS apologizes to child actress Dakota Fanning.

BOB MARLEY AND VOGUE EDITOR ANNA WINTOUR were jammin', according to a forthcoming biography of Wintour.

PORTIA de ROSSI has been sitting in the audience for every taping of her galpal Ellen DeGeneres's talk show since on Jan. 5th, even communicating with Ellen during her opening monologue. Gay or straight, that's a little weird.

WD40 is not a normally associated with combating illegal drug use, but the Guardian newsblog reports that British police are advising bar owners to spray the cleaner and lubricant in their bathrooms to put an "invisible film" over toilets that absorbs cocaine when anyone tries to snort it off them, turning it into a congealed mess.

WHY ARE THE TV NETWORKS lavishly covering the Inaguration?  You might expect that question from a liberal journal, but it's being asked by the Washington Times.

DO YOU WANT TO LIVE FOREVER? Aubrey David Nicholas Jasper de Grey believes mankind can achieve virtual immortality by 2030.

ARTIFICIAL LIFE is brewing in East Lansing, Michigan.  I thought that when I went o­n a job interview there years ago, but this story is about something else.

QUENTIN TARANTINO VOTED FOR MEL GIBSON for the Golden Globe; Virginia Madsen cried at meeting William Shatner.

FBI DISCONTINUES CARNIVORE for internet surveillance; Orin Kerr explains why that's not a big deal...and maybe never was.

STAN LEE, creator of Spider-Man, is awarded ten percent of the proceeds Marvel Enterprises has received since November 1998 from movies, television shows and movie-related toys by a federal district court.  Marvel intends to appeal.  

PHISH HEADS AND NATIONAL REVIEW columnist Jonah Goldberg mull the possibility of President Bush quoting Phish lyrics in his Inaugural speech and parallels between Bush and Woodrow Wilson.  Strange bedfellows, indeed.

AMY'S ROBOT compiles the best albums of 2004 from an international list of lists.  I think I may prefer Amy's own list.

THE CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL admits it inflated the number of estimated obesity deaths in a much-hyped study claiming that obesity was poised to overtake smoking as the top preventable cause of death.  Some critics maintain the numbers are still too fat.

FROM THE "WHERE ARE THEY NOW?" FILE: Thomas Dolby is creating and scoring ringtones for cellphones.

RELATED STORY: JENNA JAMESON is teaming up with Wicked Wireless to provide "moantones" to Latin American cellphone users.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


Sen. Kinky, Gov. Kinky, there just wasn't time...KINKY FRIEDMAN, the "best-selling author, country singer and friend to the stray dog," will run for Governor of Texas in 2006.

NEW JIBJAB CARTOON, just in time for Inauguration day.

CATS AND DOGS are getting frequent flier miles o­n Midwest and United Airlines.

BRAD AND JEN AFTERWORDS: The couple reportedly did not have a prenuptual agreement.  Plus, the inevitable t-shirts.


CBS not ruling out the Daily Show's Jon Stewart as one replacement for departing Evening News anchor Dan Rather.

One snapshot, no revolverREVIEWS: The new live EP from Mission of Burma is given a good write-up o­n the Pitchfork.  PopMatters seems equally enthused about the forthcoming disc from Sea and Cake guitarist Archer Prewitt.

ZHAO ZIYANG: The Communist government of the People's Republic of China has increased security in Tiananmen Square, amid fears of protests related to the death of deposed Chinese leader, who opposed the violent crackdown o­n 1989 democracy protests in the square.

RFK, Jr. is looking to run for attorney general of New York, joining a field that includes his sister's estranged husband, Andrew Cuomo.

Have you seen Garden State yet? If not, why not?GOLDEN GLOBES AFTERWORDS: Page Six reports that Quentin Tarantino was seen "snuggling" with someone other than galpal Sofia Coppola.  Model-turned-actress James King was seen "working" actor-turned-director Zach Braff at the HBO afterparty.  Braff seems to be a bit of a player, having been seen recently with Kirsten Dunst and Mandy Moore.

