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New Smashing Pumpkins, Sir Paul, Spoon, Winged Cat   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Thursday, May 24, 2007 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


SMASHING PUMPKINS play a new tune titled  "For God and Country" at the Grand Rex in Paris.  You can find more from the gig on the Tube.

WILCO:  Entertainment Weekly says that Sky Blue Sky may be "the best Eagles album the Eagles never made."  Frontman Jeff Tweedy says, "Those are fighting words..."

THE PHIL SPECTOR TRIAL:  The music producer's driver wrapped up four days of testimony by firmly holding to his account that he saw Spector emerge from his Alhambra mansion moments after actress Lana Clarkson was shot, a gun in his bloody hand, and heard Spector tell him, "I think I killed somebody."  Also, the trial judge ruled that that famous criminalist Henry Lee withheld evidence from prosecutors, and that the jury could consider that in weighing his credibility as a defense expert.

THE HOLD STEADY:  Heather Browne got geared up to see the band by streaming some rarities, including a cover of Bob Seger's "Against The Wind."

PRINCE has signed up for a seven-week residency at the historic Roosevelt Hotel in L.A., starting in mid-June.  He reportedly will make three million from various sponsors, plus free room and board.

SONIC YOUTH:  The band's classic Daydream Nation will be re-issued by Geffen Records in a two-disc Deluxe Edition with bonus tracks, new liner notes, and unseen band photos on June 12, 2007 and on a super-special 4-disc vinyl set issued by the band's own Goofin' Records.  More details at the link.

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY talks to Pitchfork about his new album, "Yesterday," 9/11, and more.  The Cute One's new video, "Dance Tonight," is directed by Michel Gondry.  The ghost of Natalie Portman has a cameo.

BILLY JOEL gets a note in his pay envelope at McSweeney's Internet Tendency.

VOXTROT talks to the Austin American-Statesman about the upside and downside of the Internet.  Sean Moeller has posted a short essay on the band, along with free songs from an SxSW session, at Daytrotter.

THE DAP-KINGS give Spinner the lowdown on touring with Amy Winehouse.  Spinner also has a free download of the new Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings single.

SPOON:  GvsB claims that "The Underdog" will be the new LP's first true single, which (imho) makes a lot more sense than "The Ghost of You Lingers," the first video (posted with other Spoon leaks on Monday).

LINDSAY LOHAN:  As her parents battle over visitation rights, Star magazine reports that the reason for the screamfest with bf Callum Best that got Li-Lo tossed from an NYC hotel was that he checked into the hotel with another woman.  The story also has the allegedly rehabbed starlet partying until 1.30am before collapsing in the hotel lobby, writhing on the floor such that everyone could see that she wasn't wearing any panties.  BONUS:  Lohan has lined up Svedka vodka to sponsor her 21st birthday blowout in Las Vegas, which she will be paid at least 200 grand to attend.

TOM-KAT UPDATE:  Cruise and Holmes are planning a sequel to the Tom-Kitten, according to the ever-reliable Life & Style magazine.

NICOLE RICHIE is denying a joint report from the National Enquirer and Star magazine that she re-entered rehab at Beau Monde on May 11 to fight anorexia and a painkiller addiction.  The report was that she entered rehab on an outpatient basis, so that may be a very carefully-worded denial.

OPRAH WINFREY is "shocked" and "disappointed" that she had to hear it from the NY Daily News that her 74-year-old pop, Vernon, is writing a book about her.

KATE BECKINSALE says her hubby's workload directing Live Free Or Die Hard has left them no personal time and she's planning on making him her sex slave for four weeks when the film's finished.

GWYNETH PALTROW took a page out of the Jacko playbook the other day, throwing a long black veil over her daughter Apple's head to thwart the paparazzi from getting good pictures.  Ironically, the snappers say it made their shots more valuable.

ROBERT RODRIGUEZ, who had been looking at family-friendly projects after Grindhouse, is reportedly set to direct the remake of Barbarella, for a 2008 Universal release.  Now that he and Rose McGowan are a public couple, maybe she'll take the lead.

