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The Who Outtake, Cutout Bin, Tilly & the Wall, and Horny Bulls   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Wednesday, June 14, 2006 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT: So, what do Keith Moon and Pete Townshend play while waiting for the movie folk to get fully set up? This outtake from The Kids Are Alright isn't a Who song, but you probably know it. And Keith sings the lead.

THE BEACH BOYS -- including the obscure David Marks -- appeared together in public for the first time in a decade o­n top of the Capitol Records office tower for the presentation of double-platinum plaques for the band's 2003 collection, Sounds of Summer: The Very Best of the Beach Boys. Brian even thought they might get around to a musical reunion, though that's Brian, so take it with a shaker of salt. Capitol also announced plans for a 40th-anniversary release June 27 of a deluxe CD single of "Good Vibrations," followed by a CD/DVD reissue of Pet Sounds.

MISSION OF BURMA: Clint Conley talks to PopMatters o­n a variety of subjects, including taking his 15-year-old daughter to the Warped Tour. You can still hear the new MoB at the Obliterati site.

BOSTON: Remasters of the first two albums were released this week, so even though the second o­ne is titled Don't Look Back, two critics from the Boston Globe do just that. Joan Anderman, who believes that "30 minutes worth of ideas is all that this band has," nevertheless agrees with an anonymous quote that "These songs stick in your mind like dirt to a dog," They also discuss whether Boston influenced Nirvana. No, really. And of course I'm hooking you up with "More Than A Feeling."

THE CUTOUT BIN -- Another cross-section of songs I found o­n the Hype Machine while looking for something else: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers' "American Girl"; James Brown's "Cold Sweat"; The Jayhawks' "I'd Run Away"; Robert Johnson's "Traveling Riverside Blues"; The Rolling Stones' "2000 Light Years From Home"; The Left Banke's "Sing Little Bird, Sing"; The Magic Numbers' cover of Beyonce's "Crazy In Love"; Tom Tom Club's "Genius Of Love"; The Association's "Along Comes Mary" and the New Pornographers' "Use It."

RONNIE WOOD reportedly had to check into an alcohol rehab clinic the other night. Best wishes to him; maybe Keef can teach him the secrets of the Undead.

SEEN YOUR VIDEO: A stripped-down formation of Broken Social Scene appears in the video for "Fire Eye'd Boy"... and so does Rush's Geddy Lee.

BOB DYLAN has a new album, Modern Times, coming August 29th. It's his first studio album in five years.

KIM GORDON of Sonic Youth talks to PopMatters about recording Rather Ripped and having to play more bass with the departure of Jim O'Rourke. Remember, the whole album is streaming from AOL Music this week.

PAUL SIMON is supposed to be promoting his new album, but can't stop talking about Art Garfunkel: "I could have used Artie's voice. But if I'd done that, every conversation I'm now having would be about the disagreements the two of us had in the past." Which he's doing anyway. So let's balance off two new Simon tunes, "How Can You Live in the Northeast?" and "Once Upon A Time There Was An Ocean," with Simon & Garfunkel's "The o­nly Living Boy in New York" and -- just for Royal -- Simon's "Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard."

TILLY AND THE WALL have a tap dancer for a percussionist because "there weren't that many drummers around." You can hear 'em o­n MySpace, with the tap pronounced o­n the Flamenco-tinged "Bad Education."

PETE DOHERTY UPDATE: Don't know how I missed it, but the troubled singer's rehab treatment in Portugal consisted primarily of putting him to sleep for a week or so.

THE McCARTNEYS: Heather Mills McCartney, estranged wife of Sir Paul, plans to sue the News of the World over that hooker story... after her divorce is finalized? Hmmm. Meanwhile, the NotW's sister, the Sun has pics of Heather from two more porn books. And you just know the folks at the Sun must be laugh-snorting when they type up phrases like "many pictures too filthy to print in a family newspaper."

GWEN STEFANI, GAVIN ROSSDALE and baby Kingston photos can be found o­n a No Doubt fan site.

JACK BLACK and wife Tanya Haden are the new parents of a baby boy. Black himself announced the arrival during Monday's Hollywood premiere of his new comedy Nacho Libre -- the man has even better PR timing than Tom Cruise.

WHEN CELEBS COLLIDE: Tom Cruise would like to convert Bradgelina to Scientology. He called Jolie and Pitt in Africa to congratulate them o­n the birth of Shiloh — and invited them to his Beverly Hills home when they returned to the US. This was reported by the Enquirer, but it's at least consistent with reports that Bradgelina chartered Cruise's private jet back to L.A. to avoid the paparazzi.

NICOLE KIDMAN: Cruise's ex, however, is returning to the Roman Catholic Church o­n the eve of her marriage to country singer Keith Urban. I suspect she was never heavily into Scientology. Besides, maybe The Da Vinci Code has hipped-up Catholicism.

JENNA ELFMAN and her husband blew up at indie film director John Roecker after spotting him wearing a t-shirt saying "Scientology Is Gay!" Guess who is pictured o­n the shirt? Not the Elfmans. TMZ hastens to add, "For the record, both Cruise and Travolta have said repeatedly they are not gay." NTTAWWT.

CELEBRITY CARICATURES: It's Photoshop Phun over at Worth1000.

ORLANDO BLOOM is supposedly in a longterm relationship with Kate Bosworth (a/k/a Lois Lane). But lately, he's been seen getting cozy with Sienna Miller, Kirsten Dunst and Clare Danes. Page Six claims he was snacking o­n Danes' neck while dirty dancing last Saturday night.

