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The Faces. And Friday.   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Friday, October 08, 2021 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl



...with THE FACES! Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Ronnie Lane, Kenny Jones, and Ian McLagan, live on the Beeb circa 1972.  Your setlist includes: "Three Button Hand Me Down"; "Maybe I'm Amazed"; "Too Much Woman/Street Fighting Man"; "Miss Judy's Farm"; "Love In Vain"; "Stay With Me"; and "I'm Losing You."

ST VINCENT picks tracks from Jenny Lewis, The 1975, Black Moth Super Rainbow and more on WFUV.

MYRIAM GENDRON covers Billy Edd Wheeler, Eno, Leonard Cohen, and the recently departed Michael Chapman for a Lagniappe Session.

TEARS FOR FEARS returns with “The Tipping Point.”

SOFT CELL returns with “Bruises on My Illusions.”

ROBERT PLANT & ALISON KRAUSS share “High And Lonesome.”

CAT POWER covers the Pogues’ “A Pair of Brown Eyes.”  I prefer the original.

WYE OAK shares "Half A Double Man."


ROBERT FINLAY shares "I Can Feel Your Pain."

JIMMY JAM & TERRY LEWIS tell stories on World Cafe.

AMYL & THE SNIFFERS: Amy Taylor on the business of being a musician, releasing an album in lockdown, living with her bandmates and more.

HOW REMIX ALBUMS Helped Indie Rock Artists Get Through The Pandemic.


DUNE has a final trailer online.

ADELE is profiled by Vogue and interviewed by British Vogue.

WOODY HARRELSON was involved in a physical altercation at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, striking a man in an act of self-defense, according to a police report.

DJ DIPLO denied the recent sexual misconduct allegations made against him, claiming that his accuser is a “stalker” who is attempting to “extort” him.

IDRIS ELBA has ruled out becoming the next James Bond, but didn't put an end to 007 rumors altogether.

WANDAVISION: A spinoff starring Kathryn Hahn is in development at Disney Plus.

DC FANDOME dropped a teaser trailer with footage from The Batman, Black Adam, and The Flash.

WHAT HAPPENED, BRITTANY MURPHY? A documentary on her mysterios death at age 32 has a trailer online.

HELLRAISER is getting rebooted with a fmale lead.


A DOG with bathroom etiquette.

MEANWHILE, at the pedicure...

A CAT, a knot, and more.

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Thursday, in which the game slows down. Maybe.   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Thursday, October 07, 2021 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


THE BEATNIX cover Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven."

SPIRITUAL CRAMP streams their Here Comes More Bad News EP

BILLY BRAGG shares "Mid-Century Modern."

DEEP PURPLE covers Love's 1966 garage rock classic "7 and 7 Is."

DEAN WAREHAM shares "As Much As It Was Worth."

BIG THIEF shares "Change."


DUMMY shares "Daffodils."

DAMON ALBARN on slowing down and taking stock of your life in quarantine, becoming a citizen of Iceland, and his plans for touring.

THE WRENS: Kevin Whelan talks to The New York Times about his split from the band, and songwriter Charles Bissell.

THE NUMBER ONES looks at Wilson Phillips' harmony-heavy soft rock hit "Release Me."


BRITNEY SPEARS' fiancé has encouraged her to think about performing again.

MICHAEL KEATON can still fit into his original Batsuit, three decades on from his last outing as the caped crusader.


GEENA DAVIS and her fourth husband, pediatric plastic surgeon Dr. Reza Jarrahy, have finally ended their 17-year marriage after nearly five years of bitterly contested divorce proceedings.


L.A. LAW may get a sequel starring Blair Underwood.

THE FRENCH CONNECTION at 50: The New York Post got William Friedkin and even the reclusive Gene Hackman to talk about it.

CYRANO. starring Peter Dinklage and including music from The National, has a trailer online.


A BABY RHINO that thinks it's a lamb.

SHARING is caring.

IS THIS what Heaven looks like?

FAT BEAR WEEK has a champion.

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Wednesday. I'll take it.   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Wednesday, October 06, 2021 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


WE FIVE were on my mind when I woke up this morning, introduced by no less than Fred Astaire.

STRAND OF OAKS: Tim Showalter plays the Sheen Center.


MITSKI shares "Working For The Knife."

FIERY FURNACES play "I'm in No Mood" live in Chicago for Pitchfork Music Festival 2021.


VIOLENT FEMMES: Gordon Gano does The Aquarium Drunkard Interview.

LOW's Never-Ending Climb.