ELIZABETH TAYLOR can keep a Van Gogh painting that may have been seized by the Nazis during World War II, a US appeals court has ruled.

MIKE MYERS is attached to The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, the long-in-the works remake of the 1947 Danny Kaye classic.

ROSEANNE BARR says she is "probably not right" to replace Rosie O' Donnell on The View.  Barr claims that Rosie told her the show is looking for "someone they can control."

ROSIE O'DONNELL, otoh, was well out of control with Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View.  Rosie plays the victim card, interrupts and avoids answering Hasselback's questions -- a measure of how little Rosie thinks, as it's not like Hasselback will be joining Mensa anytime soon.  Hasselback later said the fight was no big deal, unaware that O'Donnell decided to skip work today.  An added twist is that today was supposed to be 9/11 conspiracy day on the show -- but that seems unlikely now.

JESSICA ALBA may be dating Cash Warren, she admits to a crush on former Tennessee congressman Harold Ford Jr.

TERROR in the US:  Newsweek reports on the worrisome trend of copycat jihadist cells that spring up inside the US without any concrete connection to Qaeda central or other foreign terror organizations.  And the story predates the new Pew poll finding that 26 percent of young US Muslims say suicide bombings to defend their religion are acceptable in some circumstances.  "It is a hair-raising number," said Radwan Masmoudi, president of the Washington-based Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy.  Apparently not to USA Today, the IHT/NYT, the BBC or the WaPo, all of which headlined the non-news that most US Muslims are assimilated -- and moreso than in Europe.  But terrorism tends to take root with a younger generation, so the fact that there are roughly 100000 young US Muslims sypathetic to jihad is not great news.  And by a margin of 48 to 35 percent, all US Muslims think it was wrong to take action against the Taliban in Afghanistan after 9/11, probably because 40 percent do not believe Arabs carried out the 9/11 attacks.

IRAN is making progress in perfecting its uranium enrichment tech, while the UN nuclear watchdog's knowledge on Iran's nuclear program is diminishing.  Tehran is also refusing to provide the UN nuclear watchdog with design information on its heavy water plant at Arak, or responding to requests to clarify uranium contamination at a research center, Iran's acquisition of centrifuge technology or a document in Iran's possession showing how to cast uranium metal into hemispheres - a technology employed in nuclear bomb building.  And like ABC the other today, CBS News decided to potentially blow covert ops to sabotage the Iranian nuke program.  Another set of kudos to the press for making a non-military option less workable.

IRAQ:  There are unconfirmed reports that the bodies of the missing US soldiers have been found.  The Sadrist parliamentary bloc and the Iraqi List (of ex-Interim Premier Iyad Allawi) are trying to muster support for a timetable for the withdrawal of Coalition forces from Iraq, a top-ranking Sadrist political official told Aswat al-Iraq.  The Sadrists may also withdraw confidence from the gov't if the the mandate of the Multinational Forces is renewed.  Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Barham Salih said that Iraq still hopes for agreement based on the oil law draft this month, thus allowing the Parliament to pass it soon.


...AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT: A seven-foot-tall Great Dane.  Not a hoax this time, I hope.

...AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT: Ferocious Thai insects that devour fish.

PET HOARDING:  An Orange Park, FL man had a dog, a rat, a tarantula and an 8-foot python snake in his apartment... plus a baby alligator in the toilet tank.  We can only hope  the Ty-D-Bowl man got out in time.

SHARK'S VIRGIN BIRTH stuns scientists, who brought the newborn shark gold, frankinsense and myrrh.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


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Indie All-Stars, New Releases, Rare Ryan Adams, Gay Flamingos   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Tuesday, May 22, 2007 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


TWOFER TUESDAY: M. Ward is joined by Neko Case, My Morning Jacket's Jim James, Kelly Hogan and more for "Chinese Translation" on the peacock network.  Will the lawyers get to it before you do? (If so, the original animated clip is still very cool.)  In another indie all-star lineup, Ben Gibbard was joined by John Vanderslice, Jenny Lews and David Bazan for "Such Great Heights" during an encore from Gibbard's concert at the Fillmore.