DAVID LYNCH files for divorce from Mary Sweeney after a month of marriage. But that wouldn't be odd enough for the director of stuff like Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks. So note that the pair have a 14-year-old son together.

ZACH BRAFF is rumored to have been dumped by Mandy Moore, according to blogger Perez Hilton. Moore, in turn, sent the blogger a non-denial.

DARYL HANNAH had to be removed from a walnut tree by L.A. firefighters. Turns out it was part of a political protest, not general craziness.

JESSICA SIMPSON: If she's still mooning over soon-to-be-ex Nick Lachey, is it worse to read that gay men think she could drive him to their team, or the ever-increasing reports that he's getting cozy with Entertainment Tonight infobabe Vanessa Minnillo?

SPEED RACER: IGN FilmForce was recently informed by a longtime source that Larry and Andy Wachowski, the creative force behind The Matrix trilogy, may write and direct the live-action, feature film version of the classic Japanese cartoon. The Mach 5 in "bullet time"... Mmmm. Maybe they could use Matthew Sweet's cover of the theme. BONUS: The blog post from which that's taken has much more Sweet-ness, including a cover of "Magnet and Steel."

WARD CHURCHILL UPDATE: A University of Colorado committee has recommended firing the professor who called some of the World Trade Center victims "little Eichmanns," citing repeated research misconduct. Inside Higher Ed has a column by University of Illinois Prof. Dennis Baron arguing that it's not just about professional malpractice, but also about academic freedom, while admitting he doesn't "know enough about the situation to support or challenge the panel's unanimous findings, or to suggest what the university should do about them." I wonder why; the summary of the committee's findings is easy to find -- and highly incriminating. It's o­ne thing to be concerned about academic freedom, but it's hard to argue for the freedom to commit gross academic conduct -- or that misconduct should be shielded by thrusting o­neself into a political controversy. Much easier to ignore that part, as Prof. Baron does.

IRAQ: At ITM, Omar rounds up reports of growing anti-jihadi and anti-Hamas sentiment in Iraq and Jordan. Mohammed notes that the World Cup and David Beckham may bring a temporary truce in Basra. Oil officials said that exports from Iraq's northern oil fields have resumed, more than four months after insurgents sabotaged twin pipelines carrying Iraqi crude to Turkey. Thousands of Iraqi and U.S.-led forces are reportedly prepared to mount a major security crackdown in Baghdad. The L.A. Times reports that fear of an imminent Coalition offensive o­n the insurgent stronghold of Ramadi is causing residents to flee what they describe as a mounting humanitarian crisis.

SPAIN: A few days ago, between 200K and a million people flooded Madrid to protest the Socialist government's plan to negotiate with the terrorist ETA. Spaniards should not be surprised that the gov't that won o­n a platform of fleeing Iraq wants to chat with the ETA.

LIVE SEX SHOWS featuring bulls and a steel cow are hitting the National Fieldays in New Zealand.

A DOG WAS TAGGED with graffiti by vandals sought by the police in Colorado.

MIGHTY MOUSE: A tiny mouse the size of a human toe short circuited a 40-megawatt power plant, cutting the power to more than 40 percent of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. No word o­n the mouse's condition.

THE WORLD'S PRICIEST SHEEP DOG is headed to Tazmania.

DOES A BEAR go to the mall? Of course he does, in Gwinnett County GA. The bear was tranquilized, held overnight and released Monday morning in Habersham County. Video and pics at the link.

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Rare Clash, New Releases, Covers, Siblings, and the Gecko   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Tuesday, June 13, 2006 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


LONDON CALLING: Although Saturday Night Live polices clips turning up o­n the Internet, we have its long defunct imitator, Fridays, to thank for these April 1980 high-octane performances of "London Calling" and "Train In Vain." And it's a twofer Twofer Tuesday when you add the equally powerful takes o­n "The Guns of Brixton" and "The Clampdown." Watch them now, thank me later. BONUS: You can stream The Clash and covers from Mars Needs Guitars via the Hype Machine.

NEW RELEASES: Sonic Youth, The Replacements, Regina Spektor and Alison Moorer are among those streaming in full from AOL Music this week. The Submarines have the Garden State-y Declare A New State streaming from the Booth at MySpace. Final Fantasy (a/k/a Owen Pallett, the string arranger for Arcade Fire and Hidden Cameras) gets baroque with He Poos Clouds. The Delgados get a double CD of their complete Peel Sessions for the BBC. Joan Jett has a new album and remasters. Del McCoury, a master of the high, lonesome sound of bluegrass, releases The Promised Land. And Matthew Sweet's Girlfriend gets the double-disc remaster teatment.

THE MODERN ROCK 500, courtesy of WOXY Vintage. From a glance, I would agree with a lot of the choices, though not the order.

INDIE ROCKS THE LATE SHOW: This week, David Letterman will be listening to Cat Power, Neko Case and Sonic Youth (on Tuesday Wednesday and Friday, respectively).

MEAT LOAF may not be a Bat Out Of Hell again, as Jim Steinman, who produced and wrote the music for the original, took the words right out of his mouth.

THE RACONTEURS have remade the video for "Steady, As She Goes" with Paul Ruebens (a/k/a Pee Wee Herman). And a wacky soapbox derby ensues.

COVER ME: YANP has posted a couple of fun covers, including The Boy Least Likely To's take o­n George Michael's "Faith" complete with bajo and glock) and M Ward's mellow, countrified, acoustic version of Pete Townshend's "Let My Love Open The Door."

THE STROKES got Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder and Queens Of The Stone Age's Josh Homme to join them o­n a cover of Marvin Gaye's "Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology Song)"?

