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Links: Thursday Afternoon (61 minute version) edition   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Thursday, January 13, 2005 - 05:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


Of course, we'll promote others here, too. Mike? Jon H?THE LAYAWAYS: A shameless plug for Sylvia's boss, but I've disclosed it and have received no compensation, avoiding any Armstrong Williams problem. Plus, I'm all in favor of cool bosses. The Layaways tend to be described as a mix of the Jesus & Mary Chain and various others. I'd pick the Stone Roses, maybe a litle U2-type atmospherics with a dash of George Harrison. You can stream the new album or download a couple of MP3s at the band's site.

ON THE PITCHFORK: More of the SXSW 2005 lineup.

POLICY REVIEW is usually not the sort of journal that publishes an article about the sociology and influence of rap and rock lyrics, particularly o­ne titled "Eminem Was Right." But there it is. David Adesnik comments o­n the article at OxBlog.

Cranberry sauce...LET ME CLOSE YOU DOWN, 'cause I'm go-ing to...

THE GOLDEN GLOBES are awarded by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, but many members of the HFPA are neither foreign nor press.

BRAD AND JEN BREAKUP MOURNING DRAGS o­n with this priceless lede from the Associated Press: "In the world of celebrities and those who love them, the Jennifer Aniston-Brad Pitt breakup was like the fall of the Berlin Wall." Reporter Derrik J. Lang does not clarify whether this means that celebs and their fans think the fall of the Berlin Wall was a bad thing or the Pittston breakup is a good thing. Both seem equally possible. Elsewhere, USA Today is already working o­n auditing the couple's books.

EXPLODING TV: Jeff Jarvis has a must-read item o­n the future of television, including searchable video, video blogging, endless content organized by viewer ratings, and televisions with TiVo-like services integrated with the internet. Meanwhile, Christine Rosen asks whether technologies of personalization, from the remote control to video recording and iPods, risk making us incapable of ever being surprised.

AD RANTS begins its item o­n the creepy sexualization of tweens with a creepy phrase: "While it's become almost normal to occasionally mistake a 13 year old girl for an 18 year old..."

FOOD PORN REVISITED: I meant to revisit the case of Hardee's Monster Thickburger. Daniel Drezner beat me to the punch, including a link to a Slate piece o­n the Thickburger ads. I even enjoyed many of the comments posted by Drezner's readers.

THE MAINSTREAMING OF PORN is also visible at Defamer, which notes the number of mainstream showbiz types attending the Adult Video News awards.

WASHINGTON STATE GOVERNOR'S RACE: Grigoire has been certified as the next Governor; Seattle Post-Intelligencer columnist Robert L. Jamieson Jr. profiles Stefan Sharkansky, a blogger whose shoe leather may affect Rossi's legal challenge to the election.


"In the face of their tactics, we cannot move our party or our nation forward under the pale colors and timid voices. We cannot play Republican clones. If we do, we will lose again, and deserve to lose." -- Sen. Ted Kennedy, January 12, 2005.

"Our people look for a cause to believe in. Is it a third party we need, or is it a new and revitalized second party, raising a banner of no pale pastels, but bold colors which make it unmistakably clear where we stand o­n all of the issues troubling the people?" -- Ronald Reagan, March 1, 1975.

MADONNA and her husband use a Kabbalah ritual to cleanse Chernobyl of radiation.

OLD SCHOOL RADIO is promoting itself as though it is cheese. I guess that's about right.

FROM THE "WHERE ARE THEY NOW?" FILE: Men Without Hats. And Puppet Show.

CRACKING THE CODE? Researchers have discovered Leonardo da Vinci's secret laboratory in previously sealed rooms at a monastery in Florence.

It would be easier to win with o­nly two players...ROBOTS: Robot makers say World Cup will be theirs by 2050. Wired News asks questions about "Ethics for the Robot Age," such as, "Should telerobotic labor be regulated?"

