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Tuesday, April 14, 2009 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


PHIL SPECTOR is likely to die in prison after the legendary music producer was convicted of second-degree murder for shooting the actor Lana Clarkson in a drunken and "sadistic" bout of Russian roulette.  The future was foretold by Ronnie "Z-Man" Barzell.  Right now, burly convicts are warming up their karaoke versions of "Be My Baby."

NEW RELEASES: Ida Maria, Booker T (and the Drive-By Truckers), The Boy Least Likely To, Death Cab and more are streaming this week via Spinner.

JILL SOBULE (also streaming at Spinner) has an interview + tracks from her fan-financed LP.

THE SWIMS did the four free songs thing for Daytrotter, two previously unreleased.  They remind me a bit of the Pooh Sticks, though that will mean nothing to almost everyone.

FREE SAMPLERS from a bunch of indie labels can be downloaded via Amazon.

THE DUKES OF STRATOSPHEARE, the psychedelic front group for XTC, play "The Mole From the Ministry" and "You're A Good Man, Albert Brown" for Twofer Tuesday.

BOB MOULD talks to Under the Radar about his new album, and revisits his  first solo LP, Workbook.

BAT FOR LASHES: Natasha Khan talks to the Birmingham Mail about her old day job, her two albums, etc.  She talks to the BBC about songwriting and naturalist David Attenborough.  The Beeb includes some video, too.

GLASVEGAS: Paul Donahue and Caroline McKay talk to Fazer about SxSW, how the band works up songs for demos, upcoming dates opening for U2, and so on.

SMASHING PUMPKINS: Billy Corgan blogs an update on his new direction.

MAD MEL UPDATE: Gibson's wife Robyn has filed legal papers to divorce Mel after 28 years of marriage, citing "irreconcilable differences."  There have been reports that Mel has been involved with another woman, which the actor denies.

BRITNEY SPEARS shouts, "What's up, Sacramento?!" at her concert in San Jose. Video at the link.

MADONNA is still keen on adopting four-year-old that Malawian girl, which is consistent with her pursuing the matter in court.

CHRIS BROWN has started dating again since his troubled relationship with pop chanteuse Rihanna ended last month, reportedly getting back together with another ex, Erica Jackson.

SCARLETT JOHANSSON responds to public outcry over her recent shrinkage.

DISNEY could sue itself for copyright infringement, though I think they would call it a lot of homage.

MARILYN CHAMBERS was found dead inside her Santa Clarita home Sunday, just days shy of her 57th birthday.  The cause of death remains unknown; an autopsy is due to be performed.

JONNY QUEST may be made into a movie not named Jonny Quest. M'kay...

IRAN: Roger Cohen argues in the New York Times that Pres. Obama must strike a "grand bargain" over Iran's nuke program, while Michael Rubin has a column in the Wall Street Journal reciting the failure of European engagement with Iran and quoting Iranian officials publicly admitting that their diplomatic efforts are a ruse. The Bipartisan Policy Center's most recent report on Iran's nuclear program describes the sort of diplomacy that would be required to stop an arms race in the Mideast, including getting China and russia to cooperate.

HEZBOLLAH has started putiing mushroom clouds in its propaganda.

PAKISTAN could collapse within months, says David Kilcullen, one of the more influential counter-insurgency voices in Washington.

AFGHANISTAN: The Taliban assassinates a female provincial official known for fighting for women's rights.

RACCOON HOUSE PARTY: Let's go to the video.

WHEN CROCS ATTACK: Early yesterday morning the 20-year-old man and a friend had been drinking, when they tried to swim across the crocodile-infested waterway near the Daly River community. That was a fatal mistake.

THE CANINE COGNITION LAB has opened at Harvard, where scientists hope to gain insight into more than the psychology of dogs from visiting pet pooches - including an alert German shepherd named Celia and a rottweiler called Taylor who loves to eat chicken.

BAILEY the GOLDEN RETRIEVER had surgery for a suspected tumor, but the vet found 17 garments, including nine socks, four gloves and a stocking.

THE SQUIRREL THREAT: Spokane, WA, plans to detonate squirrels using propane-fueled explosions. What could go wrong?

KANGAROOS overrun Australia's capital city: They bounce across the roof of Parliament House. They collide with cars. They come in through the bedroom window. Protected by a silver spoon.

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