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Bright Eyes, Felice Bros, Man Man, Kurt Vile, Sleepy Dog   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Monday, March 21, 2011 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


MOGWAI's latest video is for "San Pedro."

BRIGHT EYES played a two-hour set at Auditorium Shores for SXSW.

THE FELICE BROS also played a set at Auditorium Shores for SXSW.

MIDDLE BROTHER, including members of Dawes, Delta Spirit and Deer Tick, played a set at Auditorium Shores for SXSW.

MAN MAN? Yep, they played a set at Auditorium Shores for SXSW, too.

KURT VILE, as you may have guessed, played a set at Auditorium Shores for SXSW.

EMMYLOU HARRIS played "Darling Kate," a tribute to the late Kate McGarrigle, at SXSW.

THE CLEVERLYS cover the latter-day Yes hit, "Owner of a Lonely Heart."

ALEX CHILTON: Musicians remember the legend -- and their favorite Big Star songs -- for Stereogum, with embedded audio.

THE KILLS: Alison Mosshart talks to Vanity Fair about Jamie Hince, Jack White, and why you will never see her looking mousy.  Mosshart and Hince talked to SPIN about the sound of the new album, and to Interview about Fugazi, Tokyo and more.

MATT & KIM: Matt spoke with Rock Candy about SXSW, upcoming projects, and all the Mexican food he hoped to eat while in Austin. (Thx, LHB.)

CULT of the iPOD: It's 10 years since Apple's original iPod shuffled on to the scene, changing the way we listen to and buy music for good. But could it soon be time to hang up our white headphones?

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: Limitless tops the chart with 19 million against a 27 million budget. Indeed, word is that after selling foreign and Netflix rights, Relativity may have been on the hook for as little as a million dollars. Rango ran a strong second with 15.3 million; the lizard has already more than recouped its 135 million budget worldwide.  Battle: Los Angeles plummeted 59 percent to the third slot with 14.6 million... but this one has also recouped its 70 million production budget worldwide.  The Lincoln Lawyer debuted in fourth with 13.4 million, likely aided by a Groupon deal for six-dollar tickets.  Paul rounded out the Top Five with 13.2 million -- I wonder whether a "dude movie" may have been hurt by March Madness.

CHARLIE SHEEN stands to make seven million bucks on his live tour (assuming he actually does it).

LINDSAY LOHAN was up all Thursday night partying with reality stars at the city's hottest nightspots.  Maybe because she's finally getting it through her head she can't avoid jail and is now "seriously considering" taking a plea deal.

BRITNEY SPEARS: Her dancers are required to sign an agreement to keep her away from booze and drugs.


ASHLEY GREENE has reportedly rebounded from Joe Jonas with Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill.

KATE WINSLET and... John Mayer? A story too awful to check from the ever-reliable Star magazine.

KEVIN COSTNER has closed a deal to play Jonathan Kent, the adoptive dad of Clark Kent, in Zach Snyder's Superman reboot.

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES: Joseph Gordon-Levitt ofiicially signs as Alberto Falcone (son of Carmen Falcone), a/k/a the Holiday Killer.

SPIDER-MAN: C. Thomas Howell confirms The Lizard appears in the reboot.

WONDER WOMAN: Our first look at Adrianne Palicki in costume, with comments from Lynda Carter.

YEMEN: President Saleh's own tribe demanded his resignation as he sacked the entire cabinet.

EGYPT: Security forces re-arrested Mohammad al Zawahiri, an Islamic Jihad Group member and the brother of Ayman al Zawahiri, al Qaeda's second-in-command. Mohammed was released days ago and had justified terror attacks against the US. Egyptian voters overwhelmingly approved changes in the constitution, opening the way for parliamentary and presidential elections within months.

LIBYA: Gaddafi vowed to wage a "long, drawn-out war with no limits" as UN countries began attacking his air defenses and ground forces. Adm. Mike Mullen said that a no-fly zone has "effectively been established," but regime change is not the goal of the mission, and Gaddafi may remain in power despite the assault.

A BOY AND HIS DOG, falling asleep.

KNUT, the Berlin Zoo's famously adorable polar bear, died in view of between 600 and 700 visitors.