THE NEW YORKER: Gadfly journo Seymour Hersh writes that the U.S. has been carrying out reconnaissance missions in Iran to identify nuclear, chemical and missile sites for possible airstrikes as soon as this summer.  The Pentagon issues a non-denial denial.  Identifying any such sites would seem to be a good thing to do before doing anything military, imho.

ANTI-TERROR TRAVEL: The Transportation Security Administration offers tips to help you reduce your wait time at airport security checkpoints.

You can't seriously be wondering why this picture is so big, can you?EVA LONGORIA: Wonder why the Desperate Housewife ditched N'SYNC singer JC Chavez?

LAURA CALLAHAN, the Department of Homeland Security’s deputy chief information officer, apparently got her Ph.D from a diploma mill.

ROLLING STONE magazine rejects an ad for a Bible.  That's entirely the company's business; at least o­ne TV network has a policy of refusing religious advertising.  However, the fact that Rolling Stone claims this was an "unwritten" policy may raise a question as to how old the policy is.  Meanwhile, some critics are upset over the updating of the Bible for a younger demographic.

SCORSESE AND DYLAN: Martin Scorsese -- who counts The Last Waltz among his directing credits -- has been working o­n a film about Bob Dylan for two years without speaking to Bob Dylan.

THE POLYPHONIC HUMAN MEDIA INTERFACE is a computer program that much of the record industry is using to predict whether a song will be a hit.  It groups U2 with Beethoven.

MLK DAY AFTERWORDS: The King family is split over the issue of same-sex marriage.

THE UNITED NATIONS is warned to get ready for sweeping reforms by man appointed to oversee a management shake-up.  Meanwhile, Samir Vincent pleaded guilty Tuesday to conspiracy, violating economic sanctions and other charges in connection with corruption in the U.N. oil-for-food program for Iraq.

COPYRIGHT IS KILLING CULTURE: The Globe and Mail notes that Eyes o­n the Prize and many documentaries may go out of print when the clearance obtained for copyrighted materials used therein.

THE KANSAS CITY STAR surveys the world of podcasting.

THE MURDER OF A FAMILY of Coptic Christians does not seem to be getting wide press, though there is evidence suggesting a hate crime, including the fact that the daughter was stabbed through her tattoo of a Coptic cross.  Oddly, there reportedly was a scuffle with anti-Muslim protesters at the family funeral.

KIM JONG IL, last seen in Team America: World Police, appears to be facing dissent from within.

TiVo may be terminal, according to links rounded up by Om Malik, senior writer with Business 2.0 magazine.

BOLLYWOOD launches a secure internet video-on-demand service for first-run movies.

FASHION: Prada pursues a "no-fuss" look for men.  It's a move that echoes Pierre Cardin's general complaint that modern clothes are "unwearable."

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


1,2,3,4...JOHNNY RAMONE memorial unveiled; Nicholas Cage, Vincent Gallo, Rick Rubin, Rod Zombie and others attend.

THE RASPBERRIES: Ken King will kill me for not noticing they were coming to Chicago (Actually, Ken will just be disappointed; Mark Flora would kill me).  They rawked, or power-popped, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

AWARDS SEASON: Ann Althouse simulblogged the Golden Globes. Drunken Stepfather has pictures of women in dresses. Dateline: Hollywood charts how red carpet coverage divides our country. The British Academy of Film and Television Arts announces its nominees for the BAFTA awards.

CLEAR CHANNEL: The radio giant wants to get into the digital music biz in the next year or two.

WILLIE NELSON is getting into the alternative fuel biz. Not for tax reasons, I hope.

THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES is showcasing some new material in concert; at least o­ne reviewer likes it.

He saved too many to have a list.MLK DAY AFTERWORDS:  Since MLK Day fell o­n the 17th this year, not many people noted that it was also the 60th anniversary of the disappearance of Raoul Wallenberg, who saved approximately 100,000 Jews from slaughter during WWII.  He was o­ne of o­nly two people in history to be given honorary U.S. citizenship.  Anti-slavery activists used MLK Day to protest the U.N.'s failure to recognize genocide in Darfur.  Columnist William Raspberry thinks that half of King's legacy is being continued by Bill Cosby.

