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Links: Packed to the Gills Post-Oscars edition   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Monday, February 28, 2005 - 04:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


In the French version, do they surrender?OKAY, SO ALL THE OSCAR STUFF FIRST: As you probably heard already, it was a big night for Million Dollar Baby, its director and its cast. Marty Scorsese remains the Susan Lucci of the motion picture industry. Clint Eastwood is The Man, in a good way; his speech was charming and funny. You can find the full list of winners at the Oscars site, which is funny because they make a big point of not saying, "And the winner is..." o­n television. Anyway, here were the parts I liked:

Charlie Chaplin and Shrek strolling off into the distance. The Albert Brooks cameo declaring White Chicks the "Best Movie of the Year!" Edna Mode (The Incredibles) joining Pierce Brosnan in announcing the Costuming award.

Best Original Song: I found myself asking,"Was the Counting Crows guitarist wearing the 'I Heart Scarlett' shirt trying to score a date with Scarlett Johannsen?" But Defamer's live blog topped me: "6:36: An entire roomful of people breaks into hysterical laughter at the very sight of Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz. It appears that just before the Crows took the stage, Sideshow Bob successfully attacked Duritz’s head and is sodomizing his scalp."

John Dykstra, accepts Best Visual Effects for Spidey 2 - the man also won for the original Star Wars, and should have won for Caddyshack.

Jeremy Irons, introducing live-action short films, is interrupted by a loud "bang." He pauses, then deadpans, "I hope they missed." Screenwriter (and Academy member) Roger L. Simon checks in: "Jeremy Irons is acutally funnier than Rock, never thought I'd say that."

nominated for best visual presentersThe gorgeous, but heavily accented Penelope Cruz and Selma Hayek presenting awards for Sound Mixing and Sound Editing without a trace of irony. Defamer's live-blogging pointed us to a previous Hayek-Cruz moment. Prof. Ann Althouse had the television talk back to her: "What the hell's the difference between that and Sound Mixing? No o­ne knows or cares. Why isn't this grouped with the technical awards that are done in a separate ceremony? The coma continues... Okay, it's The Incredibles. Here's where I miss using the TiVo assist. The acceptor says these aren't 'technical' awards, these are for 'artistic decisions.' It's as if he heard my bitching."

Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, winning Best Music Score for Finding Neverland, unintentionally gets a laugh noting he's the first person to thank Miramax mogul Harvey Weinstein. Prince actually taking his announcement of the Best Original Song award (to The Motorcycle Diaries) seriously; even his wardrobe was subdued. Sean Penn sticking up for Jude Law, who had been the butt of o­ne of the bits in Chris Rock's opening monolgue.

I think she mentioned the trailer again because of her roleHilary Swank wins Best Actress; Defamer was not impressed: "Tragically, she wasn’t able to find a stylist to dress her o­n her big night, and had to settle for slipping into a three-dollar navy blue stocking from JC Penney cut down to reveal her toned ass-crack. She goes to the 'girl from a trailer park' thing, which is obscene for someone who’s just won their SECOND Oscar. Um, you’ve already overcome the Cheez Wiz sandwiches and GTOs o­n blocks in the driveway years ago? White trash cred expires after the first award, Hils. She saves thanking Clint Eastwood to the end…then, as the music blares, erases any genuine Clint sentiment by loudly thanking 'her best friend and publicist.' This will go down as o­ne of the worst speeches in the history of spoken language. Can they get that statue back and hand it to the Botox-paralyzed Annette Bening, who won’t know she’s lost until the middle of the Vanity Fair party?"

Gwyneth Paltrow looking much better in her gown than in the o­ne she wore the night she won. The Screenplay awards went to Sideways and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, as they should have, though it was cool that The Incredibles was also nominated. Charlie Kauffman, as his time was running out accepting for Eternal Sunshine: "No, I don't want to take my time -- I want to get offstage."

Jamie Foxx "keeping it real" during his acceptance speech -- a nice change from the hotdogging he'd been doing ever since the Golden Globes. Finally, as mentioned above, Clint. He thanks his mother for her genes, as she is there with him at 96 years old.


I'm hoping Tweedy is still o­n the wagonWILCO ON ICE! Laugh, but Jeff Tweedy hasn't ruled it out.

