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Teddy Thompson, The National, Feist, Raja, Burmese Pythons   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Thursday, April 13, 2006 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


SILVER JEWS frontman David Berman talks to the Chicago Tribune (Metromix) about overcoming his tour anxiety, what his rabbi said about having other Jews in the band, and getting hit o­n by Tina Louise from Gilligan's Island.

RAY DAVIES: The former Kinks frontman thinks Paul McCartney should abandon the middle of the road to either make stripped down music, or go to the other end of the spectrum and work with Andrew Lloyd Webber.

ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO gets a hefty career profile in Harp, including his moments o­n the edge of death from multiple health maladies.

CHUCK BERRY: Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll, the Chuck Berry movie masterminded by the Rolling Stones' Keith Richards, is due in June, as both a two-disc "Special Edition" and a four-disc "Ultimate Edition." The latter will include an hour-plus roundtable with Berry, Little Richard and Bo Diddley discussing their shared experiences for the first time.

TEDDY THOMPSON (yes, the son of Richard and Linda) had his NYC gig interrupted by a police raid that was part of a city-wide narcotics crackdown. But the show must go o­n, so Teddy took his guitar to the streets. You can stream some clips from MySpace and see him tomorrow o­n Conan O'Brien's show.

THE NATIONAL: Singer Matt Berninger talked with CokeMachineGlow about songwriting, the band's evolving sound, the role of bloggers in the band's quasi-success, touring with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and plenty more.  You can hear 'em o­n MySpace.

SEEN YOUR VIDEO: Since American Idol was assaulting the Queen catalog the other night, let's revisit "Killer Queen" a live take of "Somebody To Love," the video for "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," with David Bowie o­n "Under Pressure" and yes, even "Bohemian Rhapsody." BONUS: "Flash!" Ah-ah! He's incredible!

THE RACONTEURS: The Washington Post dug their US debut: "So what we've got here sounds suspiciously like a rock hipster's version of a supergroup, that dreaded hybrid beast -- half man, half hype -- that rarely exceeds the sum of its individual parts. (One word, party people: Asia.) But the Raconteurs seem ready to beat the supergroup rap, in large measure because there's an underlying sincerity about this enterprise. The songs are sludgy and soulful without seeming particularly calculated. Plus, these guys appear to love what they're doing."

LESLIE FEIST gives SPIN a progress report o­n the remix album and her next new album. You can stream a couple of Feist tunes from SPIN, also. Plus, there's All Things Feist, a new fan blog that seems to be killing music with live boots.

YO LA TENGO: If you didn't kill music by downloading the covers the band did o­n WFMU earlier this year, or if you're looking for more, I note that YTL is now selling Yo La Tengo is Murdering the Classics, a compilation from their WFMU covers gigs from 1996-2003.

BILLY BRAGG wants to be Googled.

STEELY DAN: At PopMatters, Will Layman asks: Is Steely Dan a cheesy, clownish, processed outfit that laid the groundwork for smoove jazz, or a band of triumphantly uncool "anti-rock" nerd heroes?

PETE DOHERTY-KATE MOSS UPDATE: The troubled singer failed to turn up to court for a review of his drug rehab after being delayed following a concert in France. Ex Brit-soaper Danniella Westbrook and former Gossard model Sophie Anderton -- both recovering addicts -- are slagging Doherty and warning Moss to ditch him. The supposedly sober supermodel was spotted getting cozy with her ­Calvin Klein ad campaign co-star Jamie Dornan, "touching and whispering in o­ne another's ear all night," as a spy told the NYDN. Lindsay Lohan huddled with him also. Maybe that's why Dornan's ex, Keira Knightley, warned Sienna Miller that he's a heartbreaker. BONUS: Moss looks really flexible in sculpture.

JOHN TRAVOLTA and KELLY PRESTON: Five sources reportedly believe the couple's 14-year-old son is autistic, but is not being conventionally treated, due to the Scientological teaching against psychiatry.

MADONNA hubby Guy Ritchie spends every spare second judo fighting down at his local dojo and is planning a men-only holiday with best mate Jason Stratham this May in Chicago. So, how's the marriage going?

OPRAH WINFREY is channeling a little Gordon Gekko: "I was coming back from Africa o­n o­ne of my trips. I had taken o­ne of my wealthy friends with me. She said, 'Don't you just feel guilty? Don't you just feel terrible?' I said, 'No, I don't. I do not know how me being destitute is going to help them.'"

JUNE POINTER, the youngest of the Pointer Sisters, has died of cancer at 52.

JESSICA SIMPSON and LINDSAY LOHAN reportedly bared their claws at a bar in L.A. I would care more if Jell-O was involved.

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT denies that she rates an "eight" out of ten in the sack.

BRITNEY SPEARS: The L.A. Dept. of Children and Family Services has reportedly closed its investigation into the welfare of the pop tart's child. Meanwhile, Spenderline says he will not allow his children to go into showbiz until they learn proper moral values. Otherwise, they might father illegitimate kids before taking up with someone who grew up o­n the Mickey Mouse Club and ends up selling her teen sex appeal in Catholic schoolgirl uniforms and PVC catsuits.

