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Sly Stone, Lambchop, The Specials, Top Dogs of Pop Culture   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Friday, June 02, 2006 - 08:35 AM
Posted by: kbade



...with SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE, winning 10K from a talent show at Ohio State. Now that's old skool.


FRIDAY TIMEWASTER II: W0ne. Collect the barrels and stars with your wheel.

THE SLITS, having reunited earlier this year to play a few UK shows, the seminal punk grrrls are recording an EP due in October, with cameos including Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook and Adam & the Ants guitarist Marco Pirroni.

LAMBCHOP: At Chromewaves, Frank writes: "It's a cliche to say that an act is unclassifiable in sound, but in Lambchop's case it's really true - there's a case to be made for calling them country, soul, rhythm & blues, chamber pop, lounge, jazz, rock, indie, and they're all as inaccurate as they are accurate. What is true is that they make music that is unmistakably grown-up and quintessentially American..." He hooks you up with streams and MP3 from the band, and there's more to stream via the Hype Machine, though Frank's pick, "You Masculine You" is a standout.

SMOOSH: The tween sisters continue to generate good press o­n their first proper tour, opening for the Eels, in part because they're so quotable without knowing it. When told that copies from the small initial pressing of She Like Electric are selling for upwards of $40 o­n the Internet, 14-year-old Asya responds: "Really, people were selling our disc o­n, like, eBay? I didn’t know that. That is sooo cool." But Jeff Inman of the Salt Lake City Weekly is dead o­n in noting that "Smoosh is good. And not just ’tween good—like, 'oh look at the little girls playing indie-rock.' Free to Stay is the kind of album English majors with serious faces and clever hair wish they could make: fun, quirky and surprisingly intoxicating... It also helps that Chloe hits the skins like a prepubescent John Bonham, slamming out complex rhythms that buoy the tunes at just the right moment." You can stream songs from the upcoming album via the Hype Machine.

THE LIARS Angus Andrew admits he cares what critics say: "We're not blind or deaf to reaction to our records. It's important to us to really try and listen to what people say about us." Their latest, Drum's Not Dead scored a respectable 77 at Metacritic. You can hear 'em via MySpace.

THE TOP 100 ALBUMS OF ALL TIME? A poll organized by the book of British Hit Singles and Albums and NME.com put the debut album by Oasis ahead of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, which is silly, but at least Revolver came in third.

GUNS 'N' ROSES: Reasons for the legendary delay of the Chinese Democracy album are suggested in an Onion infographic.

SEEN YOUR VIDEO: Though summer doesn't officially start until later this month, we're past Memorial Day and the end of school for a lot of kids. So let's dig The Undertones' "Here Comes The Summer." BONUS: You can enjoy a stream of summer songs via the Hype Machine.

YOUR LOVE: At My Old Kentucky Blog, Dodge celebrates finding a three dollar Greatest Hits package by letting you download or stream the original hit from The Outfield and a cover by The Decemberists.

WILL THE SPECIALS REUNITE? Original singer Terry Hall told the BBC "this is the closest we've been in 25 years to maybe doing something but maybe not what's expected - I don't know." Which is as good a reason as any to revisit the classic "Ghost Town" and the Special AKA's "What I Like Most About You Is Your Girlfriend."

RED HOT CHILI PLAGARISM(?) UPDATE: It seems that Tom Petty is looking into the legal ramifications of charges that the RHCP hit "Dani California" is uncomfortably similar to Petty's "Mary Jane's Last Dance," as previously noted here.

OH NO! OH MY! This Nashville-based duo's DIY self-titled release has drawn comparisons from the Shins to Simon and Garfunkel and got a decent 7.4 o­n the Pitchfork. You can stream "Jane Is Fat" and many more from the Hype Machine.

GNARLS BARKLEY: Brooklyn Vegan points you to versions of "Crazy" as covered by Ray Lamontagne and the chart-climbimg Nelly Furtado.

THE DIXIE CHICKS topped the US charts this week with their first studio album since criticizing Pres. Bush, but sales were sharply lower than their previous album and Rascal Flatts' debut in April. But with Bush's low approval ratings, it seems more likely that thie driving force here is the band's increasing contempt for its fanbase.

PETE DOHERTY UPDATE: The troubled singer was detained o­n a flight to Barcelona after a syringe was found in the airplane's toilet. Shockingly, when questioned, Doherty became agitated and aggressive.

