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Wilco, Conor Oberst, Ting Tings, Ben Folds, Booger   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Wednesday, August 06, 2008 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


WILCO led the crowd at the Friendly Confines through "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" when the Pirates came to town August 3rd.  Also, Jeff Tweedy talks Lollapalooza when play resumes.

CONOR OBERST of Bright Eyes is streaming his new album at his website.  He gives a trak-by-track review to the MTV.

THE TING TINGS stopped by The Current for a chat and mini-set you can stream on demand via MPR.

THE WALKMEN do the four free songs thing for Daytrotter -- all songs previously unreleased.

RANDY NEWMAN played an intimate gig at the Largo in Los Angeles on July 23, now streaming on demand via NPR.  He is also the Guest DJ on the latest installment of All Songs Considered.

BEN FOLDS employs primitive animation for "Hiroshima," the first clip from his upcoming Way to Normal album.

THE STOOGES wuz robbed! Outside a hotel in Quebec, as it turns out.

SHEARWATER frontman Jonathan Meiburg is interviewed by... Scientific American? (Thx, LHB.)

GEORGIE JAMES splits. Bummer.

THE GERMS: Salon reviews the upcoming punk biopic, What We Do Is Secret.

MORGAN FREEMAN is doing well after surgery to reconnect nerves and repair damage in his left arm and hand resulting from his one-car accident in Mississippi.  The Daily Mail has a photo of the crash scene.

LINDSAY LOHAN & SAMANTHA RONSON were very affectionate and touchy-feely in Chicago.  The couple then hung with the Ronson clan in Miami.  Lohan's ex-con dad wants her to be happy, but does not expect to be asked to walk her down the aisle.

THE McCARTNEYS:  Sir Paul has written a song about his relationship with Heather Mills. It's being spun as a tender love song, but that seems only partially correct.

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY had a few before her audition to play Eliza Doolittle in the upcoming movie remake of My Fair Lady.

JESSICA SIMPSON uses a webcam to transmit red-hot strip routines to Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo to keep alive their romance while they are apart.

SCARLETT JOHANSSON & PENELOPE CRUZ say kissing each other in Woody Allen's new comedy Vicky Cristina Barcelona wasn't all that sexy.  Someone needs to learn a little about marketing.

AN ACCUSED AL QAEDA SLEEPER AGENT was flown to New York on Monday night to face charges of attempting to kill US military and FBI personnel in Afghanistan.

IRAN: A government-linked youth organisation says that 55 percent, or 12 million Iranian young people access hard or soft pr0n websites daily in Iran.

THE US ARMY, with help from Gen. David Petraeus, is finally promoting the right people as one-star generals, according to Slate's Fred Kaplan.  One of the new Generals, Sean MacFarland, was commander of the unit that brought order to Ramadi -- and you can download a report he co-authored about the Army's role in the Anbara Awakening and the "surge."

IRAQ: More than 375 insurgents and al Qaeda operatives have been captured during the first week of Operation Omens of Prosperity in Diyala province. Six senior al Qaeda in Iraqi leaders in the province have been captured during the province-wide operation. Gunmen killed a senior leader of the awakening council in Youssifiyah, south of Baghdad. Soaring oil prices will leave the Iraqi government with a cumulative budget surplus of as much as 79 billion dollars by year's end, according to an American federal oversight agency.

BOOGER, the heroic pitbull, lives on through five cloned puppies.

NAPOLEON, a two year old white English Bulldog, rescued a sack of kittens from a lake in Michigan. Awww...some.

ELLA, an abandoned sea lion, took her first swimming lessons at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom's Sea Lion Stadium pool Friday with the help of a trainer. Awww...some slideshow at the link.

THE SWARM: He had to torch the garage to save it.

GORILLA PARADISE DISCOVERED in the Congo. The findings, if confirmed, would more than double the world's estimated population of this great ape subspecies, which is classified as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature

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Duffy, New Releases, Byrne & Eno, Smith, Jarvis   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Tuesday, August 05, 2008 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


DUFFY has a brand new, evocative video for "Stepping Stone" from her brill Rockferry album.

NEW RELEASES: Elvis Presley, Randy Newman, Sarah McLachlan, Oxford Collapse and Marching Band are among the albums streaming in full via Spinner this week.

