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Glen Campbell, Thurston Moore, Neil Diamond, Horse Feathers, Bulldog Pup   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Monday, October 13, 2014 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


GLEN CAMPBELL, stricken with Alzheimer's, delivers his swan song, "“I’m Not Gonna Miss You," a personal and professional retrospective.

THURSTON MOORE advance streams The Best Day.

NEIL DIAMOND advance streams Melody Road.

HORSE FEATHERS advance streams So It Is With Us.

MASTER MIX: Red Hot + Arthur Russell.

DAVID BOWIE drops the jazzy "Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)" as the lead-off track of his latest greatest hits comp.

GLADYS KNIGHT is backed on "Midnight Train to Georgia" by Jack Black, Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr., through the magic of CGI, to promote Tropic Thunder back in 2008.

THE REPLACEMENTS, At Their Best--And Worst.

U2 discusses the Ireland of their youth, their Apple album giveaway - and why Bono works with people he would have once loathed. Big Labor is less than thrilled with their stance on taxes.


THE 100 BEST LPs of the 200s, according to PopMatters (Introduction, 100-81, 80-61, 60-41, 40-21, 20-1)

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: Gone Girl repeats atop the chart with 26.8 million, on a leggy 29 percent drop from its debut. The Fincher flick has recouped its production budget domestically and has had a strong opening in overseas markets.  Dracula Untold places with 23.5 million against a 70 million budget. This is likely deeply disappointing to Universal, which hoped this pic would be the start of a series of reboots of their classic horror properties. Halloween receipts are yet to come, but this vampire seems likely to die short of the 200 million it likely needs to profit in cinemas. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day shows with 19.1 million and should have no problem profiting.  Annabelle drops to the fourth slot this weekend with 16.4 million and will likely be highly profitable, despite being an apparently bad spinoff of The Conjuring. The Judge debuts at the bottom of the Top 5 with 13.3 million, which isn't bad for a drama that has to compete with the hot Gone Girl, but an inauspicious start for Robert Downey, Jr.'s production company.

AMANDA BYNES has been placed on psychiatric hold for the second time. She was apparently lured to and nabbed in L.A.

ANGELINA JOLIE has been made an honorary dame by the Queen of England for services to UK foreign policy and the campaign to end war zone sexual violence.

MISTY UPHAM (Frozen River, August: Osage County) was last seen Oct. 5 and may be suicidal.

REESE WITHERSPOON: What she really wants to do is direct.

LEA SEYDOUX has reportedly been cast as the latest Bond girl.

COLLATERAL: A long read In Praise of Michael Mann's Action Odyssey, a Decade Later.


COLUMBUS DAY:  I get it as a holiday, so I thought a few words might be in order. Over the course of my life, I have seen the image of Columbus swing from unvarnished hero to genocidal criminal, and the subject of many misconceptions.  Columbus was certainly no sweetheart, but at the end of the 15th Century, it is fair to say that Europeans often did not treat each other all that well. Moreover, before the furriners showed up, Native North and South Americans engaged in tribal massacre, infanticide, scalping, human sacrifice, and the ritual skinning of slaves for their priests to wear. It was a far less civilized time all 'round. But the West is civilized today in part because of Columbus. Some four centuries-plus later, we all are still struggling to become more civilized, but focusing criticism o­n the more-civilized while giving the less-civilized a pass is not particularly useful to that struggle. 

HONG KONG police moved on Monday to remove some of the barricades erected by pro-democracy protesters.

TURKEY will allow American and coalition troops to use its bases, including a key installation within 160 kilometres of the Syrian border, for operations against Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq.

THE ISLAMIC STATE  has systematically separated young women and teenage girls from their families and has forced some of them to marry its fighters, and forced boys to convert to Islam, according to Human Rights Watch.

IRAQI officials have issued a desperate plea for America to bring US ground troops back to the embattled country, as heavily armed Islamic State militants came within striking distance of Baghdad. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey has revealed that the United States had to call in Apache helicopters to protect Baghdad's airport against the Islamic State.

A BULLDOG PUP learns to howl.

A LEECH was discovered inside a backpacker's nose. Khaaaan!