NOW SHOWING: This weekend brings Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston in The Break-Up, which is currently scoring 17 percent Rotten o­n the Tomatometer, even worse with the "cream of the crop" critics. People may prefer to revisit Vince Vaughn's better moments. It will be interesting to see just how well the movie does as the weekend's sole wide new release. And how many people in the media compare the weeken numbers to the opening numbers for Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

BRADGELINA: Pitt reportedly burst into tears while holding his daughter for the first time. And he is claimed to be desperate to return to the US. The couple is expected to move back to return to Malibu by July 1st for Pitt to start work o­n Ocean's 13.

DENISE & HEATHER & RICHIE & CHARLIE & DAVID: Yep, David Spade may be back in the love pentangle after being snapped with Heather Locklear. Denise Richards, rumored to be planning a wedding with Richie Sambora, is set to perform with the Pussycat Dolls, which should bolster her claim for sole custody of her children by Charlie Sheen.

LINDSAY LOHAN has reportedly turned to the help of a hypnotist to help end her shopping addiction. Lohan’s rep, however, didn’t mince words blasting the story.

RACHEL WEISZ is the newest celeb mom, giving birth to a baby boy by director Darren Aronofsky.

JUDE LAW and SIENNA MILLER caught getting cozy. I wonder if they talk about her wacky dad?

X-MEN: THE LAST STAND paid homage to viral video o­n the Internet? Wizbang Pop calls it the "Snakes o­n a Plane Effect."

HALLE BERRY admits that she -- like her X-Men co-star Hugh Jackman -- will don her X-costume for x-rated activity at home.

KEANU REEVES saw a shrink about his midlife crisis.

SANDRA BULLOCK got the protective order against her stalker extended through 2009, by which time she may have starred in enough lame romantic comedies that the stalker will give up voluntarily.

TOM-KAT UPDATE: The couple have secretly asked American Idol runner-up Katherine McPhee to sing at their wedding after meeting at L.A.'s Church of Scientology, where the singer allegedly attended courses with her boyfriend.

NICOLE KIDMAN: Cruise's ex reportedly put a sex ban o­n her fiancee Keith Urban until their wedding night, which is currently rumored to be set for the weekend of June 24-25 in North Sydney.

ANNA NICOLE SMITH confirms she is pregnant. Is it too soon to call DCFS?

PLUMBER'S BUTT seems an unlikely celebrity fashion trend. But that's also what I thought about Kabbalah.

YOUR MOMENT OF SITH: I noticed that Revenge of the Sith starts o­n premium cable this week, so I thought it would be fun to look at this clip from Robot Chicken in which Darth Vader has to explain to the Emperor that the Death Star has been destroyed. (Warning: mild profanity.) BONUS: Vader spoils the whole Star Wars saga for Luke Skywalker.

IRAQ: A Marine captain relieved of command during the investigation of the Haditha shootings has denied any role in the incident. Maybe so, maybe not; that's why it's generally better to try things in court than in the press. At ITM Omar reports o­n a bizzare rumor going around Baghdad that Pres. Bush wants to orchestrate a military coup in Iraq, to be carried out by the Iraqi army under command of a Sunni general. Following up o­n the post from Zayed linked here yesterday, the Christian Science Monitor reports that conditions in the Amariyah neighborhood of Baghdad have improved, while jihadis and insurgents remain strong in Sunni neighborhoods like Dora and Adhamiya. And if you're inclined to believe the past three years in Iraq have been a disaster, compare it to East Timor, South Africa or Zimbabwe.

IRAN is brutally cracking down o­n protests by ethinic Azheris and conducting mass arrests of student protesters at a number of universities. More here. But not o­n your nightly network news. Meanwhile, the government has been training the Revolutionary Guard in irregular warfare and asymmetrical tactics.


A DOG OWNER was put in her own cage in the wake of her failed attempt at breaking her black Labrador out of the local animal shelter.

HANNAH THE STORK: The Hungarian Bird and Environment Protection Association worries she will get into trouble from her aggressive panhandling.

DEADWOOD will not host a "running of the bulls." But it will continue to host the most profane cowboys this side of the Pecos.

BACTERIA would gladly fuel your hydrogen-powered car tomorrow, for some chocolate today.

MUTANT MICE: They don't like, they don't like, they don't like...

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