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Sun Kil Moon, Middle Kids, Dutch Uncles, Cee-Lo Green, Turkish Pup   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Thursday, February 16, 2017 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


BLONDIE shares a video for "Fun."

SUN KIL MOON is streaming the double album Common As Light And Love Are Red Valleys Of Blood.

MIDDLE KIDS advance stream their self-titled debut EP.

DUTCH UNCLES advance stream Big Balloon.

HER'S shared "Speed Racer," which is fun, lo-fi surf pop that is not referring to the cartoon.

CEE-LO GREEN, n/k/a Gnarly Davidson, turned Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl” into “Jay-Z’s Girl,” on Valentine’s Day. Not remotely weird.

JASON ISBELL talks to Rolling Stone about his upcoming LP.

THE MAGNETIC FIELDS' 69 Love Songs, ranked by Paste.

JENS LEKMAN: The five strangest influences on Life Will See You Now.

BRITPOP: Ten of the Best.

KATE UPTON is all three covers of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. And she talked to SI about it, like you're reading.

KERRY WASHINGTON may join the cast of Deadpool 2.

CARLOS SANTANA backpedalled from the Beyhive, as was inevitable.

SUICIDE SQUAD 2 could be directed by...Mel Gibson?

MIKE COMRIE, the fmr NHL star once married to Hilary Duff, is under investigation by the LAPD for allegedly raping a woman at his L.A. home, but he claims it was consensual.

LOGAN has a spoilery "found footage" clip on line that highlights the dark tone which spooked studio execs.

LOVE, ACTUALLY is getting a reunion of sorts. I'll be deeply disappointed if Andrew Lincoln does not look like Sheriff Rick with Kera Knightley as a zombie.

NORTH KOREA: One of the two women who authorities said poisoned the playboy half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was arrested Wednesday at a Malaysian airportwearing  a white shirt emblazoned with the acronym “LOL”. LOL.

A PUPPY was rescued from a well in Istanbul (not Constantinople).

A SEATTLE OCTOPUS was returned to the sea after a failed sex show.

A MASSIVE SPIDER claimed six seats on a busy Melbourne train.

A DEER collided with a plane in Charlotte.

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Ryan Adams, Dawes, All Songs, Los Campesinos!, Labrador   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Wednesday, February 15, 2017 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


TY SEGALL visited Seth Myers to "Break a Guitar."

RYAN ADAMS advance streams Prisoner.

ALL SONGS CONSIDERED is Guest DJed by Ryan Adams, coincidentally.

DAWES is streaming We're All Gonna Live.

LOS CAMPESINOS! shares “The Fall Of Home” ahead of Sick Scenes.

HARRY NILSSON: "Everybody's Talking" on Swedish TV, circa 1969.

JENS LEKMAN talks to Paste about Life Will See You Now, attempting to explore male vulnerability (or the lack thereof) and what the defining lesson of his 30s has been.

BAD RELIGION's Greg Graffin talks to Rolling Stone about his country album.

PAVEMENT guitarist Spiral Stairs talks to Brooklyn Vegan about his solo LP, tour, golf, birthday plans and more.

FATHER JOHN MISTY defends Nickelback.

SCARLETT JOHANSSON talks to Playboy about monogamy, the Women's March, Ghost In The Shell, and more.

HARRISON FORD had a near-miss incident with a passenger jet at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California. Never tell him the odds.

CARLOS SANTANA defended Adele against the Beyhive.

BEN AFFLECK doesn't want to be The Batman?

MULAN: The live action version is set to be directed by Niki Caro, who broke through with the 2002 Maori family drama Whale Rider.

DISNEY severed ties with YouTube uber-celeb PewDiePie after the WSJ asked about videos in which he included anti-Semitic jokes or Nazi imagery.

BLACK PANTHER concept art turns up on the home video release of Doctor Strange.

WHEN YOU INVITE A LABRADOR to a birthday party...

RUMOR THE GOLDEN SHEPHERD was Best In Show at the Westminster Dog Show.

HAIRLESS DOGS came to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

A HEDGEHOG, suspected of drunkenness and with a yoghurt pottle on its head, has been given a stern talking to by police in Arrowtown. Dinsdale!

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Valentine's Day, Rogue Wave, Dean & Britta, Steve Gunn, Buffalo   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Tuesday, February 14, 2017 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


VALENTINE'S DAY: I've never been a big Valentine's Day guy, but I have always liked The Replacements' "Valentine" and Elvis Costello's cover of "My Funny Valentine."  Beyond that, my thoughts typically drift to the Velvet Underground's "I'll Be Your Mirror," The Beatles' "In My Life," and the Beach Boys' "God Only Knows." I think it's probably very difficult to write a straight-ahead, universal love song, and these three are great.