COWS IN DIAPERS protest new EU regs on cow dung

PLANET OF THE APES: A New York appeals court will consider this week whether chimpanzees are entitled to "legal personhood" in what experts say is the first case of its kind.

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The Replacements, Tweedy, Tennis, The War On Drugs, JT Earle, Cutout Bin   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Friday, October 10, 2014 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


...with THE REPLACEMENTS! Live in St. Paul, Sept. 13, 2014. Paul & Tommy's triumphant hometown return includes: "Favorite Thing," "Takin’ a Ride," "I’m in Trouble," "Don’t Ask Why," "I’ll Be You," "Valentine," "Waitress in the Sky," "Tommy Got His Tonsils Out" (with a bit of Jim Hendrix's "Third Stone From The Sun"), "Take Me Down to the Hospital," "I Want You Back" (The Jackson 5), "Going to New York" (Jimmy Reed) with Tony Glover, "Color Me Impressed," "Nowhere Is My Home," "If Only You Were Lonely," "Achin’ to Be," "Kiss Me on the Bus," "Androgynous," "I Will Dare," "Love You Till Friday / Maybelline (Chuck Berry)," "Merry Go Round," "I Won’t," " Borstal Breakout (Sham 69)," "Swingin’ Party," "Love You in the Fall," "Can’t Hardly Wait," "I Don’t Know / Buck Hill," and "Bastards of Young." Your encore include: "Skyway," "Left of the Dial," and "Alex Chilton."  You bonus encore is "Unsatisfied," though no one seemed to be.

TWEEDY stopped by WFUV for a chat and mini-set.

TENNIS play a mini-set and discuss married life at WFUV.

THE WAR ON DRUGS stopped by The Current for a chat and mini-set, including Bob Dylan's "Tangled Up in Blue."

JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE also stopped by The Current for a chat and mini-set. 

FLEETWOOD MAC plays “Little Lies,” “Gypsy,” “Go Your Own Way,” and “The Chain” on the Today Show.

IGGY POP will play a serial killer in Dario Argento's The Sandman.

JULIAN CASABLANCAS talks banks and brunch at The Guardian.

MICHAEL STIPE is teaching at NYU.

CUTOUT BIN: I'm streaming Rocktober with cheese via the Pate page at the ol' HM.

NOW SHOWING: This week's wide releases include: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, currently scoring 60 percent on the ol' Tomatometer; Dracula Untold, currently scoring 25 percent; and The Judge, scoring 49 percent.

RYAN GOSLING & EVA MENDES have named their newborn daughter Esmeralda Amada Gosling.

JAN HOOKS, best known for her work on SNL, passed away at 57.


GEORGE CLOONEY spent part of his honeymoon at Comic-Con.

PAULA PATTON has already moved in with boyfriend Zak Waters?

ANNE HATHAWAY is profiled by Harper's Bazaar.

DAVID FINCHER: In a short video, Tony Zhou examines the Gone Girl director's style. 

EXTREME DOG SHAMING, courtesy of Seth Meyers.

PANAMANIAN BATS love their heavy metal.


THE SQUIRREL THREAT: “The last thing I expected,” the cyclist said in an interview, “was to be torpedoed by a squirrel.”

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Spoon, Future Islands, OK GO, Obliterations, Magpie   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Thursday, October 09, 2014 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


THE NEW PR0NOGRAPHERS drop a video for "Dancehall Domine."

SPOON stops by World Cafe for a chat and mini-set.

FUTURE ISLANDS stopped by WFUV for a live session and conversation.

OK GO advance streams Hungry Ghosts.

OBLITERATIONS advance streams Poison Everything.

RARE EARTH: "I Just Want to Celebrate." Yeah, yeah.

J MASCIS discuss his family, zombies, and his favourite childhood records with 10-year-old Elliott for Little Punk People.

CARIBOU: Dan Snaith talks to Drowned In Sound about the making of Our Love.

HAMILTON LEITHAUSER talks about The Walkmen hiatus and his solo work with SPIN.

CABARET VOLTAIRE: discussed his influences at Music OMH. (Thx, LHB.)

