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Yeasayer, New Releases, Scruffy the Cat, Frogzilla   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Tuesday, February 19, 2008 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


YEASAYER have a video for the single edit of "Wait For the Summer."  Like we have a choice.

NEW RELEASES:  As of Monday night, new albums from Mountain Goats, British Sea Power and The Raveonettes are still streaming via Spinner, which may change by the time you read this.  American Music Club's new album, The Golden Age, is still streaming via Merge.  Sambassadeur is streaming a bunch of tracks from their sophomore LP, Migration (which comes with the Frank Yang seal of approval).  Mike Doughty is streaming three tracks from Golden Delicious, plus some older songs.  Headlights do Some Racing, Some Stopping.  Bon Iver officially releases For Emma, Forever Ago.

ALLISON MOORER talks to the L.A. Times about her new LP, the Buddy Miller produced Mockingbird, a covers album of songs penned by respected female songwriters, including Nina Simone, Pattie Smith, Cat Power, Gillian Welch, and her sister Shelby Lynne.  She talks to PopMatters about Wile E. Coyote, Jar Jar Binks, Hieronymus Bosch and hubby Steve Earle.  She's streaming tracks at he website.

SCRUFFY THE CAT:  Don at Timedoor peeks into the "Where are They Now?" file for a well-deserved look at Charlie Chesterman's overlooked Boston combo (IIRC, I saw them on a bill with the Young Fresh Fellows and the Replacements).  There's embedded video at that link and you can stream the posted MP3s via the ol' HM.

ISOBEL CAMPBELL writes for the Guardian about "a unique, unspoken bond between many Scottish alternative bands and the bands of the west coast of America."

BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD is one of the bands Ms. Campbell mentioned, which got me hankering for the band's lip-synching fun with "Mr. Soul" from a show that cannot be mentioned (minus bassist Bruce Palmer for legal reasons), plus a live take on "Rock'n Roll Woman" for your Twofer Tuesday.  And while "Mr. Soul" opens with a bit of "For What It's Worth," you can get a full serving as a bonus.

KATHLEEN EDWARDS talks to ChartAttack about her upcoming Asking For Flowers LP, due March 4 on Rounder.  It looks to me like she has one track and an outtake posted at HerSpace.

VAMPIRE WEEKEND played a set for indie guru Nic Harcourt on Morning Becomes Eclectic for Valentine's Day.  You can watch or listen via KCRW.

LILY ALLEN and ex-boyfriend Ed Simons (Chemical Brothers) may be putting their recent split behind them and giving their relationship another try.

PETE DOHERTY had Californian computer games tycoon Greg Thomas fly 6,000 miles and pay £15,000 for the privilege of a personal show... but had to delay the gig seven hours to sober up.

LINDSAY LOHAN has recreated Marilyn Monroe's legendary 1962 final photo shoot for Bert Stern with the veteran photographer himself.  NSFW slideshow at the link.

THE McCARTNEYS:  Sir Paul abandoned a record £55million divorce deal just hours before it was due to be signed in the High Court, on legal advice that he could save millions by letting High Court judge Mr Justice Bennett decide on a payout for Heather Mills.

THE FRENCH HOTEL celebrated her 27th birthday by joining in on a burlesque show with the Pussycat Dolls at Pure Nightclub, which is located inside of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.  Jail has made the heirhead a changed woman.

HOW MUCH FOR THAT BABY ON THE COVER?  People magazine is poised to pay Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony between four and million bucks for exclusive US rights to the first photos of their expected twins, people familiar with the negotiations said last week.  The NYDN reports that Christina Aguilera scored as much as two million from the mag for a cover with new baby boy Max, and rounds up other baby pic paydays.

MINNIE DRIVER is reportedly pregnant with her first child.  One hopes it's not for the money.

HEATH LEDGER's final role -- in Terry Gilliam's Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus -- will be filled out by Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell, according to Moriarty at Ain't-It-Cool-News (since confirmed by the BBC.)  The script lends itself to the approach.  The NY Post seems to want to make something out of the marketing of a new Ledger-Joker figurine, his family stands behind the company's decision to go ahead with it, because he was proud of his work in The Dark Knight.

MOLLY RINGWALD turned 40 yesterday, in case you didn't feel old enough already.  Video tribute at the link.

OWEN WILSON will return to work next month for the first time since his suicide attempt last year.

22 REMAKES dramatically different from the originals, courtesy of The A.V. Club.

WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE:  On the Internet.  At the moment.  Sorta.  Maybe video at the link.  Maybe here too, but check the first link for an explanation.

COOKIE MONSTER reveals what he won't eat, answers James Lipton's questionnaire, dishes on Sesame Street co-stars  and more on NPR.

CARTOON JIHAD:  Muslims worldwide should bomb Denmark's embassies and kill it diplomats following last week's republication of caricatures of Muslim prophet Muhammad, a spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committees in the Gaza Strip said on Monday.

PAKISTAN:  Early returns indicate that Pres. Musharraf's party will suffer a crushing defeat in parliamentary elections on Monday, in what government and opposition politicians said was a firm rejection of his policies since 2001 and those of his close ally, the US.  However, Islamic religious parties in the North-West Frontier Province abutting the tribal areas where the Taliban and Al Qaeda have carved out bases also suffered losses at the polls.  While the two main opposition parties appeared to have swept the vote, neither was expected to win an outright majority, setting the stage for a coalition government in this chronically unstable country.  Asif Ali Zardari, 51, Benazir Bhutto's widower and successor as PPP leader, has not ruled out working with Musharraf. However, Nawaz Sharif, leader of the other opposition party, and other senior PPP figures have said that they will try to impeach Musharraf if they win a two-thirds majority.  Meanwhile, two Pakistan papers are reporting that tribal elders in North Waziristan have reached a new "peace agreement" with the North Waziristan political administration against "extremism" and "terrorism."

IRAN:  Revolutionary Guards Corps commander Muhammad Ali Jafari wrote to Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah that "The cancerous growth Israel will soon disappear," the FARS news agency reported Monday.  Perhaps he is thinking of some form of radiation therapy.

IRAQ:  Video provided to CNN shows an AQI firing squad executing one-time allies -- fellow Sunni extremists -- who were not loyal enough to the terror organization, coalition military analysts said.  Michael J. Totten visits "The Dungeon of Fallujah" -- the first and only time during his trip to Fallujah that somebody told me not to take pictures.  It is both shocking, and yet progress.

MICHIGAN the COW escapes fate on a plate, as the Kessler farm offers her for promotional or mascot use.  She reportedly has a "U"-shaped spot on the other side, so I am think Ann Arbor is the place for her.

FROGZILLA:  Beelzebufo - or "frog from hell" - terrorized prehistoric Earth during the dying days of the dinosaurs more than 70 million years ago.

HORSE-FIGHTING:  One of the most horrific spectator 'sports' ever devised, but that hasn't stopped it from becoming hugely popular in the Philippines, where the Daily Mail's appalling pictures were taken.

A NEWBORN BEARCAT CUB drinks milk from a bottle.  Awww...

LOST HAMSTERS are a subject of exhaustive study on the Internet.  Insert Richard Gere joke here.

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