AIRBORNE DEER slams an unlucky jogger.

MOVING BEAVER draws a fine in Alfred, NY.

A GREAT DANE gave birth to 17 puppies by Cesarean section.

SUPER PET EXPO: Video of a moonwalking chihuahua and a pig with a paintbrush.

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The Bangles, Yuck, Raphael Saadiq, Cutout Bin, Tsunami Cat   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Friday, March 18, 2011 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl



... with THE BANGLES!  There's no better way to start than with these live takes on "Hero Takes A Fall"  and Kimberley Rew's "Goin' Down To Liverpool" for Dave in 1984. It was that sort of rawk (and the hotness of Susanna Hoffs) that got Prince to give them "Manic Monday," their first mainstream hit, from the A Different Light album, which included Jules Shear's "If She Knew What She Wants," Alex Chilton's "September Gurls," and -- inevitably -- Liam Sternberg's "Walk Like An Egyptian."  Nevertheless, their fondness for the genres of the mid-60s was still evident in their take on Simon & Garfunkel's "Hazy Shade of Winter" for the Less Than Zero soundtrack, and the psych-garage-pop of "In Your Room" on the Everything album, which yielded their final No.1 hit, "Eternal Flame."  The draw from the 60s is a constant I saw them in a club, on a big stage and in a club again -- the last time was at a House of Blues, where they covered the We Five's "You Were On My Mind."  However, I'll confess that I put off featuring the band for about a bit, until the Susanna Hoffs solo cover of Bad Company's "Feel Like Makin' Love" popped back up on the Tube after an absence. That woman knows how to shake her tambourine.

YUCK played a set at Stubb's for NPR at SXSW. Catchy late 80s-early 90s lo-fi buzz-pop.

RAPHAEL SAADIQ played a set at Stubb's for NPR at SXSW. Classic soul, tho a bit more rockin' on the new songs.

SMITH WESTERNS played a set at Stubb's for NPR at SXSW. Saw and enjoyed these youngsters at Pitchfork last summer.

JAMES BLAKE played a set at Stubb's for NPR at SXSW. My least favorite of this line-up, but you may like him more than I.

THE ANTLERS played their upcoming Burst Apart album at The Parish for SXSW.

THE JOY FORMIDABLE played a short set at The Parish for SXSW.

THE PIXIES: A covers collection.

BLUE SWEDE: "Hooked on a Feeling," introduced by the late Don Kirshner. Ooga-Chucka.

120 MINUTES, two of the most beloved hours in alternative-rock history, is returning to the airwaves... with Matt Pinfield. And it soft-launches online tonight.

THE MOUNTAIN GOATS are auctioning an unreleased song for disaster relief in Japan.

DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS talk to CNN about work and family.

JACK WHITE talks to the NYT about SXSW and why digital music will never have the romance of a tangible record.

CUTOUT BIN: From the Pogues to the Crystals, from Booker T & the MGs to the Mighty Lemon Drops, from CCR to the Charlatans UK, plus Steam, Los Lobos, Jimmy Ruffin, the Raveonettes, Beatles and more -- this Friday's fortuitous finds are now streaming from the Pate page at the ol' HM.

NOW SHOWING: This weekend's wide releases include the sci-fi comedy Paul, which is currently scoring 62 percent on the ol' Tomatometer; the action-thriller Limitless, which is scoring 58 percent; and The Lincoln Lawyer, scoring 83 percent.

MAD MEL UPDATE: Here's Gibson's new mug shot - taken late Wed. night in connection with his criminal battery case.

LINDSAY LOHAN's probation report says she's been drinking fermented tea that contains alcohol.

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE's alleged infidelities are detailed in the print edition of Us Weekly.

JOE JONAS & ASHLEY GREENE are dunzo, ostensibly due to work schedules.

SANDRA BULLOCK sent a million bucks to the American Red Cross this week to help with earthquake and tsunami relief efforts in Japan.

TIGER WOODS talked to GMA about the burden of single fatherhood. Aw.

OWEN WILSON is out partying, just weeks after becoming a dad.

ZACH SNYDER discusses his approach to the Superman reboot.