BOB SEGER has a new album due in September. What happened? Did Chevy stop the "Like A Rock" checks?

INTERNET BLOG BUZZ can lift a band from obscurity, but it may also tar them as "hype bands" in the trad media.

ALL IN THE FAMILY: London's Guardian looks at the pluses and minuses of forming a band with your siblings.

BRITNEY SPEARS gets weepy for an interview with Matt Lauer o­n Dateline NBC to air Thursday. Her defense to driving around with her baby o­n her lap? "We’re country." It seems that Spears and Spenderline are trying to combat rumors of marital woes by going out to be photographed together, with K-Fed holding SPF. Yet the commotion around Spears' Malibu pad was enough to drive Mel Gibson out of the neighborhood.

THE McCARTNEYS: TheNews of the World's weekend piece about Heather's alleged past as a high-dollar hooker allows its sister, the Sun, to report that Sir Paul is in agony over the revelations, which the paper rehashes, along with pictures of the hookers peddling these stories. Meanwhile Page Six has an item about how Heather demanded more backstage space than Paul at Madison Square Garden in 2002.

MATT DAMON and his wife, Luciana have a baby girl named Isabella, according to People magazine.

KATE MOSS not o­nly downed a pint with Primal Scream this past weekend (as reported here yesterday), but also blew chunks in a corner of the VIP backstage area with the band's Bobby Gillespie holding her hair back. The supposedly sober supermodel stacked that beer o­n top of some Jagermeister (which the NDI could have told her "blows your head off"), and some carnival rides. Maybe she just needed to unwind after her car was raided by a gang, who made off with her daughter's handbag, as well as a substantial sum of money.

JACKO could lose two of his children over allegations he is not their real father.

JOHN CLEESE: The legendary silly-walking Python has said he is retiring from writing and performing sitcoms and will concentrate instead o­n publishing a book o­n the history of comedy and teaching others how to make people laugh. Cleese also criticized modern performers who aren't aware of the "basic principles" of comedy.

DENISE & HEATHER & RICHIE & CHARLIE & DAVID: Denise Richards told Entertainment Tonight that her relationship with Richie Sambora was "the last thing I was looking for," and that she and Sambora's wife, Heather Locklear, were never "best friends."  Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen was showing off new squeeze Brooke Wolofsky.

ALEC BALDWIN: A judge wants a psychologist to evaluate him. Who doesn't? But this particular request relates to his custody battle with ex-wife Kim Basinger.

THE FORBES CELEBRITY 100 LIST comes out Friday, but Entertainment Tonight got a sneak peek at who is o­n -- and off -- based largely o­n their performance last year.

THE APPROVAL MATRIX: New York magazine runs a weekly chart showing "who falls where o­n our taste hierarchies." For example, the French Hotel's reggae music plots out as both "lowbrow" and despicable," while the return of Deadwood ranks as "highbrow" and "brilliant." That the show with the undisputed record for uses of the "F word" and the "MF word" ranks as highbrow is either questionable or a comment o­n our popular culture.

SUPERMAN RETURNS: The Movie Blog has two posts rounding up advance reviews of Bryan Singer's retooling of the franchise... and the reviews look good. They had better be, with a 260 million price tag. For his part, Singer is getting ever more blunt in response to his habit of inserting a homosexual subtext into his movies, saying that Superman "is probably the most heterosexual character in any movie I've ever made. I don't think he's ever been gay." NTTAWWT.

EDU-BLOGGING: The 70th Carnival of Education is o­nline.

IRAQ: Perhaps the most interesting tidbit coming out of the White House conference o­n Iraq is Pres. Bush saying he intends "to help the Iraqi government bring security to neighborhoods in Baghdad and Basra." This may suggest -- as have recent statements about Anbar province -- a shift to putting Iraqi forces in the forefront of military ops in the most unstable areas. Plus, there were references to implementing the "Maliki plan," which was outlined by the new prime minister in Friday's WaPo. The up-armoring of military Humvees may have caused more deaths from deadly rollovers than it has saved. Sadly, I suspected this might happen back in March and April of 2005. As the press was instrumental in pressuring the Administration and the military into up-armoring them in the first place, you can bet this story will quickly disappear down the memory hole. Documents seized in Iraq and Afghanistan -- but o­nly recently publicly translated -- suggest links between Saddam and the Taliban not previously known. Not a smoking gun, but interesting nonetheless.

IRAN: The chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency faulted Tehran forfailing to provide information crucial to understanding the nature and intent of its nuclear program. Meanwhile, Iranian security forces beat and arrested women's rights activists protesting for equal divorce and custody rights and a ban o­n polygamy.

THE GEICO GECKO: The New York Observer investigates how the a small lizard hit the big time. BTW, the gecko has a blog.

ROMMEL UPDATE: Australia's win over Japan in the World Cup breaks the streak of Japan's mascot dog.

DUTCH POLICE DOGS are forcing English Bobbies to learn their language.

TEN CATS in search of owners will spend the next ten days in a New York store window, their every move caught o­n camera for a reality TV show o­n which they will compete for best sleeper and mouse-catcher.

A BROWN BEAR killed in self-defense in Alaska weighed roughly 850 pounds. That's a big bear.

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The Pipettes, Thurston Moore, Decemberists and Rommel the Doxie   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Monday, June 12, 2006 - 08:15 AM
Posted by: kbade


THE PIPETTES' new video for "Pull Shapes" (in Quicktime and o­n YouTube) puts the band smack in the middle of the cult classic, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. BONUS: I don't think I've linked to "Because It's Not Love (But It's Still A Feeling)" before, but it's another slice of girl group goodness -- and maybe a better song than "Pull Shapes."

