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Cat Power, Guilt-free MP3s, Hasselhoff and Giant Mutant Rainbow Trout   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Monday, January 16, 2006 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


GARY "ELVIS" SCHEPERS UPDATE: The New Duncan Imperials, who previously played with the tubaist and soundman in The Service, join the crowd doing benefit concerts to cover healthcare costs associated with his diabetes and his bout with flesh-eating bacteria (No, I'm not kididng). NDI is playing Chicago's Abbey Pub Friday night. Pate frontman Jon Pratt is going to try to make it, along with other blockheads from the Pate community. Anyone who can come should -- or just buy a ticket direct from the Abbey Pub anyway!

MLK DAY: NewspaperARCHIVE.com has provided a free archive o­n the history of Martin Luther King, Jr. for the public to view thousands of original newspaper articles. The archive includes stories from days of the Montgomery bus boycott, the "I Have A Dream" speech, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination o­n April 4, 1968, and thousands of other headlines o­n the civil rights leader. There is also a timeline for viewing newspapers in chronological order.

CAT POWER: Chan Marshall talks at length to The Age about recording her new album -- which comes out tomorrow -- at the legendary Ardent Studios, with many of the same musicians that soul icon Al Green worked with during his awe-inspiring 1970s prime. Matador is streaming The Greatest at MySpace. I don't know if it's the Greatest, but it's probably her greatest. Frank at Chromewaves is killing music with Cat Power's cover of Pavement's "We Dance."

BELLE & SEBASTIAN frontman Stuart Murdoch tals to the Sunday Herald about trying to touch people while aspiring to the catchiness of ABBA, Phil Spector, Blondie and Smokey Robinson. He also has a nice bit about ex-gf and member Isobel Campbell.

GUILT-FREE MP3s: Stereogum has tracks from Belle & Sebastian, Robert Pollard, Eels, Magnet and more...

HARD-FI singer-songwriter Richard Archer talks to the Boston Globe about momentum in advance of the band's first US tour. Their album does not drop here until March.

SUFJAN STEVENS played Lincoln Center in NYC; Village Indian has pics and a review.

THE POLICE are the subject of a documentary by drummer Stuart Copeland, which will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival at the end of the month.

THE FLAMING LIPS get a glowing profile in London's Guardian in advance of the band's 11th album, At War With the Mystics, and a UK tour. Frontman Wayne Coyne is asked, "Exactly how safe is rolling across a crowd in a giant plastic bubble?"

MC5: AZ Night Buzz has part o­ne of an interview with bassist Mike Davis, who talks about a number of things, including the band's influence: "I know of judges, members of Congress, newscasters, lawyers, doctors, and all types of musicians and music fans who cite the MC5 as a major important factor in their history. It’s humbling."

METRIC: Emily Haines talks to the Journal News about her surprise at being asked to open for the Rolling Stones at Madison Square Garden, government support, consumer culture and more.

WANNA ROCK AND ROLL ALL NITE? And party every day? Your coffee is almost ready.

PETE TOWNSHEND apologizes to Bob Dylan for snarky comments he made to MOJO magazine.

OKKERVIL RIVER keyboardist Jonathan Meiburg may be o­n to something: "Indie rock is such a giant category that it's kind of meaningless," he says. "We talk about budget rock, which is a little more descriptive." He also talks about the Black Sheep Boy Appendix.

JENNY LEWIS talks about making and touring behind her Rabbit Fur Coat. The Scotsman calls it "a warm but prickly cure for all manner of ills at this time of year."

ROBERT CHRISTGAU casts a skeptic's eye o­n compilations of Yo La Tengo and Neil Young. He also compares two Memphis-themed compilations, digging The Sound of the City: Memphis compiled by Charlie Gillett, who authored a wonderful book by the same name as the CD series.

MUSICLAND goes bankrupt. Sam Goody ain't got it!

MORGAN FREEMAN and his partners in the Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale, Miss., plan to produce a series of live blues concert DVDs.

THE ALLMAN BROS., like the swallows returning to Capistrano, will make their annual pilgimage to NYC's Beacon Theater in March.

PETE DOHERTY-KATE MOSS UPDATE: The troubled singer has been arrested for for the third time o­n charges of possesssing class A drugs and driving under the influence. I'm gessing the senetencing o­n last week's guilty plea may not go well. The supposedly sober supermodel has had debauched and decadent birthday parties; this year, she is celebrating with a low-key dinner. Why, fewer witnesses? Nah, she's afraid someone will bring drugs to a big party.

DAVID HASSELHOFF has filed for divorce from actress Pamela Bach, his wife of 16 years. The AP focuses o­n his acting, but let's face it -- his masterpiece is the video for his cover of "Hooked o­n a Feeling."

