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Gaslight Anthem, Bob Mould, Neko Case, Chicken Sweaters   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Monday, March 02, 2009 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM have a performance video out for "Great Expectations." 

THE REPLACEMENTS: Despite the collective will of fans waiting with bated breath for a reunion, the book on the Replacements has likely closed with Rhino's recent round of deluxe reissues, according to former bassist Tommy Stinson.

BOB MOULD talks to the Daily Swarm about writing his autobiography, Husker Du's appearance on the Joan Rivers show, DJing, the state of the music biz, blogging and more...

NEKO CASE talks to NPR's Weekend Edition and stopped by Sound Opinions for a chat and mini-set, as part of a show that also has features on U2 and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.

THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART, meanwhile, list a few of their favorite things for Pitchfork.

YEAH YEAH YEAHS have a new teaser video for their upcoming It's Blitz album.

MGMT are suing French Pres. Nicolas Sarkozy's UMP party for using one of their hits as a campaign soundtrack without permission.

JASON ISBELL & THE 400 UNIT played the World Cafe last week, so you can stream the gig on demand via NPR.

VAN MORRISON released Astral Weeks: Live at the Hollywood Bowl last week, and gets an audio feature frm NPR's Weekend Edition.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS talks to the Birmingham News about songwriting, finding her voice, et.

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: Madea Goes to Jail repeated at No. 1 with 16.5 million, even with a 60 percent drop.  The weekend shocker is The Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience finishing second with 12.7 million, when experts were estimating it would make as much as 40 million. It should still make money, but Ouch!  Slumdog Millionaire reaped the spoils of Oscar, surging 45 percent to finish third with 12.2 million. Taken continues to show amazing legs in fourth place, taking in 9.9 million and crossing the 100 million mark. He's Just Not That Into You rounds out the Top Five, earning another 5.9 million.  Below the fold Coraline plummeted to seventh place, mostly because theaters pulled it from its 3-D screens to make room for the underperforming Jonas Bros.  Even so, the delightfully creepy flick has topped 60 million against a 35 million production budget. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li opened in the eighth slot.

RHIANNA & CHRIS BROWN are reunited? Battered diva syndrome.

BRITNEY SPEARS: Fmr "maganger" Sam Lufti, who has been ordered to stay completely clear of the pop wreck with no contact, tells the court he had no direct contact with Britney Spears -- but he says ex-bf Adnan Ghalib did.

LINDSAY LOHAN is converting to Judaism to show her devotion to Samantha Ronson, according to the ever-reliable Daily Mirror.

MADONNA's ex-husband, Guy Ritchie, reportedly has been dissing Madge behind her back by referring to her as "It."

JENNIFER ANISTON & OWEN WILSON ate dog biscuits on German TV. BONUS: Wilson's loved ones - including his brothers Andrew and Luke - are worried about the impact his volatile relationship with Kate Hudson will have on his fragile mental health, according to the ever-reliable Star.

CLINT EASTWOOD apparently believes that political correctness has rendered modern society humorless, for he accuses younger generations of spending too much time trying to avoid being offensive.

THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON: Ed Ulbrich, the digital-effects guru from Digital Domain, explains the Oscar-winning technology that allowed his team to digitally create the older versions of Brad Pitt's face for the movie.

VAL KILMER is serious enough about running for Gov. of New Mexico to reportedly hire a political strategist, to seek out the advice of lawmakers among the state's congressional delegation and to push back as the state's journalists mine celebrity profiles and tabloid coverage.

ED McMAHON has been hospitalized in intensive care, where he is being treated for pneumonia; he has was recently diagnosed with systemic bone cancer.

PAUL HARVEY, the news commentator and talk-radio pioneer whose staccato style made him one of the nation's most familiar voices, died Saturday in Arizona. He was 90. James Lileks has a streamable proto-"Rest of the Story" story from 1968.

PAKISTAN: The radical cleric behind the Swat ceasefire and ongoing negotiations looks to mediate between the government and the Taliban in the most dangerous tribal agencies.

AFGHANISTAN: Pres, Karzai has called for elections to be held on April 21 after the election commission moved the date back to August. The interior minister estimated the Taliban to have between 10-15K fighters.

IRAN: A street in Tehran was named after Imad Mugniyah, Hezbollah's former military commander who was assassinated in Syria in 2008. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told Iraqi President Jalal Talabani that the US is "preparing the ground for a long and permanent presence in Iraq."

IRAQ: Three al Qaeda leaders, including the oil minister for the Islamic State of Iraq, were detained in Baqubah.