GWEN STEFANI and Gavin Rossdale are having a baby girl, or a very androgynous boy.

EWAN McGREGOR has adopted a 4-year-old girl from Mongolia. He will teach her the ways of the Force. Or be named a UN ambassador. Possibly both.


THE WHITE HOUSE EASTER EGG ROLL is open to same sex couples, which upsets the Traditional Values Coalition.

ZACH BRAFF talks about winning a Grammy for the Garden State soundtrack, his future plans and his new obsession with Lost: "At the Golden Globes I accosted each and every member. I'm such a fan that I almost tackled some of them. Matthew Fox -- I was like, 'Okay, let me get this straight. When you're in the hatch...' I don't know. I was like a weird Star Trek fan. But they are so nice and are all so cool. I spent like an hour talking to Evangeline Lilly about specific details of the show and she was like, 'Relax. I don't know.'" At least, that's what he tells galpal Mandy Moore about why he spent an hour with Evangeline Lilly.

BRADGELINA: Jolie has reportedly complained to friends that Jennifer Aniston was "milking" her split with Pitt o­n the Oprah Winfrey show to turn the public against the Jolie-Pitt pairing. Experts say pregnant women like Jolie should not go to Namibia due to the risk of malaria. Someone overheard Jolie say she thinks the baby is a girl, though she bought a shirt that read "BOY" o­n the front, along with dresses... And while Pitt has crews renovating his home around the clock, he has ordered workers to keep it quiet after dark and invited neighbors to a cocktail party to be held when the work is done.

CULT OF THE iPod: The press is calling Fisher-Price's MP3 player aimed at infants "the iTod," but Fisher-Price almost certainly won't, or risk hearing from Apple's legal staff.

IRAN: Diplomats and experts familiar with Iran's nuke program say Iran still is far from producing any weapons-grade material needed for bombs and may be exaggerating its own progress. Of course, the same experts also say that many things about the program are unknown -- including the country's intentions -- and that it's unclear how reliable US or other Western intelligence estimates are. Meanwhile, Deputy Nuclear Chief Mohammad Saeedi told state-run television that plans to install 3,000 centrifuges at its facility in the central town of Natanz by late 2006, then expand to 54,000 centrifuges. To put this in context, a plant of 1,500 centrifuges could produce enough bomb fuel for o­ne weapon within three years.

IRAQ IN THE MEDIA: The Washington Post ran a story with the lede implying that Pres. Bush made claims about mobile bio labs while "intelligence officials possessed powerful evidence that it was not true." Read to paragraph 12 to discover that the team that filed a field report o­n this was o­ne of several, and that "Two teams of military experts who viewed the trailers soon after their discovery concluded that the facilities were weapons labs, a finding that strongly influenced views of intelligence officials in Washington..." Moreover, CIA and DIA continued to believe this for a long period thereafter, because they don't change a coordinated report based o­n a preliminary finding in a field report. So it's no wonder the White House was mad at the WaPo and ABC for misleading reporting.

IRAQ IN THE MEDIA II: Following the National Journal story o­n phony war photos, Bill Roggio notes that the AP may have fallen for a phony video from Ramadi. Meanwhile, The New York Times runs a story headlined, "Deaths of U.S. Soldiers Climb Again in Iraq." This is the second such story the paper has done in a week. As noted earlier, the NYT never did a story about five months of declining casualties and probably will not if the past week turns out to be a blip in the longer trend. Moreover, the NYT and papers like the WaPo don't report o­n the trends or numbers of the enemy killed, because it's a practice discredited during the Vietnam War. The editorial judgments upon which these rules of coverage are based are... what, exactly?

RAJA, Sri Lanka's most celebrated elephant, has fallen ill after eating scores of cookies, chocolates and other rich food offered to him as part of Buddhist new year celebrations.

DOG POOP: San Francisco wants to run o­n it. The punchline writes itself.

BURMESE PYTHONS, roughly the circumference of a telephone pole, are growing in number and in feet across South Florida. "Last year, we caught 95 pythons," said Skip Snow, a biologist with Florida Everglades National Park. That's not counting the 13-footer that exploded after trying to eat an alligator, or two others that got loose and ate a Siamese cat and a turkey.

STOLEN BABY MEERKAT recovered, two suspects in custody.

POISONOUS SNAKES are probably a disproportionate protest of bad service at your bank.

BABY SEAL: So cute it looks like a stuffed animal. Awww...

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Hard-Fi, The Move, Spoon, and Goat on a Pole   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Wednesday, April 12, 2006 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS frontman Patterson Hood talks about the band's upcoming album: A Blessing and a Curse: "We went in with an agenda of what we did not want to do: A concept record, a rock opera, anything that anyone would call Southern. I’m not running from where I’m from, but I don’t necessarily have to write about it all the time. There’s been enough said about that for now." He also notes the importance of the producer of the band's critically acclaimed albums -- David Barbe, who played bass for Sugar. There are advance tracks to stream and download at MySpace.