NEW RELEASES:  Battles, the National, Voxtrot, Jeff Buckley, the Bravery, Hot Chip and more are streaming in full this week via Spinner.  You might also check out Wolf Parage side project Handsome Furs, NYC noisesters Parts and Labor, and the poppier Shapes and Sizes.

JOE STRUMMER:  All this week, PopMatters is offering exclusive excerpts from the new Chris Salewicz biography of the Clash co-founder, published this week in the US.

SMASHING PUMPKINS:  You can stream "Tarantula" from the upcoming album via Spinner.

REUNITED (and it feels so good):  The New York Sun looks at the year of the reunion, focusing on the Jesus & Mary Chain.

BO DIDDLEY walked around the intensive-care unit at a Nebraska hospital just days after suffering a stroke; doctors were encouraged that the singer-songwriter-guitarist would be able to perform again.  Now he has has improved enough to be moved into a regular room at Creighton University Medical Center

SEEN YOUR VIDEO:  The George Baker Selection is looking a bit like Resevoir Dogs for "Little Green Bag."

THE WHITE STRIPES:  As the June 19 release of the White Stripes' new album, Icky Thump, approaches, Jack White is less concerned about "indie cred" than at any other time in the band's 10-year history.

RYAN ADAMS:  An Aquarium Drunkard can point you to Exile on Franklin Street, a super lo-fi, 24 track collection of demos from 2000.  And you can stream a six-pack of them via the ol' HM.  BTW, his new stuff reportedly sounded good in Louisville on Saturday, even if Adams turned up wearing big sunglasses and a shower cap.

SLY & THE FAMILY STONE are celebrating their 40th anniversary with a brand new box set of the group's first seven albums. Rose Stone and Larry Graham talk to NPR about the band's contributions to popular music.

LILY ALLEN gives good interview on the E! channel, including a bit on what she looks for in a man.  If you want a hint, Enrique Iglesias doesn't have it.

PETE DOHERTY-KATE MOSS UPDATE:  The troubled singer enjoyed some good clean fun Sunday when he led his soccer team to victory, with the supposedly sober supermodel cherring him on.

LINDSAY LOHAN:  The supposedly rehabbed starlet was spotted with bf Callum Best the other night in NYC, "drinking vodka straight from the bottle."  And Best is saying it's Li-Lo who's the best, claiming she's insatiable and dynamite in the sack.

SCOTT STAPP: The former Creed singer was arrested for throwing a bottle of Orangina at his wife's head.  Stapp's lawyer, Robert Gershman, denied a bottle was thrown.

THE DARK KNIGHT:  Anthony Michael Hall reports the plot of the latest Batman movie is so secret he's forbidden to even say what character he's portraying.  But a new website confirms that Aaron Eckhart is playing Gotham DA Harvey Dent (who becomes Two-Face in the comics).  And another possible photo of Heath Ledger as The Joker is floating around, too.

SYLVESTER STALLONE was fined 2,500 bucks by an Australian court on Monday for illegally bringing 48 vials of human growth hormone into Australia during a promotional trip in February.  He was also ordered to pay court costs of about 8,300 -- al in all, far less than the possible maximum of 91 grand.

DAVID HASSELHOFF, despite that recent drunken video, has won temporary custody of his two kids... and there may be some bombshells going off in his secret court proceedings.

JESSICA SIMPSON:  Her next project is half-autobiography, half-Private Benjamin. Meanwhile, on-again, off-again bf John Mayer got busy hitting on super-skinny models in NYC, and tyring to negotiate an alien hostage standoff.  And the latest is that they have gotten together ... again.

BRADGELINA and the kids turned up at the Cannes Film Festival to promote Jolie's new movie, A Mighty Heart -- the trailer for which is posted at Apple in various shades of Quicktime.

OFFICE PARTY:  Brian Baumgartner and Angela Kinsey (Kevin and Angela) turned up in Scranton PA, where they toured some of the watering holes mentioned on the TV show, toured Penn Paper and Supply Co. and attended an autograph session and rooftop party.  The local paper has pics and video from the weekend.