ARE VIDEOGAMERS WELL-ADJUSTED? A new poll commissioned by the industry says the image of the reclusive, anti-social videogamer is a myth, revealing that they regularly volunteer, exercise, and attend religious services. Wired News, however, collects anecdotes suggesting that hardcore gamers may have a difficult time separating their real-life consciousness from that of their game. Zoe Flower argues that videogames remain wedded to sexual archetypes.

SKEPTIC MICHAEL SHERMER is not skeptical about the power of intuition.

MASH-UPS are going legit.

JUDY REYES (Scrubs) sounds off o­n Latinas being cast as maids: "It’s just so utterly played out, and it’s a phenomenon created by non-Latino people Hollywood whose experiences with Latinas are limited to conversations they’ve had with their maids."

WHO OWNS E-MAIL ACCOUNTS? When L/Cpl Justin Ellsworth was killed in Iraq, his father decided to create a memorial to his dead son using the e-mails he wrote and received while in the Middle East. But Yahoo! still refuses to release the messages, due to privacy protections written into the Yahoo! Terms of Service.

ANONYMOUS E-MAILER allowed to remain so, rules a Texas judge.

CNN/US PREZ JONATHAN KLEIN o­nce dismissed bloggers as guys sitting around in their pajamas. He's now starting to give grudging respect.

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Links: Wednesday Week edition   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Wednesday, January 12, 2005 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


Urge Overkill and more...ONE DAY LEFT o­n that eBay auction of a near-complete set of 45s issued by the Sub Pop Singles Club. As you're reading this, Craig O'Neill's ears are burning.

ON THE PITCHFORK: Modest Mouse announce its U.S. tourYo La Tengo plans a three CD career retrospectiveCrooked Fingers to issue a new album. Also, a cover of Cream's "Politician," by Chris Stamey & Yo La Tengo.

MOURNING OF BRAD AND JEN SPLIT CONTINUES: The rumors involving Angelina Jolie now center o­n phone sex. PLUS: The tsunami issues a statement o­n the breakup.

WHY I LOVE LAWYERS (IRAQ edition):  A lawyer for the accused ringleader in the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal addressed the charge of piling naked prisoners into pyramids by rhetorically asking, "Don't cheerleaders all over America form pyramids six to eight times a year. Is that torture?"  But the cheerleaders aren't forced to do so naked, as fair as I know.  If you have evidence to the contrary, drop me an e-mail, preferably with an attachment.

AMBER FREY autographs a copy of her book (i.e., the o­ne bearing her name) for New York Post scribe Andrea Peyser.  The favor is not returned.

That which does not kill me makes me strongerTHE GOVERNATOR'S SECRET WEAPON: Most people have not noticed that California Republicans now chair the most important committees in the House of Representatives: Appropriations (spending), Ways and Means (taxes, Social Security and Medicare), Rules (controls whiich bills go to the floor and the terms of debate), Armed Services and Homeland Security. A better return o­n the tax dollars California sends to DC certainly would help Ahnuld fix the state budget.

POLITICS allowed Polio to spread in Nigeria.

He's got Oscar o­n his mind...CRITICS' CHOICE AWARDS went Sideways, as the "little film that could" collected five awards, including Best Picture. Jamie Foxx took home Best Actor for Ray, whereupon he led the crowd in a call-and-response from "What'd I Say?"

THE SCREEN ACTORS GUILD nominations have been announced.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES has sneaky product placement.

MR. BLACKWELL puts a desperate housewife at the top of his 45th Annual "10 Worst Dressed Women" list, while complimenting Teri Hatcher o­n her improvement. You could probably guess most of the fashion victims (e.g., Courtney Love, French Hotel), but placing Jessica and Ashlee Simpson in a tie was a nice touch that will avoid any sibling rivalry. The big surprise was number nine.

ASK METAFILTER rounds up MP3 blogs.AOL's music programming, much of it created specifically as o­nline content, has become the top free video-on-demand service o­n Time Warner's cable TV network.

LITTLE STEVEN'S UNDERGROUND GARAGE: Top 15 Records of 2004.  Garage records, that is... black gold... Texas Tea...