FATS DOMINO, JERRY LEE LEWIS, BUDDY HOLLY, MARTHA REEVES and the VANDELLAS, JIMI HENDRIX and SONIC YOUTH are among those getting into the National Registry of Recordings picked by the Library of Congress.

THE NEW YORK DOLLS: David Fricke has some background o­n the reunion album at Rolling Stone.

THE DOORS: The surviving members are gearing up for the band's 40th anniversary with plans for a comprehensive boxed set, reissues, merchandise and an interactive Las Vegas attraction -- and possibly licensing their music for commercials for the first time.

HARD-FI started with an EP they recorded in a makeshift studio by themselves for about 500 bucks -- and stayed there to make their major label debut, Stars of CCTV. The Clash-influenced Brits think they have something to say to Americans: "Most people live in a suburban town or a town where there's nothing to do. They feel a little alienated from what's going o­n," says singer Richard Archer. "There's towns just like ours in America. I think what we say is quite universal." Hear 'em o­n MySpace.

YEAH YEAH YEAHS have a show to stream or download from NPR.

ELO and SLADE: Though the ELO catalog has been reissued, with liner notes from Randy Newman, Robert Christgau prefers Jeff Lynne's first band, The Move: "No other band better evokes a giant mechanical lizard." He likes Slade for the same reason. In that spirit, here's the Move playing "California Man" (later covered by Pate fave Cheap Trick) o­n Top of the Pops and Slade's biggest hit, "C*m O­n, Feel the Noize," both of which feature some truly fugly fashion. BONUS: The Move's "I Can Hear the Grass Grow" from 1967.

SPOON has been working o­n a new album with piano and guitar, but is collecting new instruments, says frontman Britt Daniel: "We're busy looking for instruments we've never played before. So far we have an electric harpsichord, a bunch of harmonicas and these weird Japanese instruments..." Until then, you can hear some current and past stuff o­n MySpace.

METRIC: Emily Haines talks to the A.V. Club about opening for the Stones at MSG and recording in a studio she built with co-founder James Shaw, who tals to the Winnipeg Sun who talks about the diversity of the Candaian "scene." Haines and Shaw are also members of Broken Social Scene.

BIRDMONSTER gets some local love from the San Francisco Chronicle with the release of their debut LP: "(W)hen they kick into a song, they become another animal -- something fierce, of almost mythical stature, like a thunderbird -- living up to their name." There's a podcast with clips at the link.

T-BONE BURNETT is hitting the road in support of his first album in 14 years, The True False Identity, and a two-disc retrospective, Twenty Twenty: The Essential T Bone Burnett, both due May 16th.

MORRISSEY: London's Guardian asks "How o­n earth can the Tories like Morrissey?" As though politics is the o­nly subject he ever wrote about.

TOM-KAT UPDATE: Holmes has reportedly been banned from speaking to her baby for a week after it is born, in accord with the teachings of Scientology. And as Holmes rnears the bursting point, Cruise is joyriding in a fighter jet when he's not busy playing down the "silent birth" doctrine and his headline-grabbing prescription drug debate with Matt Lauer o­n the Today show in GQ magazine, even as he claims that he can get someone off heroin in three days through Scientology's detox programs. Can he top himself in his interview with Diane Sawyer, set to air Friday?

MADONNA and Guy Ritchie are only staying together for their children, according to the film director's dad.

JESSICA SIMPSON: Cameras captured Nick Lachey at a Vegas hotspot with CaCee Cobb, the pneumatic blonde's personal assistant. The Gilded Moose has pics of the pair looking cozy in the club's VIP area.

CARMEN ELECTRA could lose a lucrative cosmetics contract with Max Factor after riding a Sybian sex machine o­n the Howard Stern show. She is said to be shocked at the company's reaction.

EVANGELINE LILLY: The Lost hottie hates the laid-back island lifestyle of Hawaii -- where the show is shot -- because no o­ne has a notion of urgency.

J-LO is suing her least famous ex-husband, claiming, among other things, that he has demanded 5 million bucks from her to keep him from selling a tell-all book.

BRITNEY SPEARS gets another visit from the Department Of Children and Family Services and an L.A. sheriff's deputy. Star magazine claims that o­n April 7, Spears and Spenderline rushed baby Sean Preston to the hospital, where doctors discovered he had a minor skull fracture, ostensibly from a fall from his high chair. Star claims that deputies made a routine follow-up visit o­n April 8. In February, DCFS visited Spears' home after photos showed her driving with then 4-month-old Sean Preston in her lap, rather than in a car seat.

BRADGELINA: "If Dali Had Painted Angelina Jolie" is now showing in the Gallery of the Absurd.

MARTIN SHEEN: As the Bartlett presidency winds down, the West Wing star has turned down an entreaty from Ohio Democratic Party representatives to run for the U.S. Senate: "I'm just not qualified," he said. "You're mistaking celebrity for credibility."

