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Cheap Trick, Wilco, Dandy Warhols, Twilight Singers, Cutout Bin, Bully Cat   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Friday, September 02, 2011 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl



...with CHEAP TRICK, live at ChicagoFest '81!  Your set list includes: "Stop This Game," Hello There," "I Want You to Want Me," "On Top of the World," "Reach Out," "Baby Loves to Rock," "Gonna Raise Hell," "Dream Police," "Ain't That a Shame," "Surrender," "Just Got Back," "Day Tripper" and "Goodnight." You can access the individual songs from the link, or let the whole thing roll.

WILCO will be advance streaming The Whole Love on Sunday.

THE DANDY WARHOLS did three free songs for Daytrotter, including a cover of Dylan's "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere."

THE TWILIGHT SINGERS stopped by World Cafe for a chat and mini-set.

THE CALM BLUE SEA stopped by the KUT studios for a session.

PHOSPHORESCENT plays a Tiny Desk Concert at the offices of NPR.

MOUNTAIN MAN is streaming two tracks from Made the Harbor.

BECK drops "Stormbringer" from the upcoming John Martyn tribute album.


FIRST CLASS: "Beach Baby" falls into that category of summer song Oliver Wang described last year as "tinged with fragility and marked by melancholy."  It's even more true of the long version, with those French Horns and choral vocals in the c-section...

THE 20 BEST REPLACEMENTS SONGS, according to Prefix. Embedded audo at the link.

HOLD STEADY frontman Craig Finn talks to Songwriters On Process.

LANA DEL REY talks to Pitchfork about her musical beginnings, the perfection of Elvis, and why "sleeping with the boss doesn't get you anywhere at all these days." Embeds at the link, too.

SCOTT McCAUGHEY talks to DCist about the Baseball Project... and baseball.

WILCO multi-instrumentalist Pat Sansone interviews OF MONTREAL multi-instrumentalist Davey Pierce.

JOHN VANDERSLICE talks to the Broward/Palm Beach New Times about his influences, how concepts dictate the direction of his songs, and more... (Thx, LHB.)

TEN GREAT BANDS who overcame questionable debut albums.

SONGS OF THE SUMMER: Musicians' Picks.

CUTOUT BIN: From the Supremes to Rush, from the Flamingos to Joan Jett, from the Staple Singers to Fatboy Slim, plus the Beatles, the Spinners, The Band, Them, Dexy's Midnight Runners and more -- this Friday's fortuitous finds are now streaming from the Pate page at the ol' HM.

NOW SHOWING: This weekend's wide releases are Apollo 18 and Shark Night 3D, neither of which screened for critics; and The Debt, which opened Wednesday at 75 percent.

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE put on a free, impromptu concert at a barbecue joint in Hell's Kitchen.

CHARLIE SHEEN's legal battle over his firing from Two and a Half Men might end up a little more public than Warner Bros. and Chuck Lorre would have liked.

LINDSAY LOHAN got a Billy Joel tattoo. Really.

MAD MEL UPDATE: The settlement struck between Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva is reportedly a financial fiasco for a woman who wanted untold millions of dollars from her famous ex.

MARK WAHLBERG may be getting a reality show.

CHAZ BONO's inclusion in the Season 13 cast of Dancing With the Stars has set off a flurry of negative reactions on ABC message boards.

OSCAR DE LA HOYA has admitted that those infamous pictures of him dressed in drag were in fact real.

THE COEN BROTHERS are going full speed ahead with Inside Llewyn Davis, a movie loosely based on the story of Dave Van Ronk, a central figure in the Greenwich Village folk scene of the Sixties.


LOST: Wired's Guide to Pop Culture's Buried Treasure.

YEMEN: The military claimed it has cleared al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula from several areas in Abyan province. AQAP nearly assassinated Yemen's defense minister in Abyan.

IRAN's effort to show increased openness about its disputed nuclear program is doing little to dispel Western suspicions about Tehran's atomic ambitions, with one Vienna-based envoy dismissing it as a "charm offensive."

PAKISTAN:  After the secret US raid to kill Osama bin Laden, Pakistani officials want a detailed agreement spelling out US rules of engagement inside Pakistan, officials in both countries say, but Washington's refusal to sign a binding document threatens to create another point of friction in the long-troubled relationship.

IRAQ: For the first time since the American invasion, an entire month has passed without a single United States service member dying. Prime Minister Maliki said the US would pull out its troops from Iraq by the end of December 2011. Iraq closed down its airspace due to "a potential danger threatening the airport's and airplanes safety."

BULLY CAT, witnessed by Lion Cat.

HAPPY FEET: After a black-tie sendoff, the 3-year-old emperor penguin who washed up in June on a Kapiti Coast beach is thriving on his boat ride back to the Antarctic.