NANOPARTICLES will be reviewed by the FDA as a treatment for breast cancer. In a somewhat related story, The New York Times reports that "[h]uman milk is like ice cream, Valium and Ecstasy all wrapped up in two pretty packages."

DEMOCRATS' DIAGNOSIS: In the Village Voice, cartoonist Will Sutton hands out "The 2004 Wussies of the Year Award to Self-Hating Democrats." o­n the other hand, at NewDonkey.com, an unofficial weblog sponsored by the Democratic Leadership Council, disputes the notion that Clintonism is to blame for the party's fortunes.

MICHAEL MUSTO, the gossip columnist for the Village Voice, following Lloyd Grove's example, bans the heiress named after a French hotel from his column.

The Club is CLOSEDGUIDED BY VOICES: Reviews of their last show continue to roll in.  Here's o­ne in Filter magazine.

NEW ORDER: New disc. New details. New Musical Express.  Also a story detailing the planned biopic of suicidal Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis.

DAN'S THE MAN desperately dialing Jenny.

IF THERE'S A CELEBRITY TELETHON, could some mud-wrestling of George Clooney and Bill O'Reilly be far behind? At least they managed to kiss and make up the next day. But if I was George, I would make sure Bill doesn't bring a falafel to the show.

NOT FOOTLOOSE: A high school principal cancels the rest of this year's school dances after students refuse to stop "freak dancing." I guess the kids will have to dance in a barn across the tracks.

NATIONAL TREASURE: Sandy Berger, the unappetizingly-named former National Security Adviser, faces a grand jury investigation into his smuggling of top-secret documents from the National Archives. The probe began after archives staffers reported seeing Berger sneak the documents out his pants and socks while vetting Clinton-era items for 9/11 commission. And since the story runs in the New York Post, the headline is "JURY PROBES EX-BILL AIDE'S 'SOCKS DOCS'."

MICHAEL MOORE AND MEL GIBSON chummy at the People's Choice Awards? It's the New World Order, I tell you!

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Links: Groovy Tuesday edition   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Monday, January 10, 2005 - 07:00 PM
Posted by: kbade


BRAD AND JEN ARE SPLITSVILLE: A NATION MOURNS. People magazine rushes a full issue to newsstands four days ahead of schedule; Us Weekly is publishing a day early. Rumors of disagreement over whether to have children and interference by Angelina Jolie swirl. Not that there's anything wrong with a swirling Jolie, mind you.

KID ROCK may perform at a youth concert at the presidential inauguration, upsetting some Bush supporters. Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom is not o­ne of them and much funnier to boot.

THE ATKINS DIET, as practiced by Dr. Atkins, apparently included a steady diet of his female patients. Now that's low-carb.

THE DAILY REFILL links to Quicktime movies of Wilco, including a rendition of "Love Will Keep Us Together."

KARL MUELLER: Rockcritics.com presents its Best Music Scribing Awards for 2004. o­ne of the winners was an article about Soul Asylum bassist Karl Mueller's battle with throat cancer. A Soul Asylum live CD is out today, commemorating happier times. A benefit for Mueller almost reunited the Replacements, according to Paul Westerberg in an interview chock full of 'Mats dish, including plans to reissue expanded editions of their entire catalog. An addendum to that interview has Bob Mould picking his fave 'Mats moments.

PORN DRIVES TECHNOLOGY: It's being proved again. o­ne of the next big issues in which pornographers could play a deciding role is the future of high-definition DVDs.

COLUMBIA HOUSE GOES PORNO, launching an adult video club with Playboy Entertainment.

FILMOCULOUS has the year in lists.

OSAMA BIN LADEN: The CIA’s recently departed executive director thinks that the world may be better off if OBL remains at large. Which may explain why he's recently departed.

THE NEW YORKER reports that the Iraq war is "producing the creative and flexible junior officers that the Army’s training could not." These officers grew up with the Internet, and have created websites for sharing information that the Army does not control. "Instead of looking up to the Army for instructions, they are teaching themselves how to fight the war. The Army, to its credit, stays out of their way."

IRAQ: Multi-national forces capture three of four senior terror masters in Mosul.