JENNIFER TILLY says appearing in Bride of Chucky destroyed her indie cred, but she now gets free biscuits at the local Popeye's.

ROSIE O'DONNELL tried to backpedal from her suggestion that the US and its troops are terrorists responsible for civilian deaths in Iraq; she also compares fmr. Pres. Jimmy Carter to the Messiah, apparently unaware that Carter was spending his morning beckpedaling from his recent comments about the Bush admin's foreign policy.

KATHERINE HEIGL talked to USA Today about the buzz-building comedy Knocked Up, her engagement and and her contractual standoff with Grey's Anatomy.

ROBOTS could soon replace nurses by performing jobs like dispensing drugs, taking temperatures and cleaning up hospital wards.

DENMARK:  Copenhagen's famed Little Mermaid statue was found draped in a Muslim dress and head scarf Sunday morning.

HAMAS MOUSE:  The Walt Disney Co. didn't speak out when Hamas militants used a Mickey Mouse look-alike to preach Islamic domination because the company felt it would be ineffective, Disney's chief executive said Monday.  In reality, had the copyright infringement been by a daycare center, the grieving parents of a dead child, or even a Chinese theme park, the Disney lawyers would have been all over it.  But the corporation really doesn't want some suicide bomber riding It's A Small World, so shhhh.

IRAN has arrested students for printing allegedly blasphemous items in a campus newspaper.  BTW, blasphemy is punishable by death in Iran.  And here's what enforcing the Iranian dress code looks like.

IRAQ:  The search for three missing US soldiers intensified Monday after commanders obtained what they called a flood of new intelligence.  Multinational Forces Iraq has killed the "mastermind" and "tactical commander" of the Karbala attack that kidnapped and murdered five US soldiers.  US forces would prefer a "soft" approach to moving deeper into Sadr City, but a full-scale assault has not been ruled out.  The US military says it has broken up a network of insurgents who were behind a string of deadly attacks on US helicopters in Iraq this winter.  Violence has abated in Nasiriya and Diwaniya. Melik Kaylan got to witness a firefight between the Iraqi Army (with tribal forces) and al Qaeda while traveling with Ahmed Chalabi in Diayala province.  Tribes from the northern portion of Baghdad province and Salahadin have formed the Salahadin Awakening to fight al Qaeda.  At ITM, Mohammed helps sort out the tribal militias in Anbar province.  Iraqi border patrols are taking some lessons from Texas.  The LA Times reports that the Bush admin is under growing pressure to intervene to rearrange Baghdad's dysfunctional political order, or even install a new leadership.

GAY FLAMINGOS have officially adopted their first chick.  The pink partners had been so desperate to have chicks that they had resorted to stealing eggs to fulfil their unlikely dream of a starting a family at the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire.

A COELACANTH -- an ancient fish once thought to have become extinct at the time of the dinosaurs -- was caught by an Indonesian fisherman.  It's the third such fish caught since species was rediscovered in 1938.

WAYWARD HUMPBACKS have taken a wrong turn and are swimming back to the inland Port of Sacramento.  Video at the link.

THE SQUIRREL THREAT:  A 47-year-old Janesville, WI,  woman contacted police Friday night to report that she was bitten by a squirrel she was trying to nurse back to health.

HEF'S BUNNIES are a dying breed on Big Pine Key, Florida.

PIGS:  Growing demand for ethanol as a biofuel has pushed up the price of corn has our porcine friends pigging out on trail mix, cookies, licorice, cheese curls, candy bars, french fries, frosted wheat cereal and peanut-butter cups.

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Spoon Leaks, Mixtapes, Meat Puppets, Husky-Kitten tussle   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Monday, May 21, 2007 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


SPOON:  The band's July release, the ill-titled Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, has leaked on the Internet -- and Stereogum likes it.  Of the tracks that have trickled onto the music blogs, "You Got Yr Cherry Bomb" would be my pick to click; "Finer Feelings" was also an immediate grabber, with "Don't Make Me a Target" close behind.  Songs like "Black Like Me" and "Don't You Evah" seem like growers, too.  Why the band picked "The Ghost of You Lingers" for the first video for the LP is a little mystifying -- it's alright, but a little more challenging than some of the others.

