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Big Star, The National, The Hold Steady, Serenity, Dugongs and a Baby Aardvark   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Thursday, September 29, 2005 - 08:40 AM
Posted by: kbade


BIG STAR: The much-anticipated In Space is not faring well with the critics.

METACRITIC: So, what is faring well with the critics? As the third quarter draws to the close, check Metacritic's Best of 2005 (so far).

ON THE PITCHFORK: Ryan Adams and the Cardinals' Jacksonville City Nights rates a snarky 7.7: "You could be forgiven for not noticing, but earlier this year Adams started writing good songs again. I know!" Rhino's Just Say Sire box set gets a mere 6.7, but it seems to be based o­n knocking down a straw man, imho. But the UK reissue of Neutral Milk Hotel's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea scores a perfect 10.0.

CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH and THE NATIONAL: A Billboard review of the bill at Schuba's (which I had to miss) suggests the latter was better than the former, though it's clear the revewer didn't care much for CYHSY in the first place. You can listen to or watch The National at Beggars Banquet.

BOB DYLAN: More UK backlash: Bob Dylan: a poet and a poseur. A sample graf: "We live in a world run by people who came to consciousness during pop's 1960s golden age. Often significantly younger than Dylan, they not o­nly understand the iconic significance of the Fender Stratocaster guitar, they actually own o­ne. It's hardly surprising, then, that the new film's 'lost footage' from Dylan's crucial mid-1960s period should have created excitement. Yet there's something about our 'air guitar' establishment's endless valorisation of the sounds of its youth that is slightly creepy."

THE FLAMING LIPS are bringing out the guitars for At War With the Mystics, due early next year.

THE WHITE STRIPES, THE SHINS and M WARD: Each set from the September 27 triple-bill at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD, is streamable from NPR. The White Stripes cover Dolly Parton, Burt Bacharach and Blind Willie McTell.

FIERY FURNACES: Seattle Weekly previews Rehearsing My Choir, which features Olga Sarantos, the duo's grandmother.

THE HOLD STEADY will play unplugged during seventh period in Littleton, Colorado's Littleton High School gymnasium.

BORN TO RUN AGAIN: In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Bruce Springsteen's breakthrough 1975 album, Columbia is prepping a box set that will include two DVDs along with a version of the album newly remastered by Bob Ludwig.

eMUSIC MAGAZINE: The o­nline service launches a hub with Michael Azerrad, author of the wonderful Our Band Could Be Your Life as EIC, with help from Kurt Loder, Harvey Pekar, Neal Pollack and Thurston Moore.

PETE DOHERTY-KATE MOSS UPDATE: British TV channel Sky o­ne plans to air a documentary next week showing Moss snorting coke. Moss' friends have her o­n suicide watch. But maybe it really doesn't bother her. Or maybe sh'es devastated and plans to leave Britain. Right now, she's taking a "short-term" break from the public eye and her modelling jobs. Will she take a five million dollar contract from an o­nline gambling company? NME has details of the upcoming disc from Doherty's band Babyshambles. And Pete, the barn door is open.

OZZY OSBOURNE tops Jude Law, as wife Sharon reveals that he was caught in bed with the nanny o­n the night their son Jack was born.

NEIL YOUNG: Rarities. Killing music.

DELTA BLUES REVIVAL: Tragedy + Time = The Onion.

TOM-KAT UPDATE: Cruise lecture series linked here yesterday is a hoax. Cruise is furious He wants to find out who is behind it and jump o­n their couch!

BENNIFER 2.0: Garner let slip that it's a girl o­n The Tonight Show. Proof that she's not a super-spy; she just plays o­ne o­n TV.

ALEC BALDWIN and KIM BASINGER renew their child custody battle. They should put this o­n CourtTV -- my pitch would be that it's The War of the Roses meets Irreconcilable Differences. And yes, that's a high-concept Player allusion.

TARA REID reflects o­n the reaction to her wardrobe malfunction: "People act like it was the worst crime in the world. It was a mistake, you know! But you would think my boob had popped out and shot Gandhi!" She assured FHM magazine, "My hooters are under control."

LI-LO is set to bare all for an upcoming Vanity Fair cover, which people might buy, now that she's off the Skeletor diet.

HILLARY DUFF, otoh, is still o­n the Skeletor diet and will be an anti-obesity campaign to encourage kids to eat right and exercise.

JESSICA ALBA is giving her boyfriend a stranger in the bedroom. Her new movie, Into the Blue gets a "C" from Entertainment Weekly: "In the far-off days of the early James Bond films, underwater action sequences had a hip tranquillity — a lyrical zing... The closest that Into the Blue comes to that old '60s lyricism is to feature Jessica Alba, in all her tawny, rope-muscled glory, slithering through the crystal blue waves of the Bahamas..."

SERENITY, the movie spin-off from the late Firefly, is doing pretty good o­n the Tomatometer. Perhaps more interesting is the studio's courtship of bloggers which appears to be paying off.

IS THIS THE RIGHT ROOM FOR AN ARGUMENT? Amazon is running a poll of favorite Monty Python moments, with streaming clips.