SWEATERS for CHICKENS: Let's go to the video.

UGLY the CAT is attracting a lot of attention at an Exeter, NH vet clinic, where clients say they can't take their eyes off his striking appearance. There's video at the link and on YouTube

PARROTS teach a Maryland firefighter to speak again. And he wants a cracker.

A BABY GOLDEN LION TAMARIN was born at the Detroit Zoo.

YETIS may well exist, according to wildlife expert Sir David Attenborough.

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Nuggets, Leonard Cohen, Cutout Bin, Cute Science   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Friday, February 27, 2009 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl



... with GARAGE ROCK! After surveying power-pop a couple of weeks ago, I found myself in the mood for a dozen Nuggets, like Music Machine - "Talk Talk"; Blues Magoos - "We Ain't Got Nothin' Yet"; The Knickerbockers - "Lies"; The Outsiders - "Time Won't Let Me"; Count Five - "Psychotic Reaction"; The Seeds - "Pushin' Too Hard"; 13th Floor Elevators - "You're Gonna Miss Me"; The Standells - "Dirty Water/ Why Pick On Me"; The Leaves - "Hey Joe"; Electric Prunes - "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night," the Crazy World of Artur Brown - "Fire" and The Nazz- "Open My Eyes."

NEKO CASE talks to Exclaim about making Middle Cyclone, moving to rural Vermont, and more. The site also has a Neko timeline. Don't forget you can advance stream Middle Cyclone via NPR.

A.C. NEWMAN talks to the Santa Barbara Independent about (among other things) whether he sees his album as in competition with fellow New Pr0nographer Neko Case's new LP: "No, I don't see us going head to head. It's a ridiculous, unwinable fight. I think I'm like Don Quixote and she's the windmill - the impossible dream. By that I mean she would slaughter me in any fight."

LEONARD COHEN: After a five-year stint in a Zen Buddhist monastery and various legal distractions, he is back on the road: an undertaking that seems to combine his quest for spiritual fulfillment with an effort to regain his financial footing, lost when his former business manager made off with his money while Mr. Cohen was living as a monk on a mountaintop above Los Angeles. You can stream his Beacon Theater gig on demand via NPR.

THE HOLD STEADY: Craig Finn recalls the Reagan era and the Zero Boys for The Guardian.

BEN FOLDS talks to Exclaim about his current tour, producing everyone from Amanda Palmer to William Shatner to "Weird Al" Yankovic, and more... It made me want to hear the BFF rip through "Kate" again, and to watch him back Shatner and Joe Jackson on Pulp's "Common People."

ELENI MANDELL talks to ChartAttack about the ttitle of her Artificial Fire album, her two side projects, Los Angeles, etc.

BEN KWELLER, whose latest album is countrified, tells the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette he would open for Tim McGraw or Alan Jackson.

PYLON guitarist Randy Bewley died after a heart attack suffered while driving in Athens on Monday.

CUTOUT BIN: From The Records to Reunion, from The dB's to Pat Travers, from the Chairmen of the Board to the Zombies, plus Fountains of Wayne, Cheap Trick, Big Star, Glen Campbell and more-- this Friday's fortuitous finds are streaming from the Pate page at the ol' HM.

THE GODFATHER WARS: How the movie classic got made, over the objections of the studio and the mafia.

NOW SHOWING: This weekend's wide releases are Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience, which is currently scoring 29 percent on the ol' Tomatometer (not that it matters, given the huge advance biz from tween girls), and Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, which wasn't screened for critics prior to its release.

THE RAZZIES founder John Wilson talks to The Guardian: "They try and ignore us like a fart in a church. We focus on big-budget, big-name, well-known movies because they have no excuse to be as bad as they are."

TOM BRADY & GISELLE BUNDCHEN: Hitched. This time for sure... nithing up my sleeve... presto!

ANNIE LIEBOVITZ has pawned the rights to her life's work in order to raise nearly 16 million bucks to pay off her debts.

CLINT EASTWOOD may act again, "if a great script comes along."

JERRY SEINFELD is reteaming with NBC to launch his first reality series.  But it's not clear whether he will appear on it.

CAPRICA, the spinoff-prequel to Battlestar Galactica, has a trailer online.

WATCHMEN is getting split reviews - The Hollywood Reporter thinks it's a flop, and Variety seems disappointed, while the Times of London raves. Will I have an opening day review here at Pate? (shakes Magic 8-Ball)  All signs point to "yes."

JOSS WHEDON says Warner Bros is struggling to get many DC Comics heroes on to the big screen because they are too mythological and god-like to connect to audiences.