AMY WINEHOUSE wed her on-again, then off-again, then back-on-again boyfriend Blake Fielder-Civil Friday morning in Miami... the celebrated with a breakfast of burger and fries at the Big Pink Diner.

LOVE IS A MIXTAPE:  Heather Browne loves Rob Sheffield's book (previously noted here) and is streaming a killer mixtape of her own in tribute.

WILCO -- and frontman Jeff Tweedy -- get a meaty profile in London's Independent.  Tweedy talks about cleaning up with Australia's The Age, recording and songwriting with Mother Jones... and lists his favorite albums of the 1970s for The Wall Street Journal. (Thanks, LHB.)

ANDREW BIRD played DC's 9:30 Club last night, so you should be able to stream the whole show on demand via NPR now.

SEEN YOUR VIDEO:  Donovan prepares to blow your little mind on "Sunshine Superman."

ICE CREAM TRUCK MUSIC is blurbed in The New York Times.  But my brain is such a sponge for triva that I can direct you you to posts from 2005 and 2006 at WFMU's blog that have more, including MP3s of ice cream truck music.

THE HOLD STEADY:  Crawdaddy nicely attacks the Springsteen comparison: "Craig Finn is not the new Springsteen. He's not the new Springsteen anymore than Springsteen was the new Dylan or Dylan was the new Guthrie, for that matter..."  Nevertheless, Craig Finn wears the "bar band" title with pride.  And keyboardist Franz Nicolay wants to feed off the crowds, noting some of the band's best shows have been in other "flyover" towns such as Iowa City.

TERRY CALLIER:  An Aquarium Drunkard has posted a "drop-dead, badass soul jam" titled "You Miss Your Candyman" from Callier's 1973 abum, What Color is Love.

THE MEAT PUPPETS frontman Curt Kirkwood and fan-turned drummer Ted Marcus talk to LiveDaily about the band's reunion, Marcus' introduction to Meat Puppets, and Cris Kirkwood's recovery.  Curt tells the Salt Lake Tribune that it's about branding.

867-5309:  Having recently featured Jenny's phone number, I could not help but note this Boston Globe article on two plumbing companies fighting over it in court.

JESSICA SIMPSON and JOHN MAYER are on a break, "But they have broken up and gotten back together at least ten times before," according to a source close to Simpson.  She claims to be "very happy."  She also is denying reports that she was dropped by the Operation Smile charity.

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE:  Shrek the Third easily topped the box office with an estimated 122 million -- slightly better than most expected -- a record for an animated movie and the third biggest opening weekend of all-time, behind only Spider-Man 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.  Of course, it may fall to fourth once Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End opens next weekend.  But its success caused Spider-Man 3 to lose another 51%, though few tears will be shed at its 747 million worldwide total.  28 Weeks Later dropped one spot to third place with an estimated 5.2 million, and little was left for anyone else.  Sleeper hit Disturbia took in 3.7 million.  Georgia Rule dropped from third to fifth with 3.5 million.  Fracture held onto the sixth slot agaain with 2.4 million, Delta Farce slid to seventh with 1.8 million.  The Invisible dropped to eighth with 1.3 million.  Hot Fuzz bumped up to ninth with 1.2 million, just ahead of Keri Russell in Waitress, which made 1.1 million in limited release.

THE McCARTNEYS reportedly have called a truce in their acrimonious divorce battle, for their daughter's sake.

GEORGE MICHAEL has admitted being addicted to prescription drugs... and said he believes the world would be a better place if more people smoked marijuana.

JACKO has dropped his attempt to stop an auction of Jackson memorabilia and will be allowed to take 20 items from the auction first, probably the embarassing sexual material.

THE FRENCH HOTEL plans to pen a prison diary - and hopes it will make her millions.  California's Son of Sam law was struck down as unconstitutional in 2002.

BRITNEY SPEARS demanded to be let off the United Airlines flight from L.A. to Miami, minutes before takeoff Friday night, because it didn't have leather seats.  And she apparently had a lip-sync glitch in Orlando.