STEPHEN COLLINS had fantasies about his then-unborn child? Collins denies it, of course. He also claims his estranged wife tried to peddle the confessional audiotape, while she is indignant that he's trying to make her villain. Meanwhile, Collins has been cut from...wait for it... Scandal.

PAULA PATTTON has filed for divorce from Robin Thicke.

AMANDA BYNES was caught by security at a trendy New York City store allegedly trying to steal merchandise. She also allegedly assaulted a woman who got too close in a nightclub.

JENNIFER LAWRENCE lists 5 things she's looking for in a boyfriend. Not a flattering portrait of Chris Martin.

GWYNETH PALTROW is trying to make lemonade from Martha Stewart's lemons.

ROBERT DOWNEY JR quietly confirms Iron Man 4...but is he in it?

GHOSTBUSTERS: The reboot is in tha hands of screenwriter Katie Dippold (The Heat).

UKRAINE: Hundreds of people have died in fighting in eastern Ukraine since a cease-fire was agreed to by the government and armed separatists last month, the United Nations reported Wednesday, saying it had also received reports of mass graves containing hundreds of bodies.

TURKEY: Prime Minister said Tuesday that Turkey would not get more deeply involved in the conflict with the Islamic State unless the United States agreed to give greater support to rebels trying to unseat the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad. That has deepened tensions with President Obama, who would like Turkey to take stronger action against the Islamic State and to leave the fight against Mr. Assad out of it.

SYRIA: Rear Admiral John Kirby conceded that the process of vetting moderate Syrian rebel groups who will eventually serve as the “boots on the ground” in the campaign to fight the Islamic State inside their Syrian stronghold has not even begun. “We should all be steeling ourselves for reality,” he said, for the likelihood that ISIS will take the strategic border town of Kobane and other border towns.

IRAQ: Islamic State fighters executed 15 civilians in Mosul. The Islamic State shot down an Iraqi Army helicopter with a shoulder-fired missile and killed both crewmen near Bayji. The US launched five airstrikes against the Islamic State in Sinjar and Rabiah. The Iraqi military claimed it killed 30 Islamic State fighters in Tikrit.

MAGPIE vs CYCLIST in Australia, not Bodega Bay.

HAMSTER cured by faith healers.

GOLDFISH: Do they learn faster drinking vodka or bourbon?

RACCOON Rescued From Storm Drain.

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Brian Wilson, Robert Plant, Absolutely Free, Trigger Fish, Cats   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Wednesday, October 08, 2014 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


BRIAN WILSON helps launch BBC Music with a star-studded rendition of "God Only Knows."  Can't tell the players with out a scorecard?


ABSOLUTELY FREE advance streams a self-titled LP.

J MENENDEZ advance streams Memorize Now.

TRIGGER FISH, from Ames IA, is streaming True False via Bandcamp

RANCID drops "Face Up" ahead of Honor Is All We Know.

AC/DC drops "Play Ball" ahead of Rock or Bust. Who doesn't like that record they make?

TV ON THE RADIO drops "Careful You" ahead of Seeds.

SHARON JONES, a cancer survivor, sung "The Star-Spangled Banner" on Monday Night Football.

MORRISSEY revealed that he has previously been treated for cancer, stating, "If I die, then I die. And if I don't, then I don't" regarding the procedures.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS talks to Rolling Stone about getting better with age, getting a nasty kiss-off from producer Gurf Morlix and getting her dues paid via supermarket sausage sales.

STEVE GUNN talks to Stereogum about working with Kurt Vile, living in New York City, & his new LP, Way Out Weather.

STEVIE NICKS interviews HAIM and plays "Rhiannon."

STEPHEN COLLINS— who played the pastor/dad on 7th Heavenapparently confessed to his estranged wife he was a child molester. His estranged wife claims she didn't leak the tape. The LAPD is now revisiting its previously closed investigation. Collins already has been cut from the movie Ted 2

JENNIFER LAWRENCE speaks out to Vanity Fair about her hacked photos.

AMANDA BYNES says she's engaged.

NEVE CAMPBELL is expecting her second child with her longtime boyfriend JJ Feild.

KANYE WEST surprised a bachelorette party.

JENNIFER GARNER shows us her Spanx.

CAMERON CROWE squashed a TV sequel to his 1989 movie Say Anything.