SHELLEY WINTERS: The two-time Oscar-winning actress is dead at 85; she had been hospitalized in October after suffering a heart attack. I agree with her own opinion of her role as Charlotte Haze in Kubrick's Lolita: "one of the best performances I ever gave in any medium. She is dumb and cunning, silly, sad, sexy and bizarre, and totally American and human."

THE GOLDEN GLOBES are tonight. In Style has photos of starlets looking hot last year and all-time fugly red carpet dresses.  Tom O'Neill has predictions for movies and television.

OSCAR SEASON is also Academy "screener" piracy season.

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: A major shake-up at the cineplex, with newcomers Glory Road, Last Holiday and Hoodwinked taking the top slots. Narnia drops to fourth place; King Kong to seventh, o­n a much smaller number of screens. Kong tops 200 million in the US after 33 days; Narnia which runs 2/3 as long, took 22 days to make that much.

HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS are rewriting the pay system for their talent. The upshot of these new deals, which are called cash break-even, is simple: If the film is a hit, the directors, lead actors, writers and others will enjoy an even richer payday, but o­nly after the studio has recouped its investment. If it's a bomb, the studio will be spared the ignoble task of cutting bonus checks o­n a money-losing dog. Talent agents and show business lawyers are skeptical, citing the industry's history of creative accounting.

BRADGELINA: Now that Jolie is pregnant, her equally strange but estranged dad, Jon Voight, is desperate for her to telephone him. But Bradgelina went to Haiti to do that voodoo that they do so well. Just Jared has pics of Jolie in a wedding dress.

GYWNETH PALTROW'S pregnancy officially outed by Lou Diamond Phillips. Lalalalala Bam-ba!

MICHAEL PALIN is the president of an environmental group that is now attacking him because of his frequent air travel. Is this the right room for an argument?

KATE BECKINSALE, while working o­n Pearl Harbor, made it her mission to show Ben Affleck that English girls are good at doing their bikini waxes and don't smell.

MUNICH: It turns out there was a cable-TV movie made 20 years ago based o­n the same book, and some people involved in that production say the Spielberg movie is getting too much credit for originality. Robert Lantos, producer of Sword of Gideon, he has no legal claim, but the complaint can't help the movie's chances during awards season.

TERI HATCHER is reluctant to have cosmetic surgery, saying that, "The idea of putting stuff in your body is weird to me." Anyone who has seen her skeletal frame recently knows that "stuff" includes food.

THE SOPRANOS return with 12 episodes starting March 12. An additional eight episodes in January 2007 will settle all family business.

EMILY'S REASONS WHY NOT: If it's a list, low ratings would be near the top.

LOST star Cynthia Watros pleaded guilty to drunken driving in a Hawaiian court, where she was fined $312, had her driver's license suspended for 90 days and was ordered to undergo an alcohol assessment and submit to 14 hours of counseling.

COURTNEY LOVE was judged clean and regained full custody of her daughter. She now hopes to make 100 million selling the Nirvana catalog. She's also miffed that Vanity Fair put Lindsay Lohan o­n the cover for admitting doing drugs when Love did the same thing. Meanwhile, the book by Love's mother is garnering generally favorable reviews.

SUNDANCE FILM FEST: Robert Redford showed up at the Television Critics Association press tour to defend the festival against charges of over-commercialization and celebrification. Likening the phenomenon to ripples in a pond, Redford said: "When a media person comes in and looks at the festival, but from an outer tier, they're going to see a completely different picture than the o­ne we're programming. They'll think it's about Paris Hilton, which is not about anything."

CAROLYN MURPHY, former SI cover model and the face of Estée Lauder, had her ex-husband arrested o­n extortion charges after he tried to sell the graphic sex tape they made o­n their 17-day honeymoon in Barbados. The husband was found in San Jose, living in his car with two dogs.

IRAQ: Young married couples in Baghdad are not getting enough sex, due to a lack of electrical power. Bill Roggio covers continuing police recruitment in Ramadi and continuing operations in northern Iraq. At Iraq the Model, Mohhamed reports that the new government may be a unity government without moving away from the election results; he also reports that citizens are forming squads to fight foreign terrorists in the Anbar province. US troops resue a British freelance journo no o­ne knew was missing.

IRAN: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denounced Western nations threatening to refer his country to the UN Security Council for possible sanctions over its nuclear program. He accusing the West of a "dark ages" mentality and threatened retaliation unless it recognised his country's nuclear ambitions. That may be why France and Germany already starting to back down from the idea. So we can all look forward to nukes in the hands of a man who believes his government must prepare the country for the return of an Islamic Messiah.

JIHADIS targeted French airplanes. If o­nly they had not invaded Iraq...

A NEW PILL may make traumatic memories less painful and intense. And it's not made by Lacuna, Inc.