KATE HUDSON and OWEN WILSON went mattress shopping at Leeds in Santa Monica, test-flopped on a few, then zeroed in on a bouncy number called... the CelebrityBed.  And managed to offend at least one other customer in the process.

REESE & RYAN BREAK-UPDATE:  New court documents, show that Ryan Phillippe wants to make a clean break from his marriage with Reese Witherspoon. He is asking for joint custody of the two kids, but no spousal or child support.

LEONARDO DiCAPRIO has reportedly signalled the end of his relationship with Israeli model Bar Rafaeli by hooking up with actress Daya Fernandez at the Cannes Film Festival.

JENNA JAMESON:  The pr0n princess proclaims her fondness for Scarlett Johansson and Hillary Clinton in a new intreview.

ROSIE O'DONNELL, who once said she would have a structural engineer on The View to talk about 9/11, has instead booked Korey Rowe and Dylan Avery, the creators of the online conspiracy film Loose Change,  You can watch their film get debunked in real time, or discover that even shock jocks Opie & Anthony are capable of doing it.

MICHAEL MOORE:  After his new flick Sicko debuted at the Cannes Film Festival, Canadian journalists grilled Moore about the large liberties he took with the facts about Canada's government-funded medical system.

FRANCE:  A Paris festival celebrating US music and culture has been called off following a series of anti-American threats -- including at least one mentioning Al-Qaeda organisers said on Sunday.

HAMAS MOUSE UPDATE:  The story of the Mickey Mouse look-alike who preaches armed "resistance" and Islamic domination is an indication of how the new Palestinian "unity" government has been functioning for the past three months.

IRAQ:  IraqSlogger has a link-rich round-up of the past week's news.  The leader of Iraq's largest Shiite party and a key figure in the country's political reform process, was diagnosed with lung cancer and traveled immediately to  Iran to seek medical treatment.  Moqtada al-Sadr is wooing Sunnis and open to US politicians seeking withdrawal from Iraq.  Bill Roggio surveys signals that a military showdown between Coalition forces in al Qaeda is looming in Diyala province.  London's Guardian has a piece on Iranian influence in Basra.  Coalition Forces detained suspected members of a secret cell terrorist network known for facilitating the transport of weapons and explosively formed penetrators, or EFPs, from Iran to Iraq, as well as bringing militants from Iraq to Iran for terrorist training.

A KITTEN fights a HUSKY:  Fortunately for the kitty, the dog's heart just isn't in it.

SHARK ATTACK:  A woman bitten by a shark as she waded in knee-deep water at a remote Australian holiday beach said she fought off the predator with her camera to stop it from turning on her children.

KNUT UPDATE:  Having shared the cover of Vanity Fair's Green issue with Leo DiCaprio, the cuddly polar bear does a photo op with Newt Gingrich.

RARE DONKEYS:  The fourth foal of a breed of donkey rarer than the giant panda has been born in the space of a fortnight at a British farm.  Awww...some pic at the link.

A TANK FULL OF SHARKS and STINGRAYS is the perfect spot for a sword-swallower.

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The Sweet, Kinks, Cutout Bin, Shrek 3, Tiger Triplets   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Friday, May 18, 2007 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl




...with THE SWEET!  The bubble-glam rockers are probably best known for the trifecta of "Little Willy," "Ballroom Blitz" and "Fox on the Run," though they also charted with the harder-edged "Action" and the more ballad-y "Love is Like Oxygen."  All of those clips also feature the band's rather unique fashion sense, but you have to see the clip for "Wig Wam Bam" -- complete with headdress -- to see the band at its most ridiculous.

WILCO and SON VOLT:  In the L.A. Weekly, Mark Mauer writes that it's "totally unfair and totally unnecessary to compare the new albums from Wilco and Son Volt..." then does so.  BONUS:  That Truncheon Thing has posted Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot demos. (Thanks, LHB.)

THE KINKS:  Heather Browne is streaming a 1977 gig at Winterland in San Francisco.