ROGUE WAVE is streaming the deluxe version of their 80s cover album, Cover Me.

DEAN & BRITTA, Live in Philadelphia, Dec. 15, 2016.

STEVE GUNN covers The Smiths' "This Night Has Opened My Eyes" and "Hand That Rocks The Cradle" for a Lagniappe Session at Aquarium Drunkard.

THE OPPOSING VIEW:  Ever Fallen In Love? Love Stinks. Love Hurts. Love Will Tear Us Apart. Only Love Can Break Your Heart. And don't forget to give me back my black t-shirt (nsfw)

THE TOP 50 LOVE SONGS, as measured by Billboard.

THE 100 BEST LOVE SONGS, according to The Telegraph.


VH-1's 40 Awesomely Bad Love Songs.

THE WORST LOVE SONGS, according to faculty members of the University of St. Thomas’ Music Department.

NINE SONGS ABOUT SEEING YOUR EX MAKING OUT, courtesy of The A.V. Club. A hardy perennial.

DEREK & HANNA JETER are expecting a child.

HALLE BERRY feels guilty after three failed marriages. Might I suggest Ross Geller?

GHOST IN THE SHELL has released a second full trailer.

THE BATMAN seems headed for a new script and delayed release.

THE COHEN BROS have been tapped to polish the script for Universal Pictures’ Scarface reimagining.

CAPTAIN MARVEL screenwriter Nicole Perlman talks about how hard it is to write a Marvel movie.

STRANGER THINGS: Season 2 Plot Spoilers.

TOM CRUISE's mom, Mary Lee South, died peacefully in her sleep last week. She was 80.

LT. GEN. HAL MOORE (Ret.) whose book about his experience in Vietnam was made into the movie We Were Soldiers, died Friday, just a few days short of his 95th birthday.

LIVING WITH A BUFFALO: Let's go to the video.

A FLORIDA MAN used a putter to fight off an alligator.

EAGLES are being trained by France to take out drones.

A HUMBOLDT PENGUIN has been stolen out of its cage from a zoo in Germany.

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The Courtneys. Dean Ween, Lowland Hum, J&MC, Half-Cat, Half-Kangaroo   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Monday, February 13, 2017 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl



TENNIS shares a video for “Modern Woman” ahead of Conditionally.

THE COURTNEYS are advance streaming The Courtneys II.

THE DEAN WEEN GROUP stopped by World Cafe for a chat and mini-set.

LOWLAND HUM takes All Songs on a track-by-track tour of Thin.

THE JESUS & MARY CHAIN share “Always Sad” on Spotify ahead of Damage And Joy.

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE shares “Kinda Bonkers” ahead of The Painters EP.

SUPERORGANISM has a little “something for your M.I.N.D.”

SMASH MOUTH, recreated by Windows XP.

THE BANGLES: Just another "Manic Monday."

AL JARREAU,  a versatile vocalist who sold millions of records and won numerous Grammys for his work in pop and R&B as well as his first love, jazz, died on Sunday in Los Angeles. He was 76.  Somehow, the NYT managed to leave of the theme from "Moonlighting."

DIRTY PROJECTORS' and FLEET FOXES' frontmen had comments about the state of indie rock that landed them in a kerfuffle.

RYAN ADAMS discusses the "Summer of '69 Incident."

RICK DERRINGER was charged with having a loaded gun on a Delta flight.

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: The LEGO Batman Movie topped the chart with 55.6MM, behind the The LEGO Movie's 69MM opening, but doing another 37MM overseas.  That's a good start on the likely 200MM it needs to get into the bat-black.  Fifty Shades Darker placed with 46.8MM, well ahead of studio projections in the mid-30s.  OTOH, it's likely front-loaded and may be looking at a drop-off after Valentine's Day.  John Wick: Chapter 2 showed with 30MM, over twice what the original made in its debut weekend.  Front-loading is another question here, as this sequel got greenlit when it became a cult fave in the home market (reportedly as much as another 53MM); good reviews and word-of-mouth (from men and women) could help Keanu & Co. leg out.  Split slides to the fourth slot with 9.3MM on a 34 percent drop that's not bad considering three big sequels rolled into cineplexes.  Split is now over 100MM domestic against a 9MM production budget.  Hidden Figures rounds out the Top Five with 8MM on a still-leggy 21 percent drop.

JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2 was about as good as he original, btw.  Of course, it couldn't recapture the near-goofy twist on the revenge genre, or surprise you too much with its world-building.  But the sequel does delve a bit more deeply and broadly into that world with generally good results. Most of the original surviving cast returns, along with a few choice additions; Common is particularly good, while another cameo is particularly fun (and perhaps surprising to people not paying attention). The balletic gun (and car) fights are shot slightly differently; this one has less of the first-person shooter videogame feel of the original.  Different people will have their own opinions on which style variant is better.

THE GRAMMYS went to these folks. Congrats!

THE BAFTAs went to these folks. Congrats!

THANDIE NEWTON (Westworld) is in talks to join the cast of the Han Solo Star Wars spinoff movie.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 is getting perfect “friends and families screenings.”

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR dropped a video on the first day of production.

THE BATMAN: Matt Reeves is in early talks to take over directing duties after Ben Affleck stepped down from the role in late January.

JOHNNY DEPP wants to connect his five neighboring cul-de-sac homes with tunnels.

JAMIE LYNN SPEARS' daughter Maddie was well enough to go home.

LINDSAY LOHAN wants a sit-down meeting with President Trump, Vladimir Putin and other Hollywood celebrities to discuss the Syrian refugee crisis.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN: Happy birthday to the 16th President of the United States. Even if you saw the Spielberg biopic, here are two things you may not have known about Honest Abe: (1) he was an early adopter of the telegraph; and (2) he once sported a punky haircut


EXPERIENCE: I accidentally bought a giant pig.


A FLORIDA MAN pulled a bald eagle from a gator's mouth.

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Beatles, Son Volt, Alison Krauss, Guster, Jenny Lewis, Orphan Antelope   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Friday, February 10, 2017 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl



....with THE BEATLES!  John, Paul, George and Ringo invaded America in early February 1964, so I thought video from that month would be fun. Your set list includes: "She Loves You," "All My Loving,""This Boy," "I Saw Her Standing There," "Please Please Me," "From Me to You," "I Want To Hold Your Hand," and "Twist and Shout."  BONUS: NPR has the short version of how the Fabs got there, while Billboard has a delightful deep dive into their journey Stateside.

SON VOLT advance streams Notes of Blue.

ALISON KRAUSS advance streams Windy City.

GUSTER plays the Mountain Stage.

JENNY LEWIS played a new song, “Heads Gonna Roll” on A Prairie Home Companion.

SMOKEY ROBINSON & THE MIRACLES: "Tears of a Clown." Originally released in 1967, but it didn't become a hit until 1970. Sometimes, a hit takes time.

ARETHA FRANKLIN announced that she was planning to stop touring.  But she's also doing an LP with Stevie Wonder.

RICHARD THOMPSON talks to Creative Loafing Atlanta about Jeff Tweedy, fame and more... (Thx, LHB.)

DURAN DURAN is renewing their legal battle over US rights to some of their most famous songs, including "Hungry Like the Wolf" and "Girls on Film."  The outcome could affect Paul McCartney's lawsuit regarding the Beatles catalog.

MOON DUO's Ripley Johnson reveals his key psychedelic releases.

NOW SHOWING: This weekend's wide releases include The LEGO Batman Movie, which is currently scoring 91 percent on the ol' Tomatometer; Fifty Shades Darker, which is scoring 8 percent; and John Wick: Chapter 2, scoring 89 percent.

GEORGE & AMAL CLOONEY are expecting twins.

JENNIFER LOPEZ & DRAKE have split...for now.

LADY GAGA is dating CAA talent agent Christian Carino.

SCARLETT JOHANSSON says she's "barely holding it together" as a working mom. One can only imagine how people making less than 25MM do it.


HIDDEN FIGURES director Theodore Melfi has a startling backstory.

HALLOWEEN: The franchise is returning under the guidance of... David Gordon Green and Danny McBride.

THE CIRCLE, ft Tom Hanks and Emma Watson, has a second trailer online.

JOHN CLEESE talks about his favorite books.

THE ISLAMIC STATE's drone papers.

THIS ORPHAN ANTELOPE is too light to be weighed.

AN ORANGE GATOR turned up in a pond near Charleston. SC.

HOW DOLPHINS are using blowfish to get high.

A GREAT WHITE SHARK took a piece out of a fishing boat off SC. What say you, Police Chief Brody?

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