BRING IT ON: British scientists are seeking permission to create hybrid embryos by fusing human cells with rabbit eggs.

GIANT MUTANT RAINBOW TROUT are headed your way, if Agricultural Research Service scientists are right.

ELEPHANTS FROM MOSCOW get tanked o­n vodka.

RHINOS are getting relocated in Kenya.

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The Spinto Band, The Boy Least Likely To, Glowing Pigs and The Tell-tale Cat   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Friday, January 13, 2006 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade



FRIDAY TIMEWASTER: Bugs. Cute. Potentially addictive.

THE SPINTO BAND is releasing a new single. I've o­nly mentioned them once before, but they did turn up o­n a number of "best of" lists, for reasons you can hear at MySpace or at their website.

DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS have set an April 25 release date for A Blessing and a Curse. The Replacements-esque "Feb. 14" is streaming at the album site.

INDIE YUPPIES: London's Independent has a UK-centric quiz asking Are you a Yindie?

PAUL STANLEY of KISS wants to rock 'n' roll all night, but the hip replacement surgery didn't do the trick.

LOOKING AHEAD: Seattle U's Spectator lists Ten Most Anticipated Albums of 2006.

THE NEW PANTHEON AWARDS, which continues the mission of the now-defunct Shortlist Prize in recognizing noteworthy albums that have sold less than 500,000 copies in the US, has announced the ten finalists, including Animal Collective's Feels, the Decemberists' Picaresque and Sufjan Stevens' Illinois. The judges include Elton John and Frodo Baggins.

THE BOY LEAST LIKELY TO was SPIN Band of the Day yesterday, complete with a Quicktime video. If you check out the tracks at MySpace, you'll find a description: "Strongly influenced by the independent bands of the 1980s, the songs bring to mind the post punk playfulness of Altered Images, Aztec Camera, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, and Orange Juice." To which I would add, "Except better."

THE GO! TEAM captain Ian Parton is more resistant to commercialism than o­ne might guess just from listenting to the band.

THE ARCTIC MONKEYS: Rolling Stone finally figures out that there's this exciting new band from the UK...

WE ARE SCIENTISTS and MORNINGWOOD released albums this week, so Coolfer Glenn decided to graph their blog buzz as compared to Nickelback. You Ain't No Picasso interviews W.A.S. frontman Keith Murray, who explains how the band got its name.

KCRW, home of Morning Becomes Eclectic, is now offering it as a video podcast.

JASON COLLETT, part of the Broken Social Scene thingamabob, talks about his solo album and the rise of his label, Arts & Crafts.

PETE DOHERTY UPDATE: The troubled singer followed up his guilty plea to drug possession by failing to show up at a gig that night.

CULT OF THE iPod: Boing-Boing reports that an Apple "spokesman" (reliable word has it that it was Steve Jobs himself) told MacWorld that Apple discards the personal information that the iTunes MiniStore transmits to Apple while you use iTunes.

TALK ABOUT THE PASSION: The prevalence of digital music has dulled listeners' senses and instilled in them a sense of music apathy, according to a new study from the University of Leicester.

MY SPACE: Rupert Murdoch plans to turn MySpace into a full-fledged competitor to portals such as Yahoo, adding free video downloads, revamping an instant-messaging program and eventually offering internet calling to the social-networking website. Meanwhile, the MySpace legal team has sent out Cease & Desist letters to the owners of domain names and web sites which use the MySpace name.

SONY XCP SUIT SETTLES: Millions of people look set to get free downloads from Sony BMG after a judge provisionally approved a settlement for many lawsuits against the music maker. However, still pending are legal cases mounted by several US states over Sony BMG's anti-piracy technology.

LINDSAY LOHAN and KATE MOSS: After visiting the Dark Room and lauching a childish and (no longer) anonymous attack o­n Scarlett Johannson, the duo went to Scores and ended up pole-dancing and kissing each other.

SCARLETT JOHANNSON inexplicably dished o­n her Match Point co-star Jonathan Rhys-Meyers: "I can say for sure I never had a passionate encounter with him. He's a really sexy, brooding guy, but he's very gossipy. He likes shoes, and it was like having a girlfriend o­n the set." NTTAWWT. No wonder he's blabbing about staring at her during the nude scenes.

NOW SHOWING: The gay caballeros open wide today. Other debuts scoring well o­n the Tomatometer include Queen Latifah's Last Holiday and Glory Road, which scores Fresh with the "cream of the crop," but Rotten overall. Are you ready for some football?

CAMBERLAKE: E! gossip Ted Casablance reports that Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake are officially engaged.

JACK BLACK also got engaged to his girlfriend, animator Tanya Haden.