RYAN ADAMS is now Mechrobioticon. No, really.

THE LONESOME DEATH OF HATTIE CARROLL: It looks like The Guardian has the sequel ready for Bob Dylan.

LYNN SWANN: The former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver has formed a campaign committee to explore a run for governor of Pennsylvania in 2006.

MAN CAN SUE OVER SURPRISE PREGNANCY: A man who says his former lover deceived him by getting pregnant using semen obtained through oral sex can sue for emotional distress — but not theft, an appeals court has ruled. That court would be my day job, so I'm loathe to comment, other than to say that I think my judge was not involved in the decision.

I CONSIDERED QUITTING MY JOB for the six-figure salaried position of Vice President, CMT Dukes of Hazzard Institute. However, it looks like there should be a few surplus General Lees coming to the market soon, so I stayed put.

Can't Hardly Let It BeTHE REPLACEMENTS' CATALOG will be reissued in expanded form this year, though it will take two record companies to do it. Plus, Paul Weterberg will have a "best of" collection issued. And who wouldn't have wanted to see Lucinda Williams joined Westerberg for a cover of the Kitty Wells-popularized "It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels?"

BRITNEY SPEARS is imitating The Simpsons.

BAND OF THE LOHAN: After Lindsay Lohan's mother failed to win a gag order, her creepy father's interview o­n ABC's PrimeTime Live aired, in which he claimed that he doesn't think his behavior -- including charges of assault, drunken driving and fraud -- has hurt his daughter's career. For some reason, the ABC News web version makes no reference to the allegation that he threatened to kill his family, twice invoking the name of O.J. Simpson. Some are speculating that the family stress is causing the teen queen to become a shadow of her former self.

THE FOOD POLICE WANTS YOUR SALT: The Center for Science in the Public Interest (which has complained about everything from canola oil to to fettuccini alfredo to Hardee's Thickburger) has renewed a lawsuit first filed in 1983 to force the Food and Drug Administration to declare sodium a food additive, which would give the FDA authority to set limits for salt in foods.

Tonic for the troops...CONDI RICE: After casting a thumbs-down o­n the jacket Vice-President Cheney wore to Auschwitz, the fashion folks at the Washington Post are giving a thumbs up to the Secretary of State's Eurowear:"Rice boldly eschewed the typical fare chosen by powerful American women o­n the world stage. She was not wearing a bland suit with a loose-fitting skirt and short boxy jacket with a pair of sensible pumps. She did not cloak her power in photogenic hues, a feminine brooch and a non-threatening aesthetic. Rice looked as though she was prepared to talk tough, knock heads and do a freeze-frame Matrix jump kick if necessary. Who wouldn't give her ensemble a double take -- all the while hoping not to rub her the wrong way?But the main thing is the picture, for which I'm sure you can come up with your own caption...

BLACK HISTORY MONTH: I made a note of it at the beginning of the month, but procrastinated in posting about it until now. I was tempted to put up links to sites celebrating the Negro Baseball League, as I know a few of you are baseball fans. I also considered linking to the heroism of the Tuskeegee Airmen, because the contributions of African-Americans to our history go far beyond the field of entertainment. Indeed, the bit about Secretary of State Rice so testifies.

But ultimately, this site is o­ne devoted to a rock band, so there may be no more appropriate links than to pages at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, OH. After all, where would Rock been without Chuck Berry? Where would Chuck Berry have been without Robert Johnson? Claude Pate could always tear up a room with "Rock And Roll," "For Your Love," or even "Tush," but where would Led Zeppelin, The Yardbirds, or ZZ Top have been without Robert Johnson, Willie Dixon, John Lee Hooker and many other blues greats? Would "She's So Special" been as special without Bo Diddley? And who didn't enjoy the Mike Kelly-sung rendition of Fats Domino's "I'm Walkin'?" So o­n the last day of Black History Month, take a moment to remember that any enjoyment you got from Claude Pate is in no small part due to contributions blacks made to American culture -- particularly during an era when they were largely shut out of white society. [And top it off with jamie Foxx and Morgan Freeman taking Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars -- not bad at all.]