LUCY LIU prefers to focus o­n helping child earthquake victims in Pakistan than o­n party politics: "It's hard not to rattle off my opinions, but if you focus o­n too much you can't get anything done."

ROBERT RODRIGUEZ: Is the Sin City director dating Rose McGowan days after filing for divorce from his wife of 16 years? Rodriguez's rep says, "Rose is working with Robert o­n a yet-to-be-announced project. They have a professional relationship." Is that a denial?

DENNIS HOPPER is installing an exhibition of his own photographs and other works at the Ace Gallery in L.A. Check some out.

MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL and PETER SARSGAARD are engaged and expecting a baby, which immediately raises two questions: (1) will they hyphenate their last name; and (2) will they name their child Aaron, even if it's a girl?

IRAQ: Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish leaders unite to strongly criticize Egypt's president after he said Iraq was o­n the verge of a civil war. Time reports that the insurgents don't think it's a civil war, either. Charles Hess, director of the Iraq Project and Contracting Office, says the pace of reconstruction spending is increasing. Sherman Fleek, the man tasked with writing the Army's official history of reconstruction efforts in Iraq, looks at the big picture. Lt. Gen. Gregory Newbold, director of operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, claims in Time magazine that he was outspoken in his criticism before the war, but neither Defense Sec. Rumsfeld nor liberal columnists like Richard Cohen seem to recall it. Also unmentioned in the reports o­n Newbold is his prior history with Rumsfeld and the question of whether he was allowed to retire as a three-star general.

IRAN has enriched uranium, according to Iranian Pres. Ahmadinejad. Not to worry though -- it's just so they don't have to depend o­n foreign oil. Iran's nuke program is before the UN Security Council, but Ahmadinejad says "They know they cannot do a damned thing."

GOATONAPOLE: Look out, Scientology! Goatonapole is the philosophy of the future.

DOGS: The traits that women adore or hate in their dogs offer them strong clues about what they need in a mate," according to longtime dog trainer and writer Sarah Wilson. For example: "For women who like sporting breeds -- golden retrievers, labs -- they want someone loving and social who will adore them. For women who like working breeds --Dobermans, Rottweilers, boxers -- they want someone more serious. They want to feel safe..."

NAKED MOLE-RATS debut at the Knoxville Zoo: "They're so ugly, they're cute," said Knoxville Zoo keeper Cathleen Wise. Or not...

CATS AND DOGS: Dog chases Cat. Dog shot by Cat Owner. Dog Owner and Cat Owner exchange gunfire. Dog Owner is taken to the hospital. It's the Circle of Life.

BALD EAGLE looking for a mate is rescued after getting stuck in the crotch of a maple tree.

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Neko Case, New Releases, Arthur Lee and Cheetah the Chimp   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Tuesday, April 11, 2006 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


PATE REUNION? No smoke yet, but someone is rubbing a couple of sticks together... Should anything come of it, I'll let you know, natch. (And yes, there's a clue in that item.)

NEKO CASE and MARTHA WAINWRIGHT played Washington, D.C.'s 9:30 Club Sunday night, so you can stream or download them from NPR. ALSO: Case is interviewed o­n Pitchfork about all sorts of stuff.

NEW RELEASES: You can hear full albums from Built to Spill, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Peter Walker, and Eagles of Death Metal via AOL Music. The full Calexico album is still streaming from VH1. There is the sophomore effort from Seattle's Crystal Skulls, who are playing the M-Shop in Ames, IA at the end of this week. There's a compilation from the decidedly alt-country collective Lambchop. There are also reissues from David Byrne & Brian Eno, Sebadoh, and Wire, which is issuing the classic trilogy of Pink Flag, Chairs Missing, and 154, both separately and as an o­nline box set with two live discs. And then there is Essential Judas Priest.

BUILT TO SPILL frontman Dave Martsch talks rotating lineups, inconsistent touring schedules, and infrequent albums with Harp, with a tip of the cap to the Replacements along the way.

THE BEATLES: Apple Corps head Neil Aspinall and Sir George Martin are re-mixing and re-mastering the Fabs for a Las Vegas extravaganza featuring Cirque du Soleil.

ARTHUR LEE: Just o­ne day after I linked to a Love video, news comes that frontman Arthur Lee is fighting Leukemia.

WILCO has been road-testing material intended for its next album, including "a swamp rocker with total, full-on guitar" and "a beautiful soul number closer to Bill Withers."

SEEN YOUR VIDEO: At the Robert Pollard show, Ken King and I somehow ended up talking early Devo. I told Ken that I figured that NBC got their seminal performance of "Satisfaction" pulled from YouTube, but I was mistaken. However, having already linked that video o­nce, I thought it would be fun to have folks take a gander at "Mongoloid" from Don Kirschner's Rock Concert in 1979. And since it's Tuesday, let's make it a twofer with a later, but really tight, charging version of "Uncontrollable Urge" from the movie, URGH! A Music War.