JESSICA SIMPSON has found an unusual confidante to help her cope with her split from hubby Nick Lachey... Warren Beatty. Various websites are asking whether Jessica has a shiner.

BRADGELINA: I'm fairly sure People magazine would be mad if you read their exclusive pregnancy story (as scanned pages with pics) o­n the 'net, so they should hire somebody to chase these things down. The New York Daily News front page coverage includes an "Open letter to Jennifer Aniston." Extra reported that Aniston's publicist says, "All the reports about phone calls between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are all made up lies." But the Jolie o­ne is really funny. The phone call from Maddox Jolie-Pitt is pretty good, too. Golden Fiddle has the must-read prediction of where the story goes next.

JENNIFER ANNISTON and GWYNETH PALTROW deny reports that they Brad-bash o­n the phone together.

SIENNA MILLER has words for the nanny who had an affair with then-fiancé Jude Law: "I'm quite looking forward to the day when our paths will cross, which I know they will. She better live in fear."

CELEBRITY POTHEADS will be hot in 2006, according to CityRag, which helpfully provides a list and incriminating photos. It's like an all-hophead issue of Hush-Hush magazine.

GEORGE CLOONEY and LUCY LIU caught canoodling again o­n New Year's Eve.

SEAN PENN is having a hard time quitting smoking. And he blames Pres. Bush, natch.

V FOR VENDETTA: The upcoming -- and likely controversial -- movie starring Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving was written by Larry and Andy Wachowski (the Matrix trilogy), but is not officially directed by them, as Warner Bros. fears media coverage of Larry dumping his wife for a famous dominatrix and rumors of a gender change.

IRAQ: The US is intensifying efforts to both train and diversify Iraqi police forces. Terrorists will likely attempt to derail the formation of a national unity government. The New York Times (via the IHT) covers the clashes between al Qaeda and local insurgents by interviewing the latter. Bill Roggio has more background o­n the “red-on-red” fighting.

IRAN: The removal of the IAEA seals from its Natanz uranium enrichment plant is so troubling that Russia signalled that it would support a move by the US and European allies to report Teheran to the UN for breaching its nuclear obligations. However, no such move would result in sanctions without the support or acquiescence of China, which remains uncertain. That would explain Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice downplaying the possiblity of sanctions. Meanwhile, at the Counterterrorism Blog, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross wonders whether an Iranian military plane crash that killed eleven top commanders in Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps was due to foul play -- and, if so, by whom.

ALITO HEARINGS: Sen. Joe Biden thinks that Supreme Court nominees answer so few questions at their Senate confirmation hearings that the hearings should probably be abandoned. He's got a point, though Alito has been more forthcoming than Roberts. And while Biden is generally a fair and serious guy, he is the worst possible messenger here -- both the New York Times and Fox News Channel did analysis showing that Biden monologued through 75 percent of his allotted time, which was more than any of his colleagues.

GLOW-IN-THE-DARK PIGS: Taiwan, home to the world's first transgenic glowing fish, has successfully bred fluorescent green pigs that researchers hope will boost the island's stem cell research. Do you like eggs and green ham? I do not like them, unless Jesse Jackson is offering...

THREE (NEARLY) BLIND PENGUINS, see how they march after a morning of cataract surgery.

DEER are o­n the rampage again, busting into a school in Kansas and a video store in Indiana. Got Bambi?

THE BIRDS killed o­ne of the most important human ancestors, according to the latest scientific study.

THE HUNTSMAN SPIDER: Kicking o­ne can be hazardous to your health.

MARY POPPINS is the name of the Tell-tale cat.

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Fake Morrissey titles, Jolie pregnant, Cow maybe pregnant, Fiery Mouse   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Thursday, January 12, 2006 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


WE ARE SCIENTISTS bassist Chris Cain says of the band's buzz: "It's gotta be the cats." Frontman Keith Murrary has more of the difference between the US and the UK: "Here, our reviews recognize the fact that we lean towards radio-friendly, hooky tones, but we’re essentially a weird, indie version of that. Whereas over there we might as well be the Spice Girls in terms of how mainstream we are. They tend to fetishize the indie rock bands and make rock stars out of them more so than we do over here."  If you scroll down a couple of entries, you'll find links to streams and downloads... or you could watch their recent appearance o­n Late Night with David Letterman.

SPARKS has a new album coming in March, with help from members of Faith No More and Red Kross.

LESLIE FEIST is big in France and recording her next album in Berlin, but is "grateful to be a Canadian." You can hear about how Feist got her foothold in Europe by listening to the BBC World profile at her website.

PATTERSON HOOD: The Drive-By Truckers frontman gave a guest lecture to the inaugural class of the Music Business Certificate program at the U of Georgia. He has also penned glowing liner notes for the upcoming Centro-matic album.

DAVE GROHL: The Foo Fighter is to become a dad in the Spring.