HOWARD DEAN: I'm o­n record opining that Dean is smart to be looking to Democrats who have succeeded in "red states." However, those Democrats don't want to be seen with him. In the short-run, it may be a "win-win" proposition, as those Democrats look more moderate for snubbing Dean, while boosting Dean's edgy image. But in the long-run, I suspect those Democrats might suggest to Dean that calling Republicans evil is not a straegy that wins votes in red states.

DEMOCRACY SPREADING TO EGYPT? In a surprise and dramatic reversal, President Hosni Mubarak has ordered that the Egyptian constitution be changed to allow presidential challengers o­n the ballot this fall. However, Mubarak's order to parliament declared the amendment must state that any potential candidate be a member of an official political party and win the endorsement of parliament, which is dominated by Mubarak's party. Most opposition parties and reform activists said the initiative was welcome, but did not go far enough and feared it was o­nly cosmetic. Jeff Jarvis has rounded up some reactions from Egyptian bloggers.

PRESSURE o­n SYRIA? Iraqi officials said Sunday that Syrian authorities had captured Saddam Hussein's half-brother and 29 other officials of the deposed dictator's Ba'ath Party in Syria and handed them over to Iraq in an apparent goodwill gesture.

ON THE PITCHFORK: A feature o­n "The Current," the seemingly cool new Twin Cities radio station noted here previously.

JACKO JUSTICE: No Rock 'n' Roll Fun manages to simultaneously criticize and more cleverly snark o­n UK tabloid coverage of the Michael Jackson trial And there's cheesecake.

LUNA plays its last gig (for now, anyway) in Chicago. After the Replacements and Guided by Voices, I'm not sure how I feel about getting a rep as a good place to die.

OUTLAW COUNTRY: "Little Steven" Van Zandt was behind the launch of the Sirius satellite radio channel that connects the dots among Texas swing, rockabilly, country that twangs, country rock, alternative country and three generations of Hank Williamses.

ISLAM IN EUROPE: Though Muslims make up o­nly 3 percent of the British population, more people attend Friday prayers than go to Sunday church, a recent survey found.

ISLAMIC EXTREMISM IN THE U.S.: Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, the man accused of plotting with Al-Qaeda to assassinate President Bush, was the 1999 valedictorian of the Islamic Saudi Academy in Alexandria, Virginia. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), has called for renewed checks into the school’s finances and its possible ties to extremism. By which I guess he means checking whether the 11th-grade textbook still says one sign of the Day of Judgment will be that Muslims will fight and kill Jews, who will hide behind trees that say: "Oh Muslim, Oh servant of God, here is a Jew hiding behind me. Come here and kill him." The Saudis don't do much better with the material they supply to American mosques, either.

LARRY SUMMERS MUST BE KICKING HIMSELF: The Harvard University president is still weathering the firestorm of criticism ignited after his remarks at a Jan. 14th conference regarding the relative abilities of men and women in math and science. However, according to researchers from the University of California, Irvine and the University of New Mexico, when given intelligence tests, men used 6.5 times more gray matter than women, while women used nine times as much white matter. Gray matter is central to processing information and plays a vital role in aiding skills such as mathematics, map-reading, and intellectual thought. White matter connects the brain's processing centers and is central to emotional thinking, use of language, and multi-tasking. Another study suggests that homosexual men share the same relatively poor map reading skills as heterosexual women. For all the grief he took, poor Lar might wish Harvard was in Sweden, where the government bans science o­n gender differences. At least he would have known not to "go there."

WONDER WOMAN may be played by Kim Basinger or Jessica Biel. Either one works for me.

CULT OF THE iPod: I previously noted that a bar in Des Moines was hosting an iPod night; it's happening in Washington, DC, too.

PETE DOHERTY UPDATE: The Guardian runs a profile of the troubled singer in which it's revealed that he has a posh background. Kick a man when he's down!

HUNTER S. THOMPSON had his wife o­n the phone when he shot himself. Plus, his son, daughter-in-law and 6-year-old grandson were in the house when the shooting occurred. Bad form, Hunter.

QUENTIN TARANTINO will script and direct the season finale of 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation I dunno... he'll have a hard time topping his cameos o­n Alias and American Idol.

UNITED NATIONS SEX SCANDALS may be more widespread that previously known.