TAKING CHANCE brought home the Kevin Bacon last weekend, with HBO's biggest audience for an original movie since 2004.  There is a lesson in that for Hollywood that will likely go unlearned.

ISLAMISM in the UK: The British Army is facing increasing numbers of British Muslims fighting for the Taliban in Afghanistan.

INDIA: Police in Mumbai have accused a serving officer in the Pakistan Army of being involved in the terrorist attacks on the city that killed more than 170 people in November.

PAKISTAN: Doubts beset Islamabad's Shariah deal for Swat.

AFGHANISTAN: Hundreds of US troops pushed into a key Taliban stronghold Wednesday in a major operation to stop the insurgents from infiltrating the Afghan capital from the south.

IRAN: France, Germany and Britain are proposing a tough list of additional sanctions to be imposed against Iran over its disputed nuclear program.  Which Iran will take seriously when they start strictly enforcing the sanctions already in place.

IRAQ: American commanders in the pacified south are saying that it's time to start pulling US troops out.  Michael E. O'Hanlon and Kenneth M. Pollack of the Brookings Institution acknowledge the progress in Iraq, but note the lingering challenges there.

THE SCIENCE OF CUTE: What Makes Cute Things Cute?

A 771-LB STINGRAY became the biggest freshwater fish ever caught using a rod and line: "That line from the film Jaws came to mind about needing a bigger boat because we had to get it to the shore to tag it."

A FAMILY OF FOXES sets up its own "penthouse" home in a treetop.

A COYOTE gets booted from the train into Portland from the airport.

RAT & MICE CARCASSES = fashionable headgear.

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Avett Bros, Beatles, Dr John, Tolerant Cat   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Thursday, February 26, 2009 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


THE AVETT BROS cover "Glory Days" as part of Springsteen's "Hangin' on E Street" series.

THE BEATLES: Ever wondered how The White Album's "Revolution 1" and "Revolution 9" are actually related? Well, the almost eleven-minute Take 20 of "Revolution" recorded on May 30 and 31, and June 4, 1968, with John Lennon singing flat on his back, has leaked out on teh Internets -- and it's kinda explanatory.

ALL SONGS CONSIDERED: Tracks from Neko Case, Bishop Allen, Serge Gainsbourg and more feature in the latest installment of the NPR series.

CLEM SNIDE frontman Eef Barzelay discusses the band's new Hungry Bird album on NPR's Day to Day.

PITCHFORK Managing Editor Scott Plagenhoef talks to Wired News about the slowly-growing indie empire: "We're simply trying to start conversations, share thoughts, experiences and ideas, and approach music as fans rather than consummate insiders... we're still a 100% independent publication -- and we've done things that we, as music fans, would have liked someone else to do."

DR. JOHN explains "Iko Iko" to David Sanborn on the ol' Night Music program.  Hiram Bullock and Jeff Healy join in.  A little post Mardi Gras, but better late than never.

METRIC talks to Pitchfork about the making of their upcoming Fantasies album, the indie aesthetic, and more...

RA RA RIOT guitarist Milo Bonacci talks to the East Bay Express about the 2007 death of drummer and lyricist John Pike, the importance of arrangements in their music and more.

THE LITTLE ONES vocalist/guitarist Ed Reyes talks to the Riverfront Times about life after being dropped from Astralwerks in the EMI restructuring.

LILY ALLEN is a borderline furry. Pics at the link. I knew that Twitter account would pay off.

THE HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS get an audio feature + tracks at NPR.

FREIDA PINTO of Slumdog Millionaire will join Naomi Watts, Josh Brolin and Anthony Hopkins on Woody Allen's latest project.

CHRIS BROWN, The troubled R&B singer arrested two weeks ago on suspicion of making criminal threats against girlfriend Rihanna, is taking anger-management classes.

ANNA PAQUIN is currently seeing her on-screen True Blood love interest Stephen Moyer. 

LINDSAY LOHAN could get a role -- and parental supervision -- from Warren Beatty.

BRITNEY SPEARS: Ex-bf Adnan Ghalib was arrested and charged with a felony for running over a court officer who tried to serve the paparazzo with a restraining order against the singer.  Ghalib pleaded not guilty.  Meanwhile, the pop wreck plans to be sawed in half on her upcoming tour.

MORGAN FREEMAN is getting sued by the woman (and possible mistress) who was the passenger in the actor's "horrific" car crash last August.

SANDRA BULLOCK's bed is getting very crowded.

KATHY GRIFFIN is getting two million for a memoir? I guess the recession is over -- or Random House is getting some bailout money.