THE STROKES: Looks like frontman Julian Casablancas picked the right week to stop drinking.

PETE DOHERTY UPDATE: The troubled singer pleaded guilty to possessing heroin and cocaine. He could do jail time.

TOTALLY GAY: Sony Music is launching the first major music label dedicated to nurturing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender artists. NTTAWWT. After all, gay recording artists are underrepresented in the industry.

MY MORNING JACKET: Z gets a belated and enomous review from Jon Dolan in the Village Voice: "Unlike the Drive-By Truckers or Bubba Sparxxx, James doesn't care enough about the roots he's tugging at to dig for an organic identity; o­ne day in 1993 someone at a Rodan show yelled, 'Play "Free Bird,"' Jim nodded, and 10 years later he's a mid-level rock star. His secret is that he wouldn't know Lester Maddox from Let's Active..." You can hear tracks from the album at MySpace.

BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO METAL, courtesy of Stylus magazine.

MORRISSEY: Go to Stereogum for the track list of his upcoming CD, but stay for the fake Morrissey song titles.

BRADGELINA: Officially pregnant. Jolie told a charity aid worker in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic o­n Monday; the pregnancy has since been confirmed to People magazine by representatives of both stars. E! gossip Ted Casablanca lends support to yesterday's "Brad had to call Jennifer Aniston" rumor, along with some Vaughniston dish.

COLIN FARRELL sex tape website was reportedly shut down Tuesday for violating a court order blocking release of the 15-minute video. But the site's tech consultant told Jossip that the server crashed from high traffic and that he had "not received any legal representations from any party."

LINDSAY LOHAN and KATE MOSS were spotted in the Dark Room, where Li-Lo resumed her role from Mean Girls in the bathroom.

BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN actress Michelle Williams notes that husband and costar Heath Ledger doesn't have breasts, which certainly would have put an extra twist o­n the movie. Meanwhile, Ledger has lashed out at the US theaters that banned the movie, though his swipe at West Virginia displayed a dubious grasp of US history: "I heard a while ago that West Virginia was going to ban it but that’s a state that was lynching people only 25 years ago so that’s to be expected."

JESSICA SIMPSON hubby Nick Lachey is looking for a girl who looks like Jessica Alba, likes sports, has had fewer than ten sexual partners and likes his music. And I'll bet I find her first, because she's more likely to like my music.

JESSICA ALBA herself is already taken, as the latest round of beach pictures demonstrates.

WHITNEY HOUSTON: How's the rehab going?

BEN AFFLECK and MATT DAMON are rumored to be remaking Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. They should know better than to make Capt. Lex mad...

HILARY SWANK caught canoodling with a new guy the day after her separation went public?

THE NATIONAL BOARD OF REVIEW named Good Night, and Good Luck best film, with Philip Seymour Hoffman winning best actor and Felicity Huffman taking best actress.

OPRAH may be silent about touting a memoir full of exaggeration and inaccuracies, but Random House is offering a refund.

JAMES BOND can't land a woman. Is anyone surprised? With his reputation?

LIZ HURLEY may make her own wedding dress or buy it from a department store. And is studying pig breeding for her future career as a farmer.

CULT OF THE iPod: Is iTunes spying o­n your listening?

IRAQ: Military officials told members of the Senate Armed Services Committee during a closed-door hearing that improvements to the body armor worn by the troops are underway and manufacture of the beefed-up armor will begin soon. Let's hope this isn't driven by politics. J.D. Johannes, a documentarian who embedded reporter with the 24th Marine Reserve Regiment, writes o­n his experience with body armor. So does Baghdad Guy, who is deployed with the 101st Airborne Division, and 1LT Micah J. Garrison, who serves in the infantry.

AFGHANISTAN: A new poll reveals that huge majorities reject Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, approve the US military role in their country and are grateful to international bodies like the UN.

NSA SURVEILLANCE: The CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll and the ABC News/Washington Post poll find the country split over warrantless surveillance by the NSA. The latter poll also found that 65 percent say it's more important for the government to investigate terrorism than for it to protect privacy and as many say they're worried that Pres. Bush will not do enough to investigate terrorism as are worried that he'll go too far in compromising constitutional rights.

FUGITIVE COW UPDATE: Molly, who escaped an abattoir last week, will be spared following a wave of popular support. Town residents will now decide through a telephone poll whether the cow will remain a resident of Montana, where it will live out its life o­n pastureland surrounding the packing plant, or be shipped to an animal sanctuary in Seattle. And Molly may be pregnant.

OTHER COWS are not as fortunate, as they are bought at Indonesian ATM machines as part of Eid al-Adha, the Islamic day of sacrifice.  However, in Turkey, some of the sacrificial cattle made a break for it.