DAVID BYRNE & BRIAN ENO have posted "Strange Overtones," a song from their upcoming album at the website for Everything That Happens Will Happen Today.  Byrne is taking a word-of-web approach to letting people know.

KEANE is giving away a new song titled "Spiralling" via their website this week.

GARY GLITTER, put behind bars in March 2006 for molesting two underage girls, is set to be released from jail in Vietnam on August 19.

SMITH's soulful version of the Bacharach-Dixon-David classic, "Baby, It's You" should be well-known to those beyond fans of Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof, so I'm doing my part.  If I toss in April March's english version of "Chick Habit," I have Twofer Tuesday.  If I add in the France Gall original of "laisse tomber les filles," it's like Twofer Tuesday, but it's one more.

FLEET FOXES singer Robin Pecknold talks to Exclaim! about songwriting and the evolution of the band's vocal heavy style.

THE DUKE SPIRIT played the World Cafe on Friday; you can stream the gig on demand via NPR.

LYKKE LI is profiled in New York magazine.

THE LONG BLONDES guitarist Dorian Cox was hospitalized and all dating members of the band have officially called it quits, which doesn't shop Chart Attack from asking bassist Reenie Hollis how things are going.

MORGAN FREEMAN was hospitalized in serious condition Monday after the car he was driving left a rural road in the Mississippi Delta and flipped several times. The actor "has a broken arm, broken elbow and minor shoulder damage, but is in good spirits," according to a statement from Freeman's publicist.

HEATH LEDGER: Pint-size actress Mary-Kate Olsen has refused to be interviewed by federal investigators probing the accidental drug death of her close friend Heath Ledger unless she receives immunity from prosecution, according to the NY Post.

BRADGELINA baby pics are surfacing online, for you cheaters.

GYLLENSPOON is denying the marriage rumors reported by the Daily Mail (and noted here yesterday).

GILLIAN ANDERSON is blaming The Dark Knight juggernaut for the box office flop of the new X-Files movie.

ANNE HATHAWAY: Nude and otherwise risque photos of the actress may have been seized in an FBI raid of her boyfriend's hidden storage space, according to the ever-reliable National Enquirer.

THE NEW NEW FACE: What female celebs are trying to look like.

MAD MEN: The 1960s-era AMC series is causing a stir in the fashion world this fall, with designers citing it as their muse and retailers stocking their shelves accordingly.

IRAN announced Monday that it has tested a new weapon capable of sinking ships nearly 200 miles away, and reiterated threats to close the strategic Strait of Hormuz at the mouth of the Persian Gulf if attacked. The US says that Iran has left the UN Security Council no choice but to increase sanctions on the Islamic Republic for ignoring demands that it halt sensitive nuclear activities.

IRAQ: Lawmakers rescheduled for today a vote on a provincial election law, after reaching a tentative compromise on Monday that may resolve a stalemate over the fate of the oil-rich city of Kirkuk.  Muqtada al-Sadr intends to disarm his once-dominant Mahdi Army militia and remake it as a social-services organization. With violence subsiding throughout Baghdad, residents said that sectarianism is becoming less pervasive, including among the Iraqi Army. Stars & Stripes covers the military transition teams that are training the Iraqi army to stand on its own.  At the long War Journal, DJ Elliot looks at the Iraqi government's plans to purchase almost eleven billion dollars in weapons, equipment, and support services.

JARVIS the Jack Russell vanished after chasing a rabbit during a walk at Mount Edgcumbe on the Cornish side of Plymouth Sound but took the passenger ferry from Cremyll home.

DOGS disrupt last-minute Olympic training in Lithuania.

AN OX PENDANT is recommended for Olympians born in the Year of the Horse, because this is the Year of the Rat.  One can only imagine what would be recommended in the Year of the Cat.

COWS stare unamazed as Dutch dairy farmers pamper them with massages and comfy mattresses to produce better tasting milk.

THE WORLD'S UGLIEST DOLPHIN was revealed on Aussie TV.

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W.A.S., She & Him, Bon Iver & Bowerbirds, Montauk Monster   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Monday, August 04, 2008 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


WE ARE SCIENTISTS, with a new drummer and keyboards, play "After Hours" for Dave, appropriately enough.  This one sounds a bit like the Proclaimers.

SHE & HIM are profiled in the Mpls Star-Tribune.  You can stream their gig at the Newport Folk Festival on demand via NPR.