THE NEW YORK TIMES is partnering with a Swedish pornography distributor.

THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO joins a growing list of colleges with a student-funded sex magazine.  The debut issue was a hit.

Two Golden Globes, no love.CLINT EASTWOOD is ticked over the failure of Warner Brothers to fully back Million Dollar Baby, noting that the studio did not want Mystic River, either.  Great films that make a ton of money, directed by a legend... yeah, who would want that?

LILEKS: The first part of his Monday Bleat pays tribute to Ember's.  Having known a few people with the same types of memories Lileks has, I also thought of the post-Pate show jaunts to Perkins.

NANO-TERMINATORS: Scientists at UCLA have created tiny robots powered by rat muscle cells.

DEEP IMPACT: The NASA probe scheduled to shoot a copper projectile into a comet next July may rank with the Wright brothers in 1903, Sputnik in 1957 and the first human lunar landing in 1969. It may even save humans from extinction some day.

AL KHANSA is Al Qaeda's online women's magazine, with articles including dietary advice for suicide bombers and tips o­n how to "dominate the passions" before blowing yourself up.

He was asked to provoke...and succeeded.HARVARD PREZ LARRY SUMMERS sparked an uproar at an academic conference Friday when he said that innate differences between men and women might be o­ne reason fewer women succeed in science and math careers.  Not mentioned is that Summers was Treasury Secretary in the Clinton Administration; I suspect that had he been in the cabinet of a Republican, it would have been noted in these news accounts.

SERIOUS: A Romanian couple name their son Yahoo!

BRAD AND JEN WIRE: Jen moves in with her hairdresser; Brad will hawk Heineken during the Super Bowl; Jolie denies rumors; an animated GIF tells the tale.

FACIAL NEWS: Duprey Cosmetics signs a promo contract with Traci Lords.

IRAQ: Aussie blogger Arthur Chrenkoff regularly rounds up good news from Iraq, stating that "[w]hat follows is not the full picture of Iraq--merely that part of it you don't often see o­n the nightly news or the pages of newspapers."

KRISITN HERSH,  formerly of Throwing Muses, discovers it's bad timing to name your new band 50 Foot Wave and your new disc Golden Ocean.

Smothered in hugs...ON THE PITCHFORK: An essay and review of those final Guided by Voices shows.

KATE STELNICK weighs 100 pounds, but polished off an 11 pound burger.  Now that's a thickburger.

BILL GATES IN TEEN BEAT?  The Monkey Methods blog seems to have dug up the photos [Warning: this site disclaims any liability for any eye damage cause by viewing said photos].

VODKAPUNDIT reluctantly notes that the new Battlestar Galactica is not terrible.  I reluctantly agree.

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Monday, January 17, 2005 - 03:02 AM
Posted by: kbade


The content of his characterMLK DAY: The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. didn't set out to be a great man. He was a Baptist pastor in Montgomery, Alabama, until he became involved in the the 382-day boycott of the city's bus lines. Soon thereafter, he was touring the country and assisting other communities in organizing themselves for peaceful civil rights demonstrations. His argument for civil disobedience is famously set forth in his "Letter From Birmingham Jail," but he is probably most known for the "I Have a Dream" speech, given o­n August 28th, 1963, at the March o­n Washington.

THE GOLDEN GLOBES: Sideways, The Aviator, Million Dollar Baby and Desperate Housewives were the big winners. William Shatner also takes home a Globe for Boston Legal. Even though The Aviator took Best Drama, Scosese has to be worried about getting his Oscar with Eastwood taking Best Director. You have to like an award show where you can see Liam Neeson sitting with a toothpick hanging out of his mouth and Teri Hatcher thanking people for taking a chance on her when she was a big has-been.

NEKO CASE talked to Jim DeRogatis about her new live disc and her next studio effort.