FLAMING LIPS frontman Wayne Coyne talks to Harp about writing a song for Gwen Stefani and what it's like inside the space bubble. And if you haven't seen Wayne in the space bubble, there's a short clip with awful audio o­n YouTube.

TOP TEN MOMENTUM-KILLING FOLLOW-UP SINGLES to breakthrough post-grunge albums, courtesy of Stylus.

DANIEL JOHNSON: Jeff Feuerzeig talks about the documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston o­n the World Cafe, including some audio with Yo La Tengo.

THE RACONTEURS had to change the band's name to the Saboteurs for the Assie leg of their tour to avoid a legal row with an unsigned jazz band down under.

PRIMAL SCREAM seems to be returning to a Stonesy-Stoogey sound o­n their upcoming album.

PETE DOHERTY-KATE MOSS UPDATE: The News of the World published a pic purportedly showing the troubled singer shooting heroin, which could be the last straw for the supposedly sober supermodel. Meanwhile, Moss mulls starting her own clothing line when her modeling days are done.

GWYNETH PALTROW and Coldplay's Chris Martin welcomed their second child over the weekend. And lo, they named him Moses, supposedly after a song from the Live 2003 album that Martin wrote for his wife, though it's perfect timing for Passover.

HOLLYWOOD'S STAR PAYDAYS may be forcibly disclosed under a proposed regulation being considered by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

TERI HATCHER is expected to become the highest-paid TV actress after demanding a cut from products spun off from Desperate Housewives.

KEITH SUTHERLAND has signed for another three days of 24 as part of a multifaceted deal with Fox that will make him TV's highest-paid actor in a drama series.

MADONNA: Are you becomming as annoying as Madge? the New York Daily News lists the warning signs.

BRADGELINA: New York magazine mocks the tabloid feeding frenzy over the impending birth of baby Jolie-Pitt: "Not since Jesus has a baby been so eagerly anticipated. Actually, forget Jesus. o­nly three wise men turned up to greet him in the manger..." Nice photo-fakery, too! A Namibian newspaper reported that the couple has taken refuge in a remote Namibian game lodge where wild lions will help protect them from the media. Pitt has construction crews working 24/7 to renovate his Hollywood Hills home before the birth of his child. And Michael Douglas is now saying he was misquoted by GQ magazine, which said he made inflammatory remarks about the couple.

SEAN CONNERY will officially announce his retirement from acting when he collects his Lifetime Achievement Award at the American Film Institute later this year.

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER may be back for just a cameo in Terminator 4.

COLIN FARRELL: Off the wagon already?

HILLARY AND HOLLYWOOD: A lengthening list of top Hollywood celebrities have publicly criticized Sen. Hillary Clinton's Presidential ambitions, which will probably help her with the rest of the public.

BRITNEY SPEARS is set to drop out of FHM's 100 sexiest women list, published in the British edition of the men's magazine later this year. That's what happens when you binge o­n junk food to dull the pain of having married Spenderline.

CHARLIZE THERON was honored with a top prize from GLAAD for increasing "visibility and understanding in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community" by playing lesbian serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster. I, for o­ne, did not know how keen lesbians are to let everyone know that they can be serial killers, just like the straight folks. She has also vowed not to get married until gays can get married, which is sure to rally her hetero male fans to that cause. I cannot escape the feeling that GLAAD didn't think this through beyond the "let's give her an award so she shows up... she's so hot" stage.

IRAQ: Bill Roggio points to a report that Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani is "advising" Iraq's largest party to make concessions to the Sunnis to break the political gridlock and help form a government of national unity. Conservative blogger Ed Morrissey got two translations of a recently declassified document seized from Saddam's regime -- an April 2001 memo from the command of an Iraqi air force base seeking "the names of those who desire to volunteer for Suicide Mission to liberate Palestine and to strike American Interests..." Investors Business Daily has an article summarizing some of the other recently translated documents.

IRAQ IN THE MEDIA: The National Journal looks at phony photos coming out of Iraq and Afghanistan, usually supplied by local stringers for the major wire services. The article also notes that "(s)ometimes, residents -- even doctors and hospital officials -- sympathize with, or fear, the insurgents, and they simply lie or exaggerate to make Iraqi forces or US troops look bad." The Washington Post, where people claim they worry about such things, ran a story in which an anonymous "some" think the US may have over-emphasized Zarqawi's role in terror ops, which the military denies. Elsewhere, The New York Times runs a piece claiming that Army captains "are bailing out of active-duty service at rates that have alarmed senior officers," though not a single such officer is quoted in the story, not even anonymously. And if you make it to paragraph 11, you discover that the retention rate remains higher than it was before 9/11. Overall, the Army is surpassing its retention goal by 15 percent -- a figure unmentioned by the NYT. And while recruitment of new troops is exceeding monthly targets, the AFP and Reuters run stories suggesting the Army will end up missing its annual goals, which generally is called "speculation," not reporting.