SASHA FRERE-JONES is lovin' U2, the Pixies, REM and Bowie live.

PERFECT SOUND FOREVER features an oral history of the Long Ryders and Paisley L.A., as told by members of the Long Ryders, the Dream Syndicate, etc.

THE BOSTON GLOBE reports that pop songs killed the radio jingle. Glad I'm not the o­nly o­ne to notice.

COLIN FARRELL praises prostitution, likening it to ordering pizza for delivery. But o­ne's not free if it takes more than 30 minutes.

LOW CULTURE decodes Michael Moore's new look.

FRANCE is calling for a "new relationship" with the United States and says its first test will be the capacity of President Bush and his European allies to advance a Middle East peace within the next six months.

I'LL BE A DENTIST: They now make more money o­n average than general physicians.

"HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A HOLLYWOOD LESBIAN SCORNED." That's the opening sentence to a London Times article reporting that the former girlfriend of Ellen DeGeneres is considering legal action against both the comedian and her new lover, the Arrested Development and Ally McBeal actress Portia de Rossi. How could I not link?

THE AXE FALLS AT CBS: Four CBS News employees, including three executives, have been ousted for their role in preparing and reporting a disputed story about President Bush’s National Guard service. For a summary of the report's findings, with more links, analysis and just a wee bit of ranting, you can click o­n the "Read More" link at the bottom of today's links.

Read full article: 'Links: Groovy Tuesday edition'
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Links 'o' the (I Don't Like Mon) Day   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Monday, January 10, 2005 - 06:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


LET'S KICK OFF the week with a few Pate influences:

Gang of FourGANG OF FOUR: profiled in the Guardian.

THE JAM: There's a limited edition of the non-compact Snap.

X is profiled by the San Francisco Chronicle.

GbV's FINAL STAND was reviewed by Don Thrasher, who beat the skins for a number the night Ken King and I went (registration or bugmenot req'd). Robert Pollard looks to be getting his solo career o­n track.

DID YOU KNOW? I am a super-reader. Also at Crescat Sententia, Will Baude has dish o­n the remake of All The King's Men.

GOOD NEWS o­n IRAQI WOMEN: A new poll (downloadable in full as a pdf here) discloses that: 90.6% of Iraqi women are hopeful about their future; 94% want to secure legal rights for women; 84% want the right to vote o­n the final constitution; and nearly 80% believe that their participation in local and national councils should not be limited.

ROYALE WITH CHEESE: McDonald's ads are much cooler in other countries. Watch or download an Israeli ad for the "McShuarma."

MILLION DOLLAR BABY: wins Best Picture from the National Society of Film Critics.

MICHAEL MOORE: tipped in advance to winning the People's Choice Award? Of course, this is what you get from online polling for awards...He gave a fairly uncontroversial speech; trying to influence Oscar late deciders?

DUBYA AND BUBBA getting chummy? It's the New World Order, I tell you!

TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: I can't decide whether this article wants us to embrace Luddism or admit that we are just spoiled.

QUANTUM CRYPTOGRAPHY, hich offers the hope of unbreakable codes, is showing up in the market. But the real reason to mention it is that I'm a sucker for anything that mentions both the Heisenberg uncertainty principle and uses the phrase "spukhafte Fernwirkungen."

TSUNAMI UPDATE: Visits to the area from VIPs including Kofi Annan and Colin Powell are hindering aid delivery. Not to mention the visit from Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist: "Get some devastation in the back," Frist told a photographer. Meanwhile, the U.N. is asking for 28 million dollars for family planning, including condoms, which seems like an odd thing to do in the midst of well over 100,000 dead. With the U.N. assuming the lead role, let's hope that it does better than it did with the Oil-for-food program, which got bad coverage in both The New York Times and the New York Post. At least, let's hope the U.N. staff there doesn't end up in a sex abuse scandal.

MEGA-TSUNAMI: Researchers say that a "mega-tsunami" originating from a Canary Islands volcano will o­ne day wreak certain havoc along the eastern coast of North America and much of Europe. But maybe not for 10,000 years.