PRODUCT PLACEMENT: The Writers Guild of America is protesting. And so far McDonald's ain't lovin' it, either.

GEORGE CLOONEY has recurring nightmares that he is playing Batman again. This is something he has in common with most Bat-fans.

MARCH OF THE PENGUINS: The DVD and a childrens book drop in November, just in time for the holidays.

JESSICA SIMPSON getting drinky a lot lately. Sometimes with her husband, sometimes Johnny Knoxville. Sometimes needing to hang o­n to a restaurant staffer to "stop swaying around." I imagine she has center of gravity issues.

CULT OF THE iPod: In response to complaints made by a website, Apple admits some Nanos have screen problems and promises free replacements.

GLOBAL WARMING passes the point of no return, so go get that new Hummer. Gas prices too high, you say? Don't sweat it; a trillion barrels of oil might be recovered from Colorado oil shale deposits.

POURING THE PERFECT BEER through science. Unsurprisingly, the company behind the TurboTap is based in the Windy City.

IRAQ: Rill Roggio has much more o­n Operation Hunter (or Sayaid), noting that gloomy press reports of suicide bombs in Baghdad and Al Qaeda gaining control of five towns near the Syrian border overlook the degree to which the insurgency is being driven westward.

HOUSE MAJORITY LEADER TOM DeLAY was indicted in an alleged criminal conspiracy designed to subvert Texas campaign finance laws. You can read the indictment -- a mere four pages -- at The Smoking Gun, where you will find very little about what Travis County DA thinks DeLay actually did. Most legal experts looking at the indictment said Wednesday that either an insider has turned against DeLay or the prosecutor may have gone too far. As Earle has suffered big defeats in cases he brought against U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R), and then-Attorney General Jim Mattox (D), I wouldn't start measuring the Hammer for a jumpsuit just yet. BTW, the indictments against the corporations allegedly involved have been dismissed by Earle under a quite unusual agreement.

BABY AARDVARK debuts in Omaha. Listen, my friend!

HURRICANE KATRINA: Pet rescues are featured at Animal Planet

DUGONGS living in the waters off Malaysia's south coast will be fitted with electronic tags as part of efforts to create sanctuaries for the endangered species.

A FIVE-TON PLATYPUS that was a star attraction at this year's World Expo in Japan has been sold for more than 60K. Yes, it's fake.

ROBOT may have discovered a mythic ten billion dollar treasure trove o­n the islands that inspired the novel about castaway Robinson Crusoe.

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Iron & Wine, Terrible Ted, Gene Simmons, Albert Brooks and the Life Aquatic   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Wednesday, September 28, 2005 - 08:30 AM
Posted by: kbade


THE NEW RAGS are "bluesy, jazzy and have a rockin' keyboard," according to You Ain't No Picasso, which also points to MP3s and streaming from the band's MySpace page, which also lists the band's diverse influences, including Brian Wilson, Ben Folds, Tom Waits, ragtime and Rachmaninov.

BONO applauds a plan by World Bank And the IMF to cancel 40 billion dollars worth of debt for 18 developing nations. And he wants to take o­n the WTO next.

METRIC: The Caunuck combo's new album drops in the US next week, but Frank at Chromewaves links you up with plenty of press, downloads and streams. Give 'em a listen; don't cost nothin'.

ACL FEST 2005 was a dust bowl!

IRON & WINE'S Sam Beam talks about the new EP collaboration with Calexico in Paste magazine.

EDDIE VEDDER was Sammy Davis, Jr.

KISS' GENE SIMMONS talks about his TV show, Rock School, in London's Guardian: "I think the show's quite good, but then I'm delusional about almost anything I do."

DAVID JOHANSEN answers a few questions about the New York Dolls tour, but doesn't stop there -- Q: I may interview Aretha Franklin today — do you have any questions for her? A: Yes. I want to ask her how many recipes she has that use vanilla wafers. I bet she’s got like 20 of ’em.

THE RADIOHEAD BLOG has a few amusing items, including guitarist Jonny Greenwood's shocking Sept. 23rd confession that he's never heard the Stooges. Plus a bit o­n making a compilation disc.

WELCOME TO THE O.C., INDIE ROCKERS: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah has turned the show down, but the Daily Refill discovers there are plenty of fish in the sea.

TED NUGENT may run for Governor of Michigan in 2010; until then, he's giving Ann Coulter a run for her money.

BOB DYLAN: Scotland's Herald runs a column by Melanie Reid titled, "The answer, my friend, is that it’s a load of old hype." I think she starts with a false dichotomy, but it's funny anyway.

TOM-KAT UPDATE: Cruise will deliver a series of four lectures o­n topics related to "The Modern Science of Mental Health" beginning next month. Co-sponsored by the Citizens Commission o­n Human Rights, the lectures will be held at Scientology's Celebrity Center International in Los Angeles. You really must click to read the titles of the lectures. Brooke Shields tells Oprah that she wants to have another baby. And feed it Ritalin, even if unnecessary, just to drive Cruise completely off a cliff. Okay, I made that last bit up. But I think there may be a subtle message in the fact that Shields appeared o­n Oprah's show in the first place.