GLOBAL WARMING stopped? Prof. Bob Carter, a geologist and paleoclimate researcher, writes: "Consider the simple fact, drawn from the official temperature records of the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, that for the years 1998-2005 global average temperature did not increase ..." That's a small sample, but still unexpected.

CHEETAH, star of a dozen Tarzan movies in the 1930s and 1940s, celebrated his 74th birthday -- albeit with sugar-free cake bceause he's diabetic.

HOG-DOGGING UPDATE: The bizzare, brutal "sport" of pitting dogs against a pig or boar, may be banned in North Carolina. Legislatures in Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia also have bills in the works that would outlaw hog-dogging.

KITTY-GARTEN, like dog training class is as much or more for the pet owner as for the pet.

HIGH-MAINTENANCE B-TCH: Does the pet shop's name refer to the dogs or their owners?

WILD TURKEY discovers the hard way that the library is not a great place to meet a chick.

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Robert Pollard, The Replacements, The Raconteurs and the Were-Rabbit   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Monday, April 10, 2006 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


ROBERT POLLARD has three new side projects that will be released in May -- including his collaboration with Tommy Keene -- so he has three free previews to download.

SUFJAN STEVENS is putting out The Avelanche, an album of outtakes and alternate versions of songs from his Illinois album. A must-own for those wanting to hear about Saul Bellow, Ann Landers and Adlai Stevenson. Sterogum is already killing music with the title track. And while is is making an album with Rosie Thomas, they are not having a baby.

THE REPLACEMENTS: Tommy Stinson joins Soul Asylum, filling in for the late Karl Mueller for their first studio album in eight years. Prefix makes Tim part of its list of essential albums.

VAN MORRISON is a tough interview, but the introvert does talk about some of his favorite songs while promoting his acclaimed country-flavored album, Pay the Devil.

NEKO CASE talks to the Philadelphia Inquirer about the history and importance of reverb. You can hear what she means o­n the free downloads from her label.

THE DOORS are returning to the big screen in two new documentaries. o­ne will feature the surviving members; the other will have interviews with the family members of Jim Morrison. But how could either top the classic lines Oliver Stone gave them, especially "Well, Jim Morrison! You've ruined another Thanksgiving!"

SEEN YOUR VIDEO: Pate fans may remember the band covered Love's "Little Red Book" a few times in the early days. Though this looks to be a lip-sync, I dig the instrumentation.

THE RACONTEURS: Jack White and Brendan Beson talk to London's Guardian about dual songwriting. You can see the "Steady As She Goes" video o­n YouTube, plus bootleg video from their London gig.

DAVID BOWIE has been put on a strict diet by his model wife Iman, following his heart attack in 2004.

LEIF GARRETT has been sent back to jail for 45 days after failing drug tests.

ABBA STALKER ARRESTED: A long-term stalker of former ABBA blonde Agnetha Faltskog was arrested near the singer's estate in Sweden.

BILLY BRAGG launched a tour to defeat British National Party candidates in the local elections, which would be more effective if Bragg's politics were more mainstream.

PETE DOHERTY-KATE MOSS UPDATE: UPDATE: The troubled singer is the subject of a song o­n the next Courtney Love album. Supposedly sober supermodel Moss is rumored to be stringing Doherty along to make sure he doesn't reveal more details about their druggy antics together. But he is reportedly desperate to get her pregnant. If you want an extended look at the train wreck that is Pete Doherty, you can see Who the F*** is Pete Doherty? via Google Video.

JESSICA SIMPSON: In case there was any doubt, the pneumatic blonde will be mining her divorce o­n ther next album. Meanwhile, her future ex responded to rumors that Jessica wants to adopt: "She could be a great mom, but she’d have to concentrate, which I can’t see her doing." What we can see her doing is getting sued for one hundred million dollars.

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: Ice Age: The Meltdown claimed the top spot again, though its 50 percent drop is larger than for most major computer-animated features. Even so, it's the first movie of the year to cross the 100 million milestone. The Benchwarmers came in second with a scary 20.5 million. Take the Lead came in third, followed by Inside Man. Lucky Number Slevin was not so lucky in at number five.

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY wants to play Eliza Doolittle in a stage production of My Fair Lady. And she has donated the Vera Wang dress she wore at the Oscars to Oxfam for an eBay auction.

BRADGELINA: Is Jolie planning to give birth in Namibia? I had doubted it, but she's reportedly rented all 14 rooms and suites at the Burning Shores resort for up to 12 weeks, protected by private security, with a jet o­n standby. There's talk about Jolie wanting to have as natural a childbirth as possible. There are also the inevitable rumors that Jolie will join Pitt o­n Ocean's 13.

STEVEN SPIELBERG has agreed to a deal with Fox to star in a reality TV show, to be produced by Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Apprentice).

GOSSIPOLA? A New York Post Page Six staffer was suspended pending the outcome of a federal investigation into allegations he sought to extort over 100 grand from a billionaire as "protection" against inaccurate and unflattering items about him  The staffer is claiming he was set up.

CASABLANCA has topped the Writers Guild of America's list of the 101 best screenplays ever written. I'm shocked!

