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Ryan Adams, Yuck, Destroyer, Lion Cub   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Monday, January 02, 2012 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


ZOOEY DESCHANEL & JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT: Better late than never, I bring you the stars of (500) Days of Summer covering Nancy Wilson's "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?", posted by Zooey with her comments on the Tube.

RYAN ADAMS has an interview plus tracks with Weekend Edition, including a cover of Ratt's "Round And Round."

THE LITTLE WILLIES advance stream For The Good Times.

YUCK, live at Stubbs BBQ in this turn-of-year encore link.

GIRLS play a mini-set at The Current in this turn-of-year encore link.

DESTROYER covers New Order's "Leave Me Alone"... and plays KEXP for what may or may not be a turn-of-year encore link.

SEAN BONNIWELL, singer for the Music Machine on garage-rock nuggets like "Talk Talk," has died after battling lung cancer. He was 71.

OF MONTREAL: Kevin Barnes talks to DIY about the more challenging and personal Paralytic Stalks album. (Thx, Chromewaves.)

DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS co-founders Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley talk to the Washingtonian about touring, their relationship, and future plans. (Thx, LHB.)

LOOKING AHEAD in 2012, from The Guardian, 130 BPM, and World Cafe.

TEENAGE FANCLUB: The Quietus celebrates the 20th anniversary of Bandwagonesque. Get off my lawn.

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE:  Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol repeats atop the chart with 31.3 million and 134 million total, matching MI3's entire domestic run. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows places with 22 million, a healthy showing, but running about 20 percent behind its predecessor.  Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked shows with 18.3 million on a 45 percent boost over last weekend; its 94.6 million total still lags the Squeakquel, which took in 165.4 million over the same number of days.  War Horse, which sagged during the after its Christmas opening, regained momentum on the weekend, surging 125 percent and making another 16.9 million.  The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo rounds out the Top 5 with 16.3 million on a 28 percent boost that confirms the silliness of trying to open this picture at Christmas.  Below the fold, We Bought a Zoo and The Adventures of Tintin showed some post-Christmas legs.

THE ARTIST: This black-and-white silent movie is not on many screens, but will likely be the focus of much Oscar buzz -- and deservedly so.  It may be a conceptual piece about the transition from silent movies to talkies (making nods to predecessors like A Star Is Born and Singin' In The Rain), but it's by turns funny, sad and charming -- and a delight to experience with a crowd in a theater.  A joint production involving French television and the Weinstein Company, Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo lead, with support from James Cromwell, John Goodman, Penelope Ann Miller, and a dog named Uggie (who is surely destined for megastardom).  Here's the trailer.

KATY PERRY wanted RUSSELL BRAND to file the court papers in their divorce because she didn't want to upset her religious parents. Brand is set to make up to £20million for 14 months of marriage, as the couple did not have a prenup.

RYAN GOSLING & EVA MENDES rang in the new year together.

MINKA KELLY & DEREK JETER secretly reconciling in Paris?

REBECCA GAYHEART & ERIC DANE have welcomed their second child, a girl.

WILL & JADA PINKETT SMITH: More trouble in paradise, according to the ever-reliable Enquirer.

MOVIE TICKET SALES in the US were estimated to come in at under 1.3 billion, which would be the smallest figure since 1995.  Revenue aso dropped, despite higher ticket prices, 3-D and IMAX.

IRAN: The commander of the Revolutionary Guard Corps backed away from recent threats to close Strait of Hormuz. Iran postponed long-range missile tests and signaled it was ready to reopen talks on its nuclear program. The US imposed further sanctions on financial institutions that deal with Iran. Iranian scientists have produced the nation's first nuclear fuel rod, a feat of engineering the West has doubted Tehran capable of, the country's nuclear agency said Sunday.

IRAQIS are again segregating themselves along sectarian lines, prompted by a political crisis pulling at the explosive Sunni-Shiite divide just weeks after the American withdrawal left Iraq to chart its own future.

AFGHANISTAN: For the first time in years, US military deaths there declined in 2011.

A LION CUB works on his roar.

A TWO-YEAR-OLD narrowly cheated death after his mother discovered him being squeezed by a large scrub python in the family's back garden.

"INTELLIGENT" SLIME able to navigate its way out of a maze. Beware.

A GRASSHOPPER SHORTAGE has folks hopping in Uganda.