BO DIDDLEY is in the hospital after suffering a stroke on Sunday.

LAURA VEIRS talks to the Washington Post's Express about nature and -- inadvertently -- government funding of the arts: "There's no support for artists in this culture; there's no funding. You're going to have to do it yourself and stick it out and that, I think, is why we have so many great artists."  Embedded videos at the link, too.

CROWDED HOUSE has posted a new song at its website for your streaming pleasure.

SEEN YOUR VIDEO:  One-hit wonders Los Bravos perform "Black is Black."  So true.

SMASHING PUMPKINS:  The band's new album cover art is global warming-themed, but Billy Corgan & Co. may want to note that alarmist messages about global warming are counter-productive, according to the head of a leading climate research center.

BONO and BILLY SQUIRE are having a NYC co-op dispute over whether hazardous smoke from fireplaces, including Squier's, is drifting from chimneys into the penthouse duplex where Bono lives with his wife and four children.

HILLARY CLINTON wants your vote for her campaign theme song.  I'll skip over the Elton John joke to ask why she isn't going with Merle Haggard.

PETE DOHERTY-KATE MOSS UPDATE:  The troubled singer and supposedly sober supermodel were caught canoodling at the Cow Pub in London's Notting Hill.  And if you take a closeup of those pics, you can see what looks like a white residue in the corner of her right nostril.

THE CUTOUT BIN:  This Friday's fortuitous finds from the ol' HM are:  Elvis Costello - Radio, Radio; The Archies - Sugar, Sugar; Harry Belafonte - Jump in the Line; Friends of Distinction - Grazing in the Grass; The Mountain Goats - The Boys Are Back In Town/Ignition; Violent Femmes - American Music;  Bo Diddley - You Can't Judge A Book...; Four Tops - It's the Same Old Song; J. Geils Band - I Do; Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Some Velvet Morning; The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon; Rolling Stones - Honky Tonk Women; Pink Floyd - See Emily Play (rough mix); Slade - Mamma Weer All Crazee Now; Ryan Adams - Rocket Man (live); Lou Reed - Walk on the Wild Side; Bananarama - Cruel Summer; The Bel-Airs - Mr. Moto; The Windbreakers - You Never Give Up; and The Replacements - Can't Hardly Wait.

SHREK THE THIRD:  This advance screening I really did attend mostly as a service to Pate visitors.  I really liked the first Shrek, and thought the sequel was alright, but this one is currently scoring only 45 percent on the ol' Tomatometer, so I was not champing at the bit.  But it's this weekend's sole wide release, and I doubt the reviews -- mine inclded -- will stop many from seeing it.  Critics not liking this movie suggest that this franchise has become what it originally satirized; those liking it tend to say the same thing, but with the positive spin that it is reiventing the fairy tale cartoon genre.  I can see both points, but tend to fall more in that more negative camp.  The first had some wickedly satirical jabs at Disney; the second at least sent up Hollywood.  Shrek the Third only manages to poke fun at high school -- and not with any degree of originality.  But kids will probably still like the characters and the broad comedy; their parents will probably get a chuckle out of the parenthood jokes (though again, no great originality there).  It's not a bad movie, just a long way from the original.  And if you're whether it will depose Spider-Man 3 from the top spot, consider that Shrek 2 broke the 100 million mark in its opening frame.

LINDSAY LOHAN and current beau Callum Best are already at the point of having a "screamfest" at the Soho Grand in NYC, after Best was seen collecting digits from all the models at Cipriani Downtown, every time Lohan's back was turned.

JACKO has gotten a temporary restraining order against the sale of more than 20,000 Jackson family artifacts bought as part of a New Jersey bankruptcy case.  But if he keeps it up, the buyer may offer some of Jacko's dirty laundry for auction.

THE FRENCH HOTEL:  People are freaking out that the celebutante may serve only 23 days of her 45-day sentence on that probation violation based on "good conduct," but it's not uncommon in the US to get day-for-day credit if you behave yourself.  It's less common than it used to be for more serious crimes, thanks to truth-in-sentencing laws, but there you have it.  Also, TMZ reports that the heirhead has abandoned her appeal, so she will be doing the time.