FLAMING MOUSE UPDATE: Although 81-year-old Luciano Mares told an Albuquerque television station that a strong wind spread burning leaves that cause fire to consume his house, he and his nephew are again standing by his original version that a mouse was the culprit.

MIRACLE CAT UPDATE: So the flaming mouse story is back o­n, but the cat clinging under a SUV o­n the NJ turnpike story may have been a wee bit embellished...

EVEN HAMSTERS get the blues.

SPIDER nests in Swedish woman's ear for 27 days.

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Okkervil River, Loose Fur, Drunken C-Listers and the Squirrat   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Wednesday, January 11, 2006 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


OKKERVIL RIVER gets an audio feature at NPR with three streaming songs from Black Sheep Boy and Black Sheep Boy Appendix.

THE ARCTIC MONKEYS have reached a truce with the Kaiser Chiefs and get praise from the Test Icicles.

ROBERT JOHNSON, DAVID BOWIE and CREAM are among those slated for Grammy Lifetime Achievement awards.

GNIKSAMKCAB: The Wall Street Journal just ran a front page story mentioning the website.

DOWNLOAD PROBE: Digital Music News has a source claiming that New York attorney general Eliot Spitzer is looking at the way major labels constructed contracts with various paid music outlets.

THE FLAMING LIPS have an advance track from At War With The Mystics available from iTunes, Rhapsody and other o­nline music services.

ROD STEWART: At 61 years old, a seven-week-old baby can be a little tiring.

LOOSE FUR, which features Wilco's Jeff Tweedy and Glenn Kotche with multi-instrumentalist Jim O'Rourke, will release Born Again in the U.S.A. o­n March 21. BONUS: Prefix has a review of and video from Tweedy's solo show in NYC.

LUCINDA WILLIAMS has announced new tour dates for February and March.

THE SUBWAYS also have tour dates for March, including cities where Pate site members live.  You can stream a few from MySpace or download the T. Rex-influenced "Rock and Roll Queen" right now.

PETE DOHERTY UPDATE: The troubled singer has been charged with possession of cocaine and heroin, but apparently not with DUI. And he's had to take over guitar duties with Babyshambles, as their guitarist quit at the holidays.

JENNY LEWIS: CMJ has details of the Rilo Kiley singer's solo album, due January 24.

THE WHITE STRIPES: Jack has been ordered to shut up for two weeks to recuperate from an acute vocal cord injury. Meg is the new face for Marc Jacobs' fashion line.

LOHAN LOWDOWN: Li-Lo is "appalled" by her Vanity Fair interview. In a statement released Tuesday to Teen People magazine, Lohan denied having bulimia and said, "The words that I gave to the writer for Vanity Fair were misused and misconstrued, and I'm appalled with the way it was done." VF stands by its story.

MR. BLACKWELL issued his 46th annual "Worst Dressed" list, led by "over-the-hill Lolita" Britney Spears -- even before these pictures hit the Internet. Many of my other favorite targets also made the list.

PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS: The usual mix of the good, the bad and the ugly. What can you make of awards like the "Crest Whitestrips Fans Favorite Smile?" And the Choices are...

COLIN FARRELL sex tape is out o­n the Internet.

JOHNNY DEPP has been tipped to star in the film adaptation of Sweeney Todd.

JOAQUIN PHOENIX has directed a music video.

JESSICA SIMPSON may be drunk dialing Nick Lachey, a source tells Star magazine -- so who could doubt it? Meanwhile, the couple have sold their Newlyweds house to Justin Berfield of Malcolm in the Middle.

SCARLETT JOHANSSON told Match Point co-star Jonathan Rhys-Meyers not to stare at her chest during their nude scenes. Which is sorta like asking you not to think of an elephant. Or two.

BRADGELINA: Ananova reports that Pitt phoned Jennifer Aniston to tell her that Jolie is pregnant -- a story no doubt floated by the Bradgelina camp to counter the original -- and much funnier -- rumor. ALSO: Forgot to note that Jolie filed papers to change the last names of Maddox and Zahara to Jolie-Pitt.

NATALIE PORTMAN is considering shaving her head again... and not for a movie.

LOST: Naveen Andrews, who plays Iraqi soldier Sayid o­n the hit show, has acknowledged that he fathered a child while briefly separated from longtime girlfriend Barbara Hershey. Evangeline Lilly had the pilot script rewritten to avoid a nude scene. E! has some teasers for the second half of the season.

MIKE MYERS, just separated, has his mojo workin'.

THE FRENCH HOTEL: Speaking of drunk...

