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Primal Scream, Aviette, Vampire Weekend, Lion Cub   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Monday, June 30, 2008 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


PRIMAL SCREAM pays more than a bit of homage to Daria Argento's classic Suspiria in the clip for "Can't Go Back."

DAN WILSON (Trip Shakespeare, Semisconic) tells LAist he does not get musicians who have love-hate relationships with their hits.

AVIETTE brought their noise-pop to The Current for a chat and mini-set you can stream on demand via MPR.

THE TING TINGS' Katie White talks to the Guardian about the glamour of pop stardom, in which getting one's clothes washed is more stressful than playing a gig.

DOVEMAN has covered the entire Footloose soundtrack for your downloading (guilty) pleasure.

VAMPIRE WEEKEND goes a little Wes Anderson in the new video for "Oxford Comma."

DAVENDRA BANHART & GILBERTO GIL are jointly interviewed by the L.A. Times (no pun intended).

THE WILDERS, a nifty blugrass combo Sylvia and I saw open for Del McCoury a while ago, snagged a segment on NPR's Weekend Edition.

NEIL YOUNG talks to Billboard about the forthcoming documentary "CSNY: Deja Vu" and alt-fuels.

BLACK ANGELS singer Alex Maas talks to the Boston Globe about the band's influences.

MADONNA & GUY RITCHIE: Madge has reportedly told Ritchie she wants a divorce, and has been seen out without her wedding ring.  Without a pre-nuptial agreement, Guy could be looking at up to £50million of Madge's £300million fortune.  Ritchie ditching Kabbalah may be a factor or result, but he reproted ly flew  to New York this past weekend in a last-ditch bid to save the marriage.

SUPERMODEL SUICIDE: Ruslana Korshunova, 20, whose face graced the cover of French Elle and Russian Vogue, fell from her swank downtown NYC apartment to her death yesterday in an apparent suicide, officials said.

AMY WINEHOUSE punched a fan, spat chewing gum into the crowd and called Kanye West a c*** on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury. Video at the link.

SIENNA MILLER has been enjoying secret romantic nights with tycoon actor and dad-of-four Balthazar Getty after dumping heartbroken Notting Hill star Rhys Ifans, according to the uber-reliable News of the World.

ANNE HATHAWAY talked to the FBI shortly before they arrested her ex boyfriend Raffaello Follieri for an alleged $6 million con job?  That's what a friend of his thinks, based on the language of the indictment.

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: WALL-E takes the top slot with an estimated 62.5 million. That beats most expectations and ties Monsters, Inc. for third best Pixar opening.  Wanted also beat tracking numbers with 51.1 million -- the best rated R-rated June opener ever and huge for Jolie, edging out the PG-13 Mr. & Mrs. Smith.  It also appears to be the first weekend with two 50+ million openers ever. Get Smart dropped about 48 percent to make 20 mil in the third slot, which probably isn't too bad, considering the competition.  Kung Fu Panda took its licks from WALL-E, dropping 46 percent to the fourth slot with 11.7 mill.  The Incredible Hulk continued to downsize, dropping another 58 percent to round out the Top Five.  Flops like the Love Guru and The Happening flopped even bigger, dropping over 60 percent each to sixth and eighth, respectively.

WALL-E & WANTED: I saw and enjoyed both of them  WALL-E might have had a little too much rote dystopianism than one might expect from a family film, but the animation was spectacular and the characterizations well-done, despite the near total absence of dialog for the first half of the movie.  That lack of dialog should bnoost the flick globally, btw.  Wanted plays as extensively with time -- or moreso -- than the Matrix movies, without the deep pholosophy.  There were some exceedingly clever bits (taken from the graphic novel) and some illogic in some of the action scenes (not), but overall a satisfying summer thrill attraction.

LINDSAY LOHAN may have a secret half-sister, according to her ex-con Dad.

ROB LOWE: A former nanny who is accusing the actor of sexual harassment allegedly offered sex to the family's tennis instructor, according to court documents released Friday.

MAD MEN:  There's some love for the women of Mad Men at AfterEllen.  NTTAWWT, though there's big spoiler if you missed the first season and are waiting for the DVDs this week.

STAR TREK: Harry Knowles incredibly got a look at some early footage from next summer's JJ Abrams reboot.  Light spoilers; nothing that hasn't already leaked, plotwise (afaik).

BRITNEY SPEARS could make a return appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards.  After all, last year's train wreck piled up ratings.  Mel Gibson reportedly tried to set the pop wreck up with one of his twin sons, who both have stints in rehab.

ALT-ENERGY: The US government is putting a hold on new solar energy projects on public land for two years so it can study the environmental impact of sun-driven plants. The Bureau of Land Management, which looks after 258 million acres of federal land, much of it flat, sun-baked terrain in the western US considered ideal for solar energy development, says the study is required by law and backed by environmental groups.

ISLAMISM in the UK:  The Jamestown Foundation looks at the next generation of radical Islamist preachers in the UK. Terrorists linked to Al-Qaeda may be planning to buy former NHS ambulances and police cars to mount suicide bomb attacks in Britain, MI5 has warned.

IRAN has moved ballistic missiles into launch positions, with Israel's Dimona nuclear plant among the possible targets, defense sources said last week. The movement of Shahab-3B missiles, followed a large-scale exercise earlier this month in which the Israeli air force flew en masse over the Mediterranean in an apparent rehearsal for a threatened attack on Iran's nuclear installations.

IRAQ: The Mahdi Army is evolving into a clandestine movement following Iraqi military operations targeting the group, intelligence suggests.  The restive peace in Baghdad remains fragile. Iraqi security forces detained the leader of the Basra Sadrist office in Amarah and 12 "terrorists" in Basra. Iraq forces detained 43 insurgents in Baghdad and ten in Kirkuk. Five al Qaeda operatives were detained in Mosul and two leaders in Diyala.

ZARA, a 6-week-old lion cub from Linton is destined to spend her future in Africa, after she was abandoned by her parents. Video and pics at the link.

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT: A cat without a face.  Call your agent, Billy Idol.

PIGEONS are smuggling drugs and other contraband into a Brazilian prison.

A PIG that survived 36 days in the rubble of the Chinese earthquake has been adopted by a museum.

MUSKRATS are getting no love on the flood plains of Mississippi.

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