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Weekend Update   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Sunday, February 27, 2005 - 12:13 AM
Posted by: kbade


HEY, KIDS! I suspect the ratings for the Oscars will be down this year, both because this seems to be the trend for awards shows and because none of the Best Picture nominees were blockbusters that seized the public imagination.

Nevertheless, I note that both Defamer and Prof. Ann Althouse will be live-blogging the Oscars, should you want the MST3K version of the event.

Prof. Althouse was good enough to provide the link to The Unofficial 2005 Oscars Drinking Game, which should at least provide an excuse as to why you don't remember any of the show by next week.

[UPDATE: MATT DRUDGE has a heads up on a New York Times story about a Robin Williams song nixed by the Oscars' producers.]

[2ND UPDATE: You can tide yourself over until Oscar-time by catching up on the Razzies, at which President Bush, Britney Spears, Halle Berry and Donald Rumsfeld were all "winners."]

Finally, while I sound a bit down on the Oscars, that won't stop me from having my own take up early Monday morning -- after all, the gold men are made in the Windy City! Plus, I'll have a full compliment of the regular trivia you've come to expect.

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Links: Finally Friday edition   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Friday, February 25, 2005 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade



FRIDAY TIME-WASTER: "Paperback Believer" is a mash-up of monster guitar licks from the Fabs and the Pre-fabs, available as an MP3 download or as a glorious QuickTime video! You really don't want to miss John and Paul getting background vocals from Davey and Micky. Extra trivia: If you haven't noticed, the original background vocals in "Paperback Writer" are "Frere Jacques."

YO LA TENGO is interviewed by Blog Up -- a Canadian blog -- in English and French.

LITTLE-KNOWN SONG Titles That Answer Questions Posed in Better-Known Songs are online at McSweeney's. Actually, there are answer songs, e.g., The Temptations' "My Girl was an "answer" to Mary Wells' "My Guy."

SASQUATCH! FESTIVAL line-up is announced, for all you Washington staters.

BRAD AND JEN UPDATE: The estranged couple enjoyed a romantic meal together o­n Valentine's Day.

CULT OF THE iPod: MP3 players may revive the market for audio books. ALSO: Apple reconfigures its product line with eight price points.

CLASH OF THE CULTS: TiVo stock prices soared o­n speculation that Apple might buy TiVo.

AN EXPERIMENTAL TOOTHPASTE repairs small cavities.

ROGEREBERT.COM gives up "The Unwritten Rules of Oscar" for those of you in Oscar pools. You can also check out predictions at Gold Derby. FameTracker has an irreverent look at Oscar odds; InTrade is more serious.

CHRIS ROCK plans to joke about President Bush, Nicole Kidman, Michael Moore and The Passion of the Christ during his Oscar stand-ups. But o­ne comedian who caught Chris’ pre-Oscar warm-up at the Comedy Store back in January told L.A. Weekly columnist Nikke Finke, “He’s going to need to work a lot harder. The act was not funny.” ALSO: Slate calls Rock "The William F-ing Buckley of stand-up."

BOXERS OR BRIEFS? The answer seems to be "thongs," if you want to protest the Bush Administration. Rock the Vote's latest efforts were dismissed by a White House spokesman, "We don't comment o­n undergarments."

RUSSELL CROWE knows his classic punk bands. Too bad none of it rubbed off.

ELVIS COSTELLO is bringing out a double-disc edition of King of America, with 21 bonus tracks, including a cover of Richard Thompson's "End of the Rainbow."

ANTHONY AND THE JOHNSONS are getting good buzz at L.A. Weekly.

THE DAVE MATTHEWS BAND is being sued over that human waste dumping in Chicago.

BLOGGERS AND RAPPERS: An article at Slate explores the parallels; Dan Drezner wants his doctorate.

BLOGGERS are also getting the news out of Nepal after the Royal Takeover and King Gyandendra censored the media.

MAN BITES DOG: Blind man, actually. No, really.

CHARM OFFENSIVE: fishbowl DC notes the ubiquity of the phrase in media coverage of President Bush's European Adventure.

WILL SMITH claims hottie Eva Mendez was cast as his love interest in Hitch because the studio was nervous about casting a black or white woman in the role.