HEY, ARE THOSE SNAKES (and tortoises) IN YOUR PANTS, or... oh.

COWS killed a woman walking her dog in Cardiff.

NAME THAT BEAVER: Children are being invited to name the first beaver kits to be born as part of an attempt to reintroduce the animals to the wild in Knapdale in Argyll.

BROOKE COLLINS, 22, punched a bear in the face to save her weiner dog.

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Mr Heavenly, The Rapture, Jack White, Bob Dylan, St Vincent, 2-Headed Calf   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Thursday, September 01, 2011 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


GIVERS drop a video for "Meantime."

THE RAPTURE is advance streaming In The Grace of Your Love.

MISTER HEAVENLY did the four free songs thing for Daytrotter.

WILLIAM ELLIOT WHITMORE did three free songs for Daytrotter.

DARKER MY LOVE did the four free songs thing at Daytrotter.


RYAN ADAMS covers Iron Maiden's "Wasted Years."

BOB DYLAN: The Emmett Grogan Acetates.

ST. VINCENT covers Tom Waits' "Tango Till They're Sore" at SPIN, along with her "surgeon" unplugged. Call it Twofer Thursday.

BEIRUT: Zach Condon tlaks to Pitchfork about the new record, Williamsburg, comic books, playing giant shows with Arcade Fire, and a recent resurgence of powerhouse vocalists.

BON IVER gets a lengthy profile from the Mpls. City Pages.

SERGE GAINSBOURG biopicmaker (and cartoonist) Joann Sfar talks to IndieWire about Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life. (Thx, LHB.)

TEN ESSENTIAL RARITIES ALBUMS, according to Flavorwire.

MATTHEW FOX was officially charged with assault, two days after the "Lost" actor allegedly punched a female bus driver repeatedly outside a Cleveland, Ohio, nightclub.

ALYSSA MILANO and husband David Bugliari welcomed a son on Wednesday.

ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. is expecting a child with wife Susan Downey.

LEO DiCAPRIO & BLAKE LIVELY have reunited in Australia.

MARC ANTHONY  is talking to ABC about his split from Jennifer Lopez. Not just GMA, but Nightline.

KATE BOSWORTH is the cover profile for the new BlackBook.

THE BLUES BROTHERS may be headed to the small screen.


LIBYA: Islamists have played an important part in the uprising against Gaddafi, sparking concern about what role they will play in the new Libya, writes Middle East analyst Omar Ashour.

AFGHANISTAN: Forever maligned as corrupt, incompetent and drug-addled, the Afghan national police nevertheless have sacrificed unlike any force in the country, foreign or domestic, taking casualties at a rate far higher than Afghan soldiers or their partners in the US-led coalition.

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT: A two-headed calf. Video at the link.

MINI-MOOS: A tiny breed of cows that grow to just three feet tall.

A DOG has been spotted at the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.

A POLAR BEAR descends a 300 ft cliff face for a snack.

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Hold Steady, Fool's Gold, Ben Folds 5, Teenage Fanclub, Cat vs Dog   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Wednesday, August 31, 2011 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


THE HOLD STEADY plays the Huey Lewis and the News classic, "The Power of Love", for The A.V. Club Undercover.

FOOL'S GOLD is advance streaming Leave No Trace

I BREAK HORSES is advance streaming Hearts via The Line of Best Fit.

OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL drops "The Game You Play Is in Your Head Parts 1, 2, 3," their first new track in over a decade.

THE BEN FOLDS FIVE recorded "Tell Me What I Did" for an upcoming Ben Folds retrospective set.

DUM DUM GIRLS drop "Bedroom Eyes" from the upcoming Only In Dreams.

TEENAGE FANCLUB, Live at the Paradiso, Nov. 20, 1995.

UNCLE TUPELO: The Long Cut + Five Live.

BACHMAN-TURNER OVERDRIVE: "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet."  Because it's summer. Plus, cowbell.

BON IVER: Justin Vernon is not a big fan of MTV or the VMAs.

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS: John Flansburgh talks to Stereogum about the female-oriented tracks that influenced him on Join Us.

MARNIE STERN talks to Guitar World about, er, guitar playing. (Thx, LHB.)

BRIAN WILSON and THE BEACH BOYS reveal release details for SMiLE.

ANGELINA JOLIE tells Vanity Fair there is "no secret wedding" in the works for her and Brad Pitt and that she's not pregnant, while promoting her directorial debut.

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE & JESSICA BIEL seem to be vacationing together.

KIM KARDASHIAN: A "mystery person" is trying to buy the rights to her sex tape and "completely remove it from the market."  Maybe someone who just made millions selling the media rights to her wedding?