JANET JACKSON once had Control over the charts.

DJ DIPLO may face charges of invasion of privacy and intentionally giving someone a sexually transmitted infection.


HOUSE OF THE DRAGON: The Game of Thrones prequel has a teaser trailer online.

PEACEMAKER releases a clip from John Cena's Sucide Squad spinoff.

CHARLIE SHEEN is free of paying Denise Richards child support.

KANYE WEST is in New York to secretly help Kim Kardashian in her debut gig hosting “Saturday Night Live”.

THE SOPRANOS, ranked by The Ringer.

MATTHEW RHYS never planned on buying an old wooden boat that would take four years, tens of thousands of dollars and his own manual labor to restore. But one night he was drinking whiskey and clicking through eBay, and, well, one thing led to another.



THERE ARE two types of cat.

CAN A DOG catch a car with a car?

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I can't do the "At least tomorrow's Friday" joke because I need all these days.   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Tuesday, October 05, 2021 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


FEIST staples "Mushaboom" and "1 2 3 4" are your Twofer Tuesday.


IRON MAIDEN: Bruce Dickinson is also a licensed pilot and an accomplished fencer.

PITCHFORK lists 200 important artists of the site's first 25 years.

JAPANESE BREAKFAST: Michelle Zauner wrote a book about discovering herself through cooking.

DAR WILLIAMS talks to Weekend Edition.

THE NUMBER ONES looks at Jon Bon Jovi's epically ridiculous Oscar-nominated "Blaze Of Glory."


SQUID GAME is so popular that Netflix is being sued by South Korean Internet service provider SK Broadband to pay for costs from increased network traffic and maintenance work.

GEORGE CLOONEY, on Ben Affleck.

LINDSAY LOHAN is starting a podcast.

JERRY SEINFELD addressed an aspect of his animated film Bee Movie that he said “is really not appropriate for children.”

MIAMI VICE's Journey From Misfire to Masterpiece.

WHERE Have All the Sex Scenes Gone?


PAW PATROL, in real life.

A BABY GOAT discovers the drum.

WHEN DREAMS come true.

A MOOSE enjoys the fall foliage.

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It's a New Era for Me. Nothing changing here though.   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Monday, October 04, 2021 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


THE JAGS: "Back of My Hand," from TOTP and the "Where Are They Now?" file

NEW RELEASES: Paste will point youto the Illumianti Hotties, Brandi Carlilie, Ducks Ltd, and more.

BILL'S INDIE BASEMENT has The Specials, Cindy, and audiobooks.

BRITTANY SPENCER & JOHN PAUL WHITE join JASON ISBELL & THE 400 UNIT on the Glady Knight & The Pips classic, “Midnight Train To Georgia.”  Improbably to anyone who knows me, I'd say the Indigo Girls did the best cover of this one in 1995.


KACEY MUSGRAVES, as Jenny from Forrest Gump.


DAVID LEE ROTH is retiring. Couldn't he have stuck it out for a few more days?

PHOEBE BRIDGERS & BO BURNHAM: What's going on here?

BRADI CARLILE wants to join Soundgarden.

THAO & THE GET DOWN STAY DOWN are down for the count.

THE NUMBER ONES looks at New York dance-pop trio Sweet Sensation's incredible disappearing hit ballad "If Wishes Came True."


WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: Venom: Let There Be Carnage easily tops the chart with 90.1MM, beating Black Widow as the biggest debut of the pandemic era (though the Venom sequel was not also streaming).  It also beat the original Venom's 80.2MM pre-pandemic debut.  The Addams Family 2 placed with 18MM, which is pretty solid given that it was also available through VOD.  Shang-Chi showed with 6MM on a 54 percent drop, likely due to competition from Venom 2The Many Saints of Newark came in fourth with 5MM, probably a notch below expectations for the Sopranos prequel, but perhaps more evidence that older viewers are going to be tough to lure back to theaters when it also debuted on HBOMax.

EMILY RATAJKOWSKI alleges Robin Thicke grabbed her bare breasts while they were filming the “Blurred Lines” video.

STANLEY TUCCI's Passion Was Acting. Now (after cancer), It's Food.

QUEEN ELIZABETH II reportedly has seen all the James Bond movies

SEINFELD is streaming in the wrong aspect ratio on Netflix.

MEAN GIRLS: 15 Secrets.

THAT THING YOU DO: An Oral History.


ONE BABY GOAT already had the coffee.

A CAT, learning to brush.

A LITTLE dog trainer.

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