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New Year's Rockin' Whatever   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Friday, December 30, 2011 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl



...with THE BEAT FARMERS!  Making a tradition of this more sober than usual, professionally-shot, early BF gig recorded at Universal Studios, including "There She Goes Again" (VU); "Road to Ruin," "Bigger Fool," "Reason to Believe" (Springsteen), "Powderfinger" (N. Young), "Happy Boy," "Big Ugly Wheels," "Bigger Stones," "Gun Sale at the Church," "Dallas Blues," "I Wanna Be Free," "Lakeside Trailer Park," "Death Train," and "Seven Year Itch."  If you're new to the band, my picks would be "Bigger Stones," "Happy Boy" and the cover of your choice.  BONUS:  Now how much would you pay?  But wait... there's more!  If you really want to see someone put the "bar" in "bar band," watch these NSFW clips from Houston, TX of the late Country Dick Montana leading the band through "Lucille" (K. Rogers) -- complete with his favorite beer bottle stunts -- followed by "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Wino," "Are You Drinkin' With Me, Jesus?" and "Mondo."  SUPER-SPECIAL BONUS: Country Dick rolls out "California Kid" and "Anarchy in the UK" (Language warning).

WILCO, Live at Chicago's Civic Opera House, Dec 12, 2011.

FLEET FOXES plays Morning Becomes Eclectic in this end-of-year encore link.

THE DECEMBERISTS play Oregon Public Broadcasting in this end-of-year encore link.

THE NATIONAL plays Morning Becomes Eclectic in this end-of-year encore link.

RAPHAEL SAADIQ plays The Current at SXSW in this end-of-year encore link.

BEIRUT plays a full gig at DC's 9:30 Club in this end-of-year encore link.

U2: Crushingly obvious, I know.

NICK CAVE & SHANE MacGOWAN: "What a Wonderful World."

ABBA wishes you a "Happy New Year,"  but it doesn't sound anywhere as celebratory as "Take A Chance On Me." 

THE MOUNTAIN GOATS perform "This Year" at the M-Shop in Ames, IA.

OTIS & CARLA have a "New Year's Resolution."

CLAUDE PATE: Don't forget you can stream a live version of "New Year" at PateSpace.  How did a fan-made video of the studio version turn up in a video embed at NME? I have no idea, although the original Tube page has comments from a member of The Eclectics and Friend of Pate Ken King.

JOE JACKSON: Pate frequently attempted "One More Time" to hilarious effect, so today I stick with Joe's early material, including "Sunday Papers" live on the OGWT, "Kinda Kute" on the Kenny Everett Video Show, a Beat Crazy-era run of "On Your Radio" the official clip for "It's Different For Girls" and a bracing live take on "I'm The Man." That last one is taken from the Rock Goes To College show, which also boasts this pulsing version of his signature "Is She Really Going Out With Him?"

ALL SONGS CONSIDERED's 2012 Winter Music Preview, including Sleigh Bells, Shearwater, Craig Finn and Sharon Van Etten.

THE BEST LIVE VIDEOS of 2011 performed at The Guardian.

PSYCH ROCK REDFINED: The Reissues of 2011.

THE ALABAMA SHAKES are profiled at Express Night Out. (Thx, LHB.)

NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL: The Enduring Mystery of Jeff Mangum.

CUTOUT BIN: From Little Richard to Billy Bragg, from Led Zeppelin to Aretha Franklin, from U2 to the Silver Jews, plus Marvin Gaye, the Ramones, Centro-Matic,  Nancy Sinatra, the Beatles and more -- this year's final fortuitous finds are streaming from the Pate page at the ol' HM.

THE ZOMBIES: "This Will Be Our Year."

NOW SHOWING: There are no wide releases this weekend, just Oscar bait premiering on a few screens to meet eligibility requirements.


KATY PERRY & RUSSELL BRAND: The wedding rings are off.

MICHAEL JORDAN is engaged.

WYNONNA JUDD is engaged to musician boyfriend Cactus Moser after he popped the question on Christmas Eve.

KINGS OF LEON's Caleb Followill and wife Lily Aldridge (Victoria's Secret) are expecting.

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES: Anne Hathaway talks about Catwoman. (Spoiler Alert.)

KRISTEN STEWART shelled out 12 grand to purchase two vintage guitars for her beau, Robert Pattinson.

MEOWSTEP: All hail the dubstep kitteh!

THE BIRDS: Crows stare unamazed as the invade Iowa City, dirtying downtown city streets and causing concern with local business owners.

DOGS love the ganja, says non-local vet Jennifer Schoedler. Hence, Scooby Snacks.

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Lykke Li, Thurston Moore, Dawes, Jayhawks, Guitar Dog   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Thursday, December 29, 2011 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


CAVEMAN: "Easy Water." (Director's Cut) 

LYKKE LI: The Lost Sessions, Vol 1.

THE 10 MOST NSFW VIDEOS of 2011, according to Stereogum.

SLINT, Live in France, March 3, 2005.

THURSTON MOORE plays Morning Becomes Eclectic in this end-of-year encore link.

