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The dB's, Advance Streams, Thom Yorke Leaks, and an Obese Dog   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Thursday, June 01, 2006 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


THE dB'S talk to Harp magazine about their album-in-progress and the backstory behind the back-in-print classic, Like This. Peter Holsapple sums it up: "The dBís went from a footnote to an also-ran to an influenceóall without selling much in the way of records... Itís made me have to get some day jobs along the way, but if anything itís taught me to love music for musicís sake rather than having any great expectations of commercial reward." Harp also mentions dBís in a Can, the rare cassette version of Stands for deciBels housed in a sealed tin can. Paul Miller had o­ne! BONUS: Ken King and I saw both dB's reunion shows in Chi-town and I covered them here. You can download an advance track from the band's website (and a cover of "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted," if you donate to hurricane relief).

EMMYLOU HARRIS: Harp gushes over the legendary singer, but she still gives loads of credit to Gram Parsons for her love of country music and harmony singing. She's pictured with Kathleen Edwrads and Alison Morrer, who are also featured in this month's issue. Edwards said the photo shoot with Emmylou Harris became an unexpected test of "how completely in check" her ego really is. Moorer talks about her new album and (relatively) new marriage to Steve Earle. There's plenty of Emmylou to stream via the Hype Machine.

ADVANCE STREAMS: Full albums from Elvis Costello and Cheap Trick are streaming at VH1 before they hit stores. Leave it to the Tricksters to poke fun at their past with song titles like "Come o­n Come o­n Come o­n Come o­n Come o­n" and "O Claire."

MATES OF STATE list the five best things about making music with your spouse for Paste. They chose that over the five worst things, which is probably better for the band and the marriage. You can hear the couple via MySpace.

PJ HARVEY: London's Guardian has a free download of her set at this year's Hay festival.

SEEN YOUR VIDEO: The AV Club just published a playlist called "The Land of Way Too Many Dances," which inexplicably leaves out the B-52's "Dance This Mess Around." How could they leave it out? They do all 16 dances!

GIANT DRAG is profiled by the San Francisco Bay Guardian, noting the angst beneath "funny" song titles such as "You F--- like My Dad." Not that the band doesn't have a lighter side, as evidenced o­n their cover of Journey's "Who's Cryin' Now."

WHO'S LEFT is getting charitable. Pete Townshend has announced the band will be bootlegging and webcasting the upcoming tour and donating the proceeds to charity. Ten-dollar lottery tickets will also be sold at the shows for a chance to win the last guitar Pete ever smashed o­n stage, with the money benefiting the New Orleans Appeal.

THE BLACK KEYS: The bluesier version of the White Stripes recently left the Fat Possum label and have signed to Nonesuch, with an ablum due this September. Drummer Patrick Carney told Pitchfork the band picked Nonesuch because, like Fat Possum, they "want to sell records... but they're not in it to sell records." You can stream a bunch from the Hype Machine.

RADIOHEAD: Thom Yorke's don't-call-it-a-solo album has leaked o­nline. Really? Do tell...

MIKE PATTON: is interviewed by Suicide Girls about his new album, Peeping Tom (currently streaming at MySpace), but my favorite bit is his answer to the question: How do you know when o­ne of your songs is finished? "Thatís a tough thing and the best answer is, you just know. laughs The older I get the more conscious Iíve gotten of that..."

DAVE GROHL: Rumors of the Foo Fighter's death are greatly exaggerated.

BRADGELINA: Jolie had attorneys secure shilohnouveljoliepitt.com almost immediately after Pitt cut the umbilical cord. The couple had Jolie's obstetrician specify that she had a cesarean due to breech presentation. I hope she didn't think people believed that really nasty speculation floating around the Internet. London's Sun claims that the couple has been secretly filming a documentary covering their stay in Namibia ó which will include footage of their new baby, to make sure it sells.

VAUGHNISTON: Don't look for Jen and Vince to ape Bradgelina o­n the world stage. When asked whether she was interested in global issues, Aniston deadpanned: "No, I'm not interested in any of that. I like to just focus o­n me and my tabloid career." She added, "It's o­ne of the things I always say is these tabloids are just distracting people from the issues and the things that are happening in the world." She should visit here; it's a dessert topping and a floor wax.

SOFIA COPPOLA: The director of Lost In Translation and the panned-at-Cannes Marie Antoinette is three months pregnant by boyfriend Thomas Mars, lead singer of the French band Phoenix.

ANNA NICOLE SMITH is the latest celeb to be placed o­n the media's pregnancy watch list. Indeed, TMZ claims she's five months along, and looking for a way to make money off of the announcement.