CARL WILSON (not the late Beach Boy) takes a hard look at charity rock.

ANOTHER PATE INFLUENCE: The Lost Bands of the New Wave Era recently posted a brief profile of Dirty Looks, with a couple of links.

CANADIAN IMMIGRATION MINISTER JUDY SGRO resigns, not o­nly over allegations that she agreed to help a pizza shop owner avoid deportation in return for free food. Granted, a court ruled last year that pizza man Harjit Singh took part in a $1 million credit card scam with his three children. But the allegation followed prior claims that Sgro gave priority treatment to a Romanian stripper who worked o­n her campaign. She had to discontinue a program that fast-tracked work visas for other strippers.

HAS YOUR CHILD CONSIDERED A CAREER IN EXOTIC DANCING? Students at a Palo Alto middle school learned more than school officials ever expected when a recent "career day" speaker extolled the merits of stripping. About 16 students were told that strippers can earn as much as 250,000 dollars a year and that a larger bust -- whether natural or augmented -- has a direct relationship to a dancer's salary.

Love In A Trash CanFORTHCOMING TRACKS FROM SON VOLT, RAVEONETTES, KINGS OF LEON, and more can be streamed from NPR's All Songs Considered

VIDEO PROMOTED THE RADIO STAR? Manchester band Happy Mondays has had a resurging sales due to reality TV. Meanwhile PopMatters examines "The O.C. Effect."

DAN DREZNER has been blogging everything from how a discussion between two old-style baseball scouts and two new-style sabermetricians relates to Hobbes' Leviathan, to o­ne of his areas of expertise, outsourcing -- or, in this case, homeshoring.

JANE GALT had a wonderful question of the day last Friday.

SEX BOMB, MY BABY, YEAH! The Pentagon rejected the development of an "aphrodisiac" chemical weapon that would make enemy soldiers sexually irresistible to each other. Provoking widespread homosexual behaviour among troops would cause a "distasteful but completely non-lethal" blow to morale, the proposal said. The proposal was undoubtedly classified as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," but what would Flipper say?

Careful with that nail gun, Eugene...I COULD SEE How this could give you a headache.

NEUROECONOMICS wants to use brain-scanning experiments to study how well economics' "rational person" theory comports with reality.

DELICIOUS MONSTER: This Seattle-based software company has cut out the middleman by officing in a coffee shop.

PSEUDO-DISNEY: Bangkok's largest theme park,"Dream World," looks eerily familiar. Meanwhile a Disney World fan saddened by the removal of "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" is creating a CGI version of the attraction.

THE JOY OF LAZINESS is a book with a point, but probably an overstated o­ne.

Red and blue make purple, of course...ONE STATE, TWO STATES, RED STATES, BLUE STATES: Berns Rothchild is selling blue bracelets that say "COUNT ME BLUE," a sign of her opposition to the reelection of President Bush; her father has invested in 5,000 "COUNT ME RED" bracelets. From another perspective, however, blue and red bracelets might mean the same thing.

SPACE.COM has pics from the European Space Agency's Hguyens probe of Titan. UPDATE: Open source processing of the Titan images is even cooler.

THE FBI never adequately investigated complaints by a fired contract linguist who alleged shoddy work and possible espionage inside the bureau's translator program, although evidence and witnesses supported her, according to the Justice Department's Inspector General.

GUIDED BY VOICES attempts "Sympathy for the Devil;" The Copy, Right? blog has it for download, though I must add that it's not from the Dec. 30th show to which Liza refers.

The band's o­n a roof, get it?THE VILLAGE VOICE is not high o­n Decemberists' frontman Colin Meloy's Let It Be, the 16th entry of 33 1/3's series of essays o­n really important albums.


BRIGHT EYES opens its latest tour in Omaha before an appeciative hometown audience.

CULT OF THE iPOD: Mercedes-Benz USA, Volvo, Nissan, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari join BMW and Mini Cooper in offering iPod integration with their automobiles.


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