DASHTON: Gamblers think it's more likely that Kutcher and Moore will have a child than get divorced, as though "all of the above" is not an option. Bruce Willis “strictly forbids” his children with Moore from being exposed to Kabbalah.

BENATOR AFFLECK? Virginia Democrats desperately seeking a big name to challenge Sen. George Allen next year, note that Affleck and Jennifer Garner have been shopping for real estate around Charlottesville. I'm guessing these Dems haven't heard about the "fruit basket."

ALEC BALDWIN is making a trip to New Orleans to help with hurricane relief efforts. The Army Corps of Engineers plans to use Baldwin as a floating platform from which they can pump water out of the ninth ward back into the levee system.

SUGE KNIGHT wants to bag the gangsta rap and become a college football coach. The 325-pound Knight went to University of Nevada at Las Vegas o­n a football scholarship and briefly played for the Oakland Raiders.

COURTNEY LOVE: Her mother's memoir explains a decent chunk of why Love is so... Courtney. When she was 4 years old, her hippie father would dose her with "magic pills" and draw psychedelic squiggles all over her naked body, but that's just the tip of the dysfuctional iceberg.

JESSICA ALBA is launching a video game, though I suspect extreme sports are not what her fans would suggest. She was strangely more attracted to her Fantastic Four co-stars o­nce they were in their muscle suits. There aren't many advance reviews for her upcoming flick Into the Blue, but those few are amusing. For example, Shadows o­n the Wall ledes: "There aren't nearly enough preposterous thrillers that involve gorgeous young stars wearing very little clothing." Ain't-It-Cool-News: "No, Into the Blue is not a good movie; it’s not even a defensibly decent movie. But... there are things going o­n here that go beyond the scope of which this type of movie usually delivers, and for that, I have to give it its props."

BRADGELINA UPDATE: Now that Jennifer Aniston is talking about her split from Pitt, Brad and Angie are walking down the aisle... at the Safeway.

THE FRENCH HOTEL: Finally, something makes her uncomfortable.

CHARLIZE THERON: Don't hate her 'cause she's beautiful!

DAVID CRONENBERG: The Scanners director found a new way to freak people out o­n the set of A History of Violence, using his wife to demonstrate sex scenes for Viggo Mortenson and Maria Bello.

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY is happy to be doing steamy topless scenes with Edgar Ramirez in her new movie: "In fact, to be able to do that in the middle of the desert was actually quite liberating. And to do it with a beautiful Venezuelan -- well, let's just say I'm a lucky girl!"

EVANGELINE LILLY urinated in a car park trash can to win a 20 dollar bet with Lost co-stars Matthew Fox, Jorge Garcia and Dominic Monaghan.

ANNA NICOLE SMITH is headed for the Supreme Court, but not to replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. The real headline at the link is "Playmate appeals to Supreme Court," but I though some might think the story was about Justice Clarence Thomas.

CHRISTINA AGUILERA sent Ma Spears a corset and a diet handbook? I doubt it, but laughed anyway.

EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER, Big Easy Edition, will be hosted by First Lady Laura Bush.

HURRICANE KATRINA: The Congressional hearings look to be as likely to get at what happened as the bogus stories of local officials parroted by the media. Author Joel Kotkin seems to be o­ne of the few keeping his eye o­n the big picture.

OTHER DISASTERS: Live Science has a Top 10 list of natural disasters that worry scientists.

ALBERT BROOKS' new movie, Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World, has moved to Warner Independent Pictures, because Sony wanted Brooks to change the title.

RELIGIOUS BELIEF contributes to high murder rates, abortion, sexual promiscuity and suicide, according a new study. The World Health Organization seems to disagree. Plus, I'm pretty sure that atheistic nations like the USSR and China all scored well o­n the dysfuctional scale.

TERRORISM: A Syrian was convicted in a Spanish court of leading a terrorist cell and conspiring to commit murder in the 9/11 attacks. Sixteen others were convicted of belonging to or collaborating with a terrorist organization, but not linked to 9/11. One of the 16 was Tayssir Alouni, a correspondent for the Arab TV network Al-Jazeera. ALSO: Three men charged in a terror investigation were planning shooting rampages at L.A.-area military sites to retaliate for what they called the oppression of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan. BONUS: French anti-terrorism police arrested nine people Monday suspected of planning attacks in France, including an Islamist previously convicted o­n terrorism charges and freed from prison. The terrorists probably wanted France to withdraw from Iraq.

IRAQ: At Slate, Bing West notes the progress made by the Marines in Fallujah in less than a year to show the import of improving Iraqi forces going forward. The Belmont Club comments further, noting the import of institutional memory to the war. Bill Roggio makes a similar point regarding dismantling the al-Ahwal brigade in the city of Hit.

THE GIANT SQUID, mythic and elusive, is caught o­n film in its natural habitat for perhaps the first time. I think this would have happened much sooner if more people knew about the secret and violent sex life of the giant squid. The males are smaller than the females, but not where it counts.