MORRISSEY is shooting down rumors that he had an affair with REM frontman Michael Stipe.

SONIC YOUTH: The band's latest, Rather Ripped hits tomorrow, but Blog Soup has video of Thurston Moore playing three tracks live as an opening act for Whirlwind Heat.

PETE SEEGER criticizes Springsteen's album paying tribute to him. Maybe Pete could write a song about this grave injustice.

JIM JARMUSCH: The auteur director talks about what makes his favorite uses of music in film. Jurmusch is no slouch himself o­n that score. For example, Broken Flowers opens with a great use of "There Is An End," by the Greenhornes with Holly Golightly, which sounds like Dusty Springfield jamming with The Animals. Jarmusch also talks about Tom Waits threatening to glue his head to a wall.

WHAT MAKES A SONG CATCHY? MRIs show that a catchy song makes the auditory part of the brain "itch." Prof. Paul Barsom and Keith Duffy, a professor of rhetoric and composition -- and a musician -- offer some theories to explain it.

YOU TUBE may be the recording industry's next target, along with MySpace, Google Video and iFilm. (Thanks, Lance.)

SEEN YOUR VIDEO, then and now: Power-Pop masters and Pate influence Cheap Trick, playing the signature "I Want You To Want Me" in 1981 at the decrepit Chicago International Amphitheater (it's long gone now), and showing they still got it o­n "Surrender" in May 2006 at the Chicago Theater for Conan O'Brien -- a clip NBC's legal team seems to have missed.

THE BOTTLE ROCKETS frontman Brian Henneman talks to the New Jersey Daily Record about striving to make a timeless album at the legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis.

THE DECEMBERISTS frontman Colin Meloy dishes details o­n the upcoming album, including a three-part song cycle, to the Pitchfork.

THE DONNAS have amicably split with Atlantic Records.

R.KELLY: Cook County Judge Vince Gaughan ruled against both prosecutors and defense lawyers for R & B superstar R. Kelly Thursday, saying he will not prevent members of the public at Kelly's child pornography trial from viewing the videotape that appears to show Kelly engaging in sex acts with a 14-year-old girl.

GNARLS BARKLEY: If you saw Chewbacca play the drums for the band at the MTV Movie Awards, you might be interested to know that he was played by Chris Vrenna, whose resume includes working with Nine Inch Nails, U2, Weezer, P.O.D., David Bowie, Cold, The Smashing Pumpkins, Hole, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Green Day, and the Wallflowers.

PETE DOHERTY-KATE MOSS UPDATE: The troubled singer missed his last court date, though his lawyer told the court his rehab in Portugal is going well. Maybe the fourth time is a charm. Meanwhile, the supposedly sober supermodel downed a pint in o­ne gulp from a tabletop while partying with Primal Scream. She woulda been a natural for the band's "Country Girl" video.

THE McCARTNEYS: Sir Paul is the lowest he has been since first wife Linda died, after discovering his estranged wife Heather Mills o­nce posed naked for a German sex book. Such stories may be o­ne reason Heather denies plans for a TV tell-all interview. London's Daily Mail joined the Sun in reporting o­n Heather's party girl past. Ths Sun ups the ante with streaming video of o­ne of her topless modeling auditions (do I need to say NSFW?) And the ever-reliable News of the World goes even further, claiming evidence that Heather spent years as a high-class hooker for international arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi and others. As the NotW doesn't have permanent web pages, the text can also be found o­n Google Groups.

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: Cars sped away with 62.8 million, an opening that -- like the reviews -- is good, but not great. I would put the movie o­n a par with A Bug's Life -- well executed, but derivative of other movies. But bonus points for celebrating Route 66 and classic cars like the Hudson Hornet (voiced by Paul Newman). Vaugniston vehicle The Break-Up took second, X-Men: The Last Stand took another big drop to third. The Omen, which opened well o­n 6/6/06, fizzled in fourth.

NACHO LIBRE: The heavy PR rolls out for the Friday opening of the Mexican wrestling comedy from Jack Black and the director of Napoleon Dynamite. Jack Black is profiled in Time, where we learn that Nacho Libre is based o­n a true story. Page Six blurbs the current stars of Mexico's Lucha Libre.

BRADGELINA: The couple's chief bodyguard has been charged with assault in Namibia. Jolie has replaced her Billy Bob Thornton tattoo with latitudes and longitudes. Just Jared has Jolie's TV PSA for World Refugee Day 2006 via YouTube.

BRITNEY SPEARS claims her marriage to Spenderline is "awesome," but scrutiny from the paparazzi has made her an "emotional wreck." Cullen Reavley, o­ne such paparazzo, has filed suit against the pop tart and her mother, claiming they are responsible for serious injuries he suffered when he was allegedly struck by an SUV driven by mom, escorting Spears away from the photogs. Meanwhile, Spenderline has reportedly been signing up for as many credit cards as possible in an attempt to cash in o­n his wife's wealth before the pair allegedly split. That's awesome? ALSO: Madonna has reportedly ended her friendship with Spears because she quit the Kabbalah. Madge has reportedly demanded the return of the 12th-century Kabbalah book she gave the star as a wedding gift.

WHITNEY HOUSTON delivered a cracktastic commencement speech at East Southern University, requiring damage control from her flacks about Houston's "severe exhaustion."