DAWES plays World Cafe in this end-of-year encore link.

RICHARD THOMPSON plays Morning Becomes Eclectic in this end-of-year encore link.

TELEKINESIS plays The Current in this end-of-year encore link.

THE JAYHAWKS play a full gig at World Cafe Live in this end-of-year encore link.

THE BONGOS: "Numbers With Wings" was nominated for Best Direction at the first MTV Video Awards.

THE MEKONS talk to The Quietus about Ancient & Modern, which takes as its theme the period in England before the First World War.

SEX PISTOLS guitarist Steve Jones has called the band's former bassist Glen Matlock a "middle-class mommy's boy."

THE BEST MUSIC BOOKS OF 2011, according to NPR Staff.

JIM "MOTORHEAD" SHERWOOD, a member of Frank Zappa's original Mothers of Invention, has died at 69.

LINDSAY LOHAN, contra prior reports, is hosting a New Year's boat party in Dubai.

ASHTON KUTCHER is flaunting a new woman - and sources say he hooked up with her prior to splitting from wife Demi Moore last month. Demi Moore looked like she was back in action during a mother-daughter Christmas vacation in Turks and Caicos.

STEVEN TYLER's big engagement news did not go over so well with several members of his family, who are telling friends they simply don't like his new fiancee.

LADY GAGA will help drop the ball in Times Square on NYE. Way to drop the ball, Mayor Bloomberg.

JIM CARREY has a new galpal.

ALESSANDRA AMBROSIO is expecting her second child with fiancé Jamie Mazur.

RACHEL UCHITEL, former Tiger Woods mistress numero uno, is also knocked up.

TERROR in SWEDEN: A court ordered the release of three men suspected of plotting to murder cartoonist Lars Viks in Gothenburg, suggesting the judge may acquit them.

NORTH KOREA bids farewell to Kim Jong Il.

YEMEN: Labor strikes spread as workers demanded reforms and dismissal of managers over alleged corruption linked to the country's outgoing president.

IRAN's navy chief threatened again that his country can easily close the Strait of Hormuz. The US warned Iran that it will not tolerate any disruption of maritime traffic through the Strait.

GOLDEN grooves to the guitar.

ELVIS the CROCODILE steals a lawnmower.

PYTHON in the POOL: If you guessed Florida...

FLYING DEER kills a woman. Came close to this myself once.

ELLY & FRANKY: A blind pug and her guide pug.

A BRITISH ANGLER told how he snared a predator fish that kills men by biting off their testicles.

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Flaming Lips, Centro-Matic, Nilsson, Orphan Polar Cub   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Wednesday, December 28, 2011 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


THE FLAMING LIPS cover "I Am the Walrus." Goo goo goo joob.

CENTRO-MATIC plays a mini-set at Paste.

HARRY NILSSON: 67 glorious outtakes, demos and hidden rarities... all the bonus tracks from Nilsson's officially released CDs.

IRON & WINE plays The Current in this end-of-year encore link.

WILD FLAG plays Oregon Public Broadcasting in this end-of-year encore link.

WYE OAK plays Oregon Public Broadcasting in this end-of-year encore link.

ST. VINCENT plays a full gig at DC's 9:30 Club in this end-of-year encore link.

BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD play a medley of "For What It's Worth" and "Mr. Soul."

CARRIE BROWNSTEIN and Fred Armisen are profiled at The New Yorker.

CASS McCOMBS explains why he's talking only to female interviewers for a while.

PETER FRAMPTON & THE KNACK sue their labels for gross underpayments of royalties.

THE 10 WORST MUSIC TRENDS of 2011, according to Crossfade. (Thx, LHB.)

LINDSAY LOHAN reportedly turned down NYE gigs to stay on the straight and narrow.

TAYLOR LAUTNER: The "Gay" People magazine cover floating around online is a fake.


JOHN LEGEND and his girlfriend, model Chrissy Teigen, got engaged over the holidays while vacationing in the Maldives.

KATY PERRY & RUSSELL BRAND celebrated Christmas 7000 miles apart.

SINEAD O'CONNOR explains her 18-day marriage.

JARED LETO: The worst-dressed man in the world?

LEBANON will not send observers to Syria as part of an Arab League mission, in order to avoid "negative repercussions" in Lebanon from the Syrian crisis.

AFGHANISTAN: The US Congress urged Twitter to shut down the official Taliban Twitter accounts. Also, was Mullah Omar ever on the FBI's most wanted terrorist list?

IRAQ: Al Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq claimed responsibility for the wave of attacks across Baghdad last week that killed 69 people. An al Qaeda group based in the Kurdistan region has threatened attacks against the US, Pakistan, and Afghanistan in revenge for the killing of its fighters in a US drone attack in the Pakistani tribal region.