FISH STORY: You shoulda seen the 35,000 that got away down under. I blame Nemo.

OUCH: Philippine fisheries quarantine inspector Mario Trio discovered illegally imported piranhas -- the hard way.

IGUANA: I've heard of cats getting stuck in trees, but an iguana?

BULL SEMEN makes the wheels of international diplomacy go 'round.

PANDAS: Chinese and American scientists will use GPS technology in an attempt to unveil the darkest secrets of the giant panda's sex life.

MOUSE GROUNDS AIRPLANE FOR 12 HOURS: I didn't know rodents were o­n the no-fly list.

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Wolf Parade, Cameron Crowe, Marching Penguins, Puppies and Commie Kitties   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Tuesday, September 27, 2005 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


BOB DYLAN: I have to say that Part o­ne of No Direction Home was pretty good, though hearing "Blowin' In The Wind" covered by the Staples Singers and Trini Lopez in the space of 30 seconds gave me audio whiplash. NME excerpts a bit where Dylan justifies going electric by reference to country music. Part 2 is o­n PBS tonight. Meanwhile, London's Independent has lots of links, including Andy Kershaw finding the man who shouted "JUDAS!" And you should click if you don't know what that means, too.

ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN'S Will Sergeant lists his Music You Should Hear at Amazon, including an album with the comment:"I know what you're thinking, 'Will's lost it.' Give it a whirl--you may just like it." ALSO: PopMatters gives tha band's new album, Siberia, a 7, but I think it reads more positive than that.

MISS INDIE ROCK 2005: Banana Nutrament satirizies the genre's rising popularity.

WHO WILL REPLACE THE DINOSAURS? Concert promoters would really like to know.

THE KAISER CHIEFS are profiled in the Guardian.

THE BLISTERS: Jeff Tweedy's kids rock out in a Quaker's Oats commercial.

COCOROSIE: Brooklyn Vegan notes widely divergent reviews of the duo's latest album, Noah's Ark and points you to a stream and a download so you can decide for yourself. It's not my cup of tea, but it's unique... sort of like an imaginary volume of Verve Remixed.

TANYA DONELLY has belly news, but it has nothing to do with her band.

ROCK STARS WHO WENT TO WORK: Stereogum points to a discussion thread that could be called After the Music, with a link to former Husker Du bassist Greg Norton's restaurant.

WOLF PARADE: Apologies to the Queen Mary scores a 9.2 o­n the Pitchfork. Brooklyn Vegan rounds up response to their CMJ gig and points you to downloads legal and otherwise.

PETE DOHERTY-KATE MOSS UPDATE: The troubled duo may be eroding standards of journalism. Gawker notes a cut-and-paste job at The New York Times and No Rock and Roll Fun notes that one of Kate's accusers o­nce got Rupert Murdoch in the dock. PLUS: H. Stern drops Kate Moss -- that's the jeweler, not the DJ, natch. But Rimmel keeps Moss to promote a product called... "Recovery." And Moss gets support from violent supermodel Naomi Campbell, like that helps!

PHIL SPECTOR: The Wall of Sound man will probably stand trial o­n those murder charges in January 2006.

THE STROKES apparently have a more eclectic sound o­n their forthcoming album.

A SMALL VICTORY has started a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Craig O'Neill should note its charter member.

THEY'RE COMING TO TAKE ME AWAY, HA-HAA! Twenty-one variations o­n a theme posted at the WFMU's Beware of the Blog.

THE DETROIT COBRAS: PopMatters interviews Rachel Nagy, who explains why they are proud to be a cover band. The discussion ranges from The Saints to Doctor Feelgood, with o­n "Shout Bama Lama" to boot.

DON ADAMS has passed away from a lung infection. Would you believe he almost died of blackwater fever he contracted o­n Guadalcanal in 1943? Now, o­nly the 3-D BB knows where he is.

VINCENT PASTORE: The big...ex-Soprano cops a plea to the attempted assault of his girlfriend. No word o­n whether he'll enter the witness protection program.

JOEY PANTS, who claims he has been addicted to the news since 9/11, opines that MSNBC has the hottest newsbabes. He better watch his back; I'll bet Roger Ailes is as dangerous with a frying pan as Tony Soprano.

CAMERON CROWE writes about how he matches music and movies and surveys music in other movies for the L.A. Times.

KIRSTEN DUNST, junketing for Cameron Crowe's Elizabethtown, blurts out casting news for Spider-Man 3. BTW, "Dunst" means "stench" in three languages.

BRADGELINA channels Tom-Kat? I must respectfully disagree. Jolie already knows how to ride a bike. And doesn't need a cult to make her wacky.

DASHTON: Us magazine details its Kutcher-Moore Kabbalah weding scoop. Some people obsess o­n the "May-December" angle. I prefer to think of it this way: In 30 years, he'll look older than she will.

SEAN PENN and VAL KILMER have been demented since their days together at Julliard. Who'da thunkit?

AFI's 25 GREATEST FILM SCORES is topped by Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars...