NEWPORT FOLK FEST:  Speaking of which, you can also stream sets from Jim James (of My Morning Jacket) and Steve Earle on demand via NPR.

WILCO tried out a new song, "One Wing," at Lollapalooza.

BRIGHT EYES: Conor Oberst discusses the music on his new self-titled album with... the Wall Street Journal?

BON IVER & BOWERBIRDS cover Sarah Siskind's "Lovin's for Fools" at the Bowery Ballroom, NYC, on July 29, 2008.

SUB POP TURNS 20: The Times of London takes notice.

JAMES HUNTER: The retro-sounding soul and R&B singer-guitarist gets a feature on NPR's Weekend Edition, along with an audio track.

JACK WHITE & ALICIA KEYS were chosen to record the latest Bond theme after Amy Winehouse pulled out.

THE HOLD STEADY are profiled in the Dallas Star-Telegram.

CHRISTINA APPLEGATE has been diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer.  Her rep added: "Christina is following the recommended treatment of her doctors and will have a full recovery."

BRADGELINA baby pics appear in People and Hello! magazines.

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: The Dark Knight edges The Mummy to keep the top slot for a third weekend, making 43.8 million over 42.5 million, respectively.  Batman now seems unlikely to overtake Titanic as the all-time champ, but may yet beat out the original Star Wars for the number two spot.  In the meantime, TDK will pass 400 million no later than Tuesday, shattering the prior record held by Shrek 2.  Step Brothers drops to the third slot with 16.3 million, and has almost made back its production budget.  Mamma Mia! continues to show her legs, amking another 13.1 million; the ABBA-based musical is currently outpacing last summer's hit Hairspray. Journey to the Center of the Earth held in fifth place with 6.8 mill.  Swing Vote debuted a disappointing sixth with 6.3 mill.

HEATH LEDGER shouldn't get an Academy Award to memorialize his death, argues Eric Lucas at the L.A. Times.

LINDSAY LOHAN will come out and declare her eternal love for sweetheart Samantha Ronson at a private ceremony in LA later this year, according to the uber-reliable News of the World.  ABCNews is one of the first mainstream media outlets to note their close relationship.

GYLLENSPOON: Brokeback Mountain star Jake Gyllenhaal has told friends he and Reese Witherspoon plan to wed on or around his birthday on December 19 after he finishes his new film, Prince Of Persia.

NICK & NORA'S INFINITE PLAYLIST has a trailer online.  I have no idea whether this will be good, but the playlist is.

SIENNA MILLER is said to be ‘devastated' after her married lover ran home to his wife and four children.

BERNIE MAC: Despite dramatic rumors about the state of his health, the comic is still alive and being treated in a Chicago hospital for pneumonia and is expected to make a full recovery.

HEATHER MILLS is panicking over what her ex-publicist will reveal next, according to the uber-reliable News of the World.

AL QAEDA confirmed that one of its chemical weapons experts was killed last week along with three other "heroes" in a US airstrike Monday in Pakistan's tribal region, according to a statement posted on a radical Islamist Web site.

HAMAS has resumed its policy of shaving mustaches of political opponents to humiliate them, Fatah officials said Wednesday. (Thanks, Ken!)

IRAN ignored an informal Saturday deadline to respond to an offer by major powers on its nuclear program, a European Union official said, but European diplomats are ready to wait longer for an answer.  Of course they are, despite top Iranian officials already rejecting it informally.

IRAQ: Parliament failed on Sunday to pass a law on provincial elections, which has come unstuck over plans for the disputed northern city of Kirkuk and angered minority Kurds.  A US-Iraq security pact would set a goal -- but no timetable -- for the American units to leave, Iraqi officials say.  Michael R. Gordon has a lengthy look at Shiite infighting in yesterday's NYT magazine.

A GRIZZLY BEAR lumbered onto the 13th fairway the US Senior Open Championship in Colorado Springs on Friday while veterans, including Bernhard Langer and Tom Watson, were lining up their shots.

THE WORLD'S SMALLEST SNAKE, averaging just 10cm (4 inches) and as thin as a spaghetti noodle, has been discovered on the Caribbean island of Barbados.

A MOTHER-OF-TWO has told of her terror after a 4ft-long snake slid out of her toilet.

THE MONTAUK MONSTER: Gawker had the first photo, and is giving full coverage.