BEN AFFLECK, who supposedly has political ambitions, baselessly accused Pres. Bush of "probably" leaking the name of a CIA agent and suggested he be hung for doing so. Former Amb. Joe Wilson has similarly claimed that the Administration leaked his wife's name to punish him for claiming that Bush was lying about prewar intell. The Washington Post runs an editorial saying Bush was right to declassify of parts of a National Intelligence Estimate that showed "as have several subsequent investigations, that Mr. Wilson was the o­ne guilty of twisting the truth."

MARLON BRANDO screen tested for Rebel Without a Cause. It may well be Brando's very first work in front of a camera. Video at the link.

ICONS OF STYLE: Gwyneth Paltrow has been crowned Britain's best-dressed woman by Harper's Bazaar. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe have been voted Hollywood's Most Stylish Couple by In Touch magazine.

EMINEM has blasted his estranged wife for going o­n the radio to claim he is back o­n drugs.

SIENNA MILLER and JUDE LAW on again? London's Mirror reports that Law has jetted to New York at short notice to see his former fiancee, after a secret date in a Central London restaurant last weekend.

CARMEN ELECTRA rode a Sybian o­n the Howard Stern show. IDLY has the pictures. She followed that up with a raunchy performance at a lesbian festival, where she kissed Joan Jett, which both of them seemed to have enjoyed greatly.

NANOTECH: Government officials in Germany have reported what appears to be the first health-related recall of a nanotechnology product. It was unclear yesterday what kind of nanomaterial is in the bathroom cleaner at issue, or even whether the nanoparticles were to blame, but some hyteria will ensue immediately.

IRAQ: Bill Roggio has analyses of Friday's mosque bombing and fighting in and around Ramadi. After the bombing, Shiites took to the streets to denounce al Qaeda and al-Zarqawi, not local Sunnis. That story doesn't fit the notion that Iraq is having a civil war, so it o­nly shows up in foreign media. The AP would rather play up comments about undeclared civil war; you have to search to discover that the leader of the main Shiite party said: "Our people will not be drawn into the trap of civil war.'' A report leaked to The New York Times suggests that Iraq has to do work o­n their local governments, though the problems forming a national government suggest this should be no surprise. If Iraq's main problems end up being crime and corruption, it would mean that jihadis, insurgents and civil war will have receded as threats, which would be a good thing.

IRAN: Seymour Hersh has a story in The New Yorker fretting about the US launching tactical nuclear strikes o­n Iran's nuke facilities, though even his own source says "if senior Pentagon officers express their opposition... then it will never happen." And as usual with Hersh, most of his piece is anonymously sourced, which is problematic when Hersh admits he's fast and loose with the facts when it suits him, leaving o­ne suspicious of whether he's serving some fudge from the Sy Hersh highway. O­ne of the few named sources in the article is Robert Baer, a CIA officer in the Middle East and elsewhere for two decades, who told Hersh that Iran is "capable of making a bomb, hiding it, and launching it at Israel. They’re apocalyptic Shiites. If you’re sitting in Tel Aviv and you believe they’ve got nukes and missiles — you’ve got to take them out. These guys are nuts, and there’s no reason to back off."

LEBANON: Blogger Michael J. Totten reports from inside a Hezbollah dinner and later responds to a threat.

THE CURSE OF THE WERE-RABBIT: Life imitates Wallace and Gromit in Northumberland, as sharp-shooters have been brought in to defend the gardens! Grower Jeff Smith, 63, said: "This is no ordinary rabbit. We are dealing with a monster..."

PET HOARDING: Usually, it's a house full of cats and dogs. This time it's over 1,000 turtles in a Tibeca loft.

DOLLY THE LLAMA, star of Napoleon Dynamite, has been sold by the mother of the film's director.

ATTACK GOOSE bedevils New Jersey shoppers, mysteriously disappears. Dramatic slideshow and video at the link.

THE GOLDEN GHOST: Sam, a golden retriever, survived two New Hampshire winters, deer hunting season and being hit by a car and still no o­ne could catch him. Satellite tracking, helicopter surveillance and dart gun attempts failed. He was no match for the bolied ham.

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Friday, April 07, 2006 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade



THOMAS DOLBY threatened legal action against Britney's hubby Spenderline, for using Dolby's 1983 smash, "She Blinded Me With Science," in his latest rap song. And he got the song removed from MySpace.

FRIDAY TIMEWASTER: Curveball. It's like 3-D Pong, plus you can put English o­n the ball.

BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE: Jason Collett, promoting his second album, "Idols of Exile," tells the Kansas City Star that BSS leader Kevin Drew sets a high standard: "Kevin would say, 'There’s no sense in just making a good record. There are a lot of good records out there. Let’s make a great record.' I didn’t want to just make a good, linear singer/songwriter record. The genre is full of records like that. I wanted to transcend it." Drew and Leslie Feist had sharp words for Canadian Idol while picking up a Juno Award. And if you still haven't seen the video for "7/4 (Shoreline)," you really should.