SOPHIA BUSH separates from husband and One Tree Hill co-star Chad Michael Murray, after five months of marriage. I can't say I've ever seen the show, but if she dressed up like a cheerleader, undressed and kissed other girls, I might tune it in.

MARCH OF THE PENGUINS: Proving that "Idiots" is the same in two languages, France decided not to submit the French version of the hit documentary as France's entry in the Foreign-Language category at next year's Oscars. SEMI-RELATED: Gay penguins Silo and Roy break up; Tango, a female they hatched, has paired up with another female named Tazuni.

IRAQ: American Special Forces killed a key lieutenant to terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. While Abu Azzam is replaceable, the fact that someone betrayed his whereabouts suggests that the US and its Iraqi allies are getting some valuable real-time intell about the insurgency and Azzam may have possessed other intell that could be useful in disrupting terrorist plans. Bill Roggio notes that an Al Qaeda commander and 20 terrorists were killed in a raid near Qaim, but that "Coalition successes in targeting al Qaeda leadership and operatives rarely, if ever, leads in the headlines, while al Qaeda successes get top billing." Army Pfc. Lynndie England of Abu Grahib infamy was convicted by a military jury o­n six of seven counts after two hours of deliberation. Heh; she shoulda taken the plea.

CINDY SHEEHAN took flack at the Daily Kos for complaining that Hurricane Rita was wiping out media coverage of the antiwar rally Saturday.

HURRICANE KATRINA: Louisiana Sens. David Vitter (R) and Mary Landrieu (D) are proposing a 250 billion dollar Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief and Economic Recovery Act. The bill would cost more than the Louisiana Purchase under the Jefferson administration o­n an inflation-adjusted basis. ALSO: The N.O. Times-Picayune reports that the the vast majority of reported atrocities allegedly committed by evacuees at the Superdome have turned out to be false, or at least unsupported by any evidence. As the evacuees stuck in the dome were predominantly poor and black, what would Kanye West say about the media's coverage?

HURRICANES and GLOBAL WARMING: A BBC analysis reports that we really don't have enough data to link them.

NANOTECH: Nanodot points to a nifty animated gallery of simulated nanomachines.

DOZENS OF PUPPIES (and a few kitties) snapped with fisheye lenses. Awwwww...


COWS cause oil tanker-truck crash, leaking more than 200 gallons of oil into a ditch near Colorado Hwy 66.

PETS and their C- or D-List star owners raise money for animals displaced by Hurricane Katrina as well as Linda Blair's World Heart Foundation for Animals.

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ACL Fest, CYHSY, Ghost Stories, Supertrain and Day of the Dolphin   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Monday, September 26, 2005 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


DEMI MOORE AND ASHTON KUTCHER got hitched? Or is everyone being Punk'd?

AUSTIN CTY LIMITS FEST: TheAustin American-Statesman was all over it, with photos, videos, reviews and visitor blogs. Lucinda Williams, Roky Erickson and Buddy Guy just scratch the surface.

ROCKING FOR RELIEF: Pearl Jam and Robert Plant will play Chicago's House of Blues for the low, low price of a grand per ticket. More reasonably priced is Brian Wilson, who will call you for a Benjamin.

LIZ PHAIR: Her Exile in Guyvillewas an "answer" record to the Stones' Exile o­n Main Street. Her new album is sort of an "answer" to Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life.

THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS' Twin Cinema is the streaming album of the month at Radio Indie Pop.

GIANT SAND frontman Howie Gelb talks about GS, his other band Arizona Amp and Alternator, and the split-off of Calexico with the Aussie press.

NO DIRECTION HOME: BOB DYLAN -- aring tonight and Tuesday o­n PBS -- is "spectacular oral history," according to the Washington Post. Jonathan Duffy of the BBC facetiously asks, "Bob Dylan - why the fuss?"

CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH turns down a gig o­n The O.C.: "I don't like the idea of being overexposed," said frontman Alec Ounsworth, adding "Vincent van Gogh never sold a painting, and he was perfectly content." Tyler or Lee Sargent, identical twins who play bass, responded, "Of course he killed himself." "Perhaps that wasn't the best example," Ounsworth conceded, cracking a smile.

THE DECEMBERISTS' Colin Meloy talks songwriting in the Orlando Sentinel.

GREEN DAY: American Idiot borrows from or pays homage to everything from Johnny Cash to Bryan Adams to Icicle Works to Oasis and Whitesnake.

THE FUTURE OF MUSIC COALITION held its fifth annual policy summit in DC recently; DIY career models and royalties from podcasting were o­n the agenda.

SUFJAN STEVENS yet again, this time in the Washington Post, noting that music is moving from the industrial age to the information age.

MUSIC AND ADVERTISING: A new survey suggests most music fans don't mind musicians being involved in ads, but product placement in songs is controversial.

PHIL SPECTOR, still facing a murder rap, is suing his agent for embezzlement.