DENISE & HEATHER & RICHIE & CHARLIE & DAVID: Denise Richards is delighted with the birth of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, as it moved the Richards-Locklear-Sambora-Sheen-Spade pentangle off the tabloid covers. Nevertheless, Richards and Sambora were snapped in Paris, reportedly after Sambora called from Europe. Richards was also snapped sporting a ring o­n her left ring finger, though sources told TMZ she is not engaged. But some of you will be most interested in the pics of Denise as a Pussycat Doll.

JIM CARREY and JENNY McCARTHY confirm they are a couple. I imagine long hours of the pair competing to make the most stupid face.

JESSICA SIMPSON dating Jared Leto? The two were supposedly draped all over each other at chic NYC nightclub lounge Double Seven early o­n June 7th. And Leto has recently been at pains to explain that he was joking when he told a reporter he was gay. NTTAWWT.

THE "MOST CONTROVERSIAL FILMS" LIST compiled by Entertainment Weekly, proves controversial with L.A. Weekly's Nikki Finke.

THE FRENCH HOTEL was caught in a hit-and-run incident captured o­n video. Her flack says the heiress left her contact information with a "parking attendant at the parking garage" to give to the person who is the registered owner of the vehicle that was hit.

KATE BECKINSALE is denying her marriage to director Len Wiseman is in trouble after tabloids report she moved out of their home into a luxury flat two miles away.

PHOEBE CATES must have a portrait in the attic, because she isn't aging. It occurs to me that Cates was Jessica Alba before Jessica Alba. For that matter, in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, she was Stacy's Mom before "Stacy's Mom."

CULT OF THE iPod: Apple's iconic music player surpassed beer drinking as the most "in" thing among undergraduate college students, according to the latest biannual market research study by Ridgewood, N.J.-based Student Monitor.

IRAQ: The Washington Post rounds up analysis of the impact of Zarqawi's death. The paper also has the first public account from a Marine who was o­n the ground when the Haditha shootings occurred. The Scotsman has a story o­n the Presbyterian minister who was an embedded reporter with his son's US Marine company in Haditha at the time of the incident. The Middle East Media Research Institute has an article o­n the cultural revival in Iraq and whether it can be sustained.

IRAQ IN THE MEDIA: Following the recent New York Times piece complaining there were not enough pictures of dead US soldiers being shown in the US press, Editor & Publisher and the Baltimore Sun complain that the US press seems too happy about Zarqawi's death and too eager to show pictures of him dead -- though without such pictures, some would not believe it. The AP ran a story based o­n an anonymous and unverifiable accusation that an Iraqi saw US troops beating a man who had a beard like Zarqawi. Interestingly, Reuters reports that the house where al-Zarqawi last lived was extremely isolated, surrounded by thick palm groves that hid it from houses and the main road a few hundred yards away, but maybe the anonymous Iraqi has x-ray vision. The AP also reported that the Army surpassed its recruiting goal for May, marking the 12th consecutive month of meeting or exceeding its target, but then implies the Army will probably fall short at year's end. Apparently, the "P" in AP stands for "predictions." Who knew?

IRAN: Fresh evidence has emerged that Iran is working o­n a secret military project to develop nuclear weapons that has not been declared to UN inspectors. Exiled Iranians and Jews protested the Iranian threats against Israel outside of the Iranian World Cup match in Nuremberg, Germany. Nuremberg rally irony -- catch it!

JACK THE WATCHCAT treed a black bear. Twice.

QUEENSLAND CANE TOADS: If you can't beat 'em, make 'em a state icon.

A ONE-TON RODEO BULL rampaged through a town... in Maine?

THREE GATORS: James "Bugs" Brown says they are beloved pets. Neighbors and the City of Tualatin, Oregon, don't see it the same way.

ROMMEL, a ten-year-old male miniature dachshund, is Japan's secret weapon at the World Cup. Japan has never lost an international after the dog has made a pre-game appearance at the side's training ground.

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The Pixies, Little Steven, El Perro Del Mar, and Elephant Soccer   Printer-friendly page   Send this story to someone
Friday, June 09, 2006 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade



GNARLS BARKLEY did indeed appear as the cast from Star Wars -- with Chewbacca o­n the drums -- to play "Crazy" at the MTV Movie Awards. You can see that clip (and the whole show, for that matter) broadband-style via MTV Overdrive at the link (use the lower Overdrive link, not the regular "videos" link). You can see just a little in the trailer at YouTube. UPDATE: you can see the whole Gnarls on YouTube...so far. How Do You See The World has more pics of the band's movie-themed shows and promos.

THE TWILIGHT SINGERS: Former Afghan Whig Greg Dulli's band recently did an excellent live version of "Crazy." The band has a knack for covers, like this seasonal cover of the classic "Summertime." RELATED: Nina Simone's version of the latter.

FRIDAY TIMEWASTER: Tumbler. Not for the easily seasick.

IF THE PIXIES RULED THE WORLD: What Would Jesus Blog? is hosting Pixie songs performed in the style of other bands. I'm partial to the Beach Boys and Prince pastiches, but you can stream 'em all from the Hype Machine.

STEVEN VAN ZANDT: Though many now recognize him as Silvio o­n The Sopranos, Little Steven talks to the A.V. Club about the E Street Band and promoting garage rock o­n his satellite radio show: "When we started five years ago, there wasn't a single rock 'n' roll group signed to a major label. It was horrifying. Now there's about 12, which is progress. Five of them went gold or platinum in the last couple of years, which is remarkable, really. But there's still no format to play them other than mine." BTW, you can stream Little Steven's Underground Garage for free, so whatcha waitin' for?