BRITNEY SPEARS believes that stories about her are being leaked to the tabloids indirectly through Spenderline.

KATE MOSS: The supposedly sober supermodel's ex-bf, Pete Doherty, is a drug addict. Her new beau is a sex addict.

JESSICA SIMPSON has offered Nick Lachey what is an "insulting" property settlement offer, banking o­n the assumption that Lachey does not want to press the matter in court, according to TMZ. And the pneumatic blonde has resorted to buying up "Team Jessica" T-shirts from the trendy Kitson boutique in L.A. ó apparently in an attempt to keep up with the hotcake-like sales of "Team Nick" T-shirts. Star magazine claims Lachey is getting serious with British singer Natasha Bedingfield, because sheís smart and isnít an actress. People, otoh, claims he's been seeing stylist Kim Kardashian for the past month.

ASHLEE SIMPSON looks like she followed up that nose job with a visit to the trout pout shop.

HALLE BERRY feels great about turning 40 in August, because she's dating a 30-year-old: "I feel good so I'm not worried about turning 40. We o­nly are as old as we choose to be. So I'm still 19."

KELSEY GRAMMER, Berry's X-Men 3 co-star, expects Hollywood bosses to order a fourth installment after this o­ne smashed box office records.

MICHAEL MOORE is being sued by a veteran who lost both arms in the war in Iraq, claiming Moore used snippets of a television interview without his permission to falsely portray him as anti-war in Fahrenheit 9/11.

LIZ TAYLOR has dismissed tabloid reports that she was being treated for Alzheimer's disease or was gravely ill. Having had some experience with Alzheimer's, I hope she's not out dismissing it again tomorrow.

JENNY MCCARTHY dating Jim Carrey? And the apocolypse draws just a bit closer.

NATALIE PORTMAN will be strung up naked in the new Milos Forman movie, Goya's Ghost. Probably the best news Star Wars fanboys have had since Leia's metal bikini. Or since Closer, anyway.

IRAQ: Though Rep. Jack Murtha is going o­n TV to claim that there was a cover-up of the Haditha shooting that goes "right up the chain of command," it appears that the military has not dragged its feet investigating. Time magazine gave evidence to military officials in Baghdad; by the time the story ran in March, the matter had been referred to NCIS, which conducted a thorough investigation. The squad involved may have tried to cover up the nature of the shootings, but investigators apparently did not delay reporting their findings. Less noticed, but perhaps as significant, the US is looking to place the main responsibility for securing Baghdad, Ramadi and other hot spots o­n Iraqi forces. And in Baghdad, the newest problem seems to be radical Islamists taking control of several districts.

IRAQ IN THE MEDIA: Back o­n April 5th, I noted that The New York Times didn't care about a five-month trend of declining US troop casualties until some deadly attacks prompted a story that the trend could be broken. I also suggested that when the numbers dropped again, the paper wouldn't report it. Sure enough, the official figures show that troop casualties dropped in May, but The New York Times ran a story about increased insurgent attacks from Feb. 11 to May 12. This is then painted as showing the power of the insurgency, when the numbers over the past three years show that they can cause a spike in US casualties for a few weeks, but cannot sustain it. That's why their preferred methods now are to blow up civilians and attempt to foment civil war.

IRAN dismissed the US offer to join talks about the nation's nuke program if Tehran would suspened enrichment of uranium. That may be a big mistake, if the administration is correct in thinking Russia and China would support sanctions if new talks fail. Meanwhile, members of the Bahai religious minority in Iran say that the government has intensified a campaign aimed at eradicating their religion in the country of its birth.

DOGS o­n a diet of donuts and beer can get just as obese as humans o­n the same diet. The Arizona Humane Society has taken in "Sessa," who weighed almost three times as much as she should have and couldn't even stand. More pics and video at the link.

DOGS DINING ALFRESCO, however, may become more common after FL Gov. Jeb Bush signs a 'dining with dogs' bill o­n Friday. The legislation creates a pilot program that will give local governments the OK to let restaurants permit dogs to eat with their owners in outdoor dining areas.

CARL, I want you to kill all the gators o­n the golf course. "Correct me if I'm wrong Sandy, but if I kill all the golfers they'll lock me up and throw away the key..."

CATTLE-RUSTLER nabbed with seven calves jammed into his 2000 Dodge Neon in Odensburg, NY.

MEGAN HAD A LITTLE DUCK: It followed her to school o­ne day, in a pink gingham skirt and a disposable diaper. That's the duck, not the girl.

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