PETE DOHERTY-KATE MOSS UPDATE: Moss may not lose all of her endorsement contracts after admitting he cocaine usage. Coty Beauty, owners of the Rimmel brand, said it was considering dropping Moss from its ad campaigns, but was heartened by her apology for "letting people down." The Mirror runs calims by a former model that Moss also did Special K and made a pass at her. Meanwhile, Doherty had to refute claims that a 16-year-old girl ran away with him o­n his tour bus and weather the damage when a 15-year-old girl was taken by police from his roadies' bus.

BRADGELINA UPDATE: Jolie visits a 6-year-old cancer patient after being tipped off to the boy's desire to meet her by Nicole Kidman, who previously visited him. Pitt's work o­n a a controversial 525 million dollar British housing and sports complex is not well-received.

PORTIA de ROSSI turned down the chance to romance Angelina Jolie in the 1998 HBO movie Gia because she feared she'd have to "come out" as a lesbian. Given the number of ostensibly straight actresses who have since publicly stated that they would sleep with Jolie, de Rossi must be with Ellen De Generes just to punish herself. Or to get a pony.

STEVEN SODERBERGH decalres Hollywood is out of whack, shoots a movie in HD video with locals who had never acted. The movie, Bubble, will open in January, simultaneously in theaters, o­n HDNet Movies and o­n DVD: "I want them to sell Bubble DVDs in the theater lobby," Soderbergh says, smiling.

NOT EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS: Comic Chris Rock's sitcom came in second to CBS' Survivor: Guatemala, ahead of Joey and The O.C. Rock even gets an apology from o­ne of his former teachers.

THE FRENCH HOTEL: Her wedding plans are off—and have been for months, says a source very close to the groom’s family. And Baltimore police are clearing the heiress of claims she allegedly offered teenagers drugs and alcohol for a taped segment of The Simple Life: Interns.

JESSICA SIMPSON gets a kiss from a homeless guy and doesn't even look drunk this time.

DAKOTA FANNING JOINS GIRL SCOUTS: Cookie sales in Hollywood area expected to top 100 million dollars.

GHOST STORIES: Members of the U.S. military and the National Guard are seeing and hearing girl ghosts and finding Bibles open to the exact same passage from the Book of Revelation. o­n Capital Hill, lawmakers call for an investigation in the slow response of Mystery Inc. and Ghostbusters.

WOULD YOU LIKE A CONTRACEPTIVE WITH THAT? A health trust in the UK backs its nurse in giving a contraceptive injection to a schoolgirl in the toilet of a McDonald's restaurant. McDonald's said it considered the practice "completely inappropriate." RELATED: At the other end of the scale, we now have instant pregnancies.

SEATTLE SUPERTRAIN DERAILED? It looks like Seattle's Mayor and City Council want to put an end to the financially troubled monorail plan. Life imitates Cameron Crowe's Singles.

SEN. HILLARY CLINTON says she cannot support the so-called International Freedom Center planned for Ground Zero in NYC. The family members of victims, as well as unions representing the city's police and firefighters, want nothing less than the IFC being booted from Ground Zero, which they do not see as the place to debate domestic and international politics. The IFC’s founder, Tom Bernstein, defends the concept by comparing the IFC to the Holocaust Museum, but -- as new media guru Jeff Jarvis notes, "that, too, doesn’t fit. The Holocaust Museum is, truly, about the crimes of the murderers. The IFC is not about the crimes of the islamofascists. That would at least be more relevant. But neither is appropriate at this place, at this time."

ANTIWAR WEEKEND: Last weekend's march o­n DC didn't get much media coverage in light of Hurricane Rita, which may be just as well for the antiwar movement. While DC Police Chief Ramsey said Saturday that the rally "probably" reached its goal of 100,000 protesters, police at the scene put the number much lower, from 10,000 to 20,000. Comparing the observation deck of the Washington Monument at 2 p.m. with photos of last year's abortion rights rally suggests the lower figure may be more accurate. And some members of the Daily Kos -- the web's largest left-of-center website -- were unhappy with the lack of focus o­n the message and march organizer ANSWER generally.

CULT OF THE iPod: Taking the Nano apart shows that it has a gross profit margin of about 50 percent. Nano owners are discovering that the screen scratches easily.

MISTER SOFTEE is moving toward bringing a Web platform to the PC operating system and recognizes the threat the Google and others pose to Microsoft's continued dominance. But is MSFT a decade late?

A DIFFERENT KIND OF COMPUTER VIRUS: An outbreak of a virtual plague is spreading across major cities in the virtual land of Azeroth in the popular World of Warcraft game.

ARMED, SIX-LEGGED ROBOTS may o­ne day work alongside dogs on the southern side of the Korean DMZ.

NANOTECH: Harvard University researchers have found that molecular markers indicating the presence of cancer in the body are readily detected in blood scanned by special arrays of silicon nanowires.

LEFT-HANDED WOMEN may have an increased chance of developing breast cancer, research suggests. However, Emma Taggart of the charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer, said: "Although this is an intriguing study, it doesn't give us enough evidence to link left-handedness with breast cancer." Even so, southpaw women should start doing everything with their right hands. And we should definitely ban those blunt lefty safety scissors for kindergarteners, just to be on the safe side.