THE UNDERGROUND EMPIRE: At PopMatters, Rob Horning has an interesting (if over-the-top) piece o­n what art critic Dave Hickey has called "an underground empire" of "record stores, honky-tonks, art bars, hot-rod shops, recording studios, commercial art galleries, city rooms, jazz clubs, cocktail lounges, surf shops, bookstores, rock-and-roll bars, editorial offices, discos, and song factories," all the interstitial places in America "where otherwise normal people did all these cool things." RELATED: The Riverfront Times has an article o­n the impact of Internet retailing o­n local indie stores in St. Louis.

MORRISSEY really doesn't want a Smiths reunion: "I feel as if I've worked very hard since the demise of The Smiths and the others haven't, so why hand them attention that they haven't earned?"

UNDEAD AT LEEDS: London'd Independent has a piece o­n maybe the greatest live rock album ever, as Townshend and Daltrey schedule a return trip to kick off their latest tour.

SEEN YOUR VIDEO: This week, My Old Kentucky Blog got the honor of hosting the web premiere of Margot & The Nuclear So & Sos' "Quiet As A Mouse," which is animated from over 700 individual paintings. The song is alright, but the video is even better.

EL PERRO DEL MAR: Swedish singer Sarah Assbring's sophomore album gets a recommended 8.1 o­n the Pitchfork for appropriating traditionally upbeat pop sounds to miserable ends. Thou not out in the US (yet), you can stream and download her early 60s stylings o­n MySpace and hear her cover of Brenda Lee's "Here Comes That Feeling" via the Hype Machine, though my pick to click is Assbring's own "God Knows (You Gotta Give To Get)."

ELVIS COSTELLO and ALLEN TOUSSAINT played a set from their City of Hope album at the World Cafe yesterday, which you can stream from NPR today.

SONIC YOUTH: Dean of rock critics Robert Christgau has always dug 'em, and he's calling Rather Ripped "a light-seeming, unprecedentedly hooky thing that could prove o­ne of their best." It's out next week, but you can stream the whole thing now.

MUSIC VIDEO: Pitchfork recommends a few music-related documentaries and video compilations, including We Jam Econo: The Story of the Minutemen and The Busby Berkeley Collection.

PETE DOHERTY UPDATE: The troubled singer is reported to have checked into rehab in Portugal. He's a train wreck, but I always hope people can get back o­n the rails.

BRADGELINA: People has posted its cover photo of Pitt, Jolie and Shiloh. The issue will cost 50 cents extra at your newsstand, but the mag denies paying 4.1 million for the pics. TMZ has video of Jolie talking... and talking about her incredible experience having a baby in Africa, while Pitt listens... and listens. TMZ also claims that the Pitt-Jolies will be moving back to Malibu as soon as this weekend.

NOW SHOWING: This weekend's wide release is Pixar's Doc Hollywood o­n wheels, Cars. Scoring 81 percent Fresh o­n the Tomatometer, it seems likely to continue Pixar's string of success. The remake of The Omen actually opened o­n 6/6/06, which a 30 precent Rotten would suggest was the most clever thing about it. Robert Altman's A Prairie Home Companion which opens semi-wide o­n 760 screens, scores a 79 percent Fresh.

BRITNEY SPEARS is reportedly consulting a Christian life coach to help decide whether to divorce Spenderline.

JENNIFER LOPEZ is denying those pesky pregnancy rumors.

LINDSAY LOHAN is dissed by Vogue's Anna Wintour at the CFDA awards because, she "got up to use the bathroom to powder her nose six times in two hours," according to Page Six. La Lohan tells Harper's Bazaar: "I've become like the guy in relationships. Lately I just cannot be in a monogamous relationship." o­n behalf of men, thanks for the slam, Linds!

OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN: Entertainment Tonight has retained a psychic to track down her supposed boyfriend, who has been missing since June 30 of last year.

KATHERINE HEIGL, recently of Grey's Anatomy, is a total tease to FHM magazine:"I think maybe I should do a sex tape. Look what it did for Paris Hilton! There's never enough sex for me. The guy I'm dating now is just so fantastic in bed that half the time I just want to leave the handcuffs o­n and say: 'I've got to run a few errands, but don't you move -- I'll be back!'"

GEORGE CLOONEY: What fails in Vegas stays in Vegas.

TOM-KAT UPDATE: Life & Style Weekly reports different terms of a Tom_Kat prenup than other outlets, claiming that Holmes stands to make three million a year -- up to 33 million -- for each year that she is married to Cruise, as well as a palatial home in Montecito, CA. Which is interesting given that California's community property law kicks in if the marriage lasts longer than eleven years. The ubiquitous "insider" tells the mag, "She knows she needs to marry him to get the money to fight him for custody, if it comes to that."

FAMKE JANSSEN wasn't embarrassed when she ran into X-Men co-star Sir Ian McKellen o­n a nude beach, supposedly because she grew up in a family that regularly attends nude camps. The fact that McKellen is fantastically gay probably didn't hurt, though.

SPIDER-MAN 3: Marvel's Avi Arad his having some fun jerking everyone's chain over the fourth villain for the movie (which, imho, risks over-stuffing the flick, but I digress). The Internet Movie Database has switched Topher Grace as Venom with Rosemary Harris playing not o­nly Aunt May, but Carnage. IMDB also had Dylan Baker finally listed as The Lizard, but he's been delisted as well.

THE SEXIEST WOMAN ALIVE: Esquire magazine has entered round two of its contest to guess her identity. She's looking more and more like...

SCARLETT JOHANSSON has the best breasts in Hollywood, according to a new poll by In Touch Weekly. The full top 10 is at the link.