HOOD: Sony is in the midst of making a seven-figure deal to buy a pitch centering on Robin Hood.

HONG KONG: With numbers shrinking rapidly, and hopes of winning meaningful reform fading even faster, the question now is what lies ahead for the pro-democracy protesters.

TURKEY's military is troubled by a broad, vague authorization of military force regarding Iraq and Syria.

SYRIA: A lack of ground support for air strikes against Islamic State jihadists, and Turkey's reluctance to step in militarily, have all but sealed the fate of the besieged Syrian border town of Kobani, analysts said Tuesday. That would be a big deal.  Also, Syria has four chemical weapons facilities that it did not previously disclose to the United Nations, a Western diplomat told CNN on Tuesday.

LEBANON's northeastern border with Syria braced for more violence after fierce clashes between Hezbollah and the Nusra Front over the weekend left nearly two dozen combatants dead, according to security sources.

THE CATS don't want to be walked.

A SACRIFICIAL GOAT takes a child with him.

GIRAFFES: The “forgotten megafauna"?

CHICKENS are four times bigger than they were 60 years ago.

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Greylag, Dads, Kele Okereke, Afghan Whigs, Janis, Nikita the Cat   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Tuesday, October 07, 2014 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


THE BOTH play "Volunteers of America" for Seth Myers.

GREYLAG advance streams a self-titled LP.

DADS advance stream I’ll Be The Tornado.

KELE OKEREKE (Bloc Party) advance streams Trick.

THE AFGHAN WHIGS, on tour, play some of Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk” during “I Am Fire,” some of Jeff Buckley’s “Morning Theft” during “It Kills,” and Bobby Womack’s “Across 110th Street” during “Faded.”

BILL MURRAY sings Bob Dylan's "Shelter From The Storm."

JANIS JOPLIN with BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING COMPANY play "Summertime" and "I Need a Man to Love" -- in one of their last performances together -- for Twofer Tuesday

JACKSON BROWNE talks to All Things Considered about revisiting "The Birds Of St. Marks," a Byrds-ian portrait of Nico that he composed as he was leaving New York, many years ago.

BELLE & SEBASTIAN talk to The Quietus in advance of Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance.

MARY TIMONY talks about the soundtrack of her life at Pitchfork.

UNDERAPPRECIATED ALBUMS OF THE CENTURY, according to the Drowned In Sound staff.

BLAKE LIVELY is pregnant and expecting her first child with husband Ryan Reynolds.

TWIN PEAKS returns in 2016. Yes, really. To celebrate, Rolling Stone posts its 1990 cover story on the show, and Mashable looks at some of the cast 23 years later.

ADRIAN PETERSON, an alleged orgy involving a minor and misused charity funds.

MIA FARROW made six figures to promote a bogus lawsuit against Chevron.

MARIAH CAREY struggles on tour.

ROBERT DOWNEY JR will do Iron Man 4...if Mel Gibson directs.

SIGOURNEY WEAVER talks about Alien, which turned 35 this year (Gert Off My Lawn).

STAR WARS, EPISODE VII: Set secrecy is a watchword.

HONG KONG: The Hong Kong government and pro-democracy protestors laid down a framework for formal talks late Monday, opening the door for a negotiated solution to the standoff that has gripped the city.

GERMANY is planning to do more to help Kurdish and Iraqi troops fighting militants who have captured large amounts of territory in northern Iraq, the Defense Ministry announced on Saturday.

IRAQ: The Islamic State has been accused of using chlorine gas against Iraqi soldiers who were besieged in Anbar province.  RAF jets carried out an airstrike last night against Islamic State fighters near Ramadi who were firing on Iraqi forces.

EGYPT: Security forces arrested four men in Port Said suspected of recruiting fighters for the Islamic State.

SYRIA: "A terrible slaughter is coming." Two weeks after US warplanes began bombing Islamic State positions in Syria, the Pentagon leadership has yet to make critical decisions about building the proxy rebel force central to its plan for taking territory away from the jihadist army.

NIKITA the CAT: Let's go to the video.


NORWAY's REINDEER are radioactive.

LAZARUS, the dog who survived being put down.

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