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Yuck, Blitzen Trapper, Shark?, Tazmanian Devils   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Monday, September 30, 2013 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT, STEPHEN MERCHANT & JIMMY FALLON engage in a lip-sync battle of the ages.

YUCK is advance streaming Glow and Behold.

BLITZEN TRAPPER is advance streaming VII.

SHARK? is advance streaming Savior.

RED HOT + FELA: tUnE-yArDs, Childish Gambino and Jim James are among those paying tribute the late co-founder of Afrobeat.

LEE RENALDO & THE DUST drops "Ambulancer."

MADONNA is having a secretprojectrevolution. It's brilliant...as comedy.

PEARL JAM: Eddie Vedder talks morality and tabloid pop at Rolling Stone.

THE STONE ROSES are working on a new album says Mani.

FRANKIE ROSE talks to Stereogum about her colorful past, her exciting present, and what she hopes to be doing by the time she gets around to making album No. 10.

THE 10 ESSENTIAL SHOEGAZE ALBUMS, other than Loveless.

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 tops the chart at 35 million -- about 5 million more than the original and 5 million less than outside projections.This one cost 78 million, substanially less than the 100 million of the original, which helps ensure a profit once the worldwide receipts and home video money rolls in.  Prisoners places with 11.3 million on a 46 percent drop, which is steep, though maybe not surprising given the dark subject-matter; it's close to recouping the production budget here, and is just getting rolling abroad, where Jackman will bring in the money.  Rush shows with 10.3 in its expansion, a tiny bit below projections, though the studio likely wished for a number closer to Argo's 19-20 million range.  A movie about Formula 1 racers is likely to do better biz overseas, but Ron Howard would almost certainly like this to have enough legs for Oscar nominations.  Baggage Claim debuted at No. 4 with 9.3 million on the strangth of the African-American market.  Don Jon rounds out the Top 5 with 9 million, about 2 million less than projections.  It may not be leggy either, because the TV marketing couldn't tell people what was in the movie, which likely results in mediocre word-of-mouth.  Even so, it may make 25 million here and match that overseas, making for a tidy profit on a 6 million budget... and an even bigger profile for wrire-director-star Jospeh Gordon-Levitt.

LAMAR ODOM is reportedly dropping huge cash on an anniversary gift for Khloe Kardashian, who dropped "Odom" from her Twitter handle.

KANYE WEST says he's got the goods to get at least one of the photogs who showed up at his house prosecuted.

RACHEL LEIGH-COOK has welcomed a baby boy with husband Daniel Gillies.

ALANIS MORISSETTE is being sued by her former nanny.

ADELE may play Dusty Springfield in a biopic.

NATALIE PORTMAN kinda has a fan crush for Jennifer Grey.

SYRIA: Syrian rebels, including al Qaeda-linked fighters, captured a military post near the Jordan border. The Free Syrian Army reported heavy regime shelling yesterday along the border, where some 69,000 refugees are said to be trapped. Western officials said US and Israeli intelligence agencies think that Syria's chemical arms declaration may be incomplete, as Syria named some 30 sites but there are believed to be over 50. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant ordered schoolchildren in a village in northern Syria to wear Islamic dress.

KENYA: The government said it is "at war" with Shabaab, and tried to address reports that it had received intelligence warnings before the Westgate Mall massacre that Shabaab was likely to attack in Nairobi.

IRAQ: AL Qaeda in Iraq killed six people in attacks in Tarmiyah and Baghdad that targeted police and military personnel and their families. Security forces captured two al Qaeda leaders during raids in Baghdad and Ninewa.

BABY TAZMANIAN DEVILS: Let's go to the video.

A MONITOR LIZARD is suspected of eating a cat named "Boo Boo."

TERMITES have a secret weapon: poop.

LITTLE HUMPHREY is a kitten rescued from a near-death experience.