SLAVERY IN THE UK: Children as young as six are being brought to Britain in the hundreds every year to be used as "slave labor" in sweatshops, private homes and cannabis factories. Women are being sold off in sex slave auctions in the arrivals lounges of British airports.

IRAQ: Though Pres. Bush rightly notes that the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi will not end the violence -- the approval of the defense and interior ministers is probably more important in the medium-term -- the US military says a series of raids conducted following the killing of Zarqawi has yielded a "treasure trove" of new information and will free up special forces to hunt down other targets. There's a round-up of various points of view at DefenseTech. However, as CNN and other media outlets have been interviewing antiwar activist Michael Berg about it -- despite the fact that his beheaded son Nick supported the invasion -- let's look at his claim that Saddam Hussein was "no worse than George Bush." As to Berg's claim that there was relative stability under Saddam, it might be noted that there was relative stability in Mussolini's Italy, too -- not to mention the USSR, etc. As to his claim that there have been 60K deaths after Bush invaded, whereas under Saddam, there were 30K deaths annually, there are two responses. First, that the Iraq Body Count pegs the civilian deaths at about 42K. Second, that even a figure of 60K divided by three years equals 20K annually, resulting in 30K fewer deaths than if Saddam had been left in power, with no prospect of democracy. Finally, Berg told CNN, "Al Qaeda supposedly killed my son," when the voice of the knife-wielder o­n the infamous beheading video is identified as Zarqawi’s. There was jubilation o­n the streets of Baghdad yesterday, but Berg was too busy with his long-shot political campaign to wonder why. BONUS: Jordanian services arrested Zarqawi's brother-in-law and an Al Jazeera journalist in the middle of a TV interview.

IRAN: After initially dismissing the western proposal o­n nuke talks, Pres. Ahmadinejad seems to have sussed that Iran needs to at least look like the regime is willing to talk. He was busy enough to delegate the rampant anti-Semitism to an aide. Meanwhile, Hashemi Rafsanjani, the second powerful man in the clerical regime had to cut short a speech and leave the city of Qom in the face of anti-regime protests. There were further clashes in northwest Iran as an angry crowd attacked Islamist militiamen during a security inspection.

WHAT'S THAT YOU SAY BUD? "Woof!" You rescued Nye from the river after he fell in, beaking both his arms?" "Woof!" Good boy, Bud!

AFGHAN DONKEY BOMB was intercepted in Kabul. The donkey had 66 pounds of explosives and several land mines strapped to its back hidden in old sacks, linked to a remote-controlled detonator.

ELEPHANTS are painting their faces in team colours and staging their own World Cup soccer tourney with a jumbo-sized ball in Thailand.

APE RIGHTS are o­n the agenda of Spanish Socialists in Parliament.


WOOLY BULLY: Uno.. dos... o­ne, two, tres, quatro!

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Thursday, June 08, 2006 - 08:00 AM
Posted by: kbade


THE REPLACEMENTS "best of" Don't You Know Who I Think I Was? arrives next week, complete with those two new tracks, but you can stream the whole thing now, courtesy of Rhino! There's a love letter to the lads, with some good 'mats trivia in Newsday. (Thanks, Frank!) Newsweek interviews Paul Westerberg. My fave part may be when he is asked if he's annoyed when people say that the Replacements gave birth to bands like Goo Goo Dolls: "I just wish there would be a newer o­ne we could be blamed for..." But it's all Paul, so RTWT.

SOUL ASYLUM: While in a Mpls. frame of mind, Harp profiles SA as they prepare to release The Silver Lining, which Dave Pirner and Dan Murphy took out a loan to fund themselves with no label involved -- though it's been picked up by Sony Legacy. Lotsa good history in the piece also. The album comes out in July, but you can hear two new songs and two old o­nes via MySpace.

GOLDEN SMOG: The alt-supergroup is releasing Another Fine Day in July, but you can hear some now via MySpace.

CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH frontman Alec Ounsworth talks to PopMatters about songwriting and his role in the benefit concert for Love frontman Arthur Lee.

BECK has finished recording his next studio album and will release it this fall via Interscope.

OS MUTANTES: The seminal Tropicalia band's back catalog will again be available in North America, courtesy of Light In The Attic, which has a Q & A with Sérgio Dias about the band's career, their albums, and first-ever US tour. I hooked you up with some Os Mutantes video when the band was getting ready for their first reunion gig back in February.

STEVIE WONDER plays "Superstition" o­n Sesame Street. You'll have to click through to learn the identity of the guitarist behind Stevie, because I'm a stinker. BONUS: Stevie's original "Sesame Street" song.

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS: Slate thinks the band's 23 year ascension, culminating with the band's latest entering the Billboard charts at No. 1, is "an improbable achievement, and not just because the group has managed against the odds to preserve the centerpiece of its live act: washboard abdominals." But what you really want to know is whether there's a tube sock photo... and there is, from a link in the article.

BUILT TO SPILL frontman Doug Martsch talks to Paste about the interplay of music and lyrics in his work: "To me music can be about anything. The lyrics might mean something very specific to me, but I wouldn’t expect anyone else to get it. That’s not the point. Music itself gives the words meaning."

GLENN KOTCHE talks about his new solo album, Wilco, Loose Fur, Fillmore and more in a wide-ranging interview o­n the Pitchfork.

LUNA, now defunct, is getting an online-only release of Lunafied, which includes Luna's versions of songs by the Velvet Underground, the Talking Heads and others that were originally recorded for soundtracks or as bonus songs. It's the first in a new line of biz from Rhino.

MY SPACE: Some musicians, like Billy Bragg, think Rupert Murdoch wants control over their music. MySpace is rewriting its terms of service to clarify it does not.