THE WOLVERINE loses director Darren Aaronovsky.

EGYPT: The government has released Mohammad al Zawahiri, an Egyptian Islamic Jihad member and the brother of al Qaeda's second in command, Ayman al Zawahiri.

LIBYA: Rebel forces repelled an assault by forces loyal to President Gaddafi in Ajdabiya, the gateway to the rebel stronghold of Benghazi.

IRAQ: The scale of the demonstrations there is secondary to something more fundamental: the transformation of an obscure band of organizers into young leaders who are defining their own vision of a postwar Iraq.

A CAT is discovered by its owner after the Japanese tsunami.

FERAL CATS "the size of dogs'' have been terrorizing Moorooka residents for more than a year, with one resident and her dog mauled just last week.

THE SQUIRREL THREAT: Militants attack in Bennington, VT.

MAMA HERON attacks an alligator stealing its baby.

BIG SPLASH, a Tibetian Mastiff, sells for 1.5 million dollars.

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St. Pat's, Head and the Heart, Jack White, Vaccines, Penguins   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Thursday, March 17, 2011 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl



...with JOE STRUMMER and THE POGUES!  People will be getting their drink and dance on today, so enjoy Joe, Shane and the band putting a Celtic spin on "London Calling" and "I Fought The Law" for St. Patrick's Day, 1988. Follow that up with the Dropkick Murphys' videos for "I'm Shipping Up to Boston" (which you may have heard in Martin Scorsese's The Departed) and "The Wild Rover."  Round it out with an Old Grey Whistle Test of my Fave Pogues songs, "Sally MacLennane" and a Shamrock Shake.

THE HEAD & THE HEART stopped by the World Cafe for a chat and mini-set.

JACK WHITE played a parking lot at SXSW, including Buddy Holly's "Not Fade Away" and the White Stripes' "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground."

THE VACCINES played a set for The Interface at SXSW.

SPEAKING OF SXSW, Largehearted Boy can hook you up with 10 free and legal sampler albums from acts at the fest.

JOE COCKER is "Feelin' Alright," with a little help from his friend.

BUDDY MILLER talks to Paste about his health, the players on his new album, Richard Thompson and more...

LIZ PHAIR talked with Austinist about SXSW, the "scene," her first performance, and some lessons she's learned along the way.

DAVID JOHANSEN, reflecting on the New York Dolls reunion, tells The A.V. Club that looking to the past is something that's as painful as it is inescapable-not to mention occasionally funny.

NILE RODGERS is cancer-free. Great news!

STATE OF THE INDUSTRY: An incredible 81.7 percent of new album sales come from just 1 percent of new release titles, according to details released by Nielsen Soundscan.

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE was "miserable" with Jessica Biel for years.  Granted, there's the old saying that no matter how beautiful the woman, there's a man who's tired of her (or something like that), but does it sound remotely palusible that JT would feel trapped in a relationship?

REESE WITHERSPOON walking down the aisle March 26?

RYAN PHILLIPPE was blindsided about his possible paternity by his ex.

SURI CRUISE has interesting taste in candy.

HOWARD STERN gets personal in the latest issue of Rolling Stone.

MEGAN FOX is in negotiations to star alongside Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann in Judd Apatow's spin-off of Knocked Up.

AMERICAN PIE: A big-screen reunion is in the works.

RED DAWN: The remake is being edited -- and possibly shelved -- to avoid angering China. Something to keep in mind during the next story about how brave and edgy Hollywood is.

LIBYA: The Libyan army issued an ultimatum on Wednesday to residents of the opposition capital Benghazi, warning them to leave rebel-held locations and weapons storage areas by midnight, Libyan television reported. Folks in Tripoli seem to be giving up on a revolution.

BAHRAIN: Six people, including two policemen, were killed after security forces attacked a protesters' camp in the capital of Manama. Security forces deployed armored vehicles and helicopters against the protesters, and succeeded in clearing the square.

PAKISTAN: An American working as a contractor for the CIA who had been jailed for the killing of two Pakistanis on a crowded Lahore street was freed on Wednesday and immediately flown out of the country, after a payoff to the victims' families.