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Lemonheads, Okkervil River, Wild Belle, Cutout Bin, Boobies   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Friday, September 27, 2013 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl



...with THE LEMONHEADS!  Evan Dando's songbook has always struck me as autmnal, though not all of it really is.  For example, a very young Dando released his take on Suzanne Vega's hit "Luka" in May '89.  He dissolved the band after releasing the Lovey LP, but returned with a new lineup on "It's A Shame About Ray" in July '92. Despite Johnny Depp's appearance in that video, the Ray album lingered in the lower reaches of the charts, despite being filled with grunge-pop goodness like "Rockin' Stroll" and "Confetti."  But that November, Atlantic released the band's take on Simon & Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson," which shot to No. 19 on the UK charts and landed Dando unlikely US gigs like "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee."  The flip side of that single was the goofy "Being Around," which becomes a singalong live.  The followup LP, C'mon, Feel the Lemonheads, hit the Top 5 in the UK, but only No. 56 in the US, with the single "Into Your Arms," which would later turn up on the soundtrack to Before Sunrise and in an FTD commercial.  The other two videos from the LP, like "Ray," sport celeb cameos -- Angelina Jolie turns up in "It's About Time" and a young Chloë Sevigny can be seen in "Big Gay Heart" (which Dando makes safe-for-broadcat with a funny spoonerism).  Unfortunately, Dando would soon slide into heavy drugs and the next album, Car Button Cloth was not nearly as successful -- commercially or artistically.  An unremarkable solo album and sporadic gigs would follow, until Dando got his personal life together and revived The Lemonheads brand with a self-titled LP in 2005, from which "Black Gown" was the lead track.  BONUS:  Dando and Mudhoney's Mark Arm fromted the DKT-MC5 on a ripping version (is there any other kind) of the classic "Kick Out the Jams" of The Late Late Show.

OKKERVIL RIVER plays songs from The Silver Gymnasium on WNYC Soundcheck

WILD BELLE stopped by The Current for a chat and mini-set. 

VALERIE JUNE plays a WFUV Live performance from City Winery.

JOHNNY CASH, Live in Amsterdam, Feb. 26, 1972.

ROBERT POLLARD drops "Tonight's The Rodeo" ahead of Blazing Gentlemen. 

WOODEN WAND &  THE WORLD WAR IV gives "Directions to Debbie Harry's House" ahead of their self-titled LP.

COUSTEAU: "The Last Good Day of the Year." Or close to it.

BIG STAR: Jody Stephens talks to KUTX about the new documentary, with a 1978 cut of Alex Chilton covering Ernest Tubbs as a bonus.

NIRVANA: Dave Grohl talks to Rolling Stone about the making of In Utero.

KING CRIMSON is reforming with three drummers, says Robert Fripp.

THE FIVE MOST VITAL 4AD RECORDS DEBUTS, according to Drowned in Sound.

CUTOUT BIN: and more  -- this Friday's fortuitous finds are streaming from the Pate page at the ol' HM.

NOW SHOWING: This weekend's wide releases are Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, which is currently scoring 64 percent on the ol' Tomatometer; the expansion of Rush, which is currently scoring 86 percent; Don Jon, scoring 82 percent; and Baggage Claim, scoring 9 percent.

RUSH: Ron Howard has been selling this as a film with sex, speed, and suspense.  Rush, which chronicles the rivalry of 1970s Formula 1 racers James Hunt and Niki Lauda, delivers on all those elements. But Rush is also a film about (obvious pun intended) what drives these two men, both the similarities and the differences (In real life, the two were less antagonistic than the film portrays).  It asks questions about the degree to which they drive each other, and whether happiness is the enemy of victory -- but offers no easy answers, which is probably all to the better.  Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl both deliver strong perfomances and one wonders if there was a bit of art imitiating life in the back of their minds.


KALEY CUOCO: The Big Bang Theory star is engaged to tennis star Ryan Sweeting.

LAMAR ODOM's life is now revolving around smoking crack and partying with 2 young women.

LINDSAY LOHAN will get to keep her huge paycheck from Oprah Winfrey, but only after an intense showdown.

RICHARD GERE & CAREY LOWELL split after 11 years of marriage.

JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT suggests he's got a girlfriend. People were talking, y'know.

RUSSIAN Foreign Minister Lavrov has claimed that homemade sarin was used in a chemical attack in Aleppo on March 19, and that a similar but stronger concentration of sarin was used in the Aug. 21 attack in Damascus. Lavrov said that an "understanding" between Russia and the US has been reached on a draft UN resolution on Syria.  US and Russian officials now believe that the vast majority of Syria’s nerve agent stockpile consists of “unweaponized” liquid precursors that could be neutralized relatively quickly.

RARE BLUE-FOOTED BOOBIES: Let's go to the video.

A TESTICLE-EATING FISH was caught in New Jersey.