BRADGELINA: As the couple continues to deny wedding rumors, worldwide sales of the rights to pics of the baby may top ten million. Lawyers are firing off cease-and-desist letters to sites running a leaked picture, but their case will not be helped by Alison Crombie, London press spokeswoman for GettyImages, who told Reuters: "Our legal team are looking into it and we will take it from there. But I really don't think it will devalue the pictures as everyone is dying to see the full set." It really wouldn't help if the Enquirer is right.

JENNIFER ANISTON PREGNANT? Someone at ONTD is examining the photographic evidence.

BRITNEY SPEARS: Spenderline's pals claim that the couple is still together, while MSNBC's Jeannette Walls claims the buzz is that he's jealous of their baby's "manny." The pop tart also plans to join the crowd of celebs in launching her own fashion line for babies.

ALANIS MORISSETTE and RYAN REYNOLDS are splitsville. Just thought you, you, you oughta know.

TOM-KAT UPDATE: At Slate, Kim Masters writes about "The Cootie Factor -- Why Tom Cruise should disappear for a year." We learn that Cruise's production deal with Paramount expires in a few weeks; negotiations to renew are not, as yet, under way.

DENISE & HEATHER & RICHIE & CHARLIE & DAVID: Sheen and Richards agreed Wednesday to extend a temporary restraining order requiring the actor to stay away from his estranged wife.

THE McCARTNEYS, denying a US television report, say Heather Mills McCartney has not gained full custody of Beatrice, her 2-year-old daughter with estranged husband Sir Paul. Meanwhile, it's day three of Heather-porn watch at London's Sun.

MISCHA BARTON dumped by Cisco Adler? I don't care how crazy she is, he's not going to do better.

HARVEY KEITEL is going to hate his ex-wife Lorraine Bracco's jolting, warts-and-all autobiography. The Sopranos' Dr. Melfi is calling the tome On the Couch.

VIVICA A. FOX certainly looks like she's had some awful plastic surgery.

PETRA NEMCOVA: Just Jared has snaps of the tsunami-surviving supermodel caught canoodling musician James Blunt. I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

OWEN WILSON is trying o­n a Versace. That would be Francesca Versace, the 23-yiear old niece of Donatella.

JESSICA ALBA hosts the MTV Movie Awards that airs tonight. Will Ferrell and his Talladega Nights co-star John C. Reilly came in character. Rolling Stone was less than impressed with with Xtina Aguilera's Busby Berkeley-era throwback number, but notes that Gnarls Barkley performed "Crazy" dressed as characters from the Star Wars saga. RS also had kind words for Alba's turn as hostess. And how could you not? Even chimps and dolphins want the Alba.

DIET COKE and MENTOS do not mix -- or they mix spectacularly -- depending o­n your point of view. It's a science experiment performed many times, but never, afaik, with 200 liters of Diet Coke and over 500 Mentos and captured in glorious Quicktime. (Thanks, Dr. King!)

IRAQ: While we were sleeping, it appears that terror mastermind Abu Musabd al-Zarqawi has been killed in a US air raid north of Baghdad, according to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. The air strike was the result of intelligence reports provided to Iraqi security forces by residents in the area. At ITM, Omar has a bit of a conspiracy theory about the big abduction in Baghdad. While I would doubt the US would be involved with the type of scheme he describes (esp. now), the lack of Interior and Defense Ministers might make it possible within the local forces. Michael Yon has posted a piece with a provocative title, but a fairly level-headed look at the Haiditha incident. Meanwhile, Iraqi forces are taking control in Taji and western Ninewah, and Habbaniyah, with Iraqi police assuming control in Hillah, and Karbala to follow this week.

THE UNITED NATIONS: Secretary General Kofi Annan's deputy, Mark Malloch-Brown, lashed out at Washington's tolerance of what he called "too much unchecked UN-bashing and stereotyping." He also seems to think that middle America has been brainwashed by Rush Limaugh and Fox News, despite the fact that the ratings for other media are much larger. Nevertheless, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan refused a US demand that he repudiate the comments. Yet Malloch-Brown himself was backpedalling a few hours later, even trying to make nice with Fox News. Perhaps someone figured out that with UN funding in front of the US Congress, now might not be the time to be discussing the rampant sex scandals in UN peacekeeping missions, allegations of torture that include roasting a boy o­n a spit, the enormous oil-for-food scandal which effectively starved tens of thousands of Iraqi children, and the UN's general inability to reform. In his original speech, Malloch-Brown accused the US of hobbling the new Human Rights Council -- successor to the widely discredited Commission o­n Human Rights -- by not running for a seat o­n it. Someone may have figured out that the US was likely to point out that the new HRC is just as bad, having seated five of the world's worst rights abusers o­n the panel. My response would be, "How dare you question our transnationalism? Don't you know that dissent is the highest form of commitment to the UN?"

RUSSETT the Jack Russell terrier miraculously survived running off the edge of a 450 foot cliff and plunging o­nto rocks o­n the Isle of Wight.

DWARF DINOSAUR fossils have been found in northern Germany. The new dwarf species, called Europasaurus, was a mere 1 ton and about 6 meters long — about the size of a small rhinoceros or a big buffalo.

PEACOCKS attacked a three-year-old boy at the Kansas City (MO) Zoo. The boy has fully recovered, but may never watch NBC again.

A SEAGULL was struck by a pitch during Sunday's Triple-A game between the Buffalo Bisons and the Durham Bulls, but later flew to first base.

A DEER that really needed to use the bathroom broke a window, injured a pit bull and flooded an apartment in Racine, WI.

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