MP3NEWSWIRE publishes its annual lists of winners and losers.

LINDSAY LOHAN into L7 and the Dead Kennedys? In truth, probably not.

AIN'T-IT-COOL-NEWS: has pictures from Richard Linklater's adaptation of Phillip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly.

CREDIT WHERE DUE: Microsoft gets a lot of criticism, much of it deserved. But this review of the beta version of MS Anti-spyware claims it beats Ad-Aware and Spybot.

CATS AND DOGS, LIVING TOGETHER: Like me, InstaPundit must be a Ghostbusters fan.

ONE LAKE, TWO NAMES (Heh heh heh heh): The U.S. Geological Survey calls it Lake Bevis, but the U.S. Census Bureau calls it something else.

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Links 'o' the (TGIFri) Day   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Friday, January 07, 2005 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


Elvis PresleyHOW COULD I FORGET? Happy Birthday, Elvis Presley... wherever you are.

WILLIE NELSON, JOE ELY AND ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO will headline a benefit concert for tsunami victims Sunday night in Austin.

LOU REED and Robert Plant will perform at this year's SXSW. Not together, I hope. Would they play both versions of "Rock and Roll?"

SEATTLE FITTEST U.S. CITY in a survey by Men's Fitness magazine. Chicago was fifth fattest out of the 50 cities in the survey, beaten out by cities like Memphis. Perhaps it's a coffee versus barbeque thing.

THE NEW YORK OBSERVER has some great advice for Robert DeNiro. PLUS: The NYO also crunches the numbers o­n celebrity charities. Bruce Springsteen does well, Whitney Houston, not so well.

PORN: Becoming mainstream media, according to some in this CBS story.

GUIDED BY VOICES: Celia Farber adds her remembrance.

JUDGE ANDREW P. NAPOLITANO, now a senior analyst with Fox News Channel, is not a fan of the Patriot Act or the amendments made by the Intelligence Reform Act.

Cat in a frog custumeCATS have a tailor to satisfy their demand for frog costumes.

CHEESE RACING is sweeping Great Britain. Wait until Robyn Hitchcock finds out!

APPLE BEING SUED by someone claiming Apple is breaking anti-competition laws in refusing to let music players other than iPods work with Apple's iTunes service. And somewhere else, Bill Gates is laughing himself silly.

PEOPLE WRITING SONGS THAT VOICES NEVER SHARE: Meanwhile, Apple is selling sounds of silence not recorded by Simon and Garfunkel for the usual 99 cents a track.

TiVO: Thinking outside the (set-top) box.

THE VILLAGE VOICE runs an article o­n hip-hop's 30th anniversary, suggenting that the moment hip-hop "disappeared from the air and marketplace might be the moment when we'd discover whether hiphop truly was a cultural force or a manufacturing plant, a way of being or a way of selling porn DVDs, Crunk juice, and S. Carter signature sneakers, blessed be the retired."

WHY I LOVE LAWYERS: Fear of silly lawsuits causes companies to put wacky labels o­n their products, such as the toilet brush with the label "Do not use for personal hygiene."

HANS MORAVEC starts a company to realize his prediction that we would someday routinely download our minds into robots. As seen o­n Friends.

IKEA: Lost in translation.

WILLIAM KENNEDY SMITH has the latest sexual assault claim brought against him dismissed.

THE SOCIAL CUSTOMER makes the case against Real Networks.

Michael JacksonTHE SMOKING GUN has a comprehensive roundup of the disturbing allegations against Michael Jackson.

WIRED has a lengthy feature o­n Bram Cohen, the creator of BitTorrent, which now may account for more than o­ne-third of all data sent across the Internet.

SID VICIOUS was also the nickname for ex-Clinton aide and journo Sydney Blumenthal, who was just dumped by Salon.

RACE TO THE BOTTOM: The perfume promoted by Paris Hilton is outsold by the o­ne promoted by Britney Spears. Neither o­ne is named "Skanktastic," but o­ne should be.

WESTWORD wants videogame criticism worthy of Lester Bangs, Pauline Kael and Robert Christgau.

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