SIKU the ORPHAN POLAR CUB: Let's go to the video.

A GOAT fled a Nativity scene in Minnesota.


CHEETAH the CHIMP, who acted in classic Tarzan movies in the early 1930s, died of kidney failure Saturday at Suncoast Primate Sanctuary in Palm Harbor, a sanctuary spokeswoman said. Anyone else find 80 years old hard to believe?

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Bowie, Dinosaur Jr, Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr, Dishwashing Monkey   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Tuesday, December 27, 2011 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


DAVID BOWIE: Rare footage, recently discovered of "The Jean Genie" from a 1973 performance on Top of the Pops.

DINOSAUR JR. stopped by KEXP for a live performance.

DALE EARNHARDT JR. JR. stopped by WNYC Soundcheck for a session.

FITZ & THE TANTRUMS play The Current in an end-of-year encore link.

GENERATIONALS play Morning Becomes Eclectic in an end-of-year encore link.

THE XX posted a demo for a new track, "Open Eyes."

TODD RUNDGREN': His first band Nazz hit with "Open My Eyes"; his classic "Hello, It's Me" completes Twofer Tuesday. BONUS: "We Gotta Get You A Woman" is just audio... but what audio!

MEET JOHN CONGLETON, who worked on some of the year's finest albums: St. Vincent's Strange Mercy, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's Hysterical, Hospital Ships' Lonely Twin, Mountain Goats' All Eternals Deck, Wye Oak's Civilian, and many more.

CHRISTMAS HITS: Do the artsists make money

IN MEMORIAM: The Year in Deaths and Breakups, courtesy of Spinner, NPR and Stereogum.

THE 50+ MOST ANTICIPATED ALBUMS of 2012, according to Stereogum.

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol tops the chart with 46.2 million, proving Tom Cruise can be a bankable megastar so long as he keeps the crazy onscreen. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows places with 31.8 million, but the IMF team will likely pass it in total grosses by week's end. Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked shows with 20 million, but is falling well short of the prior two outings. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo takes the fourth slot with 19.4 million; who thought Christmas was the right release date for a David Fincher serial killer movie.  This could pick up steam next weekend. The Adventures of Tintin rounds out the Top 5 with 16.1 million; the movie will likely do just fine worldwide, but Paramount only gets the domestic take, with the rest going to Sony.  Below the fold, We Bought a Zoo opened with 15.6 million, while War Horse was close behind with 15 million, despite opening two days later.

WE BOUGHT A ZOO: I confess I am generally a sucker for Cameron Crowe movies (although not his biggest hit, Jerry Maguire).  And most of them have over the-top sentimental moments -- Lloyd Dobler with the boombox in Say Anything, Stillwater singing "Tiny Dancer" in Almost Famous, and so on.  So when Crowe turned his lens to the story of a widower, his kids and zoo animals, I fully expected some mawkish moments, which this movie has in abundance.  The plot is as predictable as if it was not based on a real-life story, but executed well enough by Crowe and his cast (although Scarlett Johansson's character is barely sketched).  Charming enough, if lightweight.

MARIA SHRIVER is telling friends she's now unsure if she wants to divorce Arnold Schwarzenegger.

MAD MEL UPDATE: Mel Gibson is now legally single, as ex-wife Robyn walks off with 425 million.

JENNIFER ANISTON was advised by her Hollywood agent, the late Sue Mengers, to ask for the sperm of ex-husband Brad Pitt once the couple split.

ROBERT DE NIRO and his wife, Grace Hightower De Niro, have welcomed a baby girl via surrogacy.

CHARLIE SHEEN, DENISE RICHARDS and their daughters swim with dolphins.

GEORGE MICHAEL says his near-death from pneumonia has given him a new perspective on his showbiz career.

SOUTH KOREAN delegates crossed the border to North Korea to pay respects to its late leader Kim Jong-il.

AL QAEDA: Senior members are feared to be moving to north Africa to open up a new front after being weakened in Pakistan.

EGYPT's two leading Islamist parties won about two-thirds of votes for party lists in the second round of polling for a parliament that will help draft a new constitution after decades of autocratic rule, the election committee said Saturday.

AFGHANISTAN will accept a Taliban office in Qatar to help peace talks but no foreign power can get involved in the process without its consent, the government's peace council said. Opening a Taliban office in a third country itself is seen as a way to create distance from Pakistan which has longstanding ties to the insurgent group.

PETE the MONKEY washes dishes.

EMPEROR PENGUINS had a white Christmas in the Antarctic.

WOMAN HITS MOOSE on way to visit sister who hit moose.

PEBBLES the DALMATION has a litter of 15 pups, a few shy of Pongo and Perdita.

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