BACK TO THE FUTURE: An Alternate Ending.

MARVEL PICTURES: Iron Man lifted revenues 28 percent and profits 32 percent last year, but Wolverine is about the only big thing in the pipeline this year.  Iron Man 2 will begin principal photography in early April. BONUS: Samuel L. Jackson is making a deal to play the role of Nick Fury in Iron Man 2, and potentially many other films.

GREEN LANTERN will be beaming into theaters in December 2010.

IRAN said on Wednesday that it has begun tests on its first nuclear plant, in preparations for its launch.

PAKISTAN: The military ordered a 4-day ceasefire in Bajaur while the Swat Taliban agreed to implement an indefinite ceasefire.

IRAQ: The parliament has lifted immunity for member Mohammed al Dayni, who is accused of directing a terror cell in Baghdad.  while fighting insurgents outside major cities has often proved something of a "whack-a-mole" scenario, US forces here say they're finally beginning to make progress thanks in large part to increasingly capable Iraqi security forces and an emboldened local population.

CATS & DOGS... no, wait a minute.

MONSTER PIG terrifies Hessian motorists.

A 50-LB CARP swims into a flooded backyard in Fremont, OH.

HAMSTERS on WHEELS: Your energy source of the future.

KOMODO DRAGON attacks a park ranger in Indonesia. I can haz pic-a-nic basket?

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Tinted Windows, Neko Case, Morning Benders, Office Cat   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Wednesday, February 25, 2009 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


TINTED WINDOWS: Stereogum has your first audio/video of the combo comprising Fountain of Wayne Adam Schlesinger, ex-Pumpkin James Iha, Cheap Trickster Bun E. Carlos, and the Hanson brother... Oh, my!

NEKO CASE is advance streaming her upcoming LP via NPR.

THE MORNING BENDERS did three free songs for Daytrotter, two previously unreleased.

CANDI STATON: The R&B legend talks to The Quietus about her new album, her lifetime in music, nearly eloping with Lou Rawls and more...

LEONARD COHEN is recession-proof.  Hallelujah, indeed.

FAITH NO MORE is reuniting, but there are no US dates.  Kinda like Spinal Tap going to Japan, innit? Do we care a lot?

GARY LOURIS & MARK OLSON get an audio feature on the ex-Jayhawks reunion from The Current.

THE CURE: Robert Smith disagrees "violently" with Radiohead's recent pay-what-you-want scheme.

BEASTIE BOYS bassist Adam MCA Yauch has revealed their forthcoming new album has taken the rap collective in a "bizarre" new direction.

NEUROSCIENCE & NOLSTALGIA: Music is a strong trigger of nostalgia, and evidence of this is not only in scientific journals, but almost certainly in your MP3 collection.  Thus, I must link to the "record fight" from Diner.

MEGAN FOX has split from fiancee Brian Austin Green. I had nothing to do with it.

BRITNEY SPEARS: Papper/ex-bf Adnan Ghalib has been charged with three felonies for allegedly smashing his car into a process server earlier this month... and there's a warrant out for his arrest.

LINDSAY LOHAN & SAMANTHA RONSON: Another day, another fight.

JENNIFER ANISTON & JOHN MAYER were reportedly a little testy at an Oscars afterparty, too.


JOAQUIN PHOENIX liked being mocked at the Oscars because his rap career is a hoax, according to FNC.

WATCHMEN: SciFiWire has two new extended clips featuring Rorschach, from near the beginning of the film.  New York magazine notes that director Zack Snyder has changed the ending a bit (spoiler, natch) and the size of Dr. Manhattan's unit.

THE GREEN HORNET: Michel Gondry is in negotiations to direct Columbia's big-screen treatment of the classic crime-fighting hero, starring Seth Rogen and Stephen Chow.  That's pretty wacky.

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT: Superbad and Juno star (and before that, hello, George-Michael Bluth!)  Michael Cera has finally agreed to do the feature film project, acording to E!'s Kristin Dos Santos.

PAKISTAN: A new Waziristan Taliban alliance has been formed on the orders of Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar.

IRAQ: Security forces detained 100 suspected insurgents in a major operation in Ninewa province. American troops are beginning to pull back from bases and outposts that were linchpins in the US surge.

THE CAT is not your secretary. You would think any cat owner would know this.

A GIANT WHITE RABBIT led coppers on a low-speed chase around Canterbury.  I couldn't decide whether to go with a reference to Alice, Harvey, or Chaucer.


POSSUM runs rampant through the Wests Leagues Club down under. Guess he wasn't playing.