HEY, NICE BEAVER!  There was a beaver festival over the weekend, outside San Francisco (natch): "You're either a beaver lover or you're not a beaver lover," said local restrateur Ron Abel. "But it's brought in a lot of bathroom trade, I'll say that."

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Pitchfork Fest, Lollapalooza, Cutout Bin, Princess Chunk Update   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Friday, August 01, 2008 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl



...with PITCHFORK MUSIC FEST '08!  PitchforkTV is running highlights right off the Jumbotrons, including The Hold Steady's clap-happy "Stay Positive," Dinosaur, Jr. squealing through "Freak Scene," Apples in Stereo bringing the cowbell on "Energy," Fleet Foxes loping through their "English House,"  and Mission of Burma revisiting their classic single "Trem Two."  And there's plenty more to explore at any of those links, including Vampire Weekend, Jarvis Cocker and Public Enemy.

LOLLAPALLOOZA: Selected sets from the Chicago's other big fest are streaming starting today from AT&T's Blue Room.

ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO gets an in-depth profile in... The New Republic?

SONS & DAUGHTERS do the three free songs thing for Daytrotter.

PATTI SMITH:  Rolling Stone has clips from Patti Smith: Dream of Life, a documentary shot from 1996-2007 that opens in select cities on August 6th.

LIZ PHAIR talks to Billboard about keeping her first indie album in 14 years unpolished.  But as her current release is the deluxe reissue of Exile in Guyville, "Never Said" goes down nicely on a Friday.

FRANK BLACK talks to Paste about touring with the Stone Temple Pilots, working under the name "Black Francis" again, and more...

AMOS LEE is profiled by the Charleston City Paper, which also has a stream of "Listen" from the album Last Days at the Lodge.

TILLY & THE WALL guitarist Derek Pressnall talks to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review about the band's history and their upcoming appearance on Sesame Street.

CUTOUT BIN:  From Roger McGuinn to Ray Charles, from The Clash to Curtis Mayfield, from Cheap Trick to Dolly Parton, from Petula Clark to Camper Van Beethoven and more -- this Friday's fortuitous finds can be jukeboxed or streamed separately via the Pate page at the ol' HM.

NOW SHOWING: This weekend's wide releases are The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, currently scoring 12 percent on the ol' Tomatometer, and Swing Vote, which is scoring 34 percent.

ELIZABETH TAYLOR was put on a life support machine after suffering congestive heart failure.

A-ROD: The Yankee slugger is playing hardball against his wife in their divorce case, saying he wants their prenuptial agreement enforced and charges that he cheated on her -- which he dioes not deny -- removed from the record.

BRITNEY SPEARS will be under the conservatorship of her father Jamie until December 31, it was decided in court Thursday. Also, the pop wreck has cut all ties with one-time pal Sam Lutfi, according to her court-appointed attorney.

JESSICA SIMPSON claims she has been a victim of abuse, but does not want to divulge the details.

TOM CRUISE is named in a 250-million-dollar racketeering lawsuit filed against the Church of Scientology by a former member.

HOWARD STERN is remaking the Ramones' Rock 'n' Roll High School. The script is being written by Alex Winter from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

BATMAN RUMORS: Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and Phillip Seymour Hoffman are among the wild speculation over who might play villains like the Riddler, Catwoman or the Penguin in the next Bat-film.

SARAH JESSICA PARKER & MATTHEW BRODERICK put up a united front on a night out in New York following allegations he had an affair with a 25-year-old woman.

IRAN will press ahead with its nuclear path, the country's highest authority, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said on Wednesday, speaking just before a deadline set by Western officials in a nuclear dispute.

IRAQ: Eleven US soldiers were killed in Iraq in July, the lowest monthly toll since the 2003 invasion, according to Pentagon figures. Pres. Bush announced that effective Thursday, the duration of troop tours in Iraq will be cut from 15 months to 12 months. Iraqi forces backed by US troops arrested another 14 suspects on Thursday during a major military sweep aimed at breaking up the Al Qaeda network in the restive province of Diyala. Coalition special operations forces captured two members of the Iranian-supported Hezbollah Brigades during a raid in eastern Baghdad on early Thursday morning. The leader of AQI and several of his top lieutenants have recently left Iraq for Afghanistan, according to group leaders and Iraqi intelligence officials, a possible further sign of what Iraqi and U.S. officials call growing disarray and weakness in the organization.