14 BABY PANDA CUBS, One Blanket.

35 SPECTACULAR WILDLIFE PHOTOS from the National Geographic Photo Contest.

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Quasi, Liz Phair, Jimmy Webb, Drive-By Truckers, Penguin Chicks   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Thursday, September 26, 2013 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


THE POLYPHONIC SPREE fails Rube Goldberg in "Raise Your Head."

QUASI is advance streaming Mole City.

LIZ PHAIR perfoms Exile In Guyville Live at the Fillmore East, June 23, 2008.

JIMMY WEBB: The legendary songwriter stopped by WFUV for a chat and mini-set.

DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS perform Southern Rock Opera Live in Salt Lake City, January 2002.

YUCK's latest single is "Memorial Fields."

ANNA CALVI "Suddenly" drops a new trackahead of One Breath.

POLICA gets "Smug"ahead of ahead of Shulamith.

THE TEMPTATIONS: "Psychedelic Shack." That's where it's at.

BOOKER T. JONES stopped by WFUV's Studio A to talk music and play records.

CULTS talks to Pitchfork about bath salts, Beyobce, and the tough decisions and loneliness that led to their second LP, Static.

TY SEGALL talks to The Guardian about taking the (drum) throne for his Fuzz side project.

OKKERVIL RIVER, ranked by Stereogum.

BRITNEY SPEARS: Are ticket sales for her Vegas run "disastrously poor"? Or is it "the best-selling show in the history of Vegas"?

SAMUEL L. JACKSON talks Quentin Tarantino, Spike Lee, grammar and more in highlights from his Playboy interview.

ROBERT PATTINSON's mystery brunette is Sean Penn's model daughter.

LAMAR ODOM is breaking his silence to rip his own father to shreds for claiming that the Kardashians drove him off the deep end.

LINDSAY LOHAN and Matt Nordgren have decided to go their separate ways just one week after their romance became public.

MICHAEL DOUGLAS & CATHERINE ZETA-JONES are fighting for their marriage.

LIBYA: Authorities acknowledged that the theft of US military equipment from a US Special Forces base in Libya is more serious than previously reported; dozens of armored GMV vehicles are missing, along with hundreds of weapons and most of the night-vision goggles. The son of Defense Minister Al-Thani is said to have been kidnapped in the Tripoli suburb of Janzur by gunmen.

SYRIA: In a statement issued yesterday, 13 Syrian rebel groups, including the al Qaeda-affiliated Al Nusrah Front, agreed to create an Islamist opposition force in Syria to be run only by groups fighting in Syria, rejecting the Syrian National Coalition and other groups "formed abroad." The new coalition of powerful Islamist groups also includes at least three major Free Syrian Army units. The US-backed Free Syrian Army has not responded to the announcement. A flurry of accusations that Syria has transferred some of its chemical weapons to Lebanon and Iraq is casting suspicion over Damascus' compliance with a deal brokered by the US and Russia to hand over its chemical arsenal.

IRAN: President Rouhani claimed that the greatest danger in the Middle East is that of chemical weapons in Syria falling into the hands of terrorists, and warned against a military intervention in Syria. He also said Iran is ready to engage on talks about its nuclear program as long as Iran's right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes is respected.

PENGUIN CHICKS learn to swim at the Chester Zoo.

WILD PIGS menace suburban Atlanta.

A SEXIST GORILLA is sent to therapy.

THE COOKIE MONSTER OF THE SEA, caught on camera.

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Passion Pit, Kurt Vile, Moby, Van Morrison, Hedgehog   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Wednesday, September 25, 2013 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is not my bag musically, but here he covers The Jacksons' "ShakeYour Body (Down To The Ground)." And there's plenty of cowbell.

PASSION PIT is streaming the Constant Conversations EP via Spotify.

KURT VILE shares a mixtape of the songs that influenced Walking On A Pretty Daze.

MOBY is advance streaming Innocents.

VAN MORRISON, Live at the Fillmore West, April 26, 1970.

ALL SONGS CONSIDERED surveys 20 LPs on its 2013 Fall Music Preview.

DR. HOOK & THE MEDICINE SHOW: "Cover of the Rolling Stone." A fairly deranged live version.

WIRE: Colin Newman talks to the Irish Independent about the influence of the band in the US, though I think REM will be surprised to learn they came out of the hardcore scene.

JASON ISBELL gets a meaty profile from American Songwriter.

GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR offered its thanks for the Polaris Music Prize, called into question the necessity of the award in general and the corporate-sponsored gala in particular, and affirmed their plans for that prize money.

MICK JAGGER will be a great-grandpa.

90s GIRL GROUPS that time forgot.

MILEY CYRUS talks to Rolling Stone and  -- oddly enough -- it's kinda wacky.

AMANDA BYNES is mentally unfit to stand trial, according to her lawyer in her DUI case.

ROBERT PATTINSON was spied working out with the mystery brunette

LAMAR ODOM's dad blames the Kardashians.

LINDSAY LOHAN's mom pleaded not guilty to drunk driving charges, but the judge suspended her license.

PAKISTAN: Jundallah claimed credit for yesterday's suicide attack at a church in Peshawar that killed 81 Christians.

TURKEY: The opposition party accused Prime Minister Erdogan's government of using discretionary funds to recruit, arm, train, and finance al Qaeda-linked groups in Turkey for battle in Syria.

SYRIA: The Al Nusrah Front, the Ahrar al Sham, and the Free Syrian Army's Sahaba Battalions are leading a rebel offensive in southwest Damascus.

ISRAEL: A purportedly internal Israeli document says Iran is seeking minor concessions while preserving its ability to "rush forward to produce nuclear weapons."

IRAQ: Al Qaeda in Iraq killed nine policemen in a suicide assault and attacks on police and military bases in Haditha.

A HEDGEHOG covers Miley's "Wrecking Ball."

AN ALIEN CREATURE? Nah... just a toad eating a bat.

A 4-YEAR-OLD DACHSHUND was freed from a retaining wall by 15 men with shovels and flashlights.

A CAT RESCUE, otoh, ends in a fatal crash on the Florida turnpike.


2004 Reads

Iron & Wine, Typhoon, Mark Mulcahy, Nirvana, Husky   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Tuesday, September 24, 2013 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


TEGAN & SARA drop a video for "Goodbye Goodbye."

IRON & WINE: Sam Beam stopped by The Current for a chat and mini-set.

TYPHOON stopped by The Current for a chat and mini-set. 

MARK MULCAHY (Miracle Legion, Polaris) visits the World Cafe for a chat and mini-set. 

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is advance streaming the second installment of The 20/20 Experience, if that's your thing.

NIRVANA drops the appropriately-titled "Forgotten Tune," an extra from the in Utero sessions. 

GREASE is the word marking the start of autumn, with "Summer Nights" and "You're the One That I Want" marking Twofer Tuesday.

ELVIS COSTELLO talks to Stereogum about somgwriting, self-awareness, and record stores vs blogs.

THE REPLACEMENTS: Sound Opinions dissects Let It Be. 

MUMFORD & SONS has gone on "indefinite hiatus."

GODSPEED YOU! VLACK EMPEROR takes the Polaris Music Prize.

THE BEST NEW BANDS of 2013, according to Stereogum.

BRITNEY SPEARS may lip-sync her way through two years in Vegas? Her rep denies it.

ROBERT PATTINSON stepped out with his new girlfriend — a mystery brunette.

JACOBY JONES: The Baltimore Ravens wide receiver was hurt after a brawl erupted on a party bus filled with his Ravens teammates. By which we mean a stripper busted his head with a champagne bottle.

ELLEN POMPEO noticed how white the Emmys were.

RHIANNA: Her Instagram of a slow loris triggers two arrests in Phuket.

STEVIE WONDER thinks Marvin Gaye's family should take higher ground in their lawsuit against Robin Thicke.

RIVER PHOENIX: The actor's final hours are detailed almost 20 years later.

MARVEL's second phase of five movies has just begun, but the third phase will include seven movies.

PAKISTAN: A pair of suicide bombers launched a coordinated attack at a Christian church in Peshawar, killing at least 78 people and wounding scores more.

SYRIA: President Assad insisted that Syria's chemical weapons arsenal is secure.

EGYPT: Security forces continued to target Islamist militants operating in the Sinai and destroy smuggling tunnels along the border with Gaza. The Ibn Taymiyyah Media Center, a jihadist media unit, called for attacks against the army. An Egyptian court banned all Muslim Brotherhood activities and ordered the seizure of assets tied to the Islamist group.

A SIBERIAN HUSKY + Leaves = Autumn.

MAUDE THE KITTEN drove across Ireland in the engine.


SIR STUFFINGTON: The one-eyed pirate cat finds fame online.




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