CONFUSE-A-GATOR: A bit like Confuse-A-Cat, though attaching magnets to their heads seems a bit dangerous.

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Jane's Addiction, New Releases, Nellie McKay, Python   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Tuesday, February 24, 2009 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


JANES ADDICTION sneaked in a pre-reunion gig at L.A.'s Echoplex last week, so you get more than Twofer Tuesday.  Selections include "Wh0res", "Ain't No Right," "Had A Dad," "Mountain Song," "Ocean Size" and "Stop."

NEW RELEASES: Black Lips, J.J. Cale, The Wrestler sdtk and more are streaming this week at Spinner. Clem Snide releases a Hungry Bird, while Laura Gibson releases Beasts of Seasons.

NELLIE McKAY did the nine free songs thing for Daytrotter, five previously unreleased.

THE ACORN did the standard four free songs thing for Daytrotter.

ALELA DIANE stopped by The Current for a chat and mini-set streaming on demand via MPR.

THE BONGOS: "Numbers With Wings" was nominated for Best Direction at the first MTV Video Awards.

GRIZZLY BEAR FRONTMAN Ed Drozte talks to Pitchfork about the upcoming album, the BAM show, the Radiohead tour, the Web Sheriff and more...

THE DECEMBERISTS plot out a two-set tour.

JENNY LEWIS talks to Blurt about her busy dance card, her family history and more...

PAVEMENT & SILVER JEWS alumni mashed up for a wedding reception in Nashville, unleashing "badass renditions of wedding staples like 'Proud Mary,' 'Bennie and the Jets' and a rendition of 'What a Fool Believes' that we couldn't help think was directed at all of us gawkers who were clogging up the place."

CHARLES BARKLEY is officially going to jail after pleading guilty to 2 counts of DUI.

NICKY HILTON was allegedly attacked by a hobo at the IHOP in West Hollywood.

MADONNA looked younger than ever at the 2009 Vanity Fair Oscar party Sunday, according to US magazine, which then helpfully reminds us that Madge is not opposed to plastic surgery, just to discussing it.  Meanwhile, People gushes over Madge sending David Banda's old clothes and copies of her children's book to Banda's old orphanage.  Tax write-off, I'm saying.

BRITNEY SPEARS reportedly was sneaking calls to Sam Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib on a prepaid phone.

ADRIANNA LIMA eloped with NBA star Marko Jaric on Valentine's Day.

WILLIAM SHATNER wants to be Prime Minister of Canada.

SHERLOCK HOLMES will be wrestling and sleeping with Dr. Watson in Guy Ritchie's upcoming flick.

COMING ATTRACTIONS: /Film has the three-minute montage of upcoming Hollywood bigs that ran at the end of the Oscars.

THE OSCARS did not hit record low TV ratings this year, just the third-lowest. Get out the champagne!

SEAN PENN: I wasn't going to comment on his Oscar speech, but it is odd that the man felt obligated to lecture his fellow citizens on gay rights, given that the dictatorships he defends are so much worse.

IRAN offered to stop attacking coalition troops in Iraq nearly four years ago in an attempt to get the West to accept Tehran's nuclear program, a British diplomat told the BBC in an interview aired Saturday.  So I guess we've stopped pretending that Iran wasn't aiding terrorists in Iraq, which is something. Iranian authorities have blocked two Web sites promoting the presidential bid of Mohammed Khatami, reformists said Saturday, in a first sign that powerful hard-liners might seek to thwart his challenge to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the June 12 election.

AFGHANISTAN: The Kyrgyz parliament voted Thursday to force the US military to abandon its air base here - part of what many say is a Kremlin-backed initiative - posing a severe setback to American efforts in Afghanistan.

IRAQ: US and Iraqi forces have launched a new military campaign they hope will put an end to a stubborn insurgency in restive Nineveh province, seen as a final holdout for Sunni Islamist militants.

KID RIDES GIANT PYTHON: Let's go to the video. Jim Morrison also rode the snake, and we all know hot that turned out.

CHANEL, a wire haired Daschund, is the world's oldest living dog aged 102 (in canine years). Slideshow at the link.

SNAKES in a SUITCASE: A cool security photo nailed a smuggler trying to sneak 44 snakes and lizards - including an endangered albino python - on a flight out of Australia.

CHIMP ATTACK UPDATE: The chimp's mother was gunned down in 2001 by a teenager after she and two other primates escaped their Missouri ranch and wreaked havoc, sources and experts told NYDN.

SHARKS hit by economic downturn. You're gonna need a smaller boat.

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