RADIOHEAD frontman Thom Yorke thinks the success of Arctic Monkeys proves "the mainstream music business is a bunch of f---ing retards."

SHEARWATER: The Okkervil River-related indie folk-rock group makes "Song of the Day" at NPR with "Red Sea, Black Sea." You can stream four more at MySpace.

GIANT DRAG: I don't think I've focused o­n this indie duo before, but check out their covers of the Beach Boys' "God o­nly Knows" and Chris Issak's "Wicked Game" before the video for "This Isn't It."

THE POGUES: The Village Voice has an untimely review, but it's nice to know Shane MacGowan still has what it takes.

ISLANDS: Time Canada makes Return To The Sea the pick of the week: "(T)he music is both catchy enough to be fun and obscure enough for Islands to retain the underground credibility the band's founders so successfully built when they were two thirds of the Unicorns." See them prepare for the first lunar concert in "Rough Gem." And there's more to hear at MySpace.

SEVEN MISTAKEN SONGS, courtesy of the A.V. Club.

THE POLYPHONIC SPREE plans to get topical o­n the next album. You can hear the Spree's latest o­n the Thumbsucker soundtrack.

THE SMITHS: Fans tell London's Guardian about the songs that saved their lives.

SONIC YOUTH, ROBERT POLLARD and MY MORNING JACKET are among those opening for Pearl Jam o­n the upcoming tour. Plus, Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon will be playing acoustic o­n an unpcoming episode of The Gilmore Girls. No, really.

PETE DOHERTY-KATE MOSS UPDATE: The troubled singer announced in an Austrian porn club that he's marrying the supposedly sober supermodel, who just inked a big deal with Calvin Klein. Doubt that marriage is going to happen, even if he gets his teeth fixed.

TOM-KAT UPDATE in the Parade interview where Cruise admits that "normal" does not make sense to him, Holmes had the look of a Stepford wife, "dazed, passive and vacant. She never stopped smiling." Roger Friedman notices that Cruise’s lawyer worked for years for jailed private eye Anthony Pellicano.

NOW SHOWING: This weekend's wide releases are the all-star noir of Lucky Number Slevin (67 percent Fresh o­n the Tomatometer, though a 55 percent Rotten with the "cream of the crop"), Antonio Banderas dancing through Take the Lead (44 percent Rotten) and two movies not shown to critics -- The Benchwarmers and Phat Girlz. Shutting out critics is a growing trend, but it's funny to read how Sony went ballistic after critics in Orlando got to see The Benchwarmers.

GEORGE CLOONEY has a big wiener in his mouth at the Gallery of the Absurd.

ALEC BALDWIN and ANN COULTER won't be hooking up in the near future.

WHITNEY HOUSTON: Her sis-in-law tells the National Enquirer that all that crack has made Whitney a sex fiend.

SOUTH PARK, THE SHIELD and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA pick up Peabody Awards. Hurricane Katrina coverage also a big winner.

BRITNEY SPEARS: Remember this pro-life monument to the pop tart? Dare you see the reverse angle?

JUDAS: Just in time for Easter, National Geographic uncovers his "lost gospel," in which he claims Jesus made him do it.

JESSICA SIMPSON: Star is set to claim the pneumatic blonde is crank calling Kristin Cavallari, even though she's not seeing Nick Lachey.

DAVID HASSELHOFF: His divorce takes another ugly turn as he claims that his wife has a drug problem and needs pro help. I thought she was just hooked o­n a feeling for the Hoff.

RACHEL WEISZ may get bent over a table and lashed with a cat-o'-nine-tails.

EVANGELINE LILLY: The Lost hottie had training for plane crashes before she joined the cast of castaways.

EVA LONGORIA: Maxim blows her up to a size visible by satellite.

IRAQ: Blogger Zayed, recently published in the Washington Post, is profiled by The Wall Street Journal and has been accepted into the City University of New York's graduate school of journalism. Former TV Guide critic and Entertainment Weekly creator Jeff Jarvis, who got Zayed started blogging is asking o­ne and all for help. Bill Roggio traces how disrupting an insurgent cell led to Iraqi security forces arresting Abu Ayman, the former aide to the Chief of Staff of Intelligence during Saddam's regime, with strong ties to al-Zarqawi. At ITM Omar has more o­n the threats to newspaper distribution, which more are defying. Mohammed has more o­n the political blocs resorting to the parliament to choose a leader for the new government, as well as news o­n possible unrest reaching Najaf.

IRAN: UN nuke watchdogs say they have found convincing evidence that the Iranians are working o­n a secret uranium enrichment project that has not been officially declared. I'm surprised... they found it.

DOGS are getting fashionable in NYC.

BROKEBACK DUCK POND: "I wish I knew how to quack you!"

ELK passes away after mouth-to-nose resuscitation fails.

BIRD WOMAN: A Chinese woman is living in a cage in the middle of a park with 300 birds.

NICE BEAVER! Bailey is nursed to health after losing her teeth in a car accident. The punchline writes itself.

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