IRAQ: Muqtada Al Sadr -- no friend of the U.S. -- now considers Al Qaeda and Zarqawi to be bitter enemies. Al Qaeda is trying to patch up relations with the respected Sunni Association of Muslim Scholars, which also issued statements against Zarqawi. Bill Roggio notes that Iraqi and U.S. forces in Tal Afar have switched from combat operations to reconstruction and security operations and that the city of Ramadi currently appears to be the focus of a Coalition operation which may be the beginning of a clear and hold in the Hit-Ramadi corridor. An article at Strategy Page compares Iraq to the Balkans.

DAY OF THE DOLPHIN: Armed dolphins, trained by the US military to shoot terrorists and pinpoint spies underwater, may be missing in the Gulf of Mexico.

DOGS HAVE NINE LIVES: Abandoned as a four-month-old puppy at Heathrow Airport, Jessie falls off a cliff, is bitten by an adder, gored by a furious stag... and survives. Elsie, a St. Brenard puppy, swallows a 13-inch knife and lives.

CATBLOGGING: The 79th Carnival of the Ctas is blogged by the Incredible Hulk.

HAMSTERS are genetically modified to produce glow-in-the-dark sperm to aid male infertility research.

A LION is discovered in a routine traffic stop in Bogota, Columbia.

...AND THE CROWS STARE UNAMAZED as the West Nile virus threatens the magpie population in California.

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Friday, September 23, 2005 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade



...WITH THE CORPSE BRIDE? Why not? It seems to be getting good reviews, even better than those for Thumbsucker, which boasts a soundtrack from the Polyphonic Spree and the late Elliott Smith. Although not o­n the Corpse Bride soundtrack, o­ne song that seems like a perfect fit was written by...

ROBYN HITCHCOCK, who talks about his musical roots and songwriting style in the Japan Times promoting Obliteration Pie, a live acoustic compilation that is allegedly a Japan-only release, but which can be had from Amazon or -- at a greatly reduced price -- direct from Hitchcock. I will eventually want to have a copy of the previously unreleased  "A Man's Gotta Know His Limitations, Briggs" and his cover of "Funkytown."

...AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT: A drum set made of cheese. What would Robyn Hitchcock say?

FRIDAY TIMEWASTER: Why not try a couple of arcade games from out site admin Lance's own site?

ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN: Sitting around complaining about no more Echo albums? Stereogum hooks you up with the free MP3 from the band's upcoming album.

DAVE DAVIES is using music to recover from his stroke last year. Best of wishes to him.

JEFF TWEEDY is touring solo in November, but Mpls. appears to be the o­nly major Pate city he's visiting.

COLDPLAY front man Chris Martin wants to broaden his musical boundaries (and promote peace and harmony, no doubt) by collaborating with Garth Brooks, Kanye West and Timbaland. I'm all for bringing people together in avoidance of hearing it.

THE POSIES reunion and rejoining with Big Star is blurbed at Flagpole.

SMOOSH: The pre-teen indie duo's performance in the office of Spin magazine is reviewed, with six songs posted in Quicktime. Other links to audio and video as well.

TOP 40 ALBUMS 2000-04: as compiled by Marathonpacks. I could do without the rap, but not bad overall.

DR. JOHN has organized Japanese musicians for hurricane relief shows.

MORRISSEY is making his rockingest album ever.

METALLICA is playing Springfield. D-oh!

AL KOOPER, legendary producer and musician, credits insomnia for his prodigious output.

WHO'S LEFT: Sorta Who drummer Kenney Jones is opening an international chain of polo resorts. That actually may be stranger than Roger Daltrey owning a trout farm.

PETE DOHERTY-KATE MOSS UPDATE: The troubled singer may be getting clean, as he's complaining about gaining weight. London's oh-so-reliable Sun runs a story claiming Moss smokes crack. Moss' lawyer statement: "The allegations that you put to me are specifically denied by my client." But Rimmel cosmetics is now reviewing it's contract with the waifish model. Plus, authorities are probing Moss' fitness to be a parent. And Scientologists want to help Moss kick her habit.

DENISE RICHARDS and CHARLIE SHEEN: Richards is wearing a ring again. Groveling o­n Letterman is paying off for Sheen.

JESSICA SIMPSON, otoh, seems to forget to wear her wedding ring. And occasionally looks really drunk. At least that would excuse the hanging all over the weird old dude.

TEEN QUEEN STORY: At Tuesday night's Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party, rival gang leaders Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff divided guests into two factions o­n opposite sides of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel pool. Sorta like West Side Story, but with really crappy music.

BRITNEY SPEARS: UK salespeople hate her. Guess it's a good thing she didn't name her son "London." Speaking of which, it looks like OK! magazine will have those first baby photos, reportedly paying two million bucks for them. So these two photos are not o­n the level?

BARRY COWSILL has gone missing in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

N.O. LEVEES: BTW, Katrina may not have hit N.O. as hard as was thought -- the levees themselves may be the problem. Not a comforting thought as the city braces for a possible hit from Hurricane Rita.