AFGHANISTAN: As American troops press the Taliban in their desert and mountain redoubts, Western diplomats, Taliban leaders and the Afghan government have begun to take a hard look at what it would take to start a negotiation to end the fighting.

IRAQ: An Iraqi court sentenced Munaf al Rawi, al Qaeda in Iraq's former leader in Baghdad, and five of his lieutenants to death for their involvement in several major bombings in Baghdad. Rawi gave up information that led to the deaths of Abu Ayyub al Masri and Abu Omar al Baghdadi, AQI's top two leaders, in April 2010.

PENGUINS on a plane.

LIONS were confiscated from a Romanian man who kept them in his garden.

ROBO-ROACHES: What could go wrong?

MAMA SQUIRREL takes her baby to a new nest. Aw.

DO CHICKENS FART? A survey of experts.

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Iron & Wine, Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr, The National, Cat Fetch   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Wednesday, March 16, 2011 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


IRON & WINE plays George Michael's "One More Try" for the second season premiere of A.V. Club Undercover, plus old and new songs at the World Cafe.

DALE EARNHARDT JR. JR. stopped by Morning Becomes Eclectic for a session. 

THE INNOVATION TRAIL is streaming a mix of those who pushed the envelope.

IVAN & ALYOSHA get a feature plus tracks from All Things Considered.

THE NATIONAL have contributed "Think You Can Wait," with guest vox from Sharon Von Etten, to the Win Win soundtrack.

LES SAVY FAV dropped a video for "Sleepless in Silverlake" on Adult Swim.

25 WOMEN WHO ROCK RIGHT NOW, according to Spinner, with embedded audio.

WARPAINT bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg talks to the San Francisco Examiner about going to California.

SHARON JONES: Don't call her retro.

THE ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME induction roundup from Jon Pareles. It airs on Fuse this Sunday night.

CHARLIE SHEEN was thought to be down a "goddess" as adult film actress Bree Olson has not been seen in his bizarre PR stunts for a while. But she's back. Plus, Isis Taylor is in the running to be his "intern." Meanwhile, Kacey Jordan, who partied with Sheen during his cocaine binge back in January, tried to kill herself Monday night, according to police. CNN reports that only 17 percent of Americans think Sheen is "winning."

COURTENEY COX reflects on her family, career and marriage (for better or for worse) with Harper's Bazaar.

RYAN PHILLIPPE will "gladly" take a DNA test to determine if he's the baby daddy of a woman he had been seeing... after the child is born.

ALYSSA MILANO is having a boy.

LINDSAY LOHAN snubbed her ex-con dad on his "family day" for Celebrity Rehab.

SEANN WILLIAM SCOTT has entered treatment for "health and personal issues."

ASHLEE SIMPSON feels badly that Petz Wentz is hurting over their impending divorce, but she is not getting back together with him.

VANESSA HUDGENS opens up about her split from Zac Efron. And more of those old nude pics surface in time for the release of her next movie.

GILBERT GOTTFRIED was fired by Aflac from his gig as the voice of its duck mascot in the wake of his controversial series of tweets about the earthquake in Japan.

YELLOW SUBMARINE got nixed by Disney after Robert Zemeckis' current movie, Mars Needs Moms, bombed at the box office last weekend.

TERROR in the USA: The Justice Department charged Ferid Imam, a Canadian Muslim, with aiding Najibullah Zazi in the failed NYC subway suicide bombing plot.

OUR FRIENDS, THE SAUDIS: American officials are increasingly concerned that the kingdom's stability could ultimately be threatened by regional unrest, succession politics and its resistance to reform.

BAHRAIN: The king of Bahrain declared martial law to clamp down on protests from Shia minorities.

LIBYA: Gaddafi's forces overwhelmed rebels in the strategic eastern city of Ajdabiya, apparently opening the way for an all-out government offensive on the opposition's main stronghold in the east, Benghazi. Rebels in Benghazi say they have little choice but to fight to the death.

PAKISTAN: Authorities balked at ruling on whether CIA contractor Raymond Davis is immune from prosecution in a double murder case and instead put the matter in the hands of a Lahore trial court, a decision that will probably prolong the diplomatic crisis between the US and Pakistan.