RONALD REAGAN: Historian Richard Reeves wrote The Reagan Detour in 1985; his new book, President Reagan, is part of a significant shift in elite opinion about our 40th president. He is no longer viewed as "an unwitting tool of a manipulative staff," in Reeves's phrase. Reeves now thinks Pres. Bush is a puppet of Karl Rove and Dick Cheney. So if you're keeping score, Reagan is no longer Reagan, Bush is Reagan, except that he's no Reagan.

IRAQ: Both Shiite and Sunni Arabs celebrated the Islamic feast of sacrifice Tuesday with calls for an end to the bloodshed that has wracked Iraq since last month's elections, though Sunnis also renewed calls for the withdrawal of US troops. Sen. Hillary Clinton slammed what she called an "unforgivable" failure by the Bush administration to provide potentially lifesaving body armor to US troops, though -- as noted here Monday -- the troops don't all see it that way. The AP ran a story headlined "Fear Keeps Mosul Residents From Informing." Absent from the story are any figures as to the past or current level of tips. We do learn from the story that terror attacks in Mosul are pushing the locals more toward the US troops. And we learn from Haider Ainja (an Iraqi-American who translates Iraqi media) that tips recently helped defuse a number of bombs and discover of number of weapons caches in Mosul.

IRAN broke U.N. seals o­n its nuclear enrichment facility Tuesday, causing the US and other countries to threaten to take the issue to the UN Security Council -- where nothing will happen without support from Russia and China that is nowhere to be seen.

NANOTECH: Nanotech booster Glenn Reynolds liked the nanotech-gone-wrong thriller, The Cunning Blood.

SQUIRRAT: A simple case of hair loss, or a mythical cross-breed of squirrels and rats? London's Sun investigates!

FLAMING MOUSE UPDATE: A small town rumor that sparked world wide interest about a mouse burning down a house has been denied by the house's owner.

LION ATTACKS are on the rise in Tanzania and Mozambique. But not in Detroit.

CAT CSI: A cat owner used DNA evidence to pursue the case that her cat was killed by a neighbor's dog.

CALF BURIED UP TO ITS NOSE is rescued by hunters as its mother paced and walked in circles nearby.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


WE ARE SCIENTISTS singer Keith Murray talks to Newsday about trying to translate British buzz to success at home. The band's Love and Squalor album comes out today; you may be able to stream the whole album in The Booth at MySpace, but if they've changed it, you can still stream three from the band's MySpace page or hit the Sci-Cave.

MORNINGWOOD -- more MTV-friendly and polarizing to hipsters than We Are Scientists -- also has an album coming out today. It's streaming courtesy of AOL Music. And you don't have to belong to AOL to hear it.

MY SPACE: USA Today has another piece o­n how teens and bands love it. However, some bloggers are accusing new owner Rupert Murdoch of interfering with their ability to access rival sites.

THE ROLLING STONES: The folks at the Superbowl have revoked a controversial ban against having audience members over the age of 45 o­n the field during the Stones' halftime performance. Critics had insisted the decision meant the rockers, who boast a combined age of 246, were too old for their own show.

HEATHER MILLS McCARTNEY is preparing to undergo major surgery to stop the constant pain she has suffered since giving birth to their daughter BEATRICE in 2003. Sir Paul is quite the kidney disturber.

THE HOLD STEADY will be previewing some new tunes while touring the South, San Diego and L.A.

BJORK was voted the world's most eccentric star in a survey for the BBC's Homes & Antiques magazine, beating out Elton John, Johnny Rotten and more.

T.REX DELUXE REISSUES get varied ratings o­n the Pitchfork.

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS are finishing up a double album with Rick Rubin, due in April.

YUPSTERS -- or do you call them "Yindies" -- "occupy a precarious and troubling spot in our culture," so the L.A. Weekly warns of ten signs of the Yindie apocalypse.

YEAR IN REVIEW: Sarah Hepola, former music editor at the Dallas Observer, has her parents review Bright Eyes, Kanye West and more.

PETE DOHERTY-KATE MOSS UPDATE: British police are homing in o­n the drug dealer who sold cocaine to the supposedly sober supermodel.

BFCA CRITICS' CHOICE AWARDS: Brokeback Mountain took three top honors, including best picture. But Heath Ledger lost the best actor award to Capote star Philip Seymour Hoffman, who thanked his coleagues because he's "not the easiest guy to work with." Reese Witherspoon won the best actress award for Walk The Line. Paul Giamatti pulled off the biggest upset of the night, winning for best supporting actor in Cinderella Man over odds-on favorite George Clooney.

PORN AWARDS: The 23rd annual Adult Video News (AVN) Awards were held over the weekend. Adult entertainment, including porn videos and films shot mainly in Southern California's San Fernando Valley, racked up estimated sales of 12.6 billion in 2005, according to statistics compiled by AVN. That's more than the US theatrical revenue for mainstream Hollywood films. It was a big night for Pirates -- o­ne of the costliest adult movies ever produced -- which won 11 awards. But like Hollywood, even the porn biz has remake fever -- with The New Devil in Miss Jones winning best film.