JENNA FISHER was celebrating the renewal of The Office Monday night with friends when she slipped on a restaurant's marble steps and fractured four bones in her back.  SEMI-RELATED:  The Office's  Rashida Jones and John Krasinski, who dated in real life in 2005, and date on the show, may be dating IRL again.

JESSICA SIMPSON:  It appears that her creepy dad-manager Joe approves of new beau John Mayer.  Turns out Joe is a fan.

BRITNEY SPEARS:  New beau Howie Day is already back in rehab.  A friend of Day's who spoke to Life & Style doubts the relationship will continue, pointing out that neither will be a good influence for the other.

FARRAH FAWCETT is reportedly facing a new cancer battle, just three months after being given the all clear on her 60th birthday.

ELIJAH WOOD is to play Iggy Pop in The Passenger biopic?  I don't mind him as an actor and he reportedly has good musical taste, but it still seems like odd casting.

BRUCE WILLIS, 52, is now dating Playboy Playmate Tamara Witmer, 23 (which makes her only 5 years older than Willis' daughter, Rumer).  He is also fed up with listening to outspoken actors -- and believes their opinion shouldn't mean "jack s**t" to the general public.

S.E. HINTON:  The reclusive author is doing some press to promote her new book, though I don't know that she needs to --The Outsiders, written 40 years ago, is selling as well as it ever has.

MICHAEL MOORE and FRED THOMPSON are having a showbiz feud.  Thompson, the lawyer-turned-actor-turned-Senator-turned actor currently mulling a possible presidential campaign, criticized Michael Moore for cozying up to Cuban dictator Fidel Castro during the making of Moore's upcoming film, Sicko.  Moore responded by challenging Thompson to a health care debate.  Thompson replied with a video demurring, but suggesting Moore ask Castro about Cuban documentarian Nicolas Guillen Landrian, who Castro had thrown into a mental institution and given electroshock treatments.  Moore is miffed about Cuban cigars supposedly in Thompson's video -- though I suspect they are props Thompson put in just to tweak Moore.

ROSIE O'DONNELL suggests the US gov't and military are terrorists, claiming that the US has killed 655K Iraqis.  This would appear to be a reference to the Lancet study that has been widely crriticized by scientists and is possibly fraudulent.  Earlier this month, the so-called "Queen of Nice" was reminding us that Islamic jihadis are mothers and fathers, too.

IRAN appears to have solved most of its technological problems and is beginning to enrich uranium on a far larger scale than before, according to the UN's nuke watchdogs.  This has the usual suspects, particularly Russia, questioning whether the demand that Iran suspend still makes sense.  Because what you really want to do is reward a regime that has flouted both the the Nonproliferation Treaty and UN sanctions repeatedly.  In other news, Iran plans to start manufacturing "Islamic bicycles" for women that conceals their figure.  National police have announced that men and women must not be allowed inside internet cafes together but in separate days or schedules "to avoid unpleasant promiscuity."

IRAQ:  Iraqi officials seem to have skirted a constitutional crisis over the controversial issue of reforming the Iraqi constitution -- for the moment, anyway.  The Iraqi Ministry of Oil lambasted a GAO report leaked to the NYT about the alleged smuggling of 100-300K barrels of Iraqi crude oil a day, pointing out how large such an operation would have to be, yet remain undetected passing through US-controlled outlets.  Lt. Gen. James N. Mattis, meeting with Marines across Anbar province, emphasizes the power of a friendly wave.

HUANI the FARM DOG nurses three newborn tiger triplets for the Jinan Paomaling Wild Animal World in Shandong province, China.  It's not her first time, either.


MAGGIE the ELEPHANT hadn't fallen, but she couldn't get up.

CAMELS are being used in South Australia to search for uranium deposits.  We had best keep them away from the squirrels and geese.

BORIS the OWL he has fathered three chicks with a flighty bird 21 years his junior; they are believed to be the only breeding pair of western Siberian eagle owls in captivity in the world.  Boris previously had cataract surgery because he couldn't see the lady owls.

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