IRAQ's long delay in finalizing its government has complicated the Obama administration's drive to set up a small army of diplomats and contractors here after the end of the year, when the last American troops are supposed to leave.

JAPAN: How bad could the nuclear situation get? Right now, it still looks more like Three Mile Island than Chernobyl.

A CAT plays fetch with a toddler. Or -- as is often the case with cats -- vice versa.

THE SNAKE that bit Israeli model Orit Fox during a radio stunt died of silicone poisoning.

SWANS like big butts and they cannot lie.

DOLPHIN jumps onto boat, injures woman. What say you, Police Chief Brody?

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New Releases, Strokes, Cold War Kids, Neil Diamond, Lions   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Tuesday, March 15, 2011 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: Karl


THE IDES OF MARCH, baby! "Vehicle." I'll take you anywhere you wanna go...

NEW RELEASES ftom The Dodos, Vandelles, Screeching Weasel, Smoking Popes and more are streaming this week via Spinner.

THE STROKES are advance streaming Angles.

COLD WAR KIDS stopped by The Current for a chat and mini-set.

NEIL DIAMOND was profiled by Morning Edition in advance of his Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction.

REDD KROSS play "Annie's Gone" and cover The Carpenters' "Yesterday Once More" for Twofer Tuesday.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS called up The A.V. Club to talk about getting past unrequited love, asking Elvis Costello to play lead guitar, and why being a happy woman doesn't mean she writes happy songs.

THE NEW YORK DOLLS are playing the Old Vic Tunnels Club beneath Waterloo station, courtesy of Kevin Spacey.

VINTAGE ROCKERS in new suits.

MICHAEL NESMITH officiated the wedding of blues singer and guitarist Carolyn Wonderland and writer and comedian A. Whitney Brown.

OWSLEY "BEAR" STANLEY, a 1960s counterculture icon who worked with The Grateful Dead and was a prolific LSD producer, died in a car crash in Australia, his family said Monday. He was 76.

CHARLIE SHEEN's twin sons celebrated their second birthday Sunday with a lavish backyard bash attended by celebrity guests like Nicky Hilton, David Katzenberg and Adrienne Maloof - but the troubled actor failed to snag an invite. The ever-reliable National Enquirer claims Sheen suffered at least four potentially fatal drug overdoses, but for the quick action of others.

MILA KUNIS reportedly had nothing to do with the Timberlake-Biel breakup.

USHER and his ex-wife are the alleged stars of the latest sex tape story.

RYAN PHILLIPPE knocked up his ex-girlfriend again?

RUSSELL BRAND is a self confessed past drug addict, alcoholic and womanizer - but who knew about his other, secret obsession - dead animals?

LINDSAY LOHAN quit her management agency and is trying to quit smoking. Does the latter explain her anxiety attack upon landing in NYC?

MAD MEL UPDATE: Gibson is a granddad again.

THE 11 BEST CONCERT FILMS, according to Paste.

OUR FRIENDS, THE SAUDIS entered Bahrain with 1000 soldiers to protect government facilities following recent unrest, according to officials.

LIBYA: The chaotic collapse of rebel positions in eastern Libya in the past week is sapping the morale out of the rag-tag rebel troops that had been rapidly driving west just days ago.

IRAN has intensified its crackdown on opponents as well as executions of drug traffickers, political prisoners and juvenile criminals, the United Nations said on Monday.

AFGHANISTAN: For years, the Pentagon has stressed the importance to the Afghanistan war of eradicating safe havens for the Taliban and other insurgents in Pakistan. Now, it's easing off those claims.

IRAQ: Terrorist attacks against Christians have caused those living in Mosul to consider leaving the city.

MORNING LOVE from the Lions. I'm about to beak into "Born Free," so it's a good thing I can't be heard.

DRUNKEN CROCODILE WRESTLING is a bad idea. And before you ask, yes, it was the dude who was drunk.

THE MISS SNAKE CHARMER PAGEANT, from Sweetwater, Texas. Yee Haw!

HACHI the DOG survives third-degree burns, looks a bit like a Terminator.

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