HILARY SWANK and CHAD LOWE have decided to separate. He should have seen it coming after she won the Oscar in 2000 for Boys Don't Cry and forgot to thank him.

HARRY BELAFONTE, hanging out with Venezuelan Pres. Hugo Chavez, calls Pres. Bush "the greatest tyrant in the world" and "the greatest terrorist in the world." I'll bet Harry fits right in o­n that famous boat of his.

BRITNEY SPEARS plans to make her comeback by guesting o­n Spenderline's debut album? If true, it would be proof that love is blind... and occasionally mentally challenged.

BRADGELINA have convinced Richard Branson to allow them to be aboard the Virgin Galactic Spaceship which will lift off in 2010.

LOHAN LOWDOWN: Li-Lo is rumored to be dating Leo DiCaprio, but are they compatible?

MUNICH: The movie's chances for awards are damaged by the Academy's copy-protection scheme.

KATE BECKINSALE sometimes forgets how hot she looks in a latex catuit.

TARA REID: It looks like cleaning up her act was not o­ne of her New Year's resolutions.

SAM MENDES: The director of American Beauty admits it was overrated.

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER said a weekend accident requiring 15 stitches in his lip won't stop him from riding motorcycles. The Governator does not have a motorcycle endorsement o­n his driver license, though an exemption for cycles with sidecars means he didn't break any laws Sunday when he was involved in the collision.

TOM-KAT UPDATE: Pastor J. Grant Swank, Jr. writes that Cruise is doing the work of Satan. Hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

KIRSTIE ALLEY nicely dodges the question of why Scientology couldn't help her lose weight.

SHERYL CROW is shooting down rumors that she's been visiting fertility clinics. Maybe because of the other rumor that Lance Armstrong dumped her.

JOE PESCI moonlights as a jazz singer.

RACHEL WEISZ confirmed she's five months pregnant with movie-maker fiance Darren Aronofsky's baby.

OPRAH got conned by A Million Little Pieces, author James Frey's supposedly nonfiction memoir of his vomit-caked years as an alcoholic, drug addict, and criminal... which turns out to have been "embellished," to put it charitably.

JESSICA SIMPSON just paid a grand for a framed lithograph of a stick woman at the Jack Gallery in Monterey titled, "You Say I'm a B-tch Like It's a Bad Thing."

BORN TO JUDGE: Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito is a Springsteen fan, which probably has the Boss ready to tear his hair out.

SUICIDE BOMBERS: As George Clooney notes, we need to understand them. So it's worth noting that the belief that suicide bombers are poor, uneducated, disaffected or disturbed is contradicted by science. One method to attenuate murdercide is to target dangerous groups that influence individuals, such as Al ­Qaeda; another method, says Princeton University economist Alan B. Krueger, is to increase the civil liberties of the countries that breed terrorist groups.

IRAQ: At Iraq the Model, Omar writes that the Islamic Party swiftly rejected Zarqawi's call that it abandon the political process and go back to the "right path." Omar also notes that the Kurdish decision to nominate Jalal Talabani for the presidency was well-received by the largest Sunni Arab party. Pres. Talabani and outgoing Prime Minister Ibrahim Jaafari, a Shiite, both expressed support for a united front. The US has stepped up contacts with some Iraqi insurgent groups in a bid to exploit tensions between Iraqi insurgents and Al-Qaeda in several predominantly Sunni cities, including Taji, Ysefiya, Qaim and Ramadi. Bill Roggio has more o­n Ramadi. And three-month-old Iraqi girl suffering from life-threatening spina bifida was recovering after a successful three-hour operation in Atlanta.

NSA SURVEILLANCE: Although the Washington Post runs headlines like "Report Rebuts Bush o­n Spying," The New York Times more accurately reported that a report by the Congressional Research Service "reached no bottom-line conclusions o­n whether the program was legal, in part because it said so many details of the operation remain classified." You can download the CRS report and read it for yourself. I would add that as an arm of Congress, CRS has an interest in arguing that Congress has the power to constrain the President, just as he has an interest in asserting they do not.

STABLE CAT befriends a horse, annoys the pigs and ducks.

DOGGIE-STYLE: The New York Times (via the Chicago Tribune) surveys websites offering fashion for dogs. (Thanks, Debbie)

WILD BOAR not so wild, but nonetheless shot while taking a nap in the guest bedroom in a Bavarian family's house after fleeing from hunters.

FUGITIVE COW UPDATE: "Molly B," the cow recaptured after escaping a Missouri abattoir probably will be spared the killing floor after employees at Mickey's Packing Plant voted 10-1 to keep her alive.

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