PARIS HILTON'S HACKED SIDEKICK contains many NSFW photos and some very nasty rumors started by Lindsay Lohan.

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL is o­ne of the few sites that has been profitable selling its content by subscription. But not to younger folks, which may not bode well for the future.

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Links: Sweet Thursday edition   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Thursday, February 24, 2005 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


In front of the Town Hall...HOLD o­n! HAVE THE JAYHAWKS REALLY BROKEN UP? More Cowbell has a little scoop suggesting the answer is o­nly "maybe."

MOBY pens a tune for Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson to sing.

PETE DOHERTY UPDATE: After getting judicial permission to do a gig, he gets into a fight with his band's guitarist.

BOB DYLAN: "I wouldn't even think about playing music if I was born in these times... I'd probably turn to something like mathematics. That would interest me. Architecture would interest me. Something like that." Which would explain the "love minus zero" equation...

THE ANTI-CRISTO: In response to "The Gates" Cristo has installed in New York's Central Park, Geoff Hargadon installed "The Somerville Gates." The web site was an immediate hit.

CATS AND DOGS: A Hawaiian lawmaker is proposing a bill that would ban the slaughter of dogs and cats for food. Some are protesting.

That's Charlie in the hatSCREENWRITER CHARLIE KAUFMAN finally wins a Writer's Guild Award for Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Best Adapted Screenplay went to Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor for Sideways.

LEFTIES are the future, according to Wired.

CULT OF THE iPod is criticized by columnist and blogger Andrew Sullivan.

WHAT'S o­n GEORGE W. BUSH'S iPod? That question and a survey of the Bush family's knowledge of pop culture (or lack thereof) is o­nline at The Contra Costa Times.

EDUCATION BLOGGING: The third edition of Carnival of Education is now o­nline.

SWEDEN is discovering the conflict between their open borders and their lavish welfare state.

DEMOCRACY IN LEBANON? Walid Jumblatt, head of Lebanon's Progressive Socialist Party, once expressed regret that U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz was not killed in a missile attack during a visit to Baghdad and, until recently, accommodated Syria's occupation. Now he's leading an intifada to oust Syria. "It's strange for me to say it, but this process of change has started because of the American invasion of Iraq," explains Jumblatt. "I was cynical about Iraq. But when I saw the Iraqi people voting three weeks ago, 8 million of them, it was the start of a new Arab world." Jumblatt says this spark of democratic revolt is spreading. "The Syrian people, the Egyptian people, all say that something is changing. The Berlin Wall has fallen. We can see it." Coincidentally, Der Spiegel makes a similar analogy.

Always coiffed and made-up like Tammy Faye Baker, except during her perp walkDEMOCRACY IN CICERO? The Chicago suburb witnessed a stunner Tuesday night as underdog Larry Dominick declared victory in a close race against Town President Ramiro Gonzalez, the hand-picked successor to imprisoned Betty Loren-Maltese. I'm o­nly half-joking here: such an election is, relatively speaking, a big deal in the infamously corrupt town. The Sun-Times article notes that "Cicero's election, as usual, drew a wide swath of poll watchers to make sure everything was o­n the up and up, including a contingent of federal monitors."

CHANGES IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY are surveyed by the Seattle Weekly.

NEKO CASE is interviewed about her current and upcoming discs in The State.

KORN founder and guitarist quits after finding God.

JACKO'S JURY is selected. There are no African-Americans, which is an issue MJ could raise o­n appeal, should he be convicted. I wonder if the State of California would argue that Jacko is really not black anymore.

CBS NEWS MEMO SCANDAL: The network has hired a gumshoe to trace the source of the apparently bogus memos regarding President Busy's Texas Air National Guard service.

FAT AND SIN: Prof. Ann Althouse, guest-blogging at GlennReynolds.com, weighs the connection.

HUNTER S. THOMPSON VS.PARIS HILTON: fishbowl LA proposes a thought experiment. ALSO: Thompson wanted to have his ashes shot out of a cannon.

HOW RICH YOU ARE at 50 may depend o­n how tall you were as an infant.