CATS & DOGS: Isabella, a yellow Lab at the Safari Zoological Park, east of Caney, KS. nurses three white tiger cubs she adopted after they were abandoned by their mother at the park.

PRINCESS CHUNK, the 44-lb cat, should really be named Prince Chunk. A veterinarian who checked the cat Thursday on ``Live with Regis and Kelly'' determined it's a ``he.'' Me-ow!

WEARABLE DOG TOILET: Pics and video at the link.

PET SNAKES are barred from taking a slither in a public park in Southampton.

FAINTING GOATS: A perennial favorite, but The Sun just discovered the video.

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Raspberries, Go! Team, Kings of Leon, Princess Chunk   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Thursday, July 31, 2008 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl



THE RASPBERRIES perform "Go All The Way" and "I Wanna Be With You" in the same clip.  It's like Twofer Tuesday, but on Thursday.

THE GO! TEAM stopped by The Current for a chat and mini-set you can stream on demand via MPR.

THE SEX PISTOLS' inamous 1976 interview with Bill Grundy has become a television archive's most requested clip.

DIG! The documentary about the rivalry between Anton A. Newcombe of the Brian Jonestown Massacre and Courtney Taylor of the Dandy Warhols, is streaming in full at SnagFilms.

PAUL WESTERBERG's 49:00 could have the biggest profit margin in the history of the music industry.

KINGS of LEON have posted a trailer for their upcoming Only By The Night album.

JOE STRUMMER did a radio series for the BBC World Service in 1998, which will re-air on WOXY starting this Sunday.

THE DAREDEVIL CHRISTOPHER WRIGHT does the four free songs thing at Daytrotter, one previously unreleased.

MPR: While I frequently link to the special live performances, any music fan should be checking out the streams from The Current and its HD sister station, Wonderground Radio, which mixes in classics among the indie cuts.

NATE FARLEY, former axeman for Guided By Voices, The Amps and The Breeders, talks to the Dayton Daily News about putting together his own band, Shawen Acres.

ALI LOHAN, Lindsay's 14-year-old sister, had a casting call with a big-time, award winning pr0n director.  Momager Dina was not amused to discover the director's past.

JAMIE LYNN SPEARS post-motherhood wedding plans are teased by OK! magazine.

KATE HUDSON & LANCE ARMSTRONG are dunzo. Sources told Page Six they tried to make it work, but the constant bickering and their travel schedules drove them apart.

AMY WINEHOUSE's furious father is convinced a "pal" sparked her string of terrifying fits by spiking her drink with the killer drug ecstasy.

BRADGELINA reportedly sold those baby pics to <i itxtvisited="1">People Magazine for a staggering figure that's somewhere between 10-15 million.

GEORGE LUCAS talks to the Times of London about all things Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and producing Red Tails, which tells the story of the Tuskegee Airmen.

SID & MARTY KROFFT, the brothers behind some of the 70's strangest TV programming: "H.R. Pufnstuf," "Lidsville," "Land of the Lost" and "Sigmund and the Sea Monsters," are making a comeback... and still bickering.

OUR FRIENDS, THE SAUDIS: The Kingdom's religious police have announced a ban on selling cats and dogs as pets, or walking them in public in the Saudi capital, because of men using them as a means of making passes at women, an official said on Wednesday.

IRAQ and the US are close to a deal on a sensitive security agreement that Iraqi officials said on Wednesday satisfies the nation's desire to be treated as sovereign and independent.  Interior Minister Jawad al-Bulani thanked US soldiers recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. AQI turns women into suicide bombers through a combination of love, blackmail and rape. Iraqi forces supported by US troops laid siege to the city of Baquba and arrested 45 suspects on Wednesday. An Al Qaeda front group in Iraq has posted an Internet statement denying responsibility for recent suicide bombings against Shia Muslim pilgrims.

PRINCESS CHUNK weighs 44 pounds and needs a bathtub for a litter box. And yes, we have video.

POSSUM FEST in Wausau, FL this weekend.  Be there or be square.

PREGNANT DOG hurled in domestic dispute. That's so wrong.

A BEAR whose head was stuck in a plastic food jar for six days came to a deadly end in northern Minnesota.

A DUCK shot by an arrow is rescued in Ocala, FL; the law does not allow ducks to be released back into the wild, so it will remain at the Ocala Wildlife Sanctuary in Marion County and be used for educational purposes.

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