THE BIG TEASY: Nevertheless, in a sign that things may be returning to normal in New Orleans, strip shows are back in the city's famous French Quarter. For strip club manager Brent Ardeneaux, reopening was a public service: "It's a disaster zone. You got a lot of people in from out of town that need entertaining."

JESSICA ALBA, while promoting Into The Blue, a movie opening next Friday that may not have much to recommend it beyond the amount of time Alba will be seen in a bikini, is saying she's a little miffed that papparazzi snap her in her bikini offscreen. I assume she's referring to stuff like this gallery of shots that's even more comprehensive than the last version noted here. But seriously, would she rather have people taking pictures of her buying Lactaid at the supermarket?

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY dumped by an obscure musician. As he's been seen since with the likes of Mariah Carey, Knightley can breathe a sigh of relief that she did not end up with someone who is so obviously deranged.

ALYSSA MILANO has flown to Texas to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Memo to TX-based Pate drummer Jon Hahn: Milano likes the musicians.

TYRA BANKS: It turns out that the episode of her new TV show where she took off her bra was all about mammaries (screen caps at the link). Why else would you have Anna Nicole as a guest?

DAVID SCHWIMMER caught canoodling with actress Sabine Singh. Not that I care, aside from the fact that I'm always amused by the word "canoodling."

FROM RED MENACE TO RED LIGHT DISTRICT? Chinese authorities crack down o­n a hotel manager providing prostitutes next to the Martyrs' Mausoleum. But in Hong Kong, sales of sex toys are encouraged.

NAPOLEON DYNAMITE: I have to give the State of Utah credit for putting Napoleon and Pedro in ads for the Utah State Fair. See 'em in streaming Flash 7 video and hear 'em at the link.

DAVID LYNCH, creator of Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks, will be teaching a Transcendental Meditation seminar in NYC at the end of the month. Otherwise, he's doing the daily weather report in glorious Quicktime. No, really.

BRADGELINA UPDATE: Jolie interviews Anne Hathaway, who appears in A Moment in the World, a documentary organized by Jolie that placed roughly 25 partici­pants in various locations o­n a specific day (Hathaway was in Cambodia), each instructed to videotape their surroundings at the same specific moment in time. But the interview is largely about other topics. Jennifer Aniston is the subject of some nasty Oprah-related gossip floating 'round the Internets.

IRAQ: The Washington Post reports that Iraqi forces are showing progress in the Tal Afar offensive, tthen moves quickly as possible to Sunni complaints that Sunnis aren't represented in the Iraqi Army. However, there appears to be some progress in recruiting Sunnis also. BTW, those complaints conflict somewhat with the WaPo story earlier this week suggesting that the effective forces were led by veterans of Saddam's army. Bill Roggio maps recent combat ops with a Flash presentation showing in pictures what he's been blogging for the last month or so. Chester takes a critical look at a recent Time magazine piece o­n the war.

IRAQ II: Zarqawi's treats against the Shiites has put more pressure o­n Iran to help the Shia in Iraq. Already, Iran's new hardline president -- while condemning the U.S. presence in Iraq -- expressed support for the new Iraqi government's drive toward democracy and stability. If Zarqawi follows through o­n his threats in the run-up to the referendum (which is also during Ramadan), Iran may offer covert help -- if it isn't doing so already.

CULT OF THE iPod: Boing Boing points you to the 1954 version.

FUN WITH PROPAGANDA: Photoshopped Phun at Worth 1000. Sylvia Hauser should just go directly to this entry.

KNIFE CONTROL: I don't know how you can rate Scotland as the most violent county in the developed world with a study that excludes street muggings, sexual violence and murder. But since the UK already has plenty of gun control laws, the authorities are now considering knife control.

THE MOMMY TRACK: As I mentioned a New York Times story about women at elite colleges wanting to be stay-at-home moms here earlier in the week, I should point out that it seems like there are serious problems with the reporting. As it's the NYT I can't say I'm shocked. Even so, the whole work-family issue had some interesting discussion this week, such as that in the comments at Prof. Ann Althouse's blog.

FRIDAY CATBLOGGING: I don't have a cat and (as some of you already know) am not much of a cat person. But I do find o­ne of blogger Amber Taylor's cats, Snape, to be very photogenic. Ms. Taylor's family seems to be in Rita's path, so I wish them the best this weekend. I'll get back to Snape in a moment, but first...

PETS: U.S. Reps. Tom Lantos (D-CA), Christopher Shays (R-CN) and Barney Frank (D-MA), are sponsoring a bill that would require that state and local disaster preparedness plans required for FEMA funding include provisions for household pets and service animals.

DEADLY DOG FLU: A new, highly contagious and sometimes deadly canine flu is spreading in kennels and at dog tracks around the country, according to veterinarians.

FARM ANIMALS, including 30 ducks, 10 sheep, two cows, three goats and several geese are bodypainting for their favorite soocer team in the Irish finals.

BADGERS, MUSHROOMS AND A SNAKE: The aforementioned Snape post gave me a tremendous earworm. Be sure to click (if you can have your speakers or earphones handy) if you don't know what I mean.

...and I'm spent.

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