She's used to a tough workout - can Bening defeat her in the rematch?HILARY SWANK is campaigning hard for an Oscar. PLUS: Swank, Charlize Theron and others may want to be paid for wearing those fancy gowns and pieces of jewelry to awards shows. How long until the Oscars looks like a NASCAR rally?

OWEN WILSON likes 'em young.

RUSSELL SIMMONS: The Def Jam mogul is under fire from the Anti-Defamation League for condemning anti-Semitism, while, the group claims, acting as an apologist for Nation of Islam leader the Reverend Louis Farrakhan.

MAOISTS review video games and don't like much of what they see.

THE UNITED NATIONS is treating refugees from North Korea badly.

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Links: When It's Night Time In Italy It's Wednesday Over Here edition   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Wednesday, February 23, 2005 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


more like waiting for Godot than the sunA REUNION OF JAYHAWKS IS NOT A JAYHAWKS REUNION: Mark Olson and Gary Louris aare playing some gigs together (as noted here last week), but Louris says the Jayhawks are dead.

ROCK AND ROLL MYTHS are debunked over at The Observer.

OZZY OSBOURNE is being sued by people who bought "remastered" CDs in which Ozzy replaced the bass and drum tracks, perhaps to avoid paying royalties to his former bandmates.

PETE DOHERTY UPDATE: Spiked takes a look at why the press is giving so much coverage to his drug habit, but stayed away from similar stories about other rockers.

REVENGE OF THE SITH: How long until Lucasfilm lawyers manage to shut down this spoiler-filled plot summary and photo gallery?

If o­nly his attorney had been there to advise him...GONZO MEMORIES: Hunter S. Thompson is remembered by collaborator and friend Ralph Steadman, novelists Tom Wolfe and Roger L. Simon, rock critic turned MTV hack Kurt Loder and columnist Christopher Hitchens. Garry Trudeau featured a Thompson quote and a 3-D animated dancing Duke at the Doonesbury site. Thompson's last piece featured a round of golf with Bill Murray, who was cinematically connected with Thompson as well as golf. But it appears we have not heard the last from Thompson yet.

TOM CRUISE has put up a Scientology tent o­n the set of Spielberg's War of the Worlds. Maybe he thinks the movie is a prequel to Battlefield Earth?

FORGET ROACH MOTELS: Now cockroaches can die looking for love in all the wrong places.

THE CSI EFFECT o­n juries and o­n entry into the field of forensic science was discussed at a major science conference in Washington DC.

BIOPOLITICS: Are cochlear implants a medical miracle or a cultural threat to the Deaf community?

A 9/11 LEVEL TERROR ATTACK WITHIN SEVEN YEARS? A statistical study suggests it, but we should be wary of predictions based purely o­n statistics.

Just like the Trib to notice the trend just as it's dyingTiVo DEATH CULT: Although Tuesday's Red Eye in Chicago (the fluffy tabloid version of the Chicago Tribune for Gen-Xers) was stilll leading with stories about "Cult TiVo," a TiVo deathwatch is underway at Engadget, but Slashdot considers the alternatives.

ACCUSED KOURNIKOVA STALKER was arrested after turning up naked at the wrong house o­n a neighbor's pool patio and yelling, "Anna! Save me!"

PIXIEDISCS is selling a limited run of the Pixies 12 final shows of 2004.

SLASH had his trademark top hat stolen at the Grammys.

Film for Michael Jackson to seeON THE PITCHFORK: Following in the wake of last year's well-received Ramones documentary, We Jam Econo: The Story of the Minutemen premieres o­n the 25th.

BRITNEY NOT THE BRIGHTEST BULB IN THE BOX: Feuding with US Weekly, she calls publisher Jann Wenner a "big old fat man," apparently unaware (though the interviewer is spinning otherwise) that Wenner also publishes Rolling Stone. Wenner declined to be interviewed but said in a statement, "My hope is that Kevin Federline will look as good at my age." No doubt. ALSO: How bad is it when Cher calls you a ho?

VIDEO GAME COMPANIES may be the next big acquisition targets, according to Viacom CEO Sumner Redstone, who recently increased his interest in Midway Games: "Any [media] company that doesn't recognize that games by companies like Midway are competing with them for both audience and advertising has its head in the sand."

UNITED NATIONS SCANDALS have moved American public opinion against the previously popular organization.

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