GEORGE CLOONEY is reportedly withdrawing as the star of Steven Soderbergh's The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Could be back issues.

GEORGE LUCAS: Making the original Star Wars movies worse. Again.

DARYL HANNAH was taken away from the White House in restraints in an ongoing protest against the unbuilt Keystone XL oil pipeline.

YEMEN: The Yemeni military said it killed six al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in the Dawfas area of Abyan. AQAP claimed it shot down a Yemeni military helicopter in Abyan on Aug. 27.

LIBYA: A week after rebels broke into Gaddafi's former stronghold, much of its territory remains divided into fiefs, each controlled by quasi-independent brigades representing different geographic areas of the country. And the spray paint they use to mark their territory tells the story of a looming leadership crisis in the capital, Tripoli.

AFGHANISTAN: Is Mullah Omar ready to talk?

DOG vs CAT: The eternal struggle.  Really could use some Ennio Morricone for backing.

RUNAWAY COW YVONNE triumphs, as authorities call off attempts to recapture her.

A STOLEN GOAT was recovered from two girls in pajamas. How the goat got in their pajamas, I'll never know.

A 20-KG FROG was found and eaten Gemencheh in the Malaysian state of Negeri Sembilan.

A CHEETAH checked into a Kenyan health center, causing panic among patients and medical personnel.

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New Releases, Jarvis Cocker & The Strokes, Blitzen Trapper, Drums, Squirrel   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Tuesday, August 30, 2011 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


JARVIS COCKER joined THE STROKES on The Cars' "Just What I Needed" at the Reading Festival (NSFW due to F-Bombs from the stage).

NEW RELEASES from Blood Orange, Tom Morello, Tinariwen, Male Bonding, Total Babes and more are steaming this week at Spinner.  Albums from Jill Scott, Tommy Stinson, Kittie and more are streaming at AOL.

BLITZEN TRAPPER is advance streaming American Goldwing.

THE DRUMS are advance streaming Portamento.

BALAM ACAB is advance streaming Wander/Wonder.

CHRIS CORNELL drops "The Keeper" from the Machine Gun Preacher soundtrack.

WAVVES drops "I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl" from the upcoming Life Sux EP.

BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD lip-synchs "Mr. Soul" from a show that cannot be mentioned (minus bassist Bruce Palmer for legal reasons), plus a live take on "Rock'n Roll Woman" for your Twofer Tuesday.  And while "Mr. Soul" opens with a bit of "For What It's Worth," you can get a full serving as a bonus.

BLONDIE: Debbie Hary talks to the New York Times about her influences, including cartoons and cult movies, and revealed a bit of rock 'n' roll history.

OKKERVIL RIVER frontman Will Scheff talks to Pitchfork about the music he has loved throughout his life.

TUNE-YARDS: The Observer chronicles the path of Merrill Garbus, from the lowest of lo-fi beginnings in 2009 to as close to a superstar as a ukulele-playing, radically political ex-puppeteer can get.

THE SQUAREST ROCK ACTS, according to Flavorwire.

MATTHEW FOX was detained by cops in Cleveland, Ohio Saturday night after allegedly assaulting a woman outside of a bar. The woman claims she punched Fox in self-defense

JAY-Z refused to applaud Chris Brown at the MTV VMAs. Apparently not a fan of beating women. ALSO: Beyonce's pregnancy affects Clint Eastwood's musical remake of A Star Is Born..

ZOE SALDANA thinks it's now trendy -- and racist -- to hate America, but doesn't explain why a lot of the same people hated America when Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were president.

HILARY DUFF banked 100K for not appearing in the new Bonnie and Clyde movie.

SIN CITY 2: Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller are bringing in William Monahan, who won an Oscar for The Departed's screenplay, to work on the script.

STEVEN SODERBURGH plans to quit Hollywood and become a painter. For now.

THE TOP 100 Out-of-Print Books for 2011.

YEMEN: Ten Yemeni soldiers and 26 al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters were killed during fighting in Dawfas in Abyan province.

SYRIAN unrest fuels fear about the country's chemical weapons stockpile.

IRAN's nuclear chief claimed the country is prepared to cooperate more closely with the IAEA. Oh, sure.

IRAQ: UN envoy Ad Melkert said Iraqi security forces have made "clear improvements" but declined to say if he thinks they are ready to protect the country without help from the American military.

AFGHANISTAN: Direct US talks with the Taliban had evolved to a substantive negotiation before Afghan officials, nervous that the secret and independent talks would undercut Pres Karzai, scuttled them, Afghan and US officials told The Associated Press.

THE SQUIRREL THREAT disrupts a women's pro soccer game.

SIAMESE CROCS: One of the world's rarest crocodile species has moved a little bit further from extinction with the hatching of 20 wild eggs plucked from a nest found in southern Laos.

SNAKE in a... helmet?


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Lucinda Williams, Wild Flag, Blind Pilot, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Birds   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Monday, August 29, 2011 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


LUCINDA WILLIAMS drops her first offcial video ever, for "Copenhagen."

WILD FLAG, ft. members of Sleater-Kinney, Helium and The Minders, is advance streaming their self-titled debut.

BLIND PILOT is advance streaming We Are the Tide.

NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL is streaming two previously unreleased songs in advance of a digital and vinyl box set.

THE HEAVY covered the Blood, Sweat & Tears classic, "And When I Die" for the True Blood season finale.

SYL JOHNSON: Fresh Air discusses The Complete Mythology.

THE DRUMS kick off the  the Visiomento live performance series with a new song, "What You Were."

BEIRUT frontman Zach Condon talks to the Irish Independent about panic attacks and giving up the rock lifestyle.

MY LIFE AS A VAMPIRE: Nitsuh Abebe, pop music critic at New York Magazine, has a different take on nolstagia and the role music may play in your life. 

ART BRUT frontman Eddie Argos talks comics at the San Francisco Examiner.

KEITH RICHARDS, LORD OF THE UNDEAD, has written one of the best-selling rock memoirs of all time. Life has sold over one million copies since its release last year, equivalent to going platinum in the music world.

DAVID LOWERY (Camper Van Beethoven, Cracker) got married in business class; Drive-By Trucker Patterson Hood was the best man.

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: The Help repeats at the top of the chart with 14.3 million, on a historically slow pre-Labor day weekend slowed further by Hurricane Irene. Columbiana debuted at No. 2 with 10.3 million, which ain't great against a 40 million budget, although it's better than the last opening for either Zoe Saldana (The Losers) or producer Luc Beeson (From Paris With Love). Fun Fact: 57 percent of the Columbiana audience was female.  Don't Be Afraid of the Dark debuted in third with a likely disappointing 8.7 million against a 25 million budget.  Rise of the Planet of the Apes dropped 46.3 percent to the fourth slot, but the estimates are so close it may wind up in third; the simians have raked in 148.5 million domestic against a 93 million budget.  Our Idiot Brother rounds out the Top 5 with 6.6 million against a 5 million budget.  55 percent of the audience was female; the chicks must like them some Paul Rudd.

BEYONCE KNOWLES revealed her pregnancy at the MTV Music Video Awards.

THE 2011 MTV VMAs, btw, went to these folks.

MINKA KELLY & DEREK JETER split up after three years of dating. So of course there are already rumors about a growing late-night friendship between Kelly and her costar Ramon Rodriguez.

BRAD PITT saved a woman from being trampled in a zombie invasion.

SOFIA COPPOLA & THOMAS MARS (Phoenix) got hitched in Italy.

JENNIFER ANISTON & JUSTIN THEROUX have officially moved in together, according to People.

ASHLEE SIMPSON drunk-dialing her ex, Pete Wentz?

MAD MEL UPDATE: Gibson and fmr gf Oksana Grigorieva officially reached a financial and child custody agreement.

EMMA WATSON is reportedly living with her new beau, actor Johnny Simmons, in the swanky attic rooms of her father's multi-million dollar home in north London.

CHELSEA HANDLER lived up to her party-girl reputation at a summer bash for her hotelier boyfriend, Andre Balazs, when she was escorted out of the men's bathroom at the Frying Pan by bar security.

THE RUM DIARIES has a trailer online, featuring a fire-breathing Johnny Depp as Hunter S. Thompson (again).

THE 10 BEST TV SHOWS to watch all at once, according to Gawker.

AL QAEDA's second-in-command, Atiyah Abd al-Rahman, has been killed in Pakistan, delivering another big blow to a terrorist group that the US believes to be on the verge of defeat, US officials said Saturday. Pakistani officials doubted the report, but this is the same bunch that claimed they didn't know where Osama bin Laden was.

IRAN: A court sentenced an Iranian man to death for assassinating a nuclear scientist; Iran claimed he was an agent of Israel. Iran said it would defend Syria if NATO intervened, but called on the government to recognize its people's "legitimate" demands (pot, meet kettle). Iran "discreetly" provided food and medical aid to Libyan rebels.

LIBYA: Lockerbie bomber Abdel Basset al-Megrahi is comatose, near death and likely to take secrets of the attack on Pan Am Flight 103 to his grave.

THE BIRDS attack Huntington, West Virginia.  Video at the link makes clear there's high anxiety there.

A FLAMING RACCOON caused a grass fire in an industrial area of Salt Lake City.

A GIANT RAT was killed with a pitchfork at the Marcy Houses project in Brooklyn